Where to go on holiday in September

September is our single favourite month to go on holiday for the following two reasons. As your friends and colleagues return from their summer adventures, it feels great to have an upcoming trip booked, enjoying the hot weather of your home country and then jetting off in September as the temperatures start to fall. The other big reason is cost. The school summer holidays have now ended and long-gone are the sky-high prices of August. You can find some great deals for flights and accommodation across the globe, and temperatures are still very warm.

If you’re already sold you on booking a September holiday, browse our complete list of ‘Where to go on holiday in September’ ideas for inspiration.

Short-haul September City Breaks

Rome, Italy

Where to go on holiday in September - shows Roman monument

Escape the busy crowds of the summer months but enjoy pleasant high temperatures of 27 degrees. September in Rome is the ideal month for sightseeing; there’s less queues for attractions and restaurants, the weather is more comfortable for walking around and prices are a lot cheaper for flights and hotels.

Get lost in one of earth’s most historic cities in a short city break. You’ll see the most popular sights such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican City, but there are also plenty of parks to relax under the sun, spa’s, stunning viewpoints and some of the best food in the world – seriously! A trip to Rome should be done once in everyone’s lifetime and September’s climate and cost-efficiency is the month to do it. See our top tips for a first time visit to Rome in our guide here.

Best for: Culture lovers, foodies, all ages and interests

High temperature: 27 degrees

Madrid, Spain

Where to go on holiday in September - Shows park in Madrid

When it comes to September city breaks where you want some nice warm weather and plenty to do, pretty much any major city in Spain, Portugal or Italy is a good call. We’ve chosen Madrid for our list as there are widely available budget flights from throughout the UK and affordable hotel rates, making it a great getaway for a long weekend break.

The city is a thriving business district that sits alongside traditional Spanish culture and festivities on every corner; a mix of modern and old. There are countless museums where you can learn about Spanish history, browse important palaces and government buildings and plenty of iconic parks and squares where you can hang out with friends or meet the locals. The atmosphere here is professional and sophisticated, yet trendy and laid-back. Sample the food market scene, watch a football match or plan a big night out – Madrid will keep you on your feet for a full 2,3 or 4-day visit.

Best for: culture lovers, solo travellers, couples, families

High temperature: 26 degrees

Bordeaux, France

September city break ideas - Shows chateau in Bordeaux

Most famous for its world-renowned wineries, the southwest corner of France is occupied by quaint vineyards and small villages, all on the outskirts of Bordeaux. A typical French city but without the crowds of Paris, Bordeaux is a romantic place for couples, but also groups of friends looking for a classy city break with wine tasting and beautiful scenery. We recommend visiting in September for cheaper prices and blissful sunshine as you wander the city streets and vineyards.

Arrive in Bordeaux city centre for sightseeing around the historic streets, gazing at impressive buildings and taking pictures by the famous bridges. Spend a night or two in the city before venturing to the countryside for a relaxing break in nature, where you’ll explore small villages, boutique gift shops and taste fine wine. Bordeaux and the surrounding area are an exquisite taste of France, just like you’d imagine from the movies. See our recommended 3-day itinerary here.

Best for: Food and drink lovers, couples

High temperature: 24 degrees

St Petersburg, Russia

Where to go on holiday in September - Shows canals of St Petersburg

Ballet, Opera, fine art and neo-classical Russian architecture are all things that spring to mind when you think of St Petersburg. It’s long been a city of charm, with many movies, novels and fairy tales based on the city. Visit today and you’ll find that it’s all of the above and so much more! It’s made up of over 342 bridges and a labyrinth of winding canals, presenting itself as the Venice of Russia. You’ll walk down the streets thinking you’re in a classic novel!

It’s also the country’s hub for arts and culture. Theatre’s, opera houses and smaller gallery venues have nightly performances and there’s an abundance of museums to explore during the day. Book a city break to St Petersburg in September to capture the start of autumn, where the temperatures are starting to fall to a cool 10 – 15 degrees and the streets are illuminated with the orange glows of trees and leaves falling onto the canals. It’s a September city break than many people won’t think of!

Best for: Adventurers, culture lovers, couples

High temperature: 15 degrees

September Beach Holiday Ideas

Mykonos, Greece

Best beach holidays in September - shows Mykonos beach

The Greek island of Mykonos has quickly followed Santorini to become a paradise for luxury travellers looking for a unique experience. From the quirky places to stay, to a vibrant nightlife and some nice beaches, it makes an idyllic getaway for a group of friends or a couple looking for a romantic beach holiday. July and August are super expensive in Mykonos and hotel choices are limited, so arriving in September will give you much better value!

Daily high temperatures soar to a beautifully warm 26 degrees, providing the perfect setting to relax on the beach or wander the quaint towns and villages of the mainland. Whilst Mykonos is known for its eclectic nightlife, it also has an appeal for families and you’ll find plenty of activities for kids outside of the main party areas. The vibe here is classier than other Greek nightlife islands and although prices can still be expensive for eating out and drinking, the overall experience and luxurious feel to Mykonos will be worth every penny. Enjoy a sunset cocktail overlooking the famous white houses of the coastline…

Best for: Families, couples, beach lovers, singles/friends

High temperature: 26 degrees

Tropea, Italy

Best beach destinations in September - shows Tropea hill and beaches

Everyone’s heard of Puglia and Sicily but the beautiful beach resort of Tropea doesn’t get the attention it deserves! This can be a good thing if you prefer somewhere a little different to the usual tourist trail. Tropea is a small beach area to the south-western most corner of Italy, known for its Byzantine history and beautiful sandy beaches. It’s the resort of choice for locals, whilst tourist flock to the classics.

Book a September holiday to Tropea for a little late-summer sunshine. Being a small destination, it has a very local feel, meaning some delicious and affordable family-run restaurants, tiny villages, pretty scenery and one of the best beaches in the country. Oh, and it’s much less crowded than earlier summer months.

Best for: Families, couples, beach lovers

High temperature: 26 degrees

Menorca, Spain

Shows bay by the sea in Menorca

A post summer break by the pool is sometimes what we need the most and Menorca is everything you need to return to work feeling relaxed and energised. This small Spanish island is no stranger to British holiday seekers; however, it still remains one of the quietest and most beautiful places to spend a week away. The beaches are long, sandy and relatively quiet, there’s a wide range of affordable accommodation options and being a small island, you can explore by car at your leisure without having to drive a long distance.

Spend a week in Menorca chilling by the pool or beach with your partner or friends; September appeals a lot more to adults now the kids have returned to school. Aside from relaxation, the island has many historic towns and local villages to explore, and an impressive coastline of beaches and cliffsides. We recommend renting a car and going on day-trip adventures!

Best for: Families, couples, beach lovers

High temperature: 26 degrees

Dubai, UAE

Shows Dubai cityscape

Dubai is a lavish beach holiday destination that you can visit any month of the year and still find hot sunny weather. We’ve included it in our ‘where to go on holiday in September’ guide as this is one of the best times to visit in our opinion. You still have the insanely hot summer weather, with temperatures up to 38 degrees, however there’s less crowds and you can get some excellent flight deals.

Although too hot for some at this time of the year, everything is air-conditioned and the dry-heat makes it less uncomfortable than a tropical climate 38 degrees. As a destination, Dubai is all about luxury, adventure and pure relaxation. Stay in a top-of-the-range hotel or rent an apartment by the beach and spend your time enjoying the many facilities. Evenings present trendy restaurants and skyscraper bars, whilst daytrips include epic water parks, camel riding, dessert excursions, boat trips and a lift ride to the summit of the tallest building in the world. There’s an abundance of things to do in Dubai so there’s no chance you’ll be bored!

Best for: Couples, families, beach lovers, luxury travellers

High temperature: 39 degrees

Orlando, Florida

Where to go on holiday in September - Shows theme park fireworks in Orlando

Considering we’ve visited Orlando six times in the month of September, but also in various other months of the year, we’re very confident that its our favourite time to visit! The American kid’s have just returned back to school, as are many other nationalities. This means that you’ll practically have the theme parks to yourself! Well not quite, but it is a lot quitter and nicer time to visit if you plan on seeing the top Orlando theme parks. Weather-wise, it’s still very hot with temperatures hitting the high 20’s/30 degrees and it’s less humid than the summer months, so you’ll feel more comfortable walking around.

Orlando is the epicentre of fun attractions, theme parks and a non-stop family holiday. Check out the rides and shows at Disneyworld, Universal and Sea World, eat out in some top-notch restaurants or relax in the comfort of your hotel or private villa. You also have the option for exciting road trips to the coastal beaches, impressive National Parks and a countless number of things to do and places to see. Whilst it’s not the cultural experience you’ll find in other countries, it’s an action-packed September holiday idea that your family will love! Plan your trip to Florida with our ultimate guide here.

Best for: Adventurers, families, couples, thrill-seekers

High temperature: 32 degrees


Shows a Seychelles tropical beach - September beach holiday ideas

The Seychelles is a Honeymooner’s haven just off the east coast of Africa. Whilst retaining its lush natural scenery, powdery white-sand beaches and deep jungle, it has been transformed into a tourist hotpot for luxury travellers. Stay in an amazing beach-side resort or on-water bungalow and spend your days snorkelling around the reefs, sampling fresh seafood and snuggling up on the beach with your partner.

You may wonder why we’ve included the exotic islands of Seychelles on our ‘where to go on holiday in September’ list as it’s peak rainy season at this time of the year. Even though you’ll encounter daily tropical showers, you’ll still have plenty of sunshine and showers are short-lived. Being rainy season, prices also drop, so it can be a great time of the year to explore this paradise destination for less.

September Adventure Holiday Ideas

Patagonia, Chile

Shows mountains of Patagonia

The best time to visit Patagonia is during the summer months of December – February, however that’s also the busiest and most expensive time to explore. Travelling in September, just as the winter transitions to spring, is an excellent choice. The colourful flowers start to bloom and the scenery is breath taking. You’ll also find that hiking tours and accommodation is much cheaper and the popular sites aren’t as crowded. Get lost in nature in an area covering over 1 million square miles!

The best way to see the mountains, lakes and vast natural scenery of Patagonia is through a guided hiking tour, which are available for all levels of experience and budgets. We recommend Intrepid Travel for their variety of tours and professionalism. Combine your Patagonian adventure with a brief city break in Buenos Aires or Santiago (which you’ll probably fly into anyway) and you have a September adventure of a lifetime. This one is definitely for the outdoor adventurers reading our list!

Best for: Adventurers, solo travellers

High temperature: 12 degrees (Torres del Paine)

Mexico – divina

New York, USA

September holiday ideas - Shows Manhattan streets in New York City

New York is a city of seasons. It’s super-cold in the winter months and has intense hot temperatures in July and August, which isn’t ideal when you’re sightseeing and surrounded by skyscrapers. Visit NYC in September for a comfortable climate that’s perfect for sightseeing. We recommend a stay for 4-nights for a chance to see the best of what the city has to offer, but you can also combine New York with another city or area if you want to make a longer trip out of it. Nearby Boston and Washington D.C. make a great combo.

The city itself needs no introduction! It’s the number one filming location in the world for movies and you’ll undoubtedly will have seen the high-rise skyscrapers of Manhattan on TV. In addition to tourist sites such as the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre and Statue of Liberty, we encourage you to go off-the-beaten-track to explore Staten Island, the culture-rich hub of Brooklyn and other less touristic areas. You’ll get a much better feel for the city, especially the food! Dana Berez has an excellent guide for first timers here.

Best for: All ages and interests, culture lovers, food and drink lovers

High temperature: 25 degrees

Nepal trekking

Adventure holidays in September - Shows Nepal mountains

Tired off the same old beach holidays? OK maybe not, but it’s always nice to try something completely different! Jet off to the far-eastern city of Kathmandu to mark the start of an epic hiking holiday in Nepal. Joining an organised tour, you’ll trek across glorious mountain ranges that host some of the most colossal peaks on earth. You’ll walk past lakes, through green forests and local Nepalese villages, ascending higher into the mountains.

A hiking trip to Nepal is challenging but very rewarding and there are treks available for all levels of experience – even complete beginners. You just need to have a basic level of fitness and be prepared to handle high altitudes. We’ve recommended a Nepal hiking trip in September as it’s one of the best months for temperatures and visibility. You’ll capture stunning views of Everest in the clear blue skies! Nepal treks typically take around 1 – 2 weeks. Compare the best Nepal treks in our guide here.

Best for: Adventurers, solo travellers, friends

High temperature: 28 degrees (Kathmandu)

We hope we’ve helped inspire you where to go on holiday in September. Hold off on your summer holiday and fly in September for less crowds, much cheaper prices and something to look forward to as the weather starts to get cooler in the UK. If you have any questions about our September holiday ideas or want to share your own favourite destinations, get in touch with us on social media!


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