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Where to stay in Corfu – The best Corfu Hotels & Areas

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Welcome to our guide on where to stay in Corfu! After exploring this charming Greek island many times and staying in towns throughout the island, we’ve created a guide to help you choose the perfect destination for you.

Corfu is a luscious, green, mountainous island that’s surrounded by gorgeous beach coves. It has long been a popular holiday spot and has all the facilities you’d expect. However, it also has many areas with a more local feel and some stunning countryside regions.

In this guide, we compare some of the best places to stay in Corfu, plus a few lesser-known beach towns. We’ll also give you recommendations on Corfu hotels for every budget. If you have any questions about any of the hotels, towns, or activities we’ve mentioned in the article, be sure to leave us a comment or send us a message. Continue reading for our complete guide on where to stay in Corfu, Greece.

North vs South vs East vs West

When researching where to stay in Corfu, you’ll soon realise that it’s quite a long island and due to the winding mountain roads, it can take a while to get around. A vast majority of Corfu’s attractions are in the northern half of the island. Therefore, we recommend staying on either the north or central east coast, or the north or central west coast. All of the resort areas below are located in this area.

The south of the island does have some amazing beaches. However, if you want plenty of facilities and to see Corfu’s top attractions, the northern region is best.

The best areas to stay in Corfu

East of the island

The following areas are all on Corfu’s east coast. They’re well located for sightseeing in Corfu Town, shopping, boat trips and an array of the island’s top attractions. Most resorts are also close to the airport. The infrastructure on this side of Corfu is more developed so it’s easier to get around.

Shows Corfu Town Old Fortress - The best places to stay in Corfu

Corfu Town

Corfu Town is the beating hard of the island. It’s where most locals work and do their day-to-day life admin. It’s also a major cruise port and tourist destination. Old cobbled streets, grand fortresses, museums, shops, bars and cafes can all be found within a short walk. Corfu Town does have a few areas for swimming and nearby islands. However, it’s more of a ‘city break’ destination.

A stay in Corfu Town is recommended for those that want unbeatable access to nightlife, restaurants, shops and the historic attractions of the island. It’s perfect for those that are staying in Corfu for a long weekend and want to do lots of sightseeing.

shows an image of Corfu old town from the old fortress - where to stay in Corfu Greece

Top reasons to stay in Corfu Town

  • You’d prefer a bustling city with lots of shops, bars and restaurants as opposed to relaxing beaches.
  • You’re in Corfu for a short amount of time and want to be within easy access to everything.
  • There’s a great selection of historic attractions, including Corfu’s new and old fortresses, the Museum of Asian Art and the famous ‘Liston’ café street. It’s the most cultural area to stay in Corfu.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Corfu Town is a busy city. It won’t suit those that want a relaxing beach holiday.

The best Corfu Town hotels

Luxury: Arcadion Hotel
Moderately-priced: Locandiera Hotel
Budget-friendly: Puppet Hotel


If you’re searching where to stay in Corfu and you’re a lover of boats and seafaring adventures, Kontokali is the place to be. As the island’s main yachting port, the marina here is a cool collection of luxury charters and tourist boats. Kontokali also has a nice sandy beach area. Though it might not be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, everything is in one place and you can navigate the centre of town on foot.

It’s a great place for scenic walks, eating out and enjoying a drink with a view. Choose to enjoy lunch with a view of the boats docking in the marina, or admire the sea views from the beachfront. Aside from the facilities and attractions on offer, a major reason to stay in Kontokali is its central location. You can easily reach the beautiful beaches of the north, Corfu Town and other top attractions in a short car or bus ride.

shows an image of Kontokali marina in Corfu

Top reasons to stay in Kontokali

  • It’s a great place to stay in Corfu for those that want many facilities and attractions in one place. A spectacular marina, beach and plenty of bars and restaurants are all within a short walk.
  • Kontokali’s location is great for exploring the east of the island and going into Corfu Town on an evening.
  • A boat-lover’s paradise. Head out on a boat adventure or charter a yacht if you’re feeling fancy.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Kontolaki’s beach isn’t as nice as many other resort areas and there aren’t many budget-friendly hotel options.

The best Kontokali hotels

Luxury: Kontokali Beach Resort and Spa
Moderately-priced: Hotel Telesilla

Ipsos and Dassia

If you’re searching where to stay in Corfu and want somewhere with lots going on, a typical beach resort atmosphere and to be well located for almost everything, consider Ipsos. This long strip of beaches, hotels and restaurants has long been a go-to spot for Corfu holidays. Like Kontokali, it’s located only a short drive from Corfu Town and the many attractions of the city. The beach itself has hotel options for every budget, and plenty of bars and restaurants.

Admittedly, the beach at Ipsos isn’t as good as many others on the island. However, its excellent location, many amenities and choice of hotels make it a good all-rounder. It isn’t as secluded and quiet as other recommendations on our list, but that’s part of the appeal.

shows an image of a beach in Kassipoi in Corfu Greece - where to stay in Corfu

Top reasons to stay in Ipsos or Dassia

  • A great selection of bars, restaurants and a good nightlife scene.
  • Well located for exploring Corfu Town and the many top attractions of Corfu’s east coast.
  • One of the best selections of hotels on the island. There are plenty to choose from for all budgets, including some of Corfu’s most luxurious accommodation options.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

The main beach areas aren’t as nice as other more remote resort areas. Some areas can feel a little touristic.

The best Ipsos and Dassia hotels

Luxury: Ikos Dassia
Moderately-priced: Margarita Apartments
Budget-friendly: Valentino Corfu Apartments


Kassiopi is a quaint and secluded fishing village on Corfu’s affluent north-east coast. Around a 1-hour drive from Corfu Town and the airport, Kassiopi is a great place to stay for those that want peace, quiet and plenty of relaxation away from the busy tourist centres. It has an unbeatable selection of beaches, some more secluded than others. It also has numerous taverna restaurants, bars and walking trails.

Due to its secluded location, Kassiopi feels quieter and less touristic than other towns on our list. Nightlife is more relaxed than other resorts and it has a local, authentic Corfiot feel. It’s good spot for those than just want to relax and explore some nice beaches. However, it won’t suit those that want to venture to Corfu’s top attractions.

shows an image of a beach in Kassipoi in Corfu Greece

Top reasons to stay in Kassiopi

  • An authentic, small-town atmosphere with some excellent beaches, restaurants, bars and bakeries.
  • Well located for exploring Corfu’s hiking trails and the interesting Old Perithia mountain village.
  • Less tourist crowds than other resort areas.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Kassiopi is very secluded it’ll take you over an hour to drive to many of Corfu’s top attractions. It also lacks luxury hotel options.

The best Kassiopi hotels

Moderately-priced: Melina Bay Boutique Hotel
Budget-friendly: Katia Beach Hotel
Budget-friendly: Lofos Hotel


Like Kassiopi, Nissaki is nestled on Corfu’s north-east coast, though it’s less ‘out of the way’ compared to Kassiopi. Its scenic seaside location is on a mountainside, featuring a good collection of both rocky and sandy beaches. Nisaki also sits right in front of Corfu’s largest mountain, Pantokrator.

The small town doesn’t have the same range of luxury hotels, bars and restaurants as the other places to stay in Corfu on our list. However, it can offer an affordable, relaxing holiday that combines Greek tradition with beach holiday vibes. The local taverna restaurants are authentic and apartment options are very good. It’s also a gateway to some of Corfu’s best hiking trails, mountain villages and the stunning beauty of the north-east coast.

shows hotels on the sea front in Kassipoi Corfu Greece - where to stay in Corfu

Top reasons to stay in NiSsaki

  • You want a laid-back Greek holiday in a place that doesn’t feel overrun with tourism.
  • It’s well-located for exploring Corfu’s mountains, nature trails and beaches; it has some amazing natural scenery nearby!
  • It’s located far away enough from the hustle and bustle to feel secluded, though you’re still within a short drive of the island’s top attractions.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Accommodation options are limited, especially if you value a luxury hotel. It also lacks a nightlife scene and is on the quieter side.

The best NisSaki hotels

Luxury: Golden Mare Resort
Moderately priced: Krouzeri Beach Apartments
Budget-friendly: Nissaki Sea View Hotel Apartments

West of the island

The following resort areas are all on Corfu’s west coast. This area is known for its amazing beaches, dramatic cliffs and gorgeous countryside scenery. It feels more rural than Corfu’s east coast and it can be more difficult to get around. However, the hidden coves and beautiful beach towns are some of the best places to stay in Corfu.

Shows a beautiful beach with turquoise water

Agios Georgios

Out of all of the resort areas we visited during our time in Corfu, Agios Georgios had one of the best beaches. This long sandy beach is spread out, so it never feels too busy. It has a long promenade of hotels, bars, restaurants and gift shops, feeling like a traditional Greek beach town but without the crowds. If you’re searching for a secluded place to stay in Corfu with plenty of amenities and a nice beach, this is a great option.

Agios Georgios’ location is quite secluded and you’ll pass plenty of winding mountain roads to get there. However, when you do arrive on the far-west of the island, you’re in a good location for exploring the excellent attractions in the area. Amazing beach towns, grand fortresses and stunning coves make the north-west one of the most visually stunning places to stay in Corfu.

shows an image of a girl standing in front of the beach view point

Top reasons to stay in Agios Georgios

  • An excellent traditional beach holiday destination with many restaurants, bars and accommodation options.
  • In our opinion, Agios Georgios has one of the best resort area beaches (aside from secluded beach coves). It’s an idyllic place to relax.
  • Well located for exploring attractions such as Porto Timoni, Angelokastro Fortress and nearby beach towns and coves. Many people hire a car or quad bike while staying in Agios Georgios.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Whilst it’s close to some great attractions, Agios Georgios is still in a secluded area. It’s not very well located for exploring the east of Corfu/Corfu Town. You’ll also need to hire a car or quad bike if you want to leave the resort area.

The best Agios Georgios hotels

Moderately-priced: Hotel Costas Golden Beach
Budget-friendly: Belle Helene Hotel

Agios Stefanos

Like Agios Georgios, Agios Stefanos is located on the secluded north-west coast of Corfu. It’s a small, beautiful, and remote beach cove that’s perfect for a traditional beach holiday. Golden sands and a good selection of hotels and amenities make this area a hidden gem in Corfu. It’s somewhere travellers come back to year-after-year.

As Agios Stefanos is quite secluded and you’ll need to drive through a mountain range to get there, it suits those that plan on hiring a car or quad bike. It also suits those that just want to stay in the resort area for most of their holiday. The nearby beaches are some of the best on the island and you can get to attractions such as Cape Drastis, Sidari and Porto Timoni in a relatively short drive.

The best Corfu hotels - Shows a boat in a remote bay

Top reasons to stay in Agios Stefanos

  • Agios Stefanos is one of the best places to stay in Corfu for a relaxing beach holiday. Its sandy beach is idyllic and the small town has plenty of holiday amenities.
  • Well-located for visiting the dramatic scenery and stunning beaches of the North-West. Porto Timoni and Cape Drastis are must-sees!
  • A good range of affordable accommodation is on offer. Stay in a budget-friendly apartment and experience an authentic Greek island holiday.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Agios Stefanos’ remote location isn’t the best if you want to explore the many attractions that Corfu has to offer. It’s well-located for some attractions but not others. You’ll also need to hire a car if you want to go sightseeing.

The best Agios Stefanos hotels

Moderately priced: Fedra Mare Studios and Apartments
Budget-friendly: Athina Hotel
Budget-friendly: Kapetanios Apartments


Ermones is an often-overlooked area to stay in Corfu. Located on the central west coast, it’s a very small town with only a few hotels. It suits those that want a secluded resort area with a nice beach, but to also be within a close distance to some excellent tourist attractions. Due to how small Ermones is, it lacks any town facilities and only has a few bars, shops and restaurants. It’s a good place to stay if you want to stay in a nice hotel, eating inside the resort on a half-board or all-inclusive package.

We stayed at Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort in Ermones and loved how relaxing and secluded it was. We used the area as a base to explore the island with our hire car and enjoyed returning to relax after a day of sightseeing. You probably won’t leave the hotel or beach area when in Ermones, but that’s the beauty of it. The beach is secluded and very picturesque.

shows an image of a girl looking out at the ocean - where to stay in Corfu Greece

Top reasons to stay in Ermones

  • Ermones, and the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort in particular, provides a secluded half-board or all-inclusive resort experience. It’s a great place to relax and wind down.
  • The central island location is good for exploring many of Corfu’s top attractions. You can reach some great places in only 30-minutes, though you’ll need to hire a car or book a tour.
  • The beach at Ermones is quiet, picturesque and is great for swimming. You can also hire a boat to explore the nearby beaches.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Ermones is in a secluded location. It suits those than want plenty of relaxation time in the resort and on the beach, or those that plan on hiring a car. There isn’t much in the town itself.

The best Ermones hotels

Luxury: Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort
Moderately priced: Philoexenia Hotel

Agios Gordios

Not to be confused with Agios Georgios we featured above, Agios Gordios is a secluded beach cove on west coast of the centre of the island. The tiny town has a beautiful sandy beach that’s surrounded by two towering cliffsides, creating dramatic scenery that rivals many of the destinations on our list. If you’re searching where to stay in Corfu and want somewhere quiet and scenic, with a nice beach, consider Agios Gordios.

The town suits those that want a relaxing beach holiday in a traditional Greek beach resort. It has a nice selection of taverna restaurants, local bars and affordable accommodation options. Agios Gordios is also well located for experiencing the local villages, countryside, beaches and beautiful scenery of western Corfu. It’s quite unlike anywhere else on the island!

shows a cove next to the Ionian sea

Top reasons to stay in Agios Gordios

  • An excellent beach. Agios Gordios has some of the best scenery out of all the places to stay in Corfu we’ve featured.
  • Plenty of hotels, bars and restaurants. Everything is within short walking distance.
  • Well-located for exploring both the east and west of the island, though, you’ll need to hire a car or quad bike to get around.

Reasons you might not want to stay here

Agios Gordios is a small town. It has a few bars for an evening. However, it’s more of a relaxing place to stay, or a base for exploring Corfu. It also lacks luxury hotel options.

The best Agios Gordios hotels

Moderately-priced: Agios Gordios Beach Resort
Budget-friendly: Romantic Palace Beach Apartments
Budget-friendly: Dina’s Paradise Apartments

A note on Sidari

You might be surprised to see that Sidari, one of Corfu’s most popular resort areas, isn’t on our list. Sidari has a lot of appeal for those that want a ton of facilities and hotel options in one place. Nevertheless, for us, it felt too touristic and wasn’t a very good representation of Corfu or Greece. We highly recommend checking out some of the other places on our list before looking into Sidari as a place to stay in Corfu.

As you can see, there are many different places to stay in Corfu. Unlike some of the other Greek islands where you’ll find a handful of larger towns and core places to stay, Corfu is split into many smaller towns. Each town has a small collection of hotels, a beach, and a handful of tavernas, bars and cafes. Choosing an area in Corfu is your first choice. You can then search for a hotel in the area you like the sound of.

shows an image of a beach at Sidari, Corfu

Our top tips for choosing where to stay in Corfu

shows an image of tourists swimming in the sea at Grand Atlantica Mediterraneo Resort
  • If you don’t plan on hiring a car (and don’t just want to stay in the resort), avoid staying in a remote town. Getting around can be difficult in Corfu outside of the main tourist areas.
  • Decide whether you want an all-inclusive, half board or self-catering holiday. This will narrow down your hotel choices and areas significantly.
  • Prices vary wildly between resort areas. More remote towns (north-west or north-east) offer more affordable accommodation options than the centre of the island.
  • Is the beach important to you? Choose a resort area with an impressive beach. You’ll find beaches all over Corfu. However, some are definitely better than others.
  • Corfu is a mountainous island with many hills and steep inclines. Choose a flat resort area such as those on the east-coast (Kontokali, Ipsos, Dassia, etc) if you have mobility issues.
  • Do you like long walks on an evening or relaxing in an upbeat bar? If so, make sure the hotel you book has evening entertainment or is near bars and restaurants. Some of the most luxurious Corfu hotels are in remote towns without anything nearby.
  • Always check the reviews on Google or Tripadvisor before booking a hotel. This is a rule to live by for any hotel you book, anywhere!
  • Read our hotel booking guide for tips on finding the best price for your hotel.

Thanks for reading our guide on where to stay in Corfu. We hope we inspired you with area and hotel ideas and you can now plan your own trip. It’s one of our favourite Greek islands and you’ll no doubt want to return as soon as you get a taste of island life.

If you have any questions about any of the Corfu hotels or areas we’ve featured, be sure to post a comment below.



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