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Romantic things to do in Rhodes for couples

  1. Go for a road trip and stop to take pictures

The picturesque coastline of Rhodes is waiting to be explored. Rent a car with your loved one and tour the coastline, crossing mountain ranges, stopping off at small towns for a snack and taking selfies at key locations. Exploring the road as a couple is one of the most romantic things to do in Rhodes for adventurous couples and the less planning the better! Key places we recommend visiting include Lindos Town, the beaches of the south east, Monastery Tsambika and the hidden coves of St Pauls and Anthony Quinn.

Romantic things to do in Rhodes - Shows Lindos Town

  1. Dine outside in an intimate location

Share seafood overlooking the beach sunset, an infinity pool and the mountains or on a rooftop under the stars. The creativity and panoramic views of some restaurants makes outdoor dining one of the most romantic things to do in Rhodes. From proposals to just enjoying a special last evening to end your holiday, we’ve hand selected the following romantic dining options, which we’ll think you’ll love!

Philosophia restaurant Rhodes - Romantic things to do in Rhodes


Philosophia Beach Taverna (Pefkos)One of our favourite restaurants in Rhodes is Philosophia Beach Taverna, located in the south-east village of Pefkos. This outdoor eatery is perched on top of the cliffside, overlooking the fine beaches and yachts below. Ask for a seat near the balcony and enjoy a romantic sunset and light sea breeze whilst gazing into your partners eyes. The food is very good, prices are reasonable, and the service is excellent!

Alter Ego Summer (Rhodes Town) A more expensive but extra special occasion restaurant, Alter Ego Summer is an open-air restaurant set in a medieval courtyard in the heart of Rhodes Town. Experience fine dining, candlelight and plenty of privacy as you enjoy an intimate dinner together under the stars. Reservations are recommended.

Melenos Restaurant (Lindos) – The Melenos Hotel Restaurant was one of our top recommendations in our Lindos Restaurant Guide, and for good reason. Noted as one of the finest restaurants in the village of Lindos and a firm choice for special occasions, this rooftop dining experience is perfect from start to finish. Feast on traditional Greek dishes, fresh seafood and fine wine, with a backdrop of both the Lindos coastline and towering Acropolis monument above.

  1. Take a private boat trip or rent your own boat

Set sail on a private yacht with a captain or rent your own motorboat and discover the coastline in the company of each other. You’ll capture excellent views of the towns and mountain ranges of Rhodes and can sail off into the open ocean to relax in the sun, with only your partner in sight. It’s a peaceful escape from the tourism of the island and the cool breeze of the sea is soothing.

Shows an old ship by Rhodes Town harbour

  1. Couples’ water sports

Water sports may be an unusual suggestion for romantic things to do in Rhodes, however it’s a fun couples’ activity that will have you laughing and screaming alongside together. Hold on tight and explore the coastline on a two-seat jet-ski, hang side by side on a paraglider or kayak as a couple alongside the coves and caves of the island. You’ll find water sports activities on many of the main beaches. Areas particularly good for this are Elli Beach in Rhodes Town and the private resort beaches of Lardos to the south-east.

  1. Wander the streets of Lindos, hand in hand

If strolling the narrow streets of a small, white-washed building town is more your style, take a trip to the village of Lindos on the eastern coast of Rhodes. This small village sits on the mountainside and leads all the way to a golden sand shoreline. Spend the morning wandering the cobbled streets, trying the local snacks, gift shopping and ascending the mountain to capture the best pictures. The Acropolis monument at the top of the mountain is a perfect photo spot!

If you’d prefer to visit Lindos in the afternoon or evening, enjoying an evening meal or cocktail on a rooftop under the stars couldn’t be a more romantic. Get lost and explore this quaint town together.

  1. Relax in a private pool in the comfort of your own villa

Upgrade your accommodation to a private villa with a pool or indulge in a suite with a hot tub. Having such a large travel market, there are plenty of luxury hotels and apartments in Rhodes, ideal for a honeymoon or anniversary celebration. Order room service and relax in the hot tub, go for a morning swim together with amazing views and generally enjoy each other’s company.

We’d recommend checking out the following luxury accommodation:

AquaGrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort Step outside of your room and plunge into the pool, which is connected to your private terrace.

Sentido Port Royal Villas and Spa – Private hot tubs, romantic restaurants and even flowing rivers are all part of the luxury that Sentido Port Royal has to offer – ideal for a quiet retreat.

Atlantica Imperial Residences – Live like a king and queen in the residences of Atlantica. From private pools to large, open plan rooms, you won’t want to leave…

Luxury hotels for couples Rhodes

  1. Enjoy sunset drinks overlooking the bay

Wrap your arm around your partner, snuggle up and enjoy a glass of wine or fruity Greek cocktail whilst watching the sun go down. Rhodes’ dramatic landscapes of cliffs, monuments and beaches make a perfect setting for watching the sunset. Depending on what time the sun sets, you can enjoy a beverage before getting ready for dinner or relax outside after your meal as a quiet build up to a night out.

Having witnessed many sunsets in Rhodes, we recommend the following bars:

  • Dreams Cocktail Bar (Lindos) A cosy cocktail bar with an open rooftop that overlooks Lindos village and the towering Acropolis monument.
  • Ostria Beach Bar (Kalathos) Located on the quiet and well-maintained beach of Kalathos, this trendy, open front beach bar is the perfect place to see the unset from the shore edge.
  • Philosophia Beach Taverna (Pefkos) Philosophia features in our romantic restaurant recommendations and we just had to include it again. If you’re in Pefkos and have alternative dinner plans for the evening, stop by Philophia Taverna for sunset cocktails and a light snack. Its panoramic beach views make it one of the best sunset spots; and their cocktail menu is very good!
  1. Find a secluded beach to the south of the island

Escape the busy resorts and towns in search of more secluded beaches, generally found to the south of the island. This is one of the most romantic things to do in Rhodes for couples that like to relax with only each other’s company! Rent a car and take the coastal route down to Prasonisi, stopping at empty beaches and coves on the way to capture pictures and enjoy a picnic. Taking the non-tourist trail is breath of fresh air and you’ll have plenty of time alone with your loved one. Gaze at the views, relax in the sun or go for a swim. We particularly enjoyed the practically empty beaches of Mavros Kavos.

Secluded beaches for couples Rhodes

  1. Couple’s Spa retreat

Visiting a spa as a break from sightseeing and the hot sun is always one of our highest recommendations and enjoying a treatment alongside your partner is even better! Indulge in a couples’ massage or facial and take this time to relax together. Many spas have couples packages, (which are usually cheaper than paying per person) where you can lie alongside each other in a tranquil setting, and giggle as one of you complains about the massage hurting (there’s always one!). Check out Aphrodite Spa in Afandou. Many of the four and five star hotels also have spa’s you can visit, even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Spa retreats for couples Rhodes

  1. Greek night dancing

Known as ‘Greek night’ to tourists but simply a lively night of the week for locals, Greek Nights refer to the drinking, dancing and homely food that’s cooked up across the country, generally on Saturday evenings. Many bars and restaurants advertise Greek Nights, where you can come for dinner and stay for traditional Greek dancing and live music until the late hours of the evening. Although upbeat and group orientated, Greek dancing can be enjoyed by all so grab your partner and dance for a night of laughs. It’s one of the most romantic things to do in Rhodes on an evening!

Look out for a Greek Night in the resort you’re staying in and enjoy an energetic night of dancing with your other half, speaking to the locals and soaking in the atmosphere of an island that loves to celebrate the weekend. Expect great food, traditional Greek music and lots of entertainment.

Here’s a video of what you can expect on Greek Night in Rhodes, courtesy of Davidsbeenhere.

Like many of the Greek isles, this island has love in the air and there’s plenty of romantic things to do in Rhodes for couples. Plan a honeymoon, anniversary or just spend lots of time together. Make your trip one to tell the kid’s about (maybe not all the details…)! Do you have any suggestions for our list? Let us know in the comments section below.


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