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Where to go on holiday in April

Although temperatures are starting to rise in Europe in April, you’ll still have to jet off further afield if you want a sunny beach holiday with scorching heat. However, moderate high-teens temperatures in many European cities make it the perfect time for a city break and sightseeing without feeling too hot!

Our ‘Where to go on holiday in April’ guide covers sunny beach holiday destinations, faraway adventures and the best places to visit in Europe if you want somewhere closer to home. Read on for the best April holiday destinations.

Where to go in April for sun and warm temperatures

Exotic, faraway countries guarantee you scorching weather. Here are our top recommendations for the best beach holidays in April:

Tulum, Mexico

April Holiday Ideas - Depicts Tulum coast from above

For a delightfully hot beach holiday in April, look no further than the shores of the Mexican gulf. It’s the driest month of the year, with only 3 days of rain. Although you’ll find many beautiful resorts and beaches along the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, Tulum is a rising favourite of a holiday paradise. Ancient Mayan at its core, Tulum is smaller than neighbouring Cancun but packed with ancient monuments and Mexican culture, alongside a small but cosy coastline of eco-resorts, boutique shops and plenty of cool experiences.

Go cave-diving, dine in a trendy restaurant or go for a bike-ride along the less crowded roads and streets. There’s something quirky about Tulum, making it one of the hottest destinations for young couples that want a taste of luxury Mexico, alongside fun and laid-back activities. Tulum prices are rising rapidly so book as far in advance as possible! Accommodation can be both luxury or affordable, however it definitely caters towards the ‘higher-end’ holiday seeker.

Best for: Couples, beach lovers, families

High temperature: 27 degrees

Dominican Republic

Where to go on holiday in April for sun - depicts Dominican Republic beach

The Caribbean paradise island of the Dominican Republic is exactly where to go on holiday in April for guaranteed sun. Temperatures increase as the month passes by and wet season is just around the corner. The attraction of this Spanish speaking island may be its glorious beaches and luxury resorts, however, contrary to popular belief, there’s plenty of things to see and do outside of the resort.

Take an excursion inland to scenery that’s rich with rainforests, waterfalls and impressive mountain views. Board a cable car and ascend to the top of Isabel de Torres for a tour of the pretty botanical gardens at its peak, as well as the best views you’ll see in the Dominican. Other top attractions include colonial towns and villages, scuba diving or water sports, and adventures along the coastline to offshore Nature Parks and lagoons. If you want exotic, Dominican Republic ticks all of the boxes!

Best for: Beach lovers, couples, families

High temperature: 27 degrees


April holiday sun - Depicts Jamaica shore with colourful boats

Although Jamaica is heading into the wet season at the end of April, it’s a very warm time to visit, with only a little more rain than previous months. It’s also one of the cheapest times to holiday here and there are some amazing Easter events in and around the island. Jamaica’s Carnival takes place for a full week during the middle of the month, welcoming tourists and locals with colourful costumes, tasty Caribbean food and steel-drum beats.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Jamaica winding down on the beautiful white-sand beaches, rum tasting, listening to Reggae music and indulging in the delicious food. Jamaica is both perfect for a beach holiday and cultural experiences at the same time! The top thing to do here is a visit to Blue Hole Nature Park, where you can bathe under waterfalls, float down the river on an inflatable donut and generally have a great time exploring the outdoors.

Best for: Culture lovers, beach lovers

High temperature: 29 degrees

South Africa

April holiday inspiration - depicts a giraffe in Kruger National Park

April is the month where summer is starting to wind down in South Africa and cities welcome light rain. The moderate temperatures are much more enjoyable for exploring, festivals are celebrated in Cape Town and waterfalls are at their epitome of being impressive to look at. Things to do and see include the sprawling sights and history of Johannesburg, taking a safari in nearby Kruger National Park and exploring amazing mountains, waterfalls and beaches.

To the south-west, the famous Cape Town is a must-see for anyone visiting SA, and April has the best weather to hike the Table Mountain Range. A visit to South Africa is action packed and not for the faint of heart – you’ll do lots of travelling but will see some amazing places! Travel outside of the Easter period for some good deals on accommodation and flights. South Africa is exactly where to go on holiday in April for endless adventure and a comfortable climate.

Best for: Adventurous couples and friends

High temperature: 25 degrees (Cape Town)

Bali, Indonesia

Where's hot in April - depicts Bali Dream Beach with a signpost

Bali is a dream destination for both culture and luxury holiday lovers and April couldn’t be a better time to go! Temperatures continue to rise as the island reaches its highest summer temperatures, but heat is still bearable and is great for exploring. Travel before or after Easter to beat the incoming crowds of tourists. April in Bali is much cheaper than the summer months, less crowded and just as exciting.

Skip the tourist hotspots near the airport and head straight to the laid-back eco-beach town of Canguu, before heading onwards to Ubud for temples, adventures and enriching cultural experiences. End your trip with a boat crossing to the stunning cliffs of Nusa Penida island. Bali has adventures waiting for everyone, with accommodation to suit every budget – and even the smallest budgets can squeeze in a little bit of Balinese luxury!

Best for: Couples, families, backpackers, adventurers

High temperature: 32 degrees

El Gouna, Egypt

El Gouna Egypt - depicts El Gouna marina and Egyptian buildings

All of the above options involve an 8+ hour flight, however you don’t exactly have to fly that far if you want some hot weather. Egypt is a go-to destination for sun all spring and El Gouna couldn’t be a better place to relax over Easter. A lesser known town than neighbouring tourist hotspot Hurghada, El Gouna is a somewhat quieter and prettier town, built up on small islands. Its central marina has plenty of bars, shops and restaurants to check out on an evening and spreading out from the centre, you have some great value hotels for every budget.

Go all-inclusive for a fraction of the price of the summer months and stay in a traditional red-brick hotel. You’ll feel like Egyptian royalty! El Gouna is a quiet town so much of the activities centre around the marina and long stretch of beach, however you can take excursions along the coastline to explore the many lagoons and caves, or venture into the dessert on an ATV sunset tour. Visit El Gouna for quiet relaxation in a traditional Egyptian beach town.

Best for: Couples, families

High temperature: 28 degrees

Faraway adventures

Spring-time to you might signal the desire for an adventure in faraway lands, visiting multiple spots in a country to capture exactly what it has to offer. And here are our top recommendations for spring adventures…


Depicts Japan in April - Blossom trees and an ancient castle

What makes Japan a great choice for where to go on holiday in April? Spring! If you’re blissfully unaware of how impressive Japan’s countryside is in springtime, you’re in for a surprise. Picture a colourful countryside of cherry blossom trees and join a famous ‘Hanami’ party, which means ‘cherry blossom viewing’ with a picnic. The entire country is alive with festivals, foods and parades, all celebrating the welcoming of spring.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, your trip to Japan is best split up into a multi-destination tour, stopping off at the sprawling tech capital of Tokyo, temples and gardens of Kyoto and relaxing beaches of Okinawa. The food and culture of Japan is unlike anywhere else and it offers something completely unique for an exotic faraway adventure.

Best for: Adventurous couples, culture seekers and friends

High temperature: 20 degrees (Kyoto)

Southern USA road trip

April USA holiday ideas - depicts country mansion in New Orleans

Adventure through the states of the deep south in the good ol’ USA and you’ll find amazing home-cooked food, quaint towns and a complete culture contrast to more well-known cities such as Miami, NYC and LA. A deep-south adventure is a lesser travelled route and it isn’t the first thought when it comes to a USA trip, but we highly recommend giving it a try. Rent a car and venture into the wild outdoors at your leisure.

We recommend flying into Atlanta for cheap flights from Europe and doing a 2- or 3-week adventure of Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama, or you may wish to move slightly south-west and visit New Orleans. The highlights of any trip to the southern states are the country music capital of Nashville, beautiful coastal town of Savannah and eclectic jazz of New Orleans. For a full itinerary of ideas, check out Finding The Universe’s guide here.

 Best for: Adventures, foodies, culture lovers

High temperature: 29 degrees

European Spring holiday favourites

You won’t find super-hot temperatures in Europe during April but the Southern Mediterranean can still see temperatures reaching the early 20’s. Staying in Europe is ideal for a leisurely city break or beach holiday where you don’t mind cooler temperatures on an evening. Read on for our top city breaks and beach holidays in April.

Bucharest, Romania

Depicts Bucharest city centre and gardens, Romania

As our top pic for cheap places to go on holiday in April, Bucharest is a European city break destination that you may not have thought of. Perfect for a weekend break or even longer if you want to explore nearby Transylvania, Bucharest is a fun capital city with quirky cafes, plenty of bars and interesting museums. Its buildings are a mix of modern and 17th century design, with a distinct Communist influence. Wander the streets, see the top sights and end your evening with a lively Romanian night out!

Sightseeing in Bucharest comprises of old Parliament buildings, beautiful gardens, museums and churches, so it suits those that like European culture and history. However, you can also enjoy walking around the city and taking in the cool city-scenery without stepping foot in a museum – the choice is yours! Romania is a cheap country to visit so you’ll get a great 4- or 5-star hotel for a fraction of the price of other European capitals. April temperatures can reach a pleasant 18 degrees.

Best for: Couples, friends, solo travellers

High temperature: 18 degrees

Amsterdam, Netherlands

April city break ideas - Depicts Amsterdam's canals with colourful flowers

Amsterdam is a city of colour and festivals in spring and its close proximity to the UK makes it a great weekend escape. Rising temperatures welcome epic cycle rides in this quirky pedestrian city. Rent a bike for low-cost and explore the canals, narrow streets and sprawling parks, full of blossoming trees. Key events to check out in April are the Amsterdam Tulip Festival, Imagine Film Festival and multiple food festivals spread around the city streets.

Although you won’t be stuck for stuff to do in a short weekend break, we recommend attractions such as the Heineken Museum, shops, cafes and bars of central Dam Square and the many art galleries and museums. Amsterdam has some of the most famous masterpieces in the world on display. Ad not forgetting the waffles; you have to try the waffles!

Best for: Couples, friends, solo travellers

High temperature: 18 degrees

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Spring holiday ideas - depicts Lake Bled and a castle in Slovenia

Lake Bled is the magnificent lake that’s located north of Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. Popular with locals and tourists in the summer months, April enjoys quiet shores at the cost of cooler weather. Its turquoise waters and backdrop of medieval castles and cottages is, in our opinion, one of the most romantic places on earth. Enjoy mid-teens temperatures as you wander the beautiful lake during the day and snuggle up with your loved one in a lake-side cottage on an evening.

Enjoy a picnic by the shore, go for a romantic stroll or engage in some of the more active adventures on offer here. A hike into the hills, cycling paths and water sports will allure those looking for cool experiences. And it’s not just for couples! Gather your friends and book a large house by the lake or backpack solo and stay in a hostel. There’s plenty of accommodation options and any holiday to Slovenia in April is super affordable!

Best for: Couples, families, friends

High temperature: 16 degrees

Crete, Greece

Crete April holiday destination - depicts coastline of Crete

As we move into the end of April, temperatures really start to rise in Europe, however the weather can still be mixed. Head to the southern-most Greek isles for the best chance of hot sunny weather and only a few days of rain in the month. Crete is the perfect choice! This south-Med island is large and full of character. You have plenty of nice hotels, which are a bargain at this time of the year. But you also have lots to see and do around the coastline.

Ancient Greek heritage sites, long beaches and quiet lagoons are all on offer here, and April’s moderate temperatures allow you to explore at your leisure without being too hot. Best of all, it’s still warm enough to relax by the pool after a day of sightseeing. As Crete is a large island, do plenty of research on where you want to stay and consider renting a car! If you’ve already been to this island, check out neighbouring Rhodes for something different.

Best for: Families, culture seekers

High temperature: 20 degrees

Bruges, Belgium

April city break ideas - depicts the river and quaint buildings of Bruges, Belgium

If you want a picturesque city break not too far from home, Bruges is just across the channel from the UK and it’s easy to get to. Catch a ferry from Northern England, the Eurostar train from London or an in-expensive flight from most airports. Bruges isn’t a warm destination to visit in April, but temperatures are cool and manageable, great for some light sightseeing amongst the budding tulips and river flowers.

The best thing about Bruges is the scenery and buildings. It’s a medieval fairy-tale location and one of Europe’s most preserved towns. Stay in a boutique hotel overlooking the river and go for short walks down the cobbled streets, marvelling at intricate churches, museums and views of the lake. There are also some cool Belgian brewery tours for the beer lovers amongst you! Having a small centre, you’ll skip the summer crowds by visiting in spring and you’ll capture much better photos.

Best for: Couples

High temperature: 11 degrees

We hope we’ve helped you decide where to go on holiday in April! You’re most likely to be flying over Easter and making the most of Bank Holidays off work, however try to arrive well in advance of the Easter weekend and leave at least 5 days after to avoid peak flight prices. Whether you’re staying in Europe or jetting off for guaranteed sun on another continent, April’s weather and spring flowers make it an excellent time to adventure after enduring a cold European winter.


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