Where to go on holiday in March

March is a great month for going on holiday. Southern Europe is starting to warm up near the end of the month and it’s still out of the peak Easter season so flights and accommodation can be very cheap in most places. You’re also probably tired of the cold weather and can’t wait for some sun. Let us inspire you where to go on holiday in March for some spring sun, both close to home in Europe and in exotic, faraway destinations.

Read on for our top 13 ideas for where to go on holiday in March.

Spring sun in and around Europe

The temperatures are starting to slowly rise throughout Southern Europe in March, however it’s still quite chilly in most places. Head as far to the south Mediterranean as possible and travel towards the end of the month for the best temperatures. Southern Spain and Portugal are particularly pleasant at this time of the year.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia Las Fallas parade floats - March holiday ideas

Aside from the warm weather, the top reason to that makes Valencia a great place to go on holiday in March is the world-famous Las Fallas Festival. For 4 days during the month, the city celebrates the end of winter and start of spring, with giant parade flats, pyrotechnics, costumes, fires and huge parties throughout the city. It’s one of the top festivals in the world according to Lonely Planet and has to be experienced at least once in your lifetime.

In addition to the festival, Valencia has a rich history and plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Check out the valiant cathedrals, art museums, castles, parks and markets, in one of Spain’s most historic centres. The food and wine is also particularly good, so go on a Tapas and wine tour of the hidden local spots.

Best for: Culture and history lovers, singles and couples

High temperature: 19 degrees

Porto, Portugal

Where to go on holiday in March - Porto canals and boats

Porto is arguably Portugal’s best city for tourists. It has an extensive collection of museums, sights and a trendy wine and port scene. Unlike the hectic city breaks of many other European towns, Porto is compact and it’s a sightseeing opportunity at a much more leisurely place. Sail down the River Douro on a boat and see the impressive bridges, indulge in wine tasting by the harbour or take a trip to nearby Espinho Beach.

Warm but manageable March temperatures and sunshine are a pleasure for seeing the sights without feeling too hot and tired. We recommend visiting Porto for a long weekend between mid-end of March and staying somewhere central. Do plenty of research on cafes and places to eat as the food here is excellent! Check out our 3-day Porto itinerary for more information.

Best for: Couples, friends and singles

High temperature: 17 degrees

Malaga, Spain

March holiday in Malaga - swimming pool overlooking the mountains

From the luxurious Puerto Banus to the iconic Gibraltar rock, the southern Spanish coastline has plenty of nice places to visit and has been one of the most popular holiday destinations for decades. Flights are readily available from most UK airports and you’ll be spoilt for choice at the amount of resorts. If you’re travelling with the whole family, you might also want to consider a suave Spanish villa in the mountains.

Expect temperatures with highs of 20 degrees and sunshine during the day, and chillier evenings. As it’s out of season, you’ll find everything from hotels to restaurants and bars are reasonably priced, so your money will go a lot further than it would in the peak summer months. The top things to do here include enjoying nice walks by the beaches and marinas, sightseeing and relaxing in the sun or going for ‘al fresco’ brunch.

Best for: Couples, friends and families

High temperature: 19 degrees

Algarve, Portugal

Lagos beach from above with blue waters

The Algarve is always a top choice when we’re deciding where to go on holiday in March. Flights and accommodation are cheap and the end of the month experiences very pleasant sunny days where you can enjoy a pre-Easter holiday. Go for long walks by the beach, play a spot of golf and rent a car to see what’s on offer across this action-packed coastline. See the top things to do in the Algarve in our guide here.

The Algarve is great for both families and couples and there’s a resort to suit all tastes and budgets. We personally recommend Vilamoura, Albufeira or Lagos. As it’s out of season everything is quite quiet, but we think that’s a good thing!

Best for: Couples and families

High temperature: 19 degrees

Fes, Morocco

Fes Medina from above with colourful buildings and crafts

Marrakesh is the most popular destination in Morocco these days, however if you want culture on a big scale and somewhere different to the crowd, visit Fes this year. Fes is known as the cultural capital of Morocco, with a huge Medina full of market stalls, boutique ‘Riads’ and a hustle and bustle that will immerse you into the Moroccan way of life. It’s also the world’s largest car-free zone. Only bikes, donkey carts and good old-fashioned walking can be done here and it makes visiting the Medina so much better!

When you’re not out exploring the markets, temples, museums and other cultural centre-pieces from Fes’ medieval past, venture into the dessert for a multi-day trek on camel back. You’ll dine with the locals on an evening and pass iconic landscapes. We recommend flying into Fes, seeing the city and then doing a 3-day trek to Marrakesh, flying back home from there after seeing the Medina.

Best for: Culture lovers, couples, friends

High temperature: 21 degrees

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Beautiful white sand beach in Fuertaventura - where to go on holiday in March

Fuerteventura is the second largest Canary Island, however it’s a little quieter than its neighbouring cousins. It’s known for its unique volcanic landscape that bears resemblance to Lanzarote, however it offers more colours and brightness with its landscapes. It’s close proximity to West Africa has given its buildings and traditions a spice of African style and culture, clashing with the traditional Spanish heritage – it’s interesting to see!

Life in Fuerteventura is centred around the beaches, which are the largest and arguably the best out of all the Canary Islands. Resorts have a quiet, pleasant vibe and it’s a nice place to wind down after a cold but winter in the UK. The island retains year-round warm weather and you have a gentle coastal breeze to keep you cool.

Best for: Couples and families

High temperature: 20 degrees

Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada beach resort with pool and palm trees - Where to go on holiday in March

Egypt is in North Africa; however, the flight only takes around 5 hours. Travelling that extra distance outside of Europe will get you some nice temperatures averaging in the mid-20’s. For beach relaxation, the resort of Hurghada is the place to go! This coastal stretch has plenty of 4 and 5-star all-inclusive hotels that cost a fraction of the price in March compared to the peak summer months. Enjoy nice all-inclusive food, excellent weather and plenty of beach activities.

If you fancy adding some adventure to your Egypt holiday, book a day-trip to Cairo and Giza to see the famous monuments and markets. If you’d rather stay by the beach, the area is excellent for snorkelling and scuba diving and there’s some interesting islands to explore.

Best for: Couples and families

High temperature: 26 degrees

Where to go on holiday in March – Long-haul adventures

If you want guaranteed high temperatures and white-sand beaches like no other, the following destinations are excellent choices in March. They’re straight forward to get to with direct long-haul flights from the UK and have both adventures and relation on offer.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta coastline with blue ocean and pretty buildings

If you’re looking for a March holiday to Mexico and you don’t want to party, it’s best to stay away from the most popular resort of Cancun, where many Americans flock for Spring Break. Instead, head to the Pacific Coastal resort of Puerto Vallarta; an up and coming beach area with some excellent hotels and a touch of traditional Mexico.

March is one of the best months for weather in Puerto Vallarta, so you can expect very little rain and temperatures in their mid to high 20’s every day. Go for a romantic walk on the boardwalk, get active with some water sports and scuba diving alongside giant sea turtles, or retreat to Old Vallarta town centre for a more cultural experience – and excellent street food! Puerto Vallarta is a more relaxed version of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula (Cancun) that doesn’t feel as touristic.

Best for: Couples, singles and friends

High temperature: 27 degrees

Costa Rica

Remote beach in Costa Rica alongside a jungle

March is the pivotal point of Cosa Rica’s dry season. You’ll enjoy little to no rain and temperatures in their high 20’s throughout the month. As it has the best weather, it can also be the most popular time to visit the country so book as far in advance as possible for the best prices. Costa Rica itself is an excellent holiday destination for beach lovers and adventure seekers and many people are now choosing to visit here over the Caribbean, in search of new adventures and hidden islands.

Relax on white-sand tropical beaches with a cocktail or go jungle trekking inland to explore the amazing wildlife and scenery. Activities include scuba diving, white-water rafting, climbing, nature treks, ziplining and more! It isn’t as cheap as it once was (and in comparison with its Central American neighbours), however there’s a lot to do and we recommended it for both luxury loving couples and backpackers on a budget.

Best for: Adventure seekers, couples

High temperature: 30 degrees

California, USA

Santa Monica white sand beach in LA with life guard hut

Jet off to the far side of the USA for some California living. Cali’s beaches are world-famous, and the people here are from all walks of life. There’s a lot on offer! Venture through the vibrant cities of San Francisco and San Diego, to the rough around the edges ‘Los Angeles’. Driving outside of the cities, you have a county with amazing natural forests, lakes and river inland, and a beautiful coastline of beach spots.

We recommend renting a car and driving to multiple destinations around the LA area and then flying to another city if you have time. Check out our 2-week LA itinerary here for a guide on the best places to visit.

Best for: Couples, friends and singles

High temperature: 21 degrees

Georgetown and Langkawi, Malaysia

Penang Malaysia temples - March holiday to Malaysia

Jet off to the heart of the South-East Asia tropics for quiet downtime and exploration of two of Malaysia’s most popular islands – Penang and Langkawi. Penang is a foodie paradise that hosts the cultural capital of Georgetown. Check out the cool art work, street markets, unique museums and temples and then catch a ferry to neighbouring Langkawi island for a beach paradise to spend your final week.

The islands are easy to get to from Kuala Lumpur and you’ll have a cultural experience like no other. Unlike the tourist packed beaches of Thailand, Malaysia’s escapes feel more remote and cultural (but with little nightlife) and we highly recommend a visit for couples or travelling friends. March is one of the best times to visit too – you can expect clear skies with temperatures hitting north of 30.

Best for: Couples, friends, foodies, families

High temperature: 33 degrees


El Nido hotel overlooking the sunset and a mountain - March holiday ideas

If you ask us one of the most amazing countries to visit, it has to be the Philippines. Unlike other parts of South-East Asia that are now tourist hotspots, the Philippines is still relatively undiscovered. The country is made up of lots of small islands, each bearing a distinct personality and natural scenery that will blow your mind! You have remote white-sand beaches with little-to-no tourist presence, more popular beach resorts with eco-accommodation, and countless caves, coves and jungle terrain.

As there’s a lot to see in the Philippines, we recommend flying into Manilla (and then onwards straight away to your first destination) and building a multi-point itinerary for your holiday. Check out the diving paradise of El Nido, sustainable beaches of Boracay and tropical mountains of Coron. Stick to Palawan Island if you’re short for time as travel is very slow in this tropical but less developed paradise haven.

Best for: Adventure seekers, couples, friends, singles

High temperature: 32 degrees

New Delhi and Goa, India

Where to go on holiday in March - Holi Festival of colour

The best reason to visit India in March is for the electric atmosphere of the ‘Holi Festival of Colour’, a yearly Spring Hindu festival that celebrates love and happiness. Take to the streets of Delhi for a vibrant array of coloured paints and celebrations. It’s a once in a lifetime experience where everyone covers each other in coloured paints whilst dancing on the streets. Be sure to check this year’s festival dates before booking! Other than the festival, Delhi is a chaotic and highly populated city that’s intriguing to wander around. Key attractions include temples, beautiful gardens and ancient monuments; however, you’ll probably want to whizz around, see the sights and then move on.

Combine your trip to New Delhi with a completely contrasting experience of India’s southern beach area of Goa, which you’ll need to catch a flight to. Goa combines Indian and Portuguese cultures on idyllic beaches; with fresh seafood, Zen yoga retreats and picturesque colonial buildings.

Best for: Adventure seekers, couples, friends, singles

High temperature: 33 degrees (Goa)

That’s all for our list of where to go on holiday in March recommendations! We hand selected the above March holiday ideas for anyone travelling from the UK or Northern Europe, however the countries are worth visiting from wherever you’re based in the world and you’re sure to be impressed.

For ideas on where to holiday during different months and occasions of the year, check out our inspiration posts here.


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