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Where to go on holiday in October for autumn sun

October is an alluring month for holidays. In much of northern Europe the temperatures are entering winter territory, however there are still plenty of Mediterranean coastlines to catch some pre-winter sun. If you’re looking to travel further afield, the shores of North Africa, areas of South-East Asia and exotic, South American beaches are all a great choice. See below for some of the best holiday destinations for guaranteed October sun.

We’ve listed the flight duration, recommended audience and temperature high’s in each location to help you decide on a destination for yourself. Read on for inspiration on where to go on holiday in October for sun and warm temperatures.

Short-haul destinations


Malta is an English-speaking colonial island that’s been welcoming holiday seekers for many years. Its south-Med location guarantees you warm weather throughout October and the diversity of Maltese towns and resorts means there’s something for everyone. Wander the quiet but cultural towns of the west on horseback, go snorkelling and explore ancient fortresses in the north or party with a younger crowd in the marina of St Julian’s. Malta’s capital Luqa is also a must-see, packed full of historical sites and cultural activities. You can fly to Malta from most major UK airports and flights in October are sub-£100 return when you book in advance.

Best for: Couples, 18-30 singles and culture/history lovers

High temperature: 25 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 3h 10m

Where to go on holiday in October - Displays turquoise ocean and a boat in Malta

Marrakesh / Essaouira

Morocco’s North-Africa location gives it warm weather up until the winter months – just bring a jacket for an evening as temperatures drop once the sun goes down. Take in the culture and bustling surroundings of Marrakesh or drive to the coastline to see the pretty beaches and coloured buildings of Essaouira The Atlas Mountains are also a must-see if you’re visiting for at least a week. Although temperatures can reach 29 degrees on some days, it’s a much more comfortable temperature to enjoy the local attractions and beaches compared to the soaring 30’s of July and August. Did we mention that it’s one of the most colourful and cultural places we’ve visited?

Best for: Couples, friends, adventurers

High temperature: 29 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 3h 40m

Shows the shadows of a group of camels in the desert of Morocco


Another south-med holiday classic is Crete, the largest Greek island, and birthplace of Zeus. Crete is both a history lovers paradise and great for traditional beach holidays. Being such a large island, you can find accommodation options to suit every budget and the month of October is an inexpensive month to visit as the island’s primary family holiday market is back at school.

Jet off to Crete in the October half term or outside of this period for an even quieter getaway; a world away from the UK’s dark nights and cold weather. Although picking a resort on Crete may be difficult as there’s so many options, cheap prices and guaranteed hot weather make it one of our favourite autumn destinations. We recommend renting a car and touring the island to see some of the best beaches and ancient monuments that Greece has to offer.

Best for: Families and couples of all ages

High temperature: 24 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 3h 50m

October holiday ideas - Shows a long beach stretch in Crete


Santorini is a world famous Greek island and impressively romantic place to celebrate a special occasion. Being such a popular but small island, prices in the spring and summer can be very expensive! The perfect time to visit is October, where the weather is still hot and there’s less crowds in the famous town of Oia and its surroundings. It also has a plethora of luxury accommodation options, many of which drop their prices in October due to lower occupancy levels. Take advantage of private infinity pools, suites with a view and balcony hot tubs for a fraction of the price you’d pay in earlier months of the year. This charming island is often top of people’s travel list and October couldn’t be a more perfect time to visit.

Best for: Couples of all ages

High temperature: 23 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 3h 55m

Where to go on holiday in October for sun - Displays the white cliffs of Oia in Santorini


Being much closer to the equator than the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands enjoy warm weather year-round and October has temperatures reaching a comfortable 27 degrees. In our opinion, Lanzarote is one of the nicest Canaries for a couples’ holiday. It’s a volcanic island with black sand beaches, local markets and a number of nice resorts to base yourself in. Hotels are reasonably priced and although there isn’t a great deal to do other than relax, visit the beach or go for a bike ride, its warm weather and peaceful atmosphere makes it the perfect escape for autumn sun.

Best for: Couples (20’s+), families

Average temperature: 27 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 4h 15m

October holiday ideas - Shows a quiet Lanzarote beach

Gran Canaria

Another Canary Island we’d recommend visiting in autumn is Gran Canaria. This small but eventful destination is ideal for a family holiday, with plenty of facilities and activities. Take a boat trip around the shoreline, visit a market, browse the shops or relax in one of the many hillside resorts. Being such a good destination for families, Gran Canaria can have a busy tourist vibe in the summer months, whilst October is a welcoming and quieter time to enjoy the island to its fullest.

From a Wild West Theme Park to water parks, quaint towns, well-maintained beaches and a wilderness full of intricate rock formations and sand dunes, you won’t be stuck for things to do.

Best for: Couples of all ages, families with young kids

Average temperature: 26 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 4h 30m

Shows a marina full of boats in Gran Canaria


Another south-med destination that retains warm temperatures in October is Cyprus. This small island has both Greek and Turkish influence and it’s in close proximity to the Middle-East, meaning you can enjoy temperatures averaging 22 degrees throughout the month. Cyprus has beautiful beaches, some of which are deserted at this time of the year, and resorts such as Paphos cater to both couples and families. There’s also a rich culture inland, where you’ll find ancient Greek monuments such as the Tombs of the Kings and a mountainous terrain of local villages and natural parks. The best thing to do in Cyprus is taking a boat trip to explore the coastline. Private Yacht tours are surpassingly affordable!

Best for: Families, friends and couples

High temperature: 27 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 4h 30m

Where to go on holiday in October - Shows a yacht in Cyprus

For the short-haul destinations on our list, prices are usually very cheap in October, however its recommended that you book as far in advance as possible. Many UK holiday seekers soon become sick of the rainy and cold weather in September and October and book a last-minute trip to short haul European destinations, thus increasing demand and prices of flights and accommodation.

When considering where to go on holiday in October in Europe, try to fly outside of the School Half Term holidays. Flying within the one-week school holidays will increase your costs significantly, particularly to family destinations such as the Canary Islands, the Algarve and Cyprus.

Long-haul destinations

Looking where to go on holiday in October for sun and fancy something more adventurous and tropical? We’ve hand selected some of our favourite long-haul destinations below, offering guaranteed sunshine in October.

Cape Verde

A little bit further away from many of the destinations we’ve listed above but still within a suitable distance for a week’s holiday, Cape Verde is a small archipelago of islands just off the west coast of Africa. This destination is well on its way to becoming a popular haven for travellers that want guaranteed sun in the autumn and winter months, averaging temperatures of 27 degrees due to its equatorial location. It has both Portuguese and African cultural influences and spreads across a collection of islands waiting to be explored.

You can watch a traditional dance on an evening, visit a market full of unique gifts and craft items by day or indulge in local food and relax on the beach. The atmosphere here is relaxed and there are plenty of nice all-inclusive resorts for low prices.

Best for: Families, couples, all ages

High temperature: 28 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 6h

Shows a hotel resort in Cape Verde

Florida, USA

From the glorious beaches of the Florida Keys to the nightlife of Miami and fantasy world of Orlando, Florida has something to suit everyone. Orlando and the surrounding area is a family trip of a lifetime and whilst the theme parks see large crowds in the summer months and Christmas-time, September and October are generally quiet and are regarded as the perfect time to visit. Hurricane season is over, and the average temperature is scorching 29 degrees, so you can expect little rain.

Having less crowds at this time of the year, accommodation is very affordable, as are the discounted flights from the UK (we recommend booking last minute). Start your holiday in Orlando for theme park fun and venture to the south-west beaches of Naples, Sarasota and the Keys for a relaxing end to your October break.

Best for: Families with kids, couples, adventurers, beach lovers

High temperature: 29 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 9h 20m

Where to go on holiday in October - Shows a harbour in the Florida Keys


Reserved for those who want a true cultural adventure in October and to escape Europe all together, Brazil is a destination of a life time and this month is the perfect time to visit. Summer is just starting, and you can expect to live like a king for low prices (compared to busy periods such as New Year and carnival).

Depending on how long you’re looking to visit for (we’d recommend two weeks as a minimum), you can explore the must-see cities of Rio and Sao Paulo or holiday like a local in the cultural heart of Bahia and luscious beaches of Natal and Fortaleza. We recommend planning a multi-destination trip for the ultimate experience of the country, particularly in the north. Be warned though, it’s very big and we’d recommend picking two or three places in close proximity for a 2 week stay.

Best for: Couples, adventurers, singles

High temperature: 26 degrees (Rio de Janeiro)

Flying time from the UK: 11h 45m (Rio de Janeiro)

Shows a remote beach in Brazil

Northern Thailand

South-east Asia will always have a place in our heart. It’s one of the cheapest places to visit in the world and caters excellently to those looking for a cheap but luxurious holiday. Although the southern beaches and islands of Thailand welcome rainy season in October, the north of the country is dry, warm and perfect for exploring. Take a trip to the towns and villages of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai for a cultural experience of Thailand or relax in the comfort of a luxury hotel overlooking the mountains. There’s plenty to do, prices are cheap, and a warm climate make it the perfect place for where to go on holiday in October. You can fly to Chiang Mai via Bangkok, which will take around 15 hours in total from the UK.

Best for: Couples, adventurers, culture lovers

High temperature: 31 degrees

Flying time from the UK: 14h 40m

October holiday ideas - Northern Thailand

*Average temperatures listed are provided by

*Flight durations are provided by Google Flights and for flights from London to the listed destinations

Now that we’ve inspired you where to go on holiday in October for sun and warm temperatures, all that’s left to do is book! Use our handy holiday booking guide here to get the best prices. Looking for more ideas? Browse our inspiration section here.

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