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Visiting Crete in September – Everything you need to know

If you’re wondering what it’s like to visit Crete in September, you’ve came to the right place. After exploring all areas of this stunning Greek island in September, we’ve assembled a complete guide that answers any questions you have about traveling in this fairly popular month. Get the lo-down on Crete weather in September, how busy the island is, the best places to visit, prices and much more.

Read on for everything you need to know about visiting Crete in September.

Is Crete a good place to visit in September?

September officially marks the transition between summer and autumn in Crete. The busy months of July and August have passed and temperatures gradually start to fall as the month progresses. The slightly cooler temperatures compared to August make it a much nicer environment for sightseeing. And that’s not all. Prices are cheaper too! Outside of the kid’s school holidays, hotels and flights to Crete are significantly cheaper as demand is lower.

September, along with May and October, are widely regarded as the best months to visit Crete.

Crete in September - Shows Chania harbour


How is Crete weather in September?

September is known to be the tail end of summer in Crete. Whilst it doesn’t have the scorching temperatures of August, it’s still a hot month to visit. Temperatures still reach the mid-high 20’s. This makes it ideal for sightseeing. You don’t have to endure the extremely hot sun and can comfortably explore local towns, beaches and attractions to your heart’s desire.

Crete does get a little bit of rain in September, but showers are often short lived and sunny skies prevail. Nevertheless, prepare for the odd day of cloud or rain during your trip. Another point to note is that Crete weather in September is better towards the start of the month, gradually getting a little cooler as we reach the end of September.

Overall, Crete weather in September is extremely pleasant and you’ll no doubt get a sun tan! It’s one of the warmer places to visit in Europe at this time of the year, but it get a little windy. This can make it feel cooler than it actually is.

Crete weather in September - Shows Elafonissi Beach

What is the average Crete temperature in September?

Crete has an average temperature of 24 degrees in September, with highs of 27 degrees. It can reach lows of 19 degrees, usually on an evening. Average temperatures are higher at the start of September, dropping gradually as we reach the end of the month.

View a full breakdown of September temperatures in Crete below. Generally, average temperatures and Crete weather in September is excellent.

Average Crete temperature in September - Shows temperature table
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Does it rain in Crete in September?

Average rainfall is 40mm in September. Skies are generally clear and bright, but expect the odd shower. When it does rain, it’s often a short shower. Cloudy Crete weather in September is more common toward the end of the month, however it can be overcast at any time. There’s an 85% chance of sun, with a 15% chance of cloud at this time of the year.

During a one week stay, you may be unlucky to see a day or so of cloud or rain, but it’ll most likely be hot and sunny.

What’s the water temperature in Crete in September? Can I use the swimming pool?

The average temperature of sea water in Crete in September is 24 degrees Celsius. This is a pleasant temperature for swimming and conditions vary very little no matter where you are on the island.

Swimming pools in Crete are a little different and many of them aren’t heated, even in the most luxurious resorts. If visiting early September, pools should be fine for a swim, though still fairly cool. Swimming pools can be quite cold toward the end of the month. If relaxing in the pool is important to you, we recommend looking for a hotel with a heated pool.

Swimming pool at our hotel

What clothing is suitable in September? What to pack for Crete in September

As the weather is still nice and hot in September, pack all of the essential items you’d usually pack for a summer holiday. That includes:

  • Shorts, vests and t-shirts
  • Swim suits
  • Sun Cream
  • A hat and sunglasses
  • Flip flops

As Crete can be a windy island and temperatures drop on an evening in September, we recommend packing a couple of jumpers and a light jacket. They’re perfect for sitting outside on an evening.

Another great thing to pack is a pair of water shoes. Some of Crete’s beaches are rocky, so a pair of these special shoes will protect your feet when exploring. They’re extremely comfortable! We personally use these water shoes from Amazon.

Is Crete busy in September?

Compared to the summer months of June – August, Crete is noticeably quieter. However, it’s not as quiet as other destinations in September. Its southern Greece location makes it a prime holiday destination at this time of the year, as other European destinations start to cool down. Warmer temperatures means that there’s still plenty of interest in the island.

Expect some crowds on tours and moderately busy hotels, but not so much so that it’ll ruin your holiday. The island becomes gradually quieter the later in the month you visit, with the start to mid-September being the busiest.

Visiting Crete in September - People swimming at Balos Beach

Is everything open in Crete in September?

Tourism is still in full swing in September and it doesn’t start to quieten down until the end of the October. Therefore, expect everything to be open, from bars and restaurant, to hotels and attractions.

What are the best places to stay in Crete in September?

Crete’s September weather is similar across much of the island. Therefore, the best places to stay will all depend on what you’d like to see and the type of holiday you’re looking for. Are you searching for quiet beach relaxation, or do you want to see all of the sights? Are amazing beaches important to you, or would you prefer some historic towns? Maybe a bit of both?

Check out our ‘where to stay’ in Crete guide here for a full lo-down on our favourite places to visit and why.

As a general rule, we always recommend the following destinations for first time visitors:

  • Rethymo – A central base for those that like lots of tourist amenities and plenty going on. It’s perfectly situated for seeing a lot of the island’s top attractions on daytrips.
  • Elounda or Agios Nikolaus – The go-to destinations for luxury hotels, amazing scenery and a quiet beach holiday. These towns are fairly secluded from some of the main towns and sightseeing opportunities.
  • Chania – A perfect mix of town sightseeing with some amazing nearby beaches, plus a good hotel selection.
  • Matala or Loutro – Head to the less touristic south of the island for a quieter atmosphere and a chance to explore a less populated region of Crete.

Your perfect place to stay might also be influenced on the airport you fly into, whether it’s Chania or Heraklion. We personally recommend staying in a couple of different destinations if visiting for more than 7 days.

How expensive is it to visit Crete in September? Average costs

Outside of the peak tourism months of July and August, prices for accommodation and flights can be considerably cheaper in September. Prices tend to be lower toward the end of the month as there’s less demand than start-mid September. Saying that, there’s still a lot of demand for end of summer holidays and many hotels can be busy. Therefore, we recommend shopping around to get the best deal and being open as to which hotel you stay in if you want to save money.

For eating out, car hire, excursions, drinks and other day-to-day costs, expect to pay the same as you would at other points in the year. Crete is regarded as being an affordable place to visit. It’s significantly cheaper than the islands of Santorini and Mykonos, plus many other destinations in Europe. It’s a large island with a huge number of places to stay, so there’s always something to suit your budget.

Knossos Palace ruins

Our top tips for visiting Crete in September

  • Book a hotel with a heated pool if swimming pool relaxation is important to you.
  • Travel towards mid-end of September for less crowds and cheaper flight and accommodation costs.
  • Book excursions in advance where possible. September is a popular month to travel and tours can fill up fast.
  • Carefully research the best places to stay. Crete is a huge island and it’s not easy to see everything you want to without stopping in multiple destinations. Check out our where to stay in Crete guide here to help you choose.
  • Crete is quite a windy island, with the wind making temperatures seem cooler. We recommend packing a couple of jumpers and a jacket for evenings.
  • Plan your days around the weather forecast. Aim to visit beaches and relax at the hotel on sunny days. Cloudy or rainy days are great for sightseeing in local towns, exploring ruins or going on a hike (if it’s still dry). You want to make the most of the good weather!
  • Sun UV levels are still high in September. Bring along and wear plenty of sun screen.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to visiting Crete in September. This month is our favourite time to visit the island and you’re guaranteed amazing Crete weather in September compared to most of Europe at this time of the year. We were slightly surprised by how windy it can get in Crete, which can make it seem a little cooler. Therefore, always have a light jumper to hand and plan your itinerary around the weather forecast.

It’s a huge island with lots to explore, so plan carefully. For tips and trips on where to stay, what to see and the best day-trips, check out our other Crete travel guides below:

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Hi Me and my Friends are going to Crete in 24-28 in September and we afraid that the weather might be not hot enough for the pools and the sea, what should we do

Hi Dvir, we’re sure you’re going to have a great time in Crete either way! Check to see if your hotel has a heated or indoor pool. Some of them do. As for recommendations, you should still be able to relax on the beach and it’s hot and sunny. The water temperature might just be a bit cooler than you’d like. Other great options include boat trips, sightseeing and exploring some local towns. Find a list of the best places to visit in Crete in our guide here –

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