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Travelling the world is difficult when you have a full time job. We started World Travel Toucan to provide trip inspiration, advice and guides to help you travel the world, one holiday at a time. All of our website content is designed around short but action-packed holidays, for those that love to visit new places but only have a few weeks per year to do it.
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The best sites to book holidays

With so many different travel websites these days, it’s difficult to know the best sites to book holidays. Prices can vary wildly for the exact same booking and some companies…

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18 Oct: Exploring the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus – Our Road Trip Story Guide

In our most recent trip to Cyprus, we used the historic town of Paphos as a base to explore. One of our favourite trips of the holiday was without a…

05 Oct: Travelling during the pandemic to Cyprus (from the UK)

2020 has hit all of us around the globe. I remember celebrating into the new year with friends and family, whilst we cheered to a very happy and successful 2020….