Where to go on holiday in November

November can be a tricky month when in comes to holidays. Most of Europe is getting cold and whilst some Mediterranean cities still have comfortable temperatures in the high teens, it isn’t exactly great for relaxing on the beach! Our guide below is designed to help you decide where to go on holiday in November, including the best winter sun destinations, faraway adventures and some nice winter city breaks that are ideal for a long weekend away.

Where to go on holiday in November for winter sun


Where to go on holiday in November - Shows a traditional town in Madeira

Portugal may be a bit too cool for a beach holiday in November, however its small Atlantic paradise island of Madeira offers much warmer temperatures and it doesn’t take long to get there! As a volcanic island, the beaches are black-sand and the coastline has been carved into natural beauty, forming caves, rugged cliffsides and dramatic views. Away from the coast, Madeira’s towns and cities are filled with colour and character, much like Lisbon on the mainland.

A November holiday in Madeira is a great opportunity to visit this small island for some sightseeing, relaxation and the occasional adventure. You can hike the volcanic mountains, go for a long walk by the coast or go shopping in the narrow streets of Funchal. We recommend Madeira for adults wanting a combined holiday of sightseeing and relaxation in a nice hotel and many families will also be at home depending on the area and resort you choose.

Best for: Families and couples

High temperature: 21 degrees

Gran Canaria

Where to go on holiday in November - Shows a beach in Gran Canaria

Spain’s Canary Islands are most likely already on your list of where to go on holiday in November as they offer guaranteed warm weather, nice beaches and a beautiful setting for a traditional beach holiday. Our list wouldn’t be complete without adding at least one of them! We recommend visiting Gran Canaria in November as it lacks the sometimes-cool winds of the other islands, so you’ll enjoy warmer weather, relaxing by the pool and going for a swim in the ocean.

Stay in a resort area such as Las Palmas for its wide range of accommodation and facilities, but make sure to visit some of the more cultural areas of the island such as Las Palmas for a different experience. Did you know that Gran Canaria also has a real-life wild west town called Sioux City, full of shows and interactive attractions? It’s a great November holiday destination for families and couples that want a relaxing 1-week break with warm weather. Bonus points for being very affordable!

Best for: Families and couples

High temperature: 24 degrees


Comino boat tour

As Malta is located to the far south of the Mediterranean Ocean, very close to North Africa, it avoids the cold temperatures of the rest of Europe and maintains pleasant temperatures year-round. High’s of 20 degrees in November provide a comfortable atmosphere to explore everything that Malta has to offer! It might not be warm enough to sunbathe and go to the beach every day, but it’s perfect for sightseeing.

Rent a car and explore the small island, visiting old fortresses on the coastline, wandering the historic streets of Valletta, catching a boat to the island of Gozo or enjoying lunch with a view in the old Mdina centre. The landscapes, towns and cities throughout Malta are spectacular to look at and the whole island is perfect for a week away. Malta in November is excellent for those that want warm weather with plenty of daytime activities. Check out our Malta guides for inspiration.

Best for: Families, couples, culture and history lovers

High temperature: 21 degrees

Cape Verde

Shows small boats and a beach in Cape Verde

Cape Verde seems to pop into our recommendations for any holiday in the winter months where you don’t want to take a long-haul flight to Asia or the Caribbean. With a flight time of just over 5 hours from the UK, Cape Verde is one of the best places you can visit close to Europe that maintains such high temperatures in November. Expect the thermometer to soar to 30 degrees as you enjoy a traditional beach holiday, relaxing on the blissful white-sands and enjoying the comforts of an affordable yet luxurious hotel.

Aside from the nice weather, Cape Verde is a destination that combines the usual holiday facilities with an eclectic mix of cultures. Traditionally colonial Portuguese, Cape Verde also has African heritage due to its close proximity to the west coast of Africa. Entertaining cultural shows, street markets and some amazing cuisine are waiting to be sampled! We recommend Cape Verde in November for families with young children and couples that want a quiet week of relaxation.

Best for: Families, couples, beach lovers

High temperature: 28 degrees


November holiday ideas - shows a Riad swimming pool in Morocco

Morocco is another great destination where you won’t have to fly far for some warmer temperatures – it’s located just across the sea from the south of Spain. Spend a full week or so immersed in Moroccan culture and catch a tan at the same time! Not bad for November and only a 4-hour flight! You’ll find cheap flights to Morocco from most major UK airports and accommodation is also very affordable, with luxurious Riads or huge 5-star resorts for less than £100 per night.

We recommend splitting your visit to Morocco into two different destinations. Fly into Marrakesh and dive straight into bustling city life, tasting the amazing Tagine cuisine, browsing market stalls and seeing the sights. Afterwards, escape the city and catch a bus to Essaouira, which is a much quieter seaside town that is filled with colour and culture. Both places will give you a different view of Morocco and you’ll love the variety (and cost) of the places where you’ll stay.

Best for: Solo travellers, couples, culture lovers

High temperature: 23 degrees


Shows a beach with palm trees in Oman - November holiday ideas

Everyone’s going to Dubai these days and it’s getting more and more expensive! Substitute the UAE for some guaranteed sun elsewhere in the Middle East, in the beautiful country of Oman. This less touristic but increasingly popular destination has excellent weather in November and the beaches are some of the best in the area!

Fly into Muscat for some cultural sightseeing or head straight to the beaches along the coastline. You’ll find many luxury hotels and boutique apartments that are decorated in a cool Bedouin style and they’re more affordable than you might think. You’ll enjoy plenty of beach and pool relaxation, with a number of cool excursions to check out. Go camel riding in the dessert, hike the vast mountains inland or go diving in the warm ocean. Book now and beat the incoming crowds – we imagine Oman will get very popular within the next few years.

Best for: Couples, beach lovers, adventurers

High temperature: 31 degrees

November city break ideas

Athens, Greece

November city break ideas - shows the monuments of Athens at night

Forget the scorching, stuffy weather and crowds of the summer months; Autumn and Winter is the best time to visit Athens! Whilst the city can be a little rough around the edges in some areas, it’s still a must-see location due to its unbeatable historic sights that have been maintained for thousands of years. The mighty Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon and National Gardens are some of the top sights to check out, but you’ll stumble upon cool monuments and buildings on every corner.

As well as to the remarkable history of Athens, it has a vibrant and trendy side. Sample local Greek food as you explore small neighbourhoods such as Plaka (one of the world’s most continuously inhabited areas), hike to the top of Lycabettus Hill for some amazing views of the city or sit back and watch the sunset in one of the many rooftop bars. A long weekend in Athens is the perfect amount of time to sample this captivating city and the weather and crowds of November make it one of the best times to visit.

Best for: Solo travellers, families, couples, culture and history lovers

High temperature: 19 degrees

Innsbruck, Austria

Shows the town of Innsbruck overlooking the mountains - November city break ideas

If staying in a small and cosy town with an amazing view of the mountains sounds like your idea of a November city break, Innsbruck (or any of the Austrian mountain towns) is the way to go. This enchanting village is everytihng you imagine when you think of Austria, with colourful houses, shops and bakeries lining the streets and an awesome background of mountain scenery.

Spend your days here going for long walks and hikes between the valleys, capturing some breath-taking scenery along the way. The fresh air and open spaces of Austria will free your mind from the hectic work-life back home and you’ll love being outdoors in nature. Return to your cosy apartment, hotel or cottage on an evening for hot chocolate by the fireplace. A November long weekend in Innsbruck is perfect for those that like the outdoors and the mild temperatures are great for hiking.

Best for: Adventurers, hikers, couples

High temperature: 8 degrees

Ljubljana, Slovenia

City breaks in November - shows the river and colourful buildings of Ljubljana

We’re a big fan of Slovenia and its capital Ljubljana for two reasons. One, it’s filled with spectacular countryside scenery, including the beautiful Lake Bled, and two, it’s extremely cheap! Your money will go a lot further than other European destinations. Fly into Ljubljana for a few days of sightseeing in this quirky city, sampling the vibrant nightlife and foodie scene. Then, rent a car and travel onwards to the picturesque Lake Bled, which is surrounded by mountains and pretty natural scenery.

November in Slovenia sees the start of winter, where the lakes are frosty and everywhere has an icy blue glow. Temperatures are quite cool, however it’s not too cold so you’ll still be able to sightsee, go on bike rides and enjoy the outdoors without freezing. Just bring a warm coat! Accommodation is very cheap and cosy, perfect for snuggling up after being outside exploring all day. Combining the capital city with Lake Bled also gives you a good mix of holiday environments.

Best for: Adventurers, couples, solo travellers

High temperature: 7 degrees

November adventure holiday ideas

Norway road trip

November long haul holiday ideas - shows the Norwegian Fjords

Norway is the king of European adventure holidays, particularly in winter-time where its Fjords are getting frosty and the countryside is filled with cute boutique cottages where you can warm up by the fire. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, Norway’s nature treks, mountains, Fjords and generally stunning scenery will impress you and leave you wanting more! Rather than staying in one destination, we recommend renting a car and exploring the country at your leisure, starting in Stavanger and driving onwards to Bergen, Hjelle and Trollstigen. A Passion and Passport have an excellent 10-day road trip itinerary here.

The scenic drive throughout the countryside is an attraction in itself, but you’ll also get to see some of the best mountains and lakes that Norway has to offer, staying in small local villages along the way. It truly is a winter adventure that will be a holiday highlight for years to come! Be warned though, Norway is expensive. Expect to spend a lot more than other similar adventure destinations and make sure you buy all hiking gear and warm clothing before you arrive.

Best for: Adventurers, couples, solo travellers, friends

High temperature: 4 -7 degrees


Where to go on holiday in November - Shows a vast valley with temples in Myanmar

Myanmar is what Thailand once was before the many tourists arrived. It’s a land of simple pleasures and touch of traditional South-East Asia, with many historic temples and breath-taking mountains and valleys. It has an un-explored ‘off the beaten track’ appeal to it and the natural beauty will entice you to delve deeper. November’s warm and dry weather makes it one of the best places to visit in Asia in November and if you’re in search of a cultural adventure, this should be top of your list!

You won’t find luxury hotels and restaurants in Myanmar, but what you will find has so much more heart. Spend at least 2 weeks exploring small local villages, wandering the country’s most artistic temples and going on river expeditions and nature treks, which is what Myanmar does best! We recommend a multi-stop adventure here for those that want a more traditional ‘no frills’ experience of Asia at very low costs. You might even struggle to spend your money! Research Myanmar for yourself to see if its cultural appeal and raw natural beauty entice you to visit.

Best for: Adventurers, couples, solo travellers

High temperature: 34 degrees


Shows the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City

Not only is November brilliant for hot weather in Mexico, it’s also the month that marks the festival of the Day of the Dead, or ‘Dia del Muertos’, a celebration of everyone’s deceased ancestors. It brings with it, grand parades, street parties and everyone dressing up in quirky sugar skull costumes. The festival is now celebrated world-wide and there’s no better place to party with the locals than Mexico City. The country’s capital is now a very safe place to visit and you’ll be surrounded by cultural heritage.

Listen to traditional Mexican music, watch a show or sample the foodie delights of one of the best cuisines on earth (in our humble opinion). Mexico is full of culture, nightlife and colour; and November’s warm temperatures of 30 degrees will have your memories of winter fading within a few days. We recommend visiting Mexico City for the Day of the Dead festival and then jetting off to the beaches of Playa del Carmen for some beach relaxation.

Best for: Everyone!

High temperature: 30 degrees

We hope we’ve helped inspire you where to go on holiday in November. From city breaks and long-haul adventures to winter sun and beaches, there’s sure to be a destination that’s a great fit for you. Use the travel guides across our website to plan your November holiday and try somewhere totally different this year!


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