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The best places to stay in Dubrovnik (for every budget)

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We don’t think we’ve ever been to a city as visually impressive as Dubrovnik. Its towering city walls and tightly knit streets of the Old Town make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, or onto a movie set. It has some excellent attractions, bars and restaurants and will captivate you, no matter the type of traveller you are.

Are you planning a visit to Dubrovnik? If so, you’re going to need a great place to stay! In this guide, we’ve listed some of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik. It’s no secret that it’s one of the most expensive places to visit in Croatia. Therefore, we’ve provided Dubrovnik hotel options for every budget and have included areas just off the tourist trail. We’ve also included hotels right in the centre of the action.

If you have any questions about any of the areas and hotels we’ve featured, be sure to send us a message.

The best areas to stay in Dubrovnik

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We’ve assembled a list of the top areas to stay in Dubrovnik, each offering something unique, and a variety of accommodation options. As Dubrovnik’s Old Town is very small and compact, it doesn’t have a great deal of hotel options. Therefore, many visitors opt to stay just outside of town. Some areas are only a short taxi ride from the city centre. Others are great destinations to visit themselves but are a little further out. For these, you’ll need to get a taxi boat or bus into town.

Continue reading for an overview of each of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik. We’ve included a selection of hotel options for each, ranging from budget-friendly to luxury boutique options. Keep in mind, the hotels closest to the city centre will be a lot more expensive than those a little further out.

1. The Old Town

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The beating heart of the Old Town is one of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik for those that want to be within walking distance of all the historic attractions. Narrow, cobbled streets, magnificent Venetian-style churches and the viewpoints of the city walls can all be experienced within a short walk. You also have the many shopping streets and quaint corner cafes and restaurants.

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is a good area to stay for those that want a city-break experience with lots of sightseeing. You have an endless collection of bars and restaurants on an evening and the atmosphere is electric. The only downsides of staying in the Old Town are the lack of hotel options and the higher costs. Many people who stay in the Old Town choose to stay in an apartment. If you’re looking for a hotel that isn’t super luxurious, you might be best staying right on the edge of the city.

The best hotels in and around Dubrovnik Old Town

Luxury: Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik
Luxury: Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik
Moderately priced: Villa Elly Apartments
The highlights of staying in Dubrovnik Old Town
  • You’re within walking distance of Dubrovnik’s best museums, churches, fortresses and other historic sites. The popular Banje Beach is also a short walk away.
  • There are plenty of bar and restaurant options for an evening. The nightlife in the Old Town is unbeatable.
  • You won’t need to use public transport to get around, as everything is within walking distance. You can also walk to the Old Harbour and catch a boat to nearby islands and towns.


2. Gruz

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Gruz is the area of the Dubrovnik right next to the main boat marina and cruise port. Popular with students and due to its large local population, it’s one of the best places to stay on a budget in Dubrovnik. It’s close enough to the Old Town to get there by bus or taxi in only 5-10 minutes. However, it’s far enough away from the centre that you have a wider variety of accommodation options, at much lower prices than Dubrovnik centre.

The Gruz area itself doesn’t have a lot going on. It’s mainly a transport and accommodation hub for seeing Dubrovnik. However, it’s a great base for exploring the wider area. You have easy access to the Old Town on the local bus. You can also catch a boat to the Elafiti Islands and several other amazing sites from the marina in Gruz. It suits those that want to do lots of sightseeing on a budget and aren’t too interested in having a swimming pool and beach on their doorstep.

The best hotels in and around Gruz
Moderately priced: Berkeley Hotel & Spa
Budget friendly: S&L Guest House
The highlights of staying in Gruz
  • You have all the benefits of staying right next to Dubrovnik Old Town, but without the high accommodation prices. Hop in a taxi or bus and you can get to the centre in a matter of minutes.
  • Gruz is where Dubrovnik’s main boat marina is located. You have a selection of excellent boat trips on your doorstep.
  • You have a range of affordable accommodation options. There aren’t many hotels, but there are plenty of nice apartment and guest house options.

3. Lapad

shows an image of lapad in Dubrovnik  - Where to stay in Dubrovnik

Lapad is one of our favourite places to stay in Dubrovnik. It’s located a short drive west of the Old Town centre, in a secluded beach cove with a long promenade. When staying in Lapad, you have an excellent choice of hotels, many of which have big swimming pools and luxury ameneties. There’s also a beach and a good selection of bars and restaurants. When you want to visit Dubrovnik Old Town, you can get there in only 10-minutes by bus or taxi.

Lapad suits those that want the option of having lots to do, nightlife and easy access to Dubrovnik Old Town, but also plenty of relaxation time. It’s the best of both worlds. The hotel selection here is very good, and whilst still an expensive place to stay compared to other areas, the added convenience may be worth it.

The best hotels in and around Lapad

Luxury: Hotel More
Luxury: Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik
Moderately priced: Hotel Kazbek
Budget-friendly: Orka Apartments

The highlights of staying in Lapad

  • You have a great selection of hotels to choose from. The four- and five-star accommodation options have large swimming pools, multiple restaurants and sea access. It’s ideal for a relaxing holiday in the sun.
  • You can get to Dubrovnik Old Town in only 10-minutes. Order an Uber from your hotel or hop aboard the frequent local bus. It’s a very convenient place to stay if you want to head into Dubrovnik in the evening.
  • The area feels more relaxing and scenic compared to sometimes hectic Dubrovnik. You have some nice beaches, a nature park and walking trails on your doorstep.

4. Babin Kuk

Where to Dubrovnik - Shows a scenic hotel view

Babin Kuk is on the same peninsula as Lapad and staying in this resort area is very similar experience to the latter. However, it’s a little further out, so it feels less crowded and more rural. It’s one of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik if you want a relaxing beach holiday in a luxury hotel, with easy access to Dubrovnik city centre. As Babin Kuk is a little further out, it’ll take around 15 minutes to drive to the centre in a taxi.

Babin Kuk is a great place to stay for those that want to enjoy plenty of relaxation during the day in a nice hotel. Some of the hotels here have good all-inclusive and half-board options, and there are some great options for families. Most hotels are quite secluded and there aren’t many shops, bars and restaurants around, so you’ll need to head to Lapad or Dubrovnik on an evening if you aren’t planning on eating in the hotel. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent place to stay!

The best hotels in and around Babin Kuk

Luxury: Dubrovnik President Valamar Collection Hotel
Luxury: Royal Blue Hotel
Moderately priced: Valamar Argosy Hotel
Moderately priced: Valamar Lacroma Hotel

The highlights of staying in Babin Kuk

  • Babin Kuk has some of the best hotel options in the entire Dubrovnik area. You have both budget apartments and luxury all-inclusive hotels. It’s ideal for couples and families.
  • Wake up to stunning coastal views on a morning. Many of the hotels overlook the sea and the sunsets are beautiful. You also have easy access to Copacabana Beach, one of the largest beaches in the Dubrovnik area.
  • You can get to Dubrovnik Old town by taxi in only 12-15 minutes. A bus will take around 20-minutes. For closer restaurant and bar options, you can get to Lapad in only 5-minutes.

5. Cavtat

If you value relaxation on holiday and only want to venture into Dubrovnik Old Town a couple of times during your stay, the seaside town of Cavtat is a great place to stay in the Dubrovnik area. On a map, it appears quite far from Dubrovnik centre; it’s right next to the airport. However, with the local taxi boat service, you can get to Dubrovnik in around 45-minutes. Cavtat itself is much like a smaller version of Dubrovnik. It’s very beautiful, with its long promenade, Venetian architecture and scenic coastal walks.

We recommend a stay in Cavtat for those that want affordable accommodation options, whilst still being able to visit the top attractions in the area. It’ll take you longer to get to Dubrovnik and you won’t have as easy access to the attractions and nightlife of the city. However, the hotels here are a fraction of the price of the tourist centres. You’ll get a lot more for your money. Consider staying in Cavtat if you want a week of resort time, with only a couple of excursions during your holiday.

The best hotels in and around Cavtat

Luxury: Hotel Croatia
Moderately priced: Hotel Cavtat
Budget friendly: Bacan Serviced Apartments
Budget friendly: Castelletto

The highlights of staying in Cavtat

  • Cavtat is a beautiful coastal town that provides a much more relaxing experience compared to Dubrovnik. It has nice coastal areas, a scenic promenade and far less crowds, yet it still has all the facilities you need for a holiday.
  • The hotel options in Cavtat are good value for money compared to many of the other areas in our list. Stay in a 4-or-5 star hotel for a fraction of the price.
  • You still have access to Dubrovnik’s top attractions, including island excursions, trips to the Old Town and sightseeing tours.
shows an image of Cavtat town in Croatia - best places to stay in Dubrovnik

6. Mlini and Plat

Mlini and Plat are areas to stay in Dubrovnik that are quite similar to Cavtat, just on a smaller scale. They’re charming seaside villages located a short drive away from the centre of Dubrovnik. Right next to each other, these neighbouring seaside villages are top place to stay in the Dubrovnik area for those that want affordable accommodation options in a secluded location. They have a small selection of hotels, but a much wider choice of budget apartments.

Mlini has a picturesque beach area, a scenic but small marina and a hillside full of bars, tourist shops and restaurants. Life here is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing, in comparison to the busier resort areas of the west. It’s the ideal place to stay for those that want to visit Dubrovnik on a budget. It also suits those that want a more secluded place to stay whilst on holiday. You can get to Dubrovnik in only 25-minutes on the local bus.

Plat is a village that’s very similar to Mlini, located a 10-minute drive further down the coast. It has a similar sized beach and a hillside full of rental apartments. It doesn’t have as many restaurants as Mlini, so is best suited to those that want a self-catering holiday.

The best hotels in and around Mlini and Plat

Moderately priced: Maistra Select Mlini Hotel
Budget friendly: Guest House Daniela
Budget friendly: Villa Panorama

The best hotels in and around Mlini and Plat

  • They have an excellent choice of budget accommodation options. Staying here provides great value compared to most other areas of Dubrovnik.
  • Excellent transport links ensure that you won’t miss out on all of the area’s top attractions. You can get to Dubrovnik in only 40-minutes with the frequent taxi boat. The local bus service will get you there in 25-30 minutes. There are also lots of boat excursion options to the nearby islands that depart directly from the local marinas.
  • Both Mlini and Plat are charming, quiet places to stay in Dubrovnik. They suit those that want a relaxing holiday by the beach with many amenities all in one place.

Our top tips for choosing a place to stay in Dubrovnik

  • If you want to spend lots of time in Dubrovnik Old Town during your stay, consider staying close to the Old Town centre. The accommodation surrounding the Old Town, Gruz and Lapad areas are best. Equally, if you’d prefer plenty of relaxation, with a couple of occasional daytrips into town, areas such as Cavtat and Mlini are better suited.
  • Do you want an all-inclusive or half board holiday? If so, Lapad, Babin Kuk and Cavtat have the widest selection of these types of hotels.
  • If you have mobility issues or don’t like to do a lot of walking, consider paying extra to stay near the Old Town centre.
  • The whole region is well connected with boat, taxi, Uber and bus transport. If you don’t mind the extra effort of using transport, staying further away from Dubrovnik can save you lots of money on accommodation.
  • Dubrovnik Old Town is the best area for nightlife. If this is important to you, stay near the Old Town, Gruz or Lapad.
  • For short stays of 3-4 days, consider staying near the Old Town.
  • Dubrovnik is very busy in the summer months. Book your hotel many months in advance for better prices.
  • Consider visiting Dubrovnik in May, September or October for less crowds and cheaper hotel rates.
  • Save money on eating out by self-catering in an apartment. Croatia has a lot more private apartment options compared to hotels, many of which can be reserved on
  • If you’re travelling in a group, apartments may provide better value compared to booking multiple hotel rooms.
  • Choose a hotel with breakfast included to save money on eating out.
  • If you plan on eating out, choose a hotel in a location with many bars and restaurants. Areas like Babin Kuk have a large portion of all-inclusive hotels and fewer independent restaurants.
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Frequently asked questions

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Thanks for reading our guide on where to stay in Dubrovnik. We hope we’ve inspired you with Dubrovnik hotel and area ideas and you now have a good idea of where to base yourself for an upcoming trip. No matter where you choose to stay, we’re confident you’ll have a great time and will enjoy Croatia as much as we did. The most important thing is to always check Google and Tripadvisor reviews before booking a hotel!

If you have any questions about any of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik areas or hotels we featured, be sure to post a comment below.



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