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How to find cheap holidays to Rhodes

Rhodes is a Greek island that’s perfect for the traditional family holiday, whilst also suiting couples and young people. English is spoken throughout the island, there’s plenty of things to see and do and the many hotels and resort facilities mean that you don’t have far to travel for bars, restaurants, supermarkets, beaches and swimming pools.

Rhodes is generally quite an affordable island, much more so than Greek islands Mykonos and Santorini. It has plenty of budget apartments, a range of luxury hotels and everything in between. If you’ve already decided that Rhodes is for you and you’re looking to book a low-cost holiday there, this guide is for you!

Read on to find out how to find cheap holidays to Rhodes. We explore the best websites to find deals and show you tips for booking everything yourself at the lowest prices.

Tips before searching:

Cheap Rhodes holidays tips and advice

Before you start searching for cheap holidays to Rhodes, it’s worth noting the following things to find the cheapest Rhodes holidays.

  1. Travel out of season if you can – July, August, Easter and the Bank Holiday weekends are generally the most expensive times to holiday in Rhodes. Travelling outside of these dates will save you money!
  2. Some areas are more expensive than others – Staying in the centre of Lindos or Rhodes Town near the beach is generally more expensive than staying on the outskirts of town or more secluded areas. Use these savings to upgrade your hotel or simply save the cash for spending when you’re there.
  3. Don’t search for one hotel in particular – If you set your mind on booking a specific hotel, you’ll limit the amount you can save on your holiday. Broaden your search to similar quality hotels and you may find something you like more, whilst also saving money!
  4. Book private accommodation – If you’re travelling with a group of friends or large family, consider renting a villa or large apartment to save money (rather than paying for individual hotel rooms).
  5. Book as far in advance as you can – Although it’s possible to find last minute deals on holidays, you’re more likely to get the best prices if you book in advance (6 months+), particularly if you’re visiting over busy school holiday periods.
  6. Consider the board basis – Choosing a hotel with an all-inclusive, half board or inclusive breakfast option can save you money, although it’s not for everyone and only worth doing at top-rated hotels. Consider this option within your budget to save money on meals and drinks.

The best places to stay in Rhodes – Our recommendations

Rhodes Town

Rhodes Town is the main town on the island and cultural heart. A popular shipping port and cruise terminal, this ancient town is surrounded by castle walls, has a central castle keep and attracts many tourists to marvel at its history. In addition to the monuments, markets, forts and castles, Rhodes Town has its own golden sand beaches and plenty of hotels, bars and restaurants.

The nightlife is excellent, as it the variety of things to do. Many people choose to visit Rhodes Town for the day or stay for a few nights as it isn’t a typical beach resort destination (but well worth the visit).

Best for: Young people and couples of all ages looking for a short break


Lindos is probably our favourite place on the island. This mountainside town is populated by pretty white house’s leading to a beach area and a towering ancient Greek Acropolis overlooks the town from the mountain above. The town and surrounding area have plenty of quaint hotels and apartments, although we’d recommend staying just outside if you have kids and want a more traditional beach holiday experience. There are plenty of small coves nearby, all within a short drive of Lindos Town.

Best for: Family and couples’ holidays

Pefkos and Lardos

The villages of Pefkos and Lardos are a 15-20-minute drive down the coastline from Lindos. These more secluded resort areas offer typical Greek beach holidays across hotels and apartments for every budget. They’re slightly cheaper holidays to Rhodes than staying in central Lindos or Rhodes Town and have plenty of nice beaches, bars and restaurants.

Best for: Family holidays

These are just a small selection of the beautiful places to spend your holiday in Rhodes but there’s plenty more options! We recommend doing some research on the perfect resorts for you. And avoid Faliraki at all costs (in our opinion) unless you’re looking for a young crowd and parties.

Where to start when looking for cheap holidays to Rhodes?

Are you wondering whether it’s cheaper to book your Rhodes flights and accommodation separately or as part of a package? The answer is…it depends. The best option is to search for both and compare prices.

Step 1 – Explore booking flights and accommodation separately


Your first port of call is finding cheap flights!

1 – Visit Skyscanner and enter your departure airport. Enter ‘Rhodes (RHO)’ as the arrival airport.

2 – For ‘dates’, select the calendar view for the month you’re looking to travel and hit ‘Search Flights’

Rhodes flights Skyscanner - Cheap Rhodes Holidays

With the Skyscanner calendar view, you can compare prices on different dates, determining which departure and return dates have the cheapest prices. If you’re flexible on dates this can save you more money!

3 – Once you’ve selected your chosen or cheapest dates, choose the cheapest flight times available for that date. Flying early morning or late at night is generally cheaper than afternoon or late morning flights but it all depends on the flight route and demand.

4 – Select the cheapest online travel agent available from the dropdown list

Rhodes flights Airlines - Cheap Rhodes Holidays

5 – Search for a promo code for your chosen travel agent. The likes of Opodo and TravelUp regularly promote discounts. Simply search Google for ‘**website name** promo codes’.

Flight promo codes - Cheap Rhodes Holidays

Hold off on booking just yet! We still need to look at the hotel prices and compare them with package holiday options to see what works out the cheapest.

Money saving tip: Try to be flexible on the airport you fly from and compare your desired airport with nearby options. For example, if you live in London, it may be cheaper to fly from Luton instead of Gatwick, or East Midlands may be a cheaper option than Birmingham. Compare multiple airports nearby and consider travelling a little further to save money on your flights.

For more tips and tricks to find the cheapest flights, check out our ultimate guide here.


Rhodes is an island with accommodation options to suit everyone, from families on a budget to honeymooners wanting luxury that doesn’t break the bank. With such a variety of hotels and private apartments, comparing accommodation and booking website prices can save you money.

Hotel options:

Hotels are the most popular choice for holidays in Rhodes. To find the best hotels for your budget, follow our simple guide below:

1 – Firstly, visit the top Rhodes hotels list on Tripadvisor here and select the dates to match the flights you’re looking to book. You can either search the entire island or filter by a location, e.g. Lindos.

Best hotels in Rhodes - Cheap Rhodes Holidays

Scroll through the hotel options and select a few that you like the look of that are in your budget range.

2 – Visit Trivago to compare prices between different travel agents/booking websites for your chosen dates. Select the websites with the top 3 cheapest prices. Try this for all your hotel options and note down the best prices for each one. Kayak is another good comparison website.

Compare Rhodes hotels on Trivago

3 – Search Google for promo codes and cashback deals for the websites in your list. Simply search ‘ promo code’ for example, and you’ll be presented a list of affiliate websites with promo code and cashback offers. Note down the highest % promo codes and if they’re valid on your hotel.

4 – Test different combinations of promo codes and hotel options to find the best deals. This whole process might take a little bit of time, but it’s well worth it to save extra money on your Rhodes holiday. The cheapest price on Trivago isn’t always the cheapest once you consider that you can get money off by selecting another site that has promo code discounts.

Holiday booking website promo codes

You now have the best prices available for your chosen hotels and flights. If your heart is set on a hotel over a private villa or apartment, proceed to step 3. If you’re looking for even more savings, a larger place to stay with your own kitchen facilities or you’re travelling in a group, consider the following options.

Private accommodation options:

AirBnB – AirBnB is a private rentals website where you can rent a full apartment building, villa or house; or simply rent a room in a place to stay with the existing home occupiers (which is a lot cheaper than hotels). Rhodes has plenty of private rental options on AirBnB and it can be one of the best solutions for cheap holidays to Rhodes. There’s properties for both luxury and budget travellers and your budget stretches much further than it would for hotels.

View the current private rentals in Rhodes on AirBnB.

Holiday Rentals – Websites such as Homeaway and Holiday Lettings are sites where private property owners can list their villa/home/apartment for holiday rentals. They range from 1 bed studios to large 8-bedroom villas and everything in between and are a great option for large families.

Browse holiday rentals to find private accommodation to suit you.

View Rhodes private property rentals on Homeaway

View Rhodes private property rentals on Holiday Lettings

Step 2 – Compare your prices with package holiday deals

Cheap package holidays in Rhodes

You may have found a good deal on your flights and accommodation, however it’s always worth checking to see if you can find the same options for cheaper as part of a package deal. Plus, you have the added benefit of booking everything in one place and a free airport to hotel transfer.

Search four or five package holiday websites on the same dates as your selected flights and browse for the same hotels.

Here are our recommended package holiday websites for cheap holidays to Rhodes:

Compare the package holiday options with your costs for booking the same flights and accommodation separately to see what’s cheapest. Prices can vary wildly between operators and you can sometimes saving money with package holidays as they have exclusive rate access for specific hotels.

Similar to our advice above, you should also look for promo codes for package holiday websites. These companies regularly have money off vouchers when spending a certain amount on your holiday.

You may wish to search for package holidays first and that’s completely fine to switch steps 1 and 2. Simply find a package holiday you like and see if you can get it for cheaper if you book the flights and accommodation yourself separately. We prefer to do it in reverse as we get a more holistic view of the prices for flight dates and hotel reviews.

3 – Browse deal finding websites for the chance of a last-minute bargain

Before going ahead and booking one of the options you’ve found so far you should check deal finding websites such as Holiday Pirates, Groupon and My Holiday Guru. These sites crawl the web for the best deals or have a partnership with holiday companies to offer exclusive packages. Dates and hotels are usually very specific and there isn’t a wide range of choice, however they’re one of the best ways to quickly find amazingly low prices for your holiday.

Here are some examples of what’s currently on offer at the time of writing this article:

Cheap Rhodes holidays - Holiday Pirates - Deal 1
Cheap Rhodes holidays - Holiday Pirates - Deal 2

Find the latest Rhodes holiday deals for yourself:

Rhodes holiday deals on Holiday Pirates

Rhodes holiday deals on Groupon

Rhodes holiday deals on My Holiday Guru

Step 4: Book!

Book your holiday to Rhodes

You should now have a list of prices for different hotels for your selected dates. Simply pick the best option for you taking budget into consideration and be satisfied that you’ve found some of the best prices available for your holidays.

When finding the best prices for cheap holidays to Rhodes, always remember to:

  • Compare different dates and airports for flights – travelling one day later or earlier can make a big difference!
  • Be flexible! Not restricting your holiday to a set amount of nights or a specific location can help you save money.
  • Note down all prices so you can compare later.
  • Always take reviews into account. Do a quick review search for your chosen hotel and travel agent/booking site before committing!

Now you’ve learned how to find cheap holidays to Rhodes, there’s still plenty of ways to save money on the following:

  • Car hire
  • Airport transfers
  • Currency conversion
  • Airport parking

Check out our ultimate guide to booking a holiday for more tips on getting the best deal, including booking the extras mentioned above.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this guide or need our help booking your holiday to Rhodes, get in touch! We love searching for holidays and would be happy to give you a helping hand.


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