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Where to stay in Ipoh, Malaysia – The best Ipoh hotels and areas

After travelling around Malaysia, Ipoh stands out to us as a destination that’s completely unique. It has far fewer tourist crowds than places such as Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Langkawi, giving it a much more local feel. Huge, limestone mountains surround the city, and it’s full of cultural activities. Ipoh is also known to have one of the country’s best food scenes. The food here is unbeatable!

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably organising a trip to Ipoh already. To help you get started with your planning, we’ve assembled a list of the best places to stay in Ipoh. As it’s a small city, hotel options are limited, so it’s a little easier to choose a place to stay compared to other destinations. We’ve included Ipoh hotels for every budget, from its most luxurious options to budget friendly accommodation.

Read on for inspiration on where to stay in Ipoh, Malaysia.

shows street art in Ipoh town

The different areas to stay in Ipoh

When visiting Ipoh, you have a few different options for areas to stay. They include:

Ipoh city centre

This is the most convenient place to stay if you want to be in the heart of Ipoh. Choose a hotel in the centre and you’ll be within walking distance of its many great restaurants, cafes, street art and main town sightseeing attractions. You can then venture out to the temples of the north or south in a taxi.

Ipoh Town is a great area to stay in Ipoh for those that like to walk everywhere. The only downside is the lack of top-rated hotel options. It does have some good hotels, but many of Ipoh’s luxury hotels are located outside of the centre.

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shows the colonial clock tower in the city centre

The outskirts of town

The outskirts of Ipoh are our preferred place to stay when visiting Ipoh. Hotels such as Travelodge Ipoh and Ipoh Bali Hotel are around an 8-minute drive from the centre of town. They’re away from the hustle and bustle, in more local neighbourhoods. Hotels outside of the city can give you better value for money, plus facilities such as a swimming pool. The only downside to staying outside of Ipoh Old Town is that you’ll need to get a taxi or hire a car to get around. As Grab taxis are affordable, frequent, and convenient in Ipoh, we think this is less of an issue.

shows a birds eye view of the travelodge, Ipoh - The best places to stay in Ipoh
shows two swimming pools at the Travelodge Hotel

Ipoh Hot Springs area – Tambun

Ipoh’s most secluded and luxurious hotel are located to the east of the city, near the limestone cliffs and natural hot springs that Ipoh is famous for. The area known as Tambun is one of the most exclusive areas to live in Ipoh. It’s also home to the top-rated Lost World of Tambun theme park.

It’s one of the best places to stay in Ipoh for families, or those that want a luxury hotel. Two of Ipoh’s most exclusive hotels can be found here, The Banjaran and The Haven All Suite Resort. The area is a 20-minute drive from Ipoh city centre.

shows the main entrance of The Lost World of Tambun - where to stay in Ipoh
shows the outside entrance of The Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh

The best hotels in Ipoh

Now we’ve covered the top areas to stay in Ipoh, we’ll share the top hotel options. Beside each hotel, we’ve listed the TripAdvisor review score, plus a cost guideline. We’ve included budget-friendly, moderately priced and luxury Ipoh hotel options.

Travelodge Ipoh

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

We’re starting off our list of places to visit in Ipoh with one of our favourite hotels. If you’re from Europe, you may confuse this hotel’s name with the budget-friendly Travelodge hotel chain back at home. Travelodge Malaysia is a completely different company, and it’s so much better! 3-star rated; the Travelodge Ipoh is a relatively new hotel just outside of town.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a large gym, on-site restaurant, a trendy café and even a laundry room. The value for money that you get here is excellent! The Travelodge hotel’s location is right on the main road going into town. It’s also in a residential neighbourhood that’s full of great restaurants, though you’ll need to use taxis to see the main Ipoh attractions.

Bedrock Ipoh Hotel

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

Bedrock Hotel is one of the top-rated Ipoh hotels on Tripadvisor. It’s a modern, boutique hotel in the centre of town, with a quirky theme. As its name suggests, it has a very subtle prehistoric theme, with stone features, fossil ornaments and dark, moody décor. It’s both modern and stylish!

Bedrock is a small city centre hotel, making it one of the best places to stay in Ipoh for those that want to be within proximity of many restaurants, markets, and sightseeing opportunities. Its boutique style and small number of rooms gives it a homely atmosphere, and the staff are very friendly. Bedrock Hotel’s price tag is a little more than others for the number of facilities on offer, but the level of service and quality is worth it.

Ipoh Bali Hotel

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Ipoh Bali Hotel is themed, as its name suggests, on the Indonesian island of Bali. Wooden furniture, bamboo décor, hanging baskets, Koi fishponds and other distinct features give you the impression you’re in a tropical jungle hotel, not the town of Ipoh. The hotel is a cool place to stay in Ipoh for anyone that likes boutique hotels with a luxury theme.

Ipoh Bali Hotel is 3-star rated, but it appears to be a much higher calibre. Beautifully decorated rooms, garden areas and its spa and massage centre are the perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing. The hotel is in a residential area of Ipoh, a 10-minute drive from the centre of town. It’s within walking distance of some excellent restaurants.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat

View on |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is the most luxurious place to stay in Ipoh. Perfect for honeymooners or couples celebrating a special occasion, the Banjaran is a secluded hotel where you can relax and wind down. It’s built on the site of a natural hot springs, and you have full access to the springs during your stay. Other unique features of the hotel include a cave dining experience, private spas and swimming pools, and herbal gardens.

Whether you’re relaxing at the swimming pool or looking out of your room window, you’ll be surrounded by Ipoh’s exotic nature. Giant limestone cliffs surround the resort. You can even get a spa treatment next to a waterfall! Room rates at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat are the highest of all hotels in Ipoh. It’s an unbeatable place to stay if you’re looking for something special.

The Haven All Suite Resort

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Are you looking for a luxurious Ipoh hotel without the price tag of The Banjaran? Check out The Haven All Suite Resort. It’s one of the best places to stay in Ipoh for families and those that want a relaxing resort experience with plenty of facilities. The Haven All Suite Resort is in the Tambun area of Ipoh, close to the Lost World theme park, hot springs, and some gorgeous nature scenery.

Top amenities at the hotel include its huge outdoor swimming pool, which is probably the largest pool in all of Ipoh’s hotels. It also features multiple dining options, a spa, and a plethora of room options. Go for a basic room with a nice view or treat yourself to a large suite. The Haven All Suite Resort is also noted for its wellness activities. A gym, yoga class, water slide and jogging track will keep you entertained when you’re not relaxing by the pool.

M Boutique Station 18

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4/5

If you plan on hiring a car during your visit or have your own vehicle, M Boutique Station 18 Hotel is an excellent option. With low nightly rates, it provides excellent value for money compared to many Ipoh hotels. 3-star rated, the hotel has sleek and modern furnishings throughout, from its exterior to its rooms. It’s a comfortable place to stay, a short drive south of Ipoh city centre.

Facilities at the hotel include a small, trendy restaurant that’s open all day, a shop, and multiple relaxation areas. It’s a small, quirky hotel with a black and white theme, perfectly suiting those that like ‘design’ or ‘art’ hotels. Rooms have a black and white monochrome design with simple accents of colour, and a subtle musical theming. 

Lost World Hotel

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4/5

One of Ipoh’s most popular attractions, and a place we absolutely loved, is The Lost World of Tambun theme park. The Lost World Hotel is the on-site hotel at the theme park, perfectly situated for exploring The Lost World’s many rides and attractions. With a theme that perfectly matches the explorer elements of the park, the hotel is one of the best places to stay in Ipoh for families.

The Lost World Hotel has several family room options, some with more elaborate theming than others. Its location is right at the base of a giant limestone cliff and it’s only a 2-minute walk from the theme park entrance. We recommend The Lost World Hotel for families that want to spend lots of time in the theme park whilst visiting Ipoh. It’s also very easy to explore the rest of Ipoh from here, with town being just a 20-minute drive away.

WEIL Hotel

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4/5

WEIL Hotel is one of the most luxurious places to stay near Ipoh city centre. Rated 4-stars, its quality and range of facilities is better than all hotels in the nearby area, and you’re able to walk to the city’s many restaurants and attractions on foot. Other 4 and 5-star are located out of town, and you’d need to drive to get to and from Ipoh centre, so WEIL hotel’s location is ideal. It features a tower block design, with spacious common areas, several room options and lots of relaxation areas. It even has a large rooftop space where you can wind down and admire the view.

Other facilities at WEIL Hotel include multiple bars and restaurants, a co-working space, a rooftop infinity pool, business centre, spa, and laundry room. It has everything you need for a comfortable, relaxing stay. We recommend WEIL Hotel for those that want a high-end hotel within walking distance of Ipoh centre. It’s a comfortable place to come back to after a busy day of sightseeing.

Our top tips for finding a place to stay in Ipoh

  • Unlike other destinations, location isn’t a huge deal in Ipoh. ‘Grab’ taxis make it easy and affordable to get around, and as the city is small, you’re only ever a short drive between attractions.
  • There aren’t a huge range of top-rated hotels in Ipoh. Therefore, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to get the best rates.
  • Book a hotel for at least 3 nights. There’s plenty to see and do in Ipoh, and 3 nights is sufficient time to cover the top attractions. Make it 4+ nights if you want to take it slow and account for relaxation time.
  • Book a hotel room with breakfast included to save time and money eating out.
  • Do you value a swimming pool for relaxation? Not many hotels in Ipoh have pools, particularly in the city centre. Stay a little further out of town if you want facilities such as a pool and spa.
  • Check Tripadvisor and Google reviews before booking. We’ve included most of the top-rated hotels in Ipoh. There are dozens of other hotels, but they generally have lower review scores.
  • Book a hotel in the centre of Ipoh if you don’t want to use public transport or get taxis. All the great dining options are in one central area.
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Frequently asked questions

Thanks for reading our guide on where to stay in Ipoh, Malaysia. We hope we inspired you with some excellent hotel options and booking advice. If you have any questions about any of the hotels we’ve featured, be sure to post a comment below. Ipoh is an amazing place to visit and we’re sure you’ll have a great time, no matter where you choose to base yourself.

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