Where to go on holiday in 2020

Our ‘where to go on holiday in 2020’ list is filled with practical inspiration from around the world. It includes countries both close to home in Europe and faraway escapes, giving you a good mix to choose from for different times of the year. 2020 is on the horizon and it’s never too early to start planning a holiday, especially if it’s as epic and adventurous as the destinations featured on our list below!


Where to go on holiday in 2020 - Shows a remote beach umbrella in Belize

Mexico’s Quintana Roo coastline of resorts, including Tulum, Cancun and Playa del Carmen, is no stranger to tropical beach holidays. The area has long been a hotspot for luxury getaways! Just south of the Mexican Riviera you have the much lesser known country of Belize, a hidden gem of a tropical destination with some amazing coral reefs, white-sand beaches and intriguing local culture.

You’ll find the same stunning scenery and beaches as Mexico on a much cheaper scale, with your budget stretching much further. In fact; you can stay in a 5-star beach resort for less than £100 per night! The country is a mix of tropical rainforests and Caribbean beaches, providing the perfect combination of adventures and relaxation. Top things to do here include wildlife jungle treks, Mayan civilisation sightseeing and a boat load of scuba diving, snorkelling and water sports activities.

Recommended area to stay: For low-cost travel on a beautiful, sleepy beach island, check out Caye Caulker. Placencia is the place to go for grand luxury resorts and awesome beaches. It’s similar to Mexico’s Playa de Carmen but less touristic.

Best time to visit: Late November to mid-April is Belize’s driest season and the best time to visit. Avoid travelling during key American holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and you’ll be able to enjoy fewer crowds and lower prices.

Azores, Portugal

Shows the rich nature and lakes of Azores - 2020 beach holidays

Everyone’s heard of Madeira, but there’s a chance you might not have even heard of the Azores, which are an archipelago of nature rich Atlantic Islands off the coast of Portugal. As a less touristic Portuguese island escape, the Azores are a great place for rural explorers that want a beach holiday with lots of hiking opportunities and adventure activities.

Base yourself in one of the main towns such as Ponta Delgada and spend your days heading out on expeditions into the hills and kayaking by the coastline. Azores is adventurous at heart but you’ll still encounter the colourful colonial culture that you’d find in a city such as Lisbon. Small towns are pretty places to wander, browsing gift shops and tasting the delicious seafood cuisine. As there are many Azores islands to choose from, do your research to see what suits you best. You can visit them all on boat trips regardless.

Recommended area to stay: Stay on São Miguel Island, the largest island, for plenty to see and do and accommodation options for every budget.

Best time to visit: Travel between May and June or September and October for less crowds, great weather and more affordable prices.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Shows the terraced buildings of Positano - 2020 holiday ideas

Not exactly a new and ground breaking destination, but an amazing one nonetheless. The south of Italy is home to a plethora of quaint coastal cities, amazing cliffside scenery and the same rich Italian cooking that you’ll find in the major cities. Spend your summer touring the Italian coastline in a small fiat and say hello to great times! It’s an excellent place to go on holiday in 2020 for families, friends and even couples!

We recommend flying into Naples, renting a car and planning an epic journey down the Amalfi Coast, stopping off at stunning towns, villages and beaches along the way. You’ll get to capture the spectacular viewpoints of Positano, indulge in fine wine and seafood on the island of Capri and get lost on the winding roads of Amalfi. We personally love stumbling across small coves, parking up and relaxing with a picnic.

Recommended area to stay: Fly into Naples and explore the Amalfi Coast

Best time to visit: Visit between April and May or September and October to avoid the summer crowds and expensive summer prices. The weather is still delightful.


Adventure destinations for 2020 - Shows a collection of flags on the salt flats of Bolivia

Our 2020 holiday ideas list is full of faraway adventure destinations and Bolivia fits that description to the letter. Famous for its vast salt flats that stretch for over 10,000 square kilometres, a trip to the country has to include them on the itinerary! Fly into one of the main cities and build a schedule of stops throughout the country.

Key things to see and do include speeding along the vast Salar de Uyuni salt flats in a 4×4, embarking on a treacherous bike ride down the North Yungas Road, also known as ‘Death Road’ and sampling Bolivia’s small corner of the Amazon Rainforest. As you can see, Bolivia is quite the destination for outdoor activities. When you’re not trekking mountains, horse riding through desserts or passing by lakes, relax in a culture filled city and swing by a street market. They’re colourful, full of character and have a great selection of foods and souvenirs.

Recommended area to stay: Travel around Bolivia to see your desired attractions. We recommend Uyuni (for the salt flats and La Paz, where you can explore the city and then attempt the Death Road bike route.

Best time to visit: Bolivia experiences fairly cool temperatures year-round, however the driest (and best) time of the year to visit is between May and October.


Shows a Japanese temple on a lake - Where to go on holiday in 2020

Japan is at the top of our personal travel list of where to go on holiday in 2020. Everyone that visits the country puts it in their top list for ‘unique places to visit’. The culture is unlike anywhere else in the world, the people and service you’ll get is second to none and there is plenty to see and do.

Spend 2 or 3 weeks dashing between cities and regions on the high-speed bullet train and sample everything from the high-rise tech centre of Tokyo to the beautiful Japanese countryside, home to traditional temples, ancient bridges and the famous cherry blossom trees. Getting around and exploring Japan is easy, even with the language barrier, however it can be quite an expensive country to visit.

Recommended area to stay: Plan a multi-stop trip covering Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama and Osaka. All four areas are must-see locations that provide completely different experiences. Travel between cities by train.

Best time to visit: Visit March and May to catch the blossoming of the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees. Summer is also a great time to visit.

Santander, Spain

Shows the city beach in Santander, Spain

Step aside Southern Spain, it’s the north’s time to shine! Northern Spain is home to a variety of beautiful beaches and historic towns that many people forget, in favour of the more popular cities and resorts. Santander is the capital of the Cantabria region and is quickly evolving to become a holiday hotspot. As much of the city was destroyed in a fire in 1941, it has a distinctly different feel to the neighbouring towns.

Spend your time here exploring the vibrant shopping streets, bars and restaurants or relaxing on the stretch of beach. It’s a pretty yet active place to stay for a long weekend city break or in combination with other areas of Northern Spain. We recommend pairing the city with Bilbao and San Sebastián. All areas have a distinct local feel with far fewer foreign tourists than Andalucía and the Costa del Sol, which we love!

Recommended area to stay: El Sardinero is a great place to stay by the beach with impressive views, however hotels can be expensive. For more affordable accommodation that’s still within walking distance of the main sites, stay in Santander City Centre.

Best time to visit: Santander follows the typical seasons and weather of the rest of Spain. We recommend visiting during spring or autumn-time and avoiding the chilly winter or peak months of July and August. Many Spanish families flock to the city during summer and prices can skyrocket.


Shows a paradise beach in Hawaii - 2020 beach holiday ideas

Hawaii has long been an elusive and tropical holiday destination, noted for laid-back beaches, monstrous volcanoes and honeymoon retreat resorts. American’s make the most of their beloved paradise island, however it’s a tricky place to get to for Europeans. Embark on a Hawaii holiday in 2020 and you’ll not be disappointed. You can always stop off in Los Angeles on the way to break up flight time.

Once you arrive on one of the eight Hawaiian Islands, you’ll be greeted with a true islander welcome, and of course, your complimentary lei garland. We recommend splitting your Hawaiian trip into a series of adventures and luxury beach relaxation. Embark on awesome activities such as shark diving, hiking the treacherous Kilauea Iki Trail trail to a volcano crater and touring the islands by boat. You can then spend the rest of your time kicking back with a coconut drink on a secluded beach or opting for a 5-star resort. They’re truly something special…

Hawaii can be an expensive 2020 holiday idea, but it’s an experience you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Recommended area to stay: We recommend Kauai or Oahu islands for adventurers and solo travellers or Maui for couples looking for romantic relaxation.

Best time to visit: Visit during the months of May, September and October for less crowds and cheaper prices.

Galway, Ireland

Shows a countryside castle in Galway, Ireland. 2020 city break ideas

Jet across the Irish Sea to the homeland of Irish folk music and tradition. The people of Galway certainly know how to welcome guests! For a cultural city break with lively nightlife and spectacular countryside, we recommend flying into Dublin and then renting a car to travel across the country to Galway. You can even visit both cities in one trip!

Tour the luscious green fields and cobblestone villages, exploring Galway’s medieval past. All before retreating to a cosy Irish pub on an evening, Enjoying live folk music, Irish dancing and plenty of pints of Guinness! The local people are extremely friendly and there’s a good mix of tourists and locals embracing each other in song on a weekend. You can also take day trips from Galway to catch a glimpse of the tall cliffs and rugged land formations of the west coast.

Recommended area to stay: Stay in Galway City Centre to be near all the action and Irish cheer.

Best time to visit: Galway is a rainy city year-round, but that’s part of its mysterious charm. Visit during the summer months for less rainfall and warmer temperatures.

Muscat, Oman

Shows a beautiful palace in Oman

Oman is the new jewel of the middle east. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have quickly become a tourist paradise for luxurious experiences and guaranteed hot weather year-round, but there’s no denying they’re both expensive places to visit. Therefore, the culture-rich dessert escape of Oman is our top pick for middle eastern holiday sun in 2020. It offers the same luxury hotels, beach relaxation and Arabian atmosphere as the U.A.E, but at a significantly lower cost. We also believe it has much more to offer in terms of culture!

Fly into the capital city of Muscat for some thrilling market dashes, cultural walking tours and gift shopping, before heading across the dessert plains to a nearby beach resort. Muscat’s coastline has a plethora of well-known hotel brands where you can relax by the pool, bathe on the beach and generally be at home in luxury. You also have the option of desert day trips, mountain hikes and historic sightseeing opportunities.

Recommended area to stay: Qurum Beach in Muscat is the perfect base for a relaxing holiday. You have all of the facilities of a beach resort with a bustling city nearby.

Best time to visit: The weather here is very hot year-round. Visit during November and March for more comfortable temperatures.


Shows elephants in the desert of Namibia

For an African safari that will rival any of the famous national parks in South Africa, Namibia is the place to visit in 2020. Its vast savanna of remote wilderness is exactly like that of the Lion King movie and is home to all of the African wildlife you can imagine! Etosha National Park will captivate you with its many big cats, elephants, black rhinos and other familiar faces of the animal world.

In addition to the well maintained and professionally managed animal reserves, you can visit local villages that are rich in African heritage and stay in huge, luxurious bungalows and lodges. The evening barbecue’s are particularly excellent! Namibia provides the ultimate safari holiday for you in 2020 and it’s significantly more affordable than other popular African safari destinations.

Recommended area to stay: Etosha National Park and Damaraland are both excellent game reserves in the north of Namibia. We recommend either!

Best time to visit: Visit during July and October for the smallest amount of rainfall and daily temperatures above 20 degrees. It’s also the best time of year for seeing the animals!

Wherever you’re looking to go on holiday in 2020, there are countless places to choose from and a great place to visit will all depend on your budget and what you’re looking for during your trip. We hope we’ve inspired you with plenty of ideas in our ‘Where to go on holiday in 2020’ guide and you’re just excited as us for what 2020 has to bring in the world of travel! We’ll be visiting many of the destinations on our list so watch out for our travel tips and guides throughout the year. Bon voyage!

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