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WorldTravelToucan.com was created and is updated by a passionate team of travel and holiday lovers, eager to explore new places and learn from other travellers. We share our own experiences and knowledge with you, so you can continue having amazing holidays and travel the world.

We all work full time jobs and use our work leave to go on holidays, whether it’s a short city break in Europe or a 2 week adventure in South America. We then share our experiences here. We publish destination and inspiration guides weekly and share our trips on social media so you can follow us all of the way.


“Why a toucan?” may you ask

Toucans are the icon of tropical destinations waiting to be explored. They’re fun, colourful and social birds, just like us!

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Get to know Ricky

Want to learn more about us? Browse our FAQ’s below and learn something about the small team behind World Travel Toucan. We’re travellers just like you that have a passion for writing, photography and telling stories.

What's your favourite thing about travel blogging?

To be a travel blogger think you have to really enjoy creating content; whether that’s writing, telling a story or taking photos or videos. Already having a passion for these things, plus a love for travel really makes the perfect combination. Exploring new places and documenting it as we go really allows me to pay attention to everything I see and everyone I meet!

What's your #1 travel tip?

Never try to pack too much into one trip and always have your rest days. We find that taking the time to explore a couple of areas and taking time to rest and sleep is a much better experience than constantly being on the go and wearing yourself down. You are on holiday after all! Write a list of the key things you want to see and do and keep it concise. As long as you have a great time, it doesn’t matter if you missed ‘X’.

Are you budget or luxury traveller?

Honestly, a bit of both. My main goal with expenses is to always get the best price possible for accommodation, flights and other travel costs so we’re always shopping around. I love destinations such as South-East Asia and South America where you can live luxury for less, but also don’t mind living the hostel life and meeting other travellers.

I strongly believe that experiences are worth paying for over top-class accommodation and as our trips are short (between a few days to two weeks), we tend to budget more than we would multi-month shoestring travelling.

What's your favourite destination?

Isn’t that the most difficult travel question ever!?

I’m leaning toward the Philippines as an all-in-one best place I’ve ever visited, however Iceland and Croatia have a place in my heart too. All 3 countries have something completely unique to offer.

What do you do aside from this website?

Unlike many of the big travel blogs, we make most of our income from freelance marketing projects and design work as a full time job, with the blog being a passionate side project. This gives us the ability to treat World Travel Toucan more like a hobby rather than a career and helps shape the content we create. Just like you, we’re limited on the amount of holidays and travel time so we make the most out of every trip.

Get to know Susie

What's your favourite place that you've visited?

Without a doubt, it has to be Jeju Island in South Korea. It’s incredibly peaceful and has some amazing views!

Where would you like to visit?

One place that I’d love to visit is South America – the entire continent! I’m fluent in Spanish so it would be amazing to experience the culture and brush up on my Spanish too!

What's your favourite cuisine?

Gosh, there are so many! I’m a big fan of Thai…and Mexican…and Turkish food. I can’t decide!

What's your number one travel tip?

Research, research and research again! Make sure you’re prepared for your holiday – whether it’s a 3 day city break, or a 3 month trip!

Shows Susie overlooking the sea and a shipwreck

Work with us

We’re always keen to meet other travel lovers and collaborate with our favourite travel brands to show destinations and travel insights from other points of view. We’re a fast growing UK-based travel blog with a global audience and are open to any ideas you have. Get in touch here.

What we’re up to in 2022

After two years of a global pandemic, 2022 is looking bright for us and we have some exciting travel plans coming up! Expect our usual itineraries, tips and travel guides shortly after we return. Each of our trips are typically up to 2 weeks long, the most popular duration for a holiday.







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