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3 days in Dubrovnik itinerary – The top things to see and do

Dubrovnik is a city full of fortresses and old buildings, surrounded by majestic castle walls. There are also beautiful islands nearby that are easily accessible by boat or ferry. It’s a destination that can be enjoyed in 3 days but has enough to do for a week or two if you want to explore the area to its fullest, whilst also enjoying some relaxation time. Our 3 days in Dubrovnik itinerary gives you a good taste of what the city has to offer, featuring plenty of sightseeing and a sprinkle of relaxation. If your visit to Dubrovnik is shorter still, you can easily pick and choose different elements of our itinerary for a bespoke trip.

Dragons, castles and luxury yachts – the real King’s Landing

Day 1 – Morning:

  • Ancient City Walls – What better way to start your 3 days in Dubrovnik than a 2 hour walk along the towering city walls? Each area of the wall produces a different but equally impressive view of the city’s terracotta roofs and the Adriatic Sea. Don’t forget your camera and walking shoes, it’s quite a long a challenging walk but very worth it! At the time of writing, the wall walk cost is 150HRK per person (around £17)
  • Minceta Fortress – Minceta Fortress is a part of the city walls walk. Climb the steps to reach one of the highest points in the city. Make sure you take photos from the tower turrets, it’s a great view of the winding city streets
  • Lunch – head into the old town centre for lunch after your adventurous morning walk. We’d recommend checking out a small café called ‘Barba’ for cheap but delicious local food
3 days in Dubrovnik itinerary - Shows the terracotta roof houses of Dubrovnik


  • Old Town – keeping your first day for city exploration, the next stop on our 3 days in Dubrovnik itinerary are the historic buildings and narrow streets of the old town. Spend a few hours strolling the streets and learning about the history of the city. There are plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and museums to wander around and the experience rivals the best European old town centres. Must see attractions include Onophrian Fountain and the Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola, both easy to visit in one afternoon
  • City Harbour – stroll down to the harbour for sunset and enjoy a drink looking out into the bright blue ocean, before returning to the Old Town for dinner. Check out our restaurant recommendations below for our favourite places to eat
Shows an old building in Dubrovnik centre

Day 2 – Morning:

  • Elafiti Island tour OR Island of Lokrum – there are many islands to explore around the Dubrovnik area, each offering something different to the other. Due to the short duration of the trip, it won’t be possible to see all of the islands but we’re sure you can get a good taste of the beautiful scenery in a one day trip. We’d recommend a guided tour of the Elafiti islands or a short ferry ride to Lokrum, the island which can be seen of the coast of Dubrovnik
  • Elafiti Island tour – For the full island hopping experience, we’d recommend joining Dubrovnik Boat Trips or a similar tour operator and spending a good 5 – 8 hours exploring the luscious Elafiti islands. Each of the islands you’ll visit offers unspoilt natural landscapes to take pictures of, beautiful beaches and fresh seafood to try. Trust us, it’ll be a highlight of your holiday!
  • Island of Lokrum – Lokrum is the closest and prettiest island. It’s a short boat ride from Dubrovnik and offers a quiet day of walking around luscious greenery and wildlife. You can also relax on the local beach or go swimming in the sea. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, don’t miss the key filming locations on the island. You can even have your picture taken on the Iron Throne! For the full experience and walkthrough of the filming locations, join a tour group. You can sign up to one of these in Dubrovnik ahead of the trip or when you arrive on the island
3 days in Dubrovnik itinerary - Lokrum island shore with trees


  • Dinner in the old town – You’ll arrive back to Dubrovnik from your island trip late afternoon. Head back to your hotel for drink and relax after a long day of adventure before heading out to the Old Town for an early dinner
  • Cave Bar More – catch a taxi to Cave Bar More in the North East bay of Dubrovnik. As its name suggests, it’s a bar located in the cavernous cliff-side, featuring a modern interior with brick walls and multiple levels. Not many places in the world have a cave bar and it’s a cool way to spend your evening. If you arrive in time for sunset, you can catch an excellent view on the outdoor terraces
Dubrovnik 3 day itinerary - Shows an cave bar

Day 3 – Morning:

  • Cable Car tour – For the best view of Dubrovnik, take the cable car from the north east of the old town walls up to the top of Mount Srd. It’s a quick ride but it’ll give you some of the best photograph memories of your trip. The cable car costs around 130 kuna (£16) per person. You may also wish to visit the Homeland War Museum at the top of the mountain. We’d recommend buying a one way ticket and walking back down to the city – it’s easier than the upward climb and has a beautiful backdrop
  • Old town – wonder back into the old town to finish your sightseeing for any sites you’ve missed and grab some lunch or a snack in a local café. The old town is the cultural heart of Dubrovnik and we’re sure you’ll want to spend as much time here as possible
Shows Dubrovnik city walls from above


  • Sveti Jakov Beach – Sveti Jakov is the main beach to the south east of the city. It’s a 15 minute walk across steps and perfectly hidden away from the bustling old town. Spend your afternoon relaxing in the Adriatic sun and swim in the sea – an idyllic way to wind down on your last day
  • Wine tasting – Croatia is one of the top wine producers in Europe. Local wineries pride themselves on homegrown, award winning wines from across the country and they’re reading for your tasting. Head down to Skar Winery for a night of wine tasting, food and great company. It is highly rated on Tripadvisor and a great way to spend your last evening
3 days in Dubrovnik itinerary - Shows an island sunset

The best Dubrovnik restaurants:

Dubrovnik cuisine is heavily seafood influenced, as with most of the Croatian port towns and cities. It’s fresh, delicious and relatively inexpensive compared to other European countries. Other cuisines include Italian (there are some excellent pizza places) and western favourites. Whatever your taste in food, Dubrovnik has something for everyone. Here are our recommend eateries when spending 3 days in Dubrovnik old town:

  • Nautika Restaurant – a special occasion restaurant located on top of the city walls with amazing views of the Adriatic Sea
  • LAJK Restaurant – a small Croatian restaurant set back from the busy tourist centre, offering both indoor and outdoor seating. It’s great for lunch, breakfast and dinner
  • Oliva Pizzeria – there’s so many pizza places to choose from in the city, many with excellent reviews. We visited Olivia’s and loved it. It has a good variety of pizza options and is easy accessible for lunch when visiting the old town
  • Konoba Koloseum – there’s no shortage of narrow alley hidden restaurants in Dubrovnik, ideal for a quiet and romantic dinner away from the crowded tourist areas. This restaurant offers great value, great service and a traditional but varied Croatian menu


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