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Where to go on holiday in July

July is the month where much of Europe is in the full swing of summer! It’s a month of summer holidays and the kid’s school holiday start so you can expect prices to rise and crowds to increase, however you can still find some great deals. Enjoy hot weather in Europe, book an action-packed weekend of sightseeing in the sun or venture further afield for a long summer adventure! We cover all of the top holiday destinations for July to inspire you to visit somewhere different this year.

Read on for inspiration on where to go on holiday in July!

City breaks

Perfect for a last-minute weekend of sightseeing and sun with friends, your partner or a solo trip by yourself. These cities have plenty to see and do for anyone.

Budapest, Hungary

Where to go on holiday in July - Shows Budapest castle

Many European cities become busy during July and prices soar! That’s not necessarily the case with Budapest. Yes, it’s busy and flights may be a little more expensive, but it’s still one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe for living costs and accommodation. And that’s not the only reason to visit – Budapest remains one of our favourite cities for its rough-around-the-edges appeal, cool attractions and excellent nightlife. It has the feel of an edgy city with plenty to do, without having to worry about prices.

During the day you’ll do plenty of walking to see top sights such as the castle, bridges, historic old town, museums and all the other key attractions you’d expect in a capital city, however you have lots of alternative or ‘trendy’ attractions too and don’t have to step foot in a museum. Retreat back to your hotel to re-charge before heading out to the many underground ruin bars and quirky restaurants. It’s a great choice for solo travellers, couples and friends. Oh, and as you’ve probably heard from friends, a visit to Szechenyi thermal baths is a must!

Best for: Couples, solo travellers, friends, culture lovers

High temperature: 26 degrees

Moscow, Russia

Shows Russian parliament buildings

The mighty land of Russia is far too cold to visit in the winter, however, the summer months are surprisingly warm and temperatures can reach the comfortable mid-20’s – perfect for sightseeing! Seeing the historic sights is exactly what you’ll do here so it suits culture and history lovers that are keen to explore the iconic remnants of Soviet Russia. It’s a unique city break destination that promises something completely different to other European capitals.

Top things to do here include a visit to the world-famous Red Square and Kremlin building, museums, galleries and parks, but the most interesting thing to do is simply wander the streets whilst it’s sunny, marvelling at the quirky Communist-style architecture alongside more modern structures. Once you’re done with the main sites you can relax in a traditional Russian bath-house, sample the hearty local cuisine or attend the Russian Ballet.

There’s lots to see here and the flight takes almost 4 hours from London so we recommend staying 3+ days.

Best for: Couples, solo travellers, friends, culture lovers

High temperature: 23 degrees

Barcelona, Spain

Depicts Park Guell in Barcelona - Best European city breaks in July

Barcelona is one of our favourite cities and a top contender for a place we’d want to live one day. In the peak summer month of July it becomes a tourist hotspot, but locals are also out in full force, living the late-night Spanish lifestyle that you’ll want to immerse yourself in. Choosing Barca when as a place to go on holiday in July promises plenty of music festivals, celebrations and events, and although it can be quite busy, it’s still far less crowded than August and there’s a great vibe in the city.

Once you’ve seen the top sites such as Mount Tibidabo, the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, you’ll want to relax on the trendy city beach, explore the foodie scene or venture away from the city to a local beach-town. The thing we love most about the city is that it forces you to be outdoors. There are some great parks, beaches, viewpoints and outdoor attractions that are a pleasure to roam in the hot Spanish sun. The nightlife is second-to-none and accommodation is available for every budget – even in the summer!

Check out our 3-day itinerary for Barcelona planning advice.

Best for: Couples, solo travellers, friends, families

High temperature: 28 degrees

Prague, Czech Republic

Show Prague city castle from above - best July city break ideas

People often think of Prague as a wintery wonderland of Christmas markets, age-old castles and a destination where you’ll definitely need a coat. That may be the case in the winter months, however it’s a city of seasons and the summer can see temperatures soaring to the high 20’s. A visit in July is one of our favourite times to enjoy Prague. You can take full advantage of the sprawling green parks with epic views, enjoy a beer in the hot sun or go for long walks whilst catching a tan at the same time.

The heat isn’t too unbearable either, so you can do all the sightseeing you could wish for in the morning and then spend your afternoon relaxing. It’s best for a short 3- or 4-day break where you want plenty of activities rather than just relaxing in the sun. It’s still cheap, even though you’re in a peak summer month and crowds aren’t too crazy until you reach August. Spend those warm Prague evening’s having a beer outdoors before exploring the city’s excellent nightlife.

Check out our complete FAQ guide to Prague for advice on planning your trip!

Best for: Couples, solo travellers, friends, culture lovers

High temperature: 23 degrees

Beach holidays in Europe or an adventure to Iceland

Staying in Europe is convenient and most destinations promise excellent weather! Keeping prices in mind, we’ve picked some of best and cheapest European July holiday destinations, each offering something different.

Albufeira, The Algarve

Shows Algarve coastline rock formations

A summer holiday in southern Portugal is always a winner and it’s a place we keep going back to time and time again. In July, you can expect hot weather daily, but not as hot as many other southern European destinations so you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable. Not only that, The Algarve is a short flight from the UK, has plenty to see and do and it suits anyone looking for a traditional beach holiday – friends, couples and most of all, families.

Albufeira is our recommended resort for first timers. It has both affordable and luxury accommodation and it’s a central place to explore the rest of the scenic Algarve coastline. Relax during the day on one of the many beaches, or rent a car and explore. Whilst it’s not the most cultural holiday, it suits those that want to relax and indulge in activities such as water parks, wineries, beaches and pretty towns and villages. It’s also very good for nightlife! See all of the top Algarve activities in our ultimate guide here.

Best for: Couples, families, friends

High temperature: 28 degrees

Spanish East Coast

Shows the quaint town of Sitges in Spain - July beach holiday ideas

Usually we’d veer away from recommending the main European beach holiday resorts in the month of July as prices can be very expensive and crowds un-manageable, but that’s not the case in all Spanish resorts and some areas are just as cheap as you’ll find them in earlier months of the year. A bargain is to be found! Fly into Barcelona and catch the train onwards to the beaches of the North-east or venture south to Alicante or Murcia and rent a villa in a small town away from the tourist centres. We recommend Torrevieja in the south and Costa Brava in the north-east.

Sure, Spain isn’t cheap as it was many moons ago, but many people are checking out new and ‘hip’ destinations, forgetting about how relaxing and rewarding a Spanish summer holiday can be; sipping homemade Sangria, sampling the local Paella and visiting towns, villages and beaches. For last-minute July Spain holidays, check out Holiday Pirates here. They always have something on offer!

Best for: Couples, families, friends

High temperature: 32 degrees (Murcia)

Croatian islands of Hvar and Brac

Shows Hvar marina yachts

For splendid island getaways not too far from home, the obvious choice is Greece, however Croatia’s islands are rising in popularity and they can offer a completely different holiday experience! Rent a boat and explore coves and hidden beaches during the day and then wind down in the afternoon, sipping on local wine in a pretty marina, sampling some of the best seafood you’ll find, getting ready for a vibrant evening out. Croatia is one of our favourite countries in Europe to visit in July and prices can still be very affordable compared to the incoming August school holidays.

For a mixed experience, we recommend planning a multi-stop visit to the islands of Brac and Hvar. Korcula is also a great addition if you have time! Brac is a typical beach resort area with nice hotels and plenty of opportunity for relaxation, whilst Hvar is a luxury paradise of designer yachts, eclectic nightlife and some amazing scenery!

Best for: Couples, families, solo travellers, friends

High temperature: 29 degrees

Pag/Zadar, Croatia

Shows Plitvice National Park in Croaita - adventure holidays in July

Croatia has made our list inspiration again for where to go on holiday in July, as well as June! Whilst the islands of Hvar and Brac are excellent for beach holidays, Croatia has even more to offer on the mainland to the north. The National Parks of Plitvice and Krka provide some of the most amazing waterfall backdrop’s in the world, where you can hike through the trees on an adventure or relax in the lakes.

Move on from your wilderness adventure to the beautiful seaside town of Zadar for sightseeing, great food and scenic walks; or to the magnificent island of Pag if you want to check of some of the country’s best nightlife.

These holiday spots are the preference of locals and are considerably less touristic (and less expensive) than the likes of Dubrovnik and Split. Plan a multi-destination trip, rent a car and stay in more great value luxury apartments as you travel along the coastline. The north-east of Croatia will guarantee you a cheap July holiday with a good dose of adventure mixed with relaxation. And the locals will welcome you as one of their own!

Best for: Couples, families, solo travellers, friends

High temperature: 30 degrees

Antalya, Turkey

Cheap July beach holidays - shows Antalya beach with a rock and two boats

Turkey is making a comeback to once again become a top holiday choice for European sun not too far from home! The coastline and tourist areas are perfectly safe places to visit and you’ll have no problems relaxing on the beach for a week or two. Resorts such as Antalya have plenty of nice hotels to choose from that’ll cost you a fraction of the price elsewhere in Europe, so you can upgrade your stay and get more for your money! Go five star for the price of a 3-star in Italy or Spain!

Many people don’t realise how historic and adventure filled Antalya can be, mistaking it for the typical tourist traps, beaches and cheap hotels. Top things to do here include bike tours around historic towns and ancient cities, impressive waterfalls amongst nature, parks, marina’s and ancient sites. There’s plenty to do here when you’re not relaxing in your hotel or on the beach. Combine all this with cheap prices and excellent Turkish food and you have a great destination to visit this July!

Best for: Culture lovers, families, couples

High temperature: 34 degrees


Shows Iceland countryside and houses in the summer - Best July holiday ideas

Iceland’s a country that we recommend time and time again on World Travel Toucan and to all our friends. Winter is the time that we advise on visiting, however that definitely doesn’t mean you should give the warmer months a miss! A summer in Iceland offers a completely different landscape to the snowy earlier months of the year. Waterfalls glisten gracefully in the sun, the black-sand beaches can be used for relaxing and the amazing countryside is rich, green and waiting to be explored on a road-trip. It’s still a little cold with 13 degrees Celsius high’s so you’ll need a jacket.

You’ll spend your time here driving around and stopping off to see impressive waterfalls, landscapes and volcanoes, living like a local in the capital and bathing in natural hot springs. A July holiday in Iceland isn’t necessarily a more expensive time to visit as many people opt for beach holidays at this time of the year. Want to save even more money? Go camping in the wilderness! It’s one of the safest places in the world to do it and an experience like no other.

Check out our Iceland travel guides and activity ideas here.

Best for: Adventurers, couples, solo travellers, friends

High temperature: 13 degrees

Long-haul July holiday ideas – Faraway favourites

Escape Europe altogether and go on an epic adventure to the other side of the world. Our long-haul July holiday ideas includes both active exploring and beach relaxation options.


Shows a vast lake in Mozambique

A destination you may not have thought of when considering where to go on holiday in July is the south-east African country of Mozambique. Being a somewhat off-the-beaten track destination, you’ll avoid the crowds of more popular destinations and practically have the beaches to yourself! The country’s main attractions are the beautiful white sands, intriguing local culture and opportunities to venture the African plains on a Safari. This makes it a top-choice place for a combined holiday of adventure and relaxation where you can spend a week exploring, and another winding down before your return to work.

You’ll likely fly into the capital of Maputo, so this is where you should start your travels! It promises rich culture by the coastline, markets, pretty Mediterranean style buildings and lots of cool bars and restaurants. Your itinerary could then take you to the vast wilderness of one of the national parks, where you can stay in an immersive animal lodge, safari on the plains or visit a local village. End your holiday with a week on the beach of an island archipelagos just off the coast. July in Mozambique is one of the driest months of the year. Temperatures soar to the 30’s during the day but it’s much cooler at night.

Best for: Adventurers, couples, beach lovers

High temperature: 24 degrees (Maputo)

Barbados, Caribbean

Shows a white-sand Barbados beach - Long haul beach holidays in July

Jet off further afield to the tranquil beach paradise of Barbados, where sand is white and powdery, the nightlife and music scene is some of the best in the Caribbean, and the historic capital is a step into Caribbean culture of old times. Flights to the island are readily available from Europe and you can get some excellent package deals in one of the well-established hotels. There’s also plenty of choice and it’s a safe place to visit so you can leave your hotel without any problems.

The majority of your holiday will centre around the coast, relaxing in a nice hotel and soaking in the rays on the stunning beaches and coves (be sure to visit all the main areas), but you also have option of heading out to sea for a boat trip, water sports and more cultural activities. The buildings of the Bridgetown capital sport colourful Caribbean flair, painting a picture of the island’s past. Visit the local parliament, museums, plantations and churches to get a feel of Barbados centuries ago.

Best for: Families, beach lovers, couples

High temperature: 29 degrees

Borneo and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Long haul adventure holidays in July - shows the vast jungles of Borneo from above

For an adventure that’s popular among the volunteering and wildlife loving world, venture to the far east of Asia to visit the vast jungles of Borneo. You can either join a conversation centre to immerse yourself in helping to protect the Orang Utans, or stop by for an up close and personal interaction with these beautiful creatures before exploring the rest of the jungles and amazing scenery on a hike. It’s a must-do trip for nature and animal lovers!

Combine your Borneo adventure with a fleeting stop in the futuristic city of Kuala Lumpur, where you’ll probably catch the connecting flight from anyway. KL is a cool city-scape of modern mixed with tradition, in one of the world’s most diverse multi-cultures. Relax in a luxury hotel for low prices, give your taste-buds a sample of top Malaysian street food cuisine and go shopping and sightseeing. The nearby coastal town of Malacca can also be added into your itinerary to complete this culture and adventure filled July holiday idea!

Best for: Adventurers, couples, solo travellers

High temperature: 35 degrees

We hope we’ve inspired you to with ideas for where to go on holiday in July! Although it’s a month than can be expensive due to it being the peak summer in many countries and school kids are on holiday, there’s still a bargain to be found and weather is excellent all around! If you have any questions about any of the destinations that we’ve featured in our July holiday ideas list, feel free to get in touch.


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