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Where to stay in Akumal, Mexico

Are you considering where to stay in Akumal? After exploring this beautiful corner of Mexico’s Riviera Maya and researching all of the best hotels, we’ve assembled a guide to help you choose the perfect accommodation and area to stay in Akumal.

Are you a big fan of the beach on vacation, or would you rather stay in the local town and experience cheap and cheerful local life? Compare all options, from Akumal Bay, to Half Moon Bay and Akumal Pueblo.

Each of the Akumal hotels we’ve featured has excellent reviews on Tripadvisor and is highly regarded by other tourists.

Which area should I stay in Akumal?

Starting with the most important consideration, you’ll first need to decide which region of Akumal you want to use as a base. Whilst it’s a small town, each corner has something unique to offer, with different types of accommodation for varying budgets. Here’s an overview on each:

Akumal Bay Beach

Akumal Bay is the destination that tourists flock to for a chance to see the incredible sea turtles, which swim amongst the sea grass just off the shore. It only has a small number of accommodation options, and is best for those that want a luxury beach resort experience. Expect to pay higher prices if you stay here, but it’s completely worth it for the idyllic beach location.

You can swim with the local sea life as much as you like, without having to pay an entry fee to the beach. The Akumal Beach area also has a small number of restaurants, bars and gift shops.

Where to stay in Akumal - Shows Akumal Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is a long stretch of beach that’s shaped like, you guessed it, a half moon. It’s the go-to place for condominium/private apartment rentals and is great for longer stays in Akumal. You have a huge stretch of secluded beach to explore, with beautiful ocean views every morning. It doesn’t have the large amount of snorkelling tours compared to Akumal Beach, so life here is much quieter.

Book a luxury or affordable condo and use it as a base for your time in the area. You’ll get a larger living area compared to hotels and can make your own food if you wish. Accommodation options vary wildly in price depending on the property size.

Half Moon Bay has a handful of cool beach bars and restaurants, also providing some good snorkelling opportunities. However, you’re less likely to see sea turtles compared to Akumal Beach.

Shows condos at Half Moon Bay in Akumal

Akumal Pueblo

Many people visit or stay in the beach area of Akumal without realizing that a small local town is just across the highway, around a 20-minute walk from the beach. Akumal Pueblo is a small, traditional Mexican town that’s home to several thousand locals. Whilst it’s not very touristic and isn’t as prettier to look at compared to the beach areas, it’s a great place to stay in due to the low accommodation costs and unique local atmosphere. Eat at a local taco stall for only a few pesos, relax in a bar and listen to live traditional music, or check out the unique art murals throughout town. The ‘Pueblo’ area is the best place to stay in Akumal if you’re on a budget.

Where to stay in Akumal - Shows a cool mural on a wall

The top Akumal hotels, hostels and private accommodation options

Akumal Bay Beach

Secrets Akumal

View on | Tripadvisor rating 5/5

Secret Akumal is the most luxurious all-inclusive hotel in Akumal. It’s situated in the middle of Akumal Bay Beach, with a large private beach area and easy access to the best snorkelling spots. Tropical fish, turtles and rays are all within 100m of the shoreline! Secrets does luxury vacation better than any other hotel in the area and it has a distinctly romantic feel.

Balcony hot tubs with a view and spacious suites are the room highlights, then you have a wide array of facilities across the resort. Dine in one of the finely themed restaurants, chill out at the beach bar or indulge at the spa. Everything from the furnishings to the food and drinks is of the highest quality, but it comes at a price. Expect to pay a lot more per night compared to the other hotels. Is it worth it? Definitely!

Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort

View on Tripadvisor | Tripadvisor rating 5/5

Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort is one of the best places we’ve ever stayed. Its lush tropical scenery and easy access to the beach makes the perfect retreat whilst staying in Akumal. It has less than 400 rooms, which is uncommon for a Riviera Maya hotel with its facilities. Consequently, it an intimate feel. Every room also boasts a sea view; another unique feature of the hotel.

Facilities include a large spa with an outdoor plunge pool, 4 a la carte restaurants, a buffet restaurant and a wide array of bars. Wellness activities include yoga, paddleboarding, snorkelling, gym classes, dance classes and more. The only reason you’ll want to leave the hotel is to head out snorkelling with the sea turtles, with the beach being only a few minutes from your room… This hotel is all-inclusive-only.

Check out our Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort review and guide here for more information.

Hotel Akumal Caribe

View on | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

To be in the heart of Akumal Bay with endless snorkelling on your doorstep, but without the luxury resort prices, consider Hotel Akumal Caribe. This affordable, colourful hotel has a cool traditional design that will give you ‘beach vibes’ as soon as you arrive. Rooms are basic but nicely decorated. The lobby, bar and restaurant all have a tropical wooden design and the swimming pool has direct beach access.

We loved the laid-back atmosphere at this hotel and it’s in a great position for exploring everything the area has to offer. With its top reviews and relatively low price per night, it’s one of the best value options when researching where to stay in Akumal.

Half Moon Bay

Del Sol Beachfront Hotel

View on | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Del Sol Beachfront Hotel is one of the only hotel options at Half Moon Bay, with most other accommodation being private rentals. It’s instantly recognizable by its colourful exterior, which is vibrant shades of yellow, green and blue. Inside the hotel, décor is a more traditional Mexican style, with wooden furnishings and a clean but basic style.

The highlight of the hotel is of course, the idyllic beach. Sit on your balcony gazing out at the shoreline as you enjoy your morning coffee… You’ll experience one of the quietest stretches of white sands at Half Moon Bay. The hotel also has a small but adequate swimming pool if you want to take a break from the sun.

Hacienda de la Tortuga

View on Tripadvisor | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

If you want a private condo for your stay in Akumal, with plenty of peace and quiet, Hacienda de la Tortuga could be the place for you. It’s an old, traditional set of condos with direct access to the beach. Life here is all about relaxing on the beach and going for a swim whenever you feel like it, retreating to your balcony for sunset drinks on an evening.

Hacienda de la Tortuga is a basic accommodation option that’s in a great location, and this is reflected by its affordable price tag. We personally recommend it for those that want a cheap extended getaway, cooking at the condo to save money and enjoying the beach to the fullest.

Playa Caribe Condos

View on | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Another top-rated private condominium option for your stay in Akumal is Playa Caribe. It boasts a distinct tropical design, with thatched palm rooftops, a beach full of palm trees and a swimming pool with a view of the shore. The large condos have a homely design, with bright Mexican colours and wooden furnishings.

Playa Caribe is great for those that are researching where to stay in Akumal, with a peaceful vacation on the beach in mind. Families will love the spacious rooms and facilities to cook a few meals at home, whilst couples will be a fan of the direct access to a quiet beach. You’re in a good location for the many attractions of too. Both Akumal Bay and Yal Ku Lagoon are only a 10-minute walk away.

Akumal Pueblo (town)

Hostal El Padrino

View on | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Are you traveling solo or just fancy meeting other travellers on your Mexican adventure? Hostal El Padrino is the perfect place to stay in Akumal. It’s more of a ‘flash-packing’ hostel, with nicely decorated rooms, a cool rooftop lounge area and hotel-like design throughout. It also boasts a rooftop hot tub and plenty of relaxation areas.

Its Akumal Pueblo location means that the price per night is nice and affordable compared to the beach areas. However, you can still walk to the beach with ease for your snorkelling trips. Evenings are often livelier, with a buzzing rooftop scene and plenty of opportunities to explore the local taco stalls and bars.

Akumal Natura Glamping

View on | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

If traditional hotels don’t excite you and you want an extremely cool and alternative place to stay whilst in Akumal, look no further than Akumal Natura Glamping. As its name suggests, it’s a ‘glamping’, or upmarket ‘camping’ accommodation out in the jungle. It sits on the outskirts of Akumal Pueblo, within a short walk of the town centre.

Stay in a large tent or cabin with a rustic jungle design, sleeping under the canopy of the forest every evening. The natural scenery will blow you away, and unlike a traditional camp site, it has plenty of facilities to keep you entertained. Eat or enjoy a drink at the bar and restaurant, be ‘at one with nature’ with some jungle yoga, or rent a bike and explore the local area. A stay at Akumal Natura Glamping is basic but unique; perfect for a few nights.

Condo Hotel Sak-Naj

View on | Google rating 4.8/5

Condo Hotel Sak-Naj is located in the centre of Akumal Pueblo/town. It’s one of the best places to stay in Akumal if you’re on a budget and want the cheapest way of exploring, or just want a low-cost base for a few nights. The accommodation is basic but clean and nicely decorated. Its central location also means that you’re only a short walk away from many cheap and cheerful taco restaurants and cool local bars.

The hotel provides a less touristic atmosphere than other resorts and you’re only a 25-minute walk from the beach. It’s popular with backpackers, solo travellers and those that don’t fancy spending a lot on overnight accommodation.


Our top tips for finding a place to stay in Akumal

  • Compare prices for your Akumal hotel using a comparison site such as Tripadvisor, Viator or Kayak. You’ll be able to see prices at different hotel booking sites for your exact dates.
  • If snorkelling is important to you, consider staying on Akumal Bay Beach front. You can swim as much as you like without having to book a guided tour.
  • Akumal is a small town and everything is within a short walk. Location isn’t everything if you want to save a little bit of money.
  • Some nearby hotels have ‘Akumal’ in the name, but aren’t actually in Akumal. Therefore, you’ll have to get a taxi if you want to see Akumal town and beach. Keep this in mind whilst comparing hotels on booking sites. All of the accommodation options we’ve featured above are within walking distance of the main town and beach.
  • As tempting as it may be to stay in your hotel, especially if you have a luxury resort on the beach, try to explore the nearby area. The local restaurants, bars and shops are excellent; and affordable too.
  • Consider whether you want an all-inclusive hotel, bed and breakfast or self-catering condo. Once you factor in eating-out costs, the all-inclusive can sometimes work out cheaper.

We hope we’ve helped you decide where to stay in Akumal. Whether you want an affordable week away, cooking some of your own meals in a condo, or a full blown luxury all-inclusive experience, it’s is a great place to base yourself. It lacks the buzzing atmosphere and nightlife of other Riviera Maya towns, but makes up for it with its beautiful views and peaceful relaxation. If you have any questions about the Akumal hotels we’ve featured, leave us a comment below. 😊

Be sure to check out our Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort guide and review if you’re considering this stunning hotel.



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