What it’s all about

As great as it would be to travel the world for a few months every year, most of us have work, family and other commitments in the UK which prevent us from doing so.

Our site is all about travelling the world, one holiday at a time, exploring new and exciting or even the traditional and most popular destinations, using your annual holiday to do so.

We create our content based on our own experiences, research and opinions of other travellers, to bring unique, fun and informative articles for those planning their next holiday.

World Travel Toucan team

Who we are

WorldTravelToucan.com is operated and updated by a passionate team of travel and holiday lovers, eager to explore new places, learn from other travellers and share our own experiences and knowledge with you, so you can continue having amazing holidays.

We all work full time jobs and use our work leave to go on holidays, whether it’s a short city break in Europe or 2 week adventure in South America. We then share our experiences here. The website is new and content is growing fast.

“Why a toucan?” may you ask

Toucans are the icon of tropical destinations waiting to be explored. They’re fun, colourful and social birds, just like us.

Our adventures so far…





Trips this year


What we’re up to in 2018

In 2018 we’ll be visiting the following destinations and sharing our experiences. Expect our usual itineraries, tips and travel guides shortly after we return. Each of our trips are typically up to 2 weeks long, the most popular duration for a holiday.





Czech Republic






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Our goals:

How to find the best deals

We share our tried and tested advice on everything from booking hotels and flights for cheap to website recommendations and special offers.

Making the most out of your destination

The heart of our website is made up of informative, fun and inspiring destination content, giving you tips, itinerary’s and recommendations for your holiday

Exploring new places and sharing your experiences

Our final goal is to inspire you to explore new places you may not have even considered and share your experiences with us and the community on social media.

Any questions?

If you’d like to know more about us, want holiday advice or want to share your thoughts, feedback or own tips, please get in touch!

Our latest posts

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Where to go on holiday in October for autumn sun

October is an alluring month for holidays. In much of northern Europe the temperatures are entering winter territory, however there are still plenty of Mediterranean coastlines to catch some pre-winter sun. If you’re looking to travel further afield, the shores of North Africa, areas of South-East Asia and exotic, South American beaches are all a…

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The Ultimate guide to the Gili Islands

The Gili Islands (meaning Little Islands) are one of Indonesia’s not so hidden gems. Although they’ve grown in popularity over the past 10 years, they’re still an amazing place to visit for quiet beach relaxation, amazing underwater adventures and some excellent scenery and sunsets. And did we mention the nightlife? The Gili’s are a collection of three small…

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A day trip to Rhodes Town – What to see and do

Rhodes Town is the cultural heart of the island of Rhodes. This historic town sits to the north-east of the island, surrounded by ancient castle walls, a plethora of monuments, towers and iconic buildings. Being a popular cruise port, it’s often buzzing with lots of tourists visiting for the day. Those holidaying in other areas…

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