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Visiting Madeira in November

shows a church on a hill in Madeira

Are you thinking of visiting Madeira in November? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we share everything you need to know about visiting this unique Portuguese tropical island in the month of November. We take a detailed look at the weather across the island, give recommendations on what to pack, where to stay and answer frequently asked questions.

Read our complete guide to visiting Madeira in November and be sure to let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below.


Is Madeira a good place to visit in November?

November is a great month to visit Madeira! As a year-round destination with much warmer temperatures than the rest of Europe in winter, it’s a welcome escape from cold and rain. As you’ll soon find out as you read our article, November has good weather at this time of year and it’s not overly busy. Furthermore, as a year-round destination, all bars, shops and restaurants are open and there’s plenty to see and do. It suits those that want a relaxing holiday, but also those that want to explore. It’s home to endless hikes, nature trails and stunning natural scenery.

You won’t find the hot temperatures of the summer months. Nevertheless, we found the climate in Madeira in November to be ideal. It’s warm but not overly hot, ideal for lying in the sun or going sightseeing.

Overhead view of Praia Formosa beach in Funchal

How is Madeira weather in November?

In our opinion, the weather in Madeira in November is perfect. It’s not overly hot, so you can lie out on a sun lounger by the pool without feeling uncomfortable. It’s also good for sightseeing and long walks. You can explore as much as you like without feeling too hot and sweaty. As you’ll read below in the ‘Madeira temperatures’ section, it has a mild climate throughout the day and the temperature rarely drops below 18 degrees Celsius on an evening. Expect warm sunny days and mild evenings.

The weather in Madeira in November isn’t going to feel like summer and you may need a light jacket on occasion. Swimming pools can also be cold. However, compared to the rest of Europe, it feels like a tropical paradise at this time of the year.

Madeira also has a unique ‘micro-climate’. It’s lower elevation coastal areas feel somewhat tropical, with high humidity, making the air feel warmer than you’d expect for the temperatures. It’s also very interchangeable. It could be pouring of rain in the north or in the mountains, but Funchal could be warm and sunny. Nice weather is guaranteed at this time of the year, so although it could rain and you’ll see some cloud, you’ll still experience lots of sunshine.

Madeira weather in November - Shows crashing waves at Seixal Beach

What’s the average Madeira temperature in November?

The average Madeira temperature in November is 21 degrees Celsius (high), with an average daily temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. This covers the entire island and coastal areas may see warmer temperatures. During the day in Funchal, the temperature can reach high’s of 25 degrees, which is very pleasant for this time of the year.

At first glance, the temperature doesn’t look too high in November. However, as the climate on the island is very humid, it feels a lot warmer than what you’d expect.

Madeira’s temperatures in November are also fairly consistent throughout the day, falling only a few degrees on an evening. Expect warm evenings of 18 – 20 degrees Celsius.

One final thing to note about Madeira’s temperature in November is the difference around the island. Funchal, Ponta do Sol and the other towns to the south are generally warmer and have more sunshine. The north of Madeira has temperatures that are a couple of degrees cooler. You then have the centre of the island and its many peaks, which are cooler again and you’ll need a light jacket.

Madeira temperatures in November - Shows a temperature chart
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Does it rain in Madeira in November?

It most certainly does! However, it’s not bad at all. Weather is unpredictable and very different depending on where you are on the island at any given time. The higher elevation mountain areas see a lot more rain than lower land. Equally, the north of the island gets more rain than the south. If staying in Funchal or a town on the south coast, you’ll likely see very little rain in November. Showers come and go fast, lasting only a couple of hours.

We recommend preparing for rainy weather if travelling around Madeira, but expect it to be short lived. It’s always best to check the weather the day before a day-trip as the forecast changes fast.

In our opinion, rain is nothing to worry about for a November visit to Madeira. You’ll experience rain, but not much of it. Its unique tropical climate and many tropical plants need some water from time to time. 😊

Mistry mountains above a small Madeira town

What’s the water temperature in Madeira in November? Can I use the swimming pool?

The average sea temperature in Madeira in November is just under 22°C. This is cool and refreshing, but not so cold that you can’t swim. Expect outdoor swimming pools to be quite cool too, unless they’re heated. It’s not common for outdoor hotel pools to be heated in Madeira (with the exception of a few hotels). However, there are a lot of hotels with heated indoor pools.

You won’t enjoy the nice warm water temperatures of the summer months but can still use the pool or swim in the sea on a hot sunny day.

If you value a heated swimming pool on holiday, check out Porto Mare Hotel and The Cliff Hotel. Both have multiple pool options, some of which are heated.

Scenic view of the cliffside - Madeira in November

What clothing should I pack

As we’ve already mentioned, Madeira is a destination of many climates. Weather can be unpredictable depending on where you’re visiting on a particular day. Therefore, we recommend packing the following for any November trip to Madeira:

  • Sun cream and after sun. It often reaches mid-20-degrees and there are a lot of sunny days, especially in the south.
  • Shorts, t-shirts, swim wear and light clothing, just as you would for any summer holiday.
  • A light jacket, cardigan or jumper. This comes in handy when visiting the mountains or the cooler north. You may also want to wear a jacket on an evening when the temperature drops. We personally wore shorts day and night.
  • A light waterproof jacket. This is perfect for those unexpected rain showers.
  • Hiking shoes or boots if you plan on doing a Levada walk or mountain hike. Trainers can be quite dangerous to wear on some walks in November.
  • Multiple types of footwear. You’ll want flip flops for relaxing pool or beach days, trail shoes for long walks and trainers for flat land walks around town. You’ll likely do a lot of walking!
  • As you’ll be doing lots of walking, pack additional pairs of socks, ideally made from breathable materials.

Is Madeira busy in November?

November is a little quieter than other months of the year. However, as Madeira is a year-round destination, hotels are still fairly busy and everything is open. Expect the usual crowds at top Madeira attractions. Weekends tend to be busier than weekdays when visiting restaurants, bars and attractions, as the locals like to go out at weekends.

To summarise, expect it to be moderately busy, but not so much that you’ll struggle to get reservations or see the things you like to.

Susie looking out at sea from the promenade

Is everything open in Madeira in November?

Madeira is a year-round tourist destination that’s popular no matter the month. Therefore, expect everything to be open, including all attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels and shops. November is a fairly popular time to visit, with many north Europeans escaping their own countries for some winter sun.

What are the best places to stay in November?

As already mentioned, Madeira has a unique climate with lots of microclimates throughout the island. The following areas are great places to base yourself for Madeira November trip. Saying that, we still recommend exploring as much of the island as you can!

Funchal Old Town – Funchal Old Town is the sprawling, cultural capital of the island. It’s an eclectic mix of tourists and locals and feels much like a European city break destination. Funchal in general has some of the best weather on the island, with guaranteed sunshine, little rain and warm temperatures.

Scenic view of Funchal town from the botanical gardens

Funchal Lido area – The most popular place to stay in Madeira, this stretched out resort area has a huge variety of hotels, bars and restaurants. It’s the go-to place to stay whilst visiting the island. It also has excellent weather year-round and a long promenade where you can walk to your heart’s desire.

Madeira weather in November - The many hotels of Lido, Funchal

Ponta do Sol – A sleepy beach town on Madeira’s south coast. It’s popular with digital nomads and expats, with its traditional white-washed buildings, quaint corner cafes and picturesque cobbled streets. Accommodation here is mostly small boutique guest houses and apartment rentals.

A small church in Ponta do Sol

Calheta Beach – Another small beach town that boasts one of Madeira’s nicest beaches. It’s perfect for a long weekend getaway, some distance from busy Funchal.

Madeira in November - Calheta Beach at sunset

Our top tips for visiting Madeira in November

  • Expect nice sunny weather but prepare for a chance of showers and cooler spells. Weather is interchangeable so it’s good to be ready for all climates. Pack layers just in case.
  • Stay on the south of the island for more hours of sunshine and less chance of rain. Funchal, Ponta do Sol, Câmara de Lobos and Calheta beach are top choices.
  • There are some great deals to be found for last minute holiday in November. It’s not a super popular month to visit so you can save money by booking a package 1 week to 2 months before travel.
  • Use the handy Madeira-Web site to view live webcams for different areas of the island. If the weather doesn’t look good, consider changing plans. For instance, when hiking Pico do Arieiro or walking Balcoes Levada, you want clear skies for the best views. Even though it’s sunny in one area, the weather could be completely different elsewhere.
  • Keep a foldable rain jacket in your bag when you’re out and about. It’ll come in handy if it rains or gets a little cooler.
  • Book a hotel with a heated indoor or outdoor swimming pool if you want a comfortable temperature to swim. Pools can be a little cold in November.
  • Make the most of your day and head out earlier in the morning. The sun sets around 6pm.
  • Consider making restaurant reservations for dining options that are popular, especially if visiting on a weekend.
  • On a similar note, arriving at attractions earlier allows you to enjoy them with less crowds. Popular sites gets busier late morning and into the afternoon.

Thanks for reading our complete guide to visiting Madeira in November! In our opinion, it really is one of the best places to visit in Europe in November. It’s very affordable compared to the more popular Canary Islands and has a lot to offer for those that want some winter adventure or relaxation. We’ll personally return to Madeira for many more winter’s to come and would love to visit in December for Christmas, which is another great month to travel.

If you have any questions about visiting Madeira in November, be sure to leave a comment below.



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