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The Best Batu Ferringhi Restaurants

shows Batu Ferringhi beach - the best restaurants in Batu Ferringhi

Are you visiting the relaxing beach town of Batu Ferringhi in Penang? You’ll no doubt want to try lots of Penang’s famous food! The island is known worldwide for its delicious cuisine, which combines flavours from across Asia. As the most popular beach area in Penang, Batu Ferringhi is a great place to sample many of the top dishes, but it also has some good international restaurants.

After visiting Batu Ferringhi many times, we’ve been lucky enough to try some of the best Batu Ferringhi restaurants the resort town has to offer. Read our guide for a list of our top 10 favourite restaurants in Batu Ferringhi. From the local hawker food market to family-run Malaysian restaurants and even a couple of high-end dining options, we’ve included something for every taste and budget.

Long Beach Café

Tripadvisor Rating 4.5/5 – View on Google Maps

We’re starting off our list of Batu Ferringhi restaurant recommendations with our favourite place to eat, Long Beach Café. This buzzing hawker market in the centre of Batu Ferringhi Night Market is only open on evenings. Every day of the week, it’s a bustling melting pot of different street food stalls, with Malaysian, Seafood, Western, Vietnamese and Thai food options. No matter the stand you choose, meals and drinks are affordable and tasty.

The ordering process at Long Beach Café is quite unique. Grab a table in the hawker market and browse the stalls to see what you like the look of. You can then order multiple dishes from different street stalls, and they’ll deliver the food directly to your table. The atmosphere at Long Beach Café is excellent and you’ll want to eat here at least a few times during your stay.

Recommended dishes: A dozen Satay, fresh fried fish, any stir fry dish

Cost: $

shows a variety of Thai dishes on a wooden table - the best restaurants in Batu Ferringhi, Penang

Living Room Cafe Bar & Gallery

Tripadvisor Rating 4.5/5 – View on Google Maps

Living Room Café is a family-run restaurant on Batu Ferringhi’s main street. It serves up a selection of authentic Malaysian curries, noodle and rice dishes, plus some excellent seafood options. You can also order western classics, though we recommend sticking to the Malaysian food as it’s so good!

We had a long chat with the owner and learned that food at Living Room Café is generally healthier than other restaurants. Many eateries in Malaysia, and South-east Asia in general, use a lot of salt. Dishes at Living Room Café don’t contain added salt and ingredients are of high quality. It’s a tiny bit more expensive than nearby restaurants, but it’s well worth it for the added quality.

Recommended dish: Penang Curry, Chicken/Beef Rendang

Cost: $$

Andrew’s Kampung

Tripadvisor Rating 4.5/5 – View on Google Maps

Andrew’s Kampung is a long-standing Malaysian restaurant hidden away from the tourist street. It’s one of the best Batu Ferringhi restaurants for those that want a cheap and tasty homecooked meal, with authentic Penang flavours. The restaurant is located in an old commercial building, and it can be difficult to find. However, if you ignore the peculiar location and basic design of the restaurant, you’ll discover why Andrew’s Kampung is one of Batu Ferringhi’s longest standing restaurants.

We recommend visiting Andrew’s Kampung for lunch or dinner. Order a selection of different dishes and appreciate the rich flavours and authentic cooking. Some dishes can be a little spicy, so be sure to ask for less spice if you don’t want to burn your mouth! Be sure to check restaurant opening times on Google Maps as Andrew’s Kampung is closed on select days and times.

Recommended dish: Stir fry vegetable dishes, Kapitan curry chicken, pineapple fried rice

Cost: $

shows a chicken stir fry dish on a white plate

Feringgi Grill

Tripadvisor Rating 4.5/5 – View on Google Maps

Located inside the 5-star Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Hotel, Feringgi Grill is the go-to Batu Ferringhi restaurant for special occasions. It’s an elegant, intimate environment to enjoy dinner, with gorgeous views of the hotel’s garden area. Choose from a selection of international dishes such as seafood, steak and pasta, or go for the chef’s special menu. It’s always a good choice!

We’ve had dinner in Feringgi Grill twice and each experience was memorable. Waiters are very attentive and friendly; some dishes are cooked in front of you and the food quality is unbeatable. As with any high-end dining experience, expect to pay higher prices than most other Batu Ferringhi restaurants. It makes the perfect setting for an anniversary, engagement, or the last night of your trip. Note: Ferringhi Grill is reservation only so be sure to book in advance. It also has a dress code, and you don’t need to be staying in the hotel to make a reservation.

Dishes to try: The chef’s set menu

Cost: $$$$

shows a main course of fresh fish on a white plate - the best restaurants in batu Ferringhi, Penang

Chill Out Café

Tripadvisor Rating 3.5/5 – View on Google Maps

Chill Out Café is one of our favourite lunch restaurants in Batu Ferringhi. Cheap, cheerful and with a trendy ‘beach café’ setting, it’s a great place to relax on a warm afternoon. Visit for a casual coffee and a snack, or choose from its extensive menu of western dishes, sandwiches and rice dishes. Chill Out Café is known for its pizzas, salads and breakfast options. It also does an excellent Chicken Chop, which is very popular in Malaysia.

Chill Out Café’s location is just off the main street in Batu Ferringhi. It’s an open-air restaurant with comfortable seating and is family-run. Meal and drink options are very affordable, and the welcoming, relaxed atmosphere will tempt you back for another meal.

Cost: $

Dishes to try: Pizza, chicken chop, breakfast platters

Knife And Fork Restaurant

Tripadvisor Rating 5/5 – View on Google Maps

Knife And Fork Restaurant is a great place to eat in Batu Ferringhi for affordable and delicious Malaysian food. It has a no frills, casual setting, in a commercial tower block. At first glance, it can seem a questionable choice, but don’t let the location put you off! Knife And Fork Restaurant is one of the highest rated restaurants in Batu Ferringhi for its excellent food and friendly service. The wooden décor of the restaurant feels nice and fitting for its beach town location.

Now, let’s talk about the food at Knife and Fork Restaurant. Asian dishes are served in all varieties here and the menu is quite extensive. Choose from sizzling stir fry plates, noodles dishes, local Penang dishes, curries, or a selection of rice and meat/seafood options. We recommend ordering a variety of different dishes and sharing. The food alone will make you eager to return.

Cost: $

Dishes to try: Any stir-fry hot plate, noodle and rice dishes

Little Turkey

Tripadvisor Rating 4.5/5 – View on Google Maps

We were surprised to find such a good Turkish restaurant in a beach town in Malaysia! Little Turkey is an authentic Turkish grill serving up mixed meat dishes, lamb shank, mezze platters, hummus wraps and all the other good dishes from Türkiye. It’s set in a neatly decorated restaurant with plush chairs, chandeliers and colourful wallpaper.

The service, friendliness of the staff and great food at Little Turkey makes it a top choice Batu Ferringhi restaurant for those that want to try something a little different. It’s best enjoyed on an evening and is perfect for special occasions. Pro-tip: leave room for one of the authentic Turkish desserts.

Cost: $$$

Dishes to try: Mixed grill, hummus flatbreads, any authentic Turkish dish

Ferringhi Garden

Tripadvisor Rating 4.5/5 – View on Google Maps

Ferringhi Garden is a restaurant that has evolved over the years. Once a mid-range Malaysian restaurant, it has changed into a high-end international restaurant that serves up fine seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes inspired by cuisines around the world. Set in a dimly lit garden environment, it’s no doubt one of the most beautifully designed restaurants in Batu Ferringhi.

Dishes at Ferringi Garden Restaurant range from fresh lobster and fish fillets, to steaks, soups, pasta and a selection of meat dishes. There’s a particular focus on seafood here, and being on an island, you won’t find better seafood dishes! Ferringhi Garden is also highly rated for its service and romantic setting. This restaurant is probably the most expensive dining option in Batu Ferringhi, so it’s best reserved for special occasions.

Cost: $$$$

Dishes to try: Any seafood dish, steak, pasta

Hard Rock Café Penang

Tripadvisor Rating 4/5 – View on Google Maps

You’ll instantly recognise this next restaurant on our list. The Hard Rock Café, part of the Batu Ferringhi Hard Rock Hotel, is a chain restaurant from the world-famous American brand. Whilst not very authentic to Penang, it serves a great purpose, which is providing western classics such as burgers, pizza, pasta, steak and other indulgent meals when you fancy them. Hard Rock Café Batu Ferringhi does western food very well!

Stop by the Hard Rock Hotel for a pre-dinner drink in the ‘rock’ themed bar. You can then order your favourite western dish and enjoy the music. The Hard Rock Café is excellent for families, or for anyone that fancies a change up from Malaysian food during their stay.

Cost: $$$

Dishes to try: Burgers, baby back ribs, sandwiches

Tropical Spice Garden Cooking Class

Tripadvisor Rating 5/5 – View on Google Maps

The last Batu Ferringhi restaurant on our list isn’t exactly a restaurant. It’s a full-blown cooking experience! Penang Tropical Spice Garden is located just along the road from Batu Ferringhi Beach. It’s a good attraction to visit during the day, offering a wide variety of tropical plants, spices, wildlife and water features. However, you can also book a place on their cooking class.

Join a hands-on cooking class for lunch or dinner and enjoy learning some home-grown Penang recipes, cooking your own dishes from scratch. During a class, you’ll get to select ingredients, cook multiple dishes and try a variety of the foods you cook. It’s fun, informative and gives you a good appreciation for the local flavours.

Cost: $$$

Our top tips for eating out in Batu Ferringhi

Food to try in Batu Ferringhi - Shows a selection of Penang dishes
  • Book your restaurants a day in advance if travelling during a busy period such as New Year or Christmas, or on a weekend. Many restaurants offer reservations on their social media channels.
  • Always check Google reviews before visiting a restaurant. As with any tourist destination, Batu Ferringhi has its share of poor value, poorly rated restaurants.
  • Staying in Batu Ferringhi for a longer period? Be sure to visit the city of George Town. It’s full of great restaurants and is only half an hour away by taxi.
  • Try the local Malaysian food! Step out your comfort zone and try and dish you’ve never tasted before. Chances are, you’ll love it.
  • Bring cash with you. Some restaurants don’t accept card payment, so we find it easier to pay for everything with cash.
  • Tipping isn’t expected or customary in Batu Ferringhi. However, you may wish to round up the bill or leave a small 10% tip for great service. Some more expensive restaurants may include a 10% service charge on your bill.
  • You can eat in most hotel restaurants in Batu Ferringhi even if you aren’t staying there. Simply reserve a table by contacting the hotel via email, phone or social media. The Hard Rock Hotel, Lone Pine Hotel and Shangri-La Rasa Sayang are hotels with excellent restaurants.
  • On a budget? Eat at Long Beach Café! The prices for dishes here are equivalent to street food stalls you’d find elsewhere on the island. Even if you aren’t on a budget, Long Beach Café is a great place to visit at least once during your stay.

Frequently asked questions

That wraps up our guide on the best restaurants in Batu Ferringhi. We hope we inspired you with lunch and dinner options and you can now explore the beach town’s food scene for yourself. Penang is Malaysia’s food capital for good reason, and whilst Batu Ferringhi may not have the diverse selection of restaurants as George Town, it still has some excellent places to eat.

Do you have any of your own Batu Ferringhi restaurants recommendations? Be sure to leave us a comment down below.


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