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The Ultimate Guide to Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, Rhodes – Our review and tips


The Lindos Princess Beach Hotel is located on the eastern coastline of Rhodes in a small town called Lardos. It’s a 10-15 minute drive to the alluring seaside town of Lindos and is one of the most popular hotels in the area for an all-inclusive family holiday.

Rated 4 stars, the hotel is packed full of facilities and is very large in size. It hotel advertises itself as being all-inclusive, meaning drinks, food, facilities and more is available without having to pay an extra cost when you’re there.

Our first impression of the hotel was very good. Arriving late in the evening, we were greeted by friendly staff in a very impressive lobby and could easily find our room. We explored the hotel for a full week and have put this all-in-one guide together to help you plan your stay at the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel or decide whether you want to book. All reviews and opinions are our own and based on our experience.  Enjoy reading and be sure to ask us any questions you might have!

At a glance, the hotel has the following features and facilities:

  • Spacious family rooms with different views available
  • 3 restaurants (1 buffet style, 2 a la carte)
  • 3 bars (2 pool bars, 1 inside bar)
  • Private beach with water sports
  • 3 large swimming pools (1 with a water slide, 1 with an in-water kid’s play area)
  • Pool games and activity schedule
  • Adventure activities such archery, mini golf, sports challenges and more
  • Arcade
  • On-site luxury spa and salon
  • Fitness centre
  • Kid’s play area
  • Kid’s club for 3 different age brackets
  • Evening entertainment/shows
  • On-site supermarket and shops


Grounds and common areas


Restaurants and bars

Swimming pools and beach

Private beach


Adventure activities

Evening entertainment

Kid’s Club / Kid’s activities

Getting around

Exploring the nearby area and Rhodes

Hotel visitors tips

Our final thoughts and review

Booking the hotel

The grounds and common areas

Our impression of the hotel lobby, lounge areas, paths and gardens was very good. Everywhere is immaculately groomed and maintained and there are no signs of wear. The lobby itself is impressive to look at, featuring marble floors and ceilings with mythical Greek art.

There are plenty of lounge/sofa areas to relax with air conditioning out of the hot sun, with refreshments available throughout the day, and although the hotel was busy when we were there, it’s large enough to accommodate guests without feeling too crowded for facilities. Take a leisurely evening walk along the beach area or enjoy a drink in the gardens – it’s surprisingly spaced out and peaceful.

Hotel lobby - Lindos Princess Hotel
Main building - Lindos Princess Beach Hotel
Shows Hotel gardens

The rooms

Most of the rooms in the hotel are designed for families. They’re rectangular in design and split by sliding doors. In one section you have a queen bed with French doors leading to a patio area, whilst the other section of the room has a sofa that extends into a bed. Both sections have flat screen TV’s and plenty of storage space.

Space-wise, the rooms are a good size and have the usual amenities you’d expect to find – wardrobes, mini fridge, coat hangers, etc. The mini fridge is stocked with complimentary soft drinks, water and beer and it’s re-filled three times per week.

The bathroom has a bathtub with overhang shower head, with two sinks, shower gel, hand wash and daily fresh towels. You’ll need to bring your own shampoo, conditioner and toiletries.

Overall, we really liked the room. It’s spacious, has a bright, welcoming design and has all the amenities you’d need for a week-long stay in the hotel. One thing we particularly liked was the large patio area, accessible from the master bedroom section of the room. Enjoy the sun on the lounger or a drink and a snack on the patio table. It’s a great place to relax before your evening meal or when you’re waiting for the rest of the family getting ready.

Room tips:

  • Ask for a room with a view of the main pool. This central location is a short walk from the hotel entrance, pool area, bar and restaurants. If you prefer somewhere very quiet and secluded, a room near the tennis court/sports area will suit you.
  • If you’re visiting for a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, etc), let the hotel know in advance! They’ll leave a special surprise in your room.
Lindos Princess Hotel room 1
Lindos Princess Beach Hotel room 2

The restaurants and bars

There are three main restaurants in the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, one being the main buffet restaurant where you’ll spend the majority of meals, the other two being special a la carte options that you can choose to dine at once during your stay (choose one of them).

Spondi buffet-style restaurant

Spondi is the largest and busiest of the restaurants. From morning until late evening, the staff serve up plates of delicious food and give you a wide array of options to choose from.

Food variety – The variety of food is very good. There’s a daily rotation of dishes throughout the week so there’s a good chance you’ll have something different to eat for dinner every time you visit. You will see some common items such as fries, breads and ice cream, however many of the dishes change and you’ll never be bored of the options. Personally, we loved Greek night on a Saturday evening!

Food quality – Somewhat unexpectedly, the food quality was very good for a buffet (speaking from experience). Prime meats and well cooked dishes were available every day and they were plentiful in supply.

Restaurant environment – Eating in the same restaurant every day can be a little boring for some people so keep that in mind, however the different variety of food on offer each day hopefully makes up for that. The restaurant is split into two sections – an indoor area with wooden tables and easy access to the food and an outdoor al Fresco area which is very nice on an evening. We’d recommend dining outside for a nicer atmosphere but it’s completely up to you! Mix it up throughout your stay and try both.

Athough we do like to eat at different places, the value, convenience and amount of food at this restaurant made up for this. You’ll definitely save money with the all-inclusive option.

Top tips:

  • Arrive earlier rather than later. As explained soon, staff can be a little too eager to clear away dishes.
  • Arriving as soon as dinner starts is the best way to avoid crowds.
  • Sit in different areas to mix up the scenery. The outdoor patio area is very nice on an evening.
  • Lunch isn’t just available at this restaurant. The main pool bar serves up a large lunch every day and there’s a snack bar where you can order pizza or Greek Gyro’s throughout the day.

On a negative note: Although there’s set opening times for the restaurant, we found that the staff were always trying to pack everything away much earlier. Expect them to be clearing food away at least half an hour before the breakfast, lunch or dinner is supposed to finish. It can be quite annoying so be sure not to arrive too near the closing time.

Shows Spondi Buffet restaurant

A La Carte Restaurants:

During your stay at the Lindos Princes, you’re welcome to one evening (if staying for a week) in one of the speciality ‘a la carte’ restaurants. These provide a fancier dining experience to the buffet offering. You have an option of a Mediterranean seafood restaurant called Thalassa or Italian restaurant called L’Osteria. You must reserve your table at least 2 days in advance of dining.

Shows Thalassa Restaurant exterior

L’Osteria – a la carte restaurant

L’Osteria serves hearty Italian food with a gourmet edge, located in a romantic, open front setting and staff will wait on you intently as you enjoy a three course meal. Overall, the food quality was good, it tasted delicious and the menu was varied. The open setting overlooking the hotel grounds was beautifully romantic and you should definitely ask for a table in the outside area.

The only negative thing we noted here was that you had to pay for drinks. This was strange considering it’s an all-inclusive hotel and there’s a pool bar two-minutes away with unlimited drink options.

Thalassa – A la carte restaurant

Thalassa is right next door to L’Osteria and features a similar layout. The interior is dimly lit and spacious whilst the front of the restaurant has seats in the open air with views of the hotel grounds. Choose Thalassa for your ‘special’ al la carte restaurant if you like seafood, because there’s lots of it and it’s cooked to perfection. The other dishes are Mediterranean inspired and quite Greek in design. Whatever you choose, you’ll get 3 courses – a starter, main and dessert.

As with L’Osteria, you have to pay for drinks and only get bottled water included with your meal.

Aegean Pool Bar

This bar is located right next to the main swimming pool. It’s open from the early hours of the morning until 1am, serving up almost any drink you want on the all-inclusive package. Fill up your bottle with ice cold water from the tap or order drinks ranging from cocktails, mocktails, local beer, wines, soft drinks, slushes and spirits with mixers. Almost all of the drinks are cheaper local brands; however we didn’t notice any lower quality that you’d expect with an all-inclusive hotel. (trust us – we tried them all!).

The bartenders are friendly and fast! There’s stool seating at the bar and table seating alongside it if you want a drink and some shade from the sun.

Shows the Lindos Princess Pool bar

Aeolos beach restaurant and pool bar

Aelos restaurant is located right next to the beach. It’s an outdoor restaurant with plenty of tables, all located under a shaded area. Throughout the day you can enjoy drinks from one of the two bar platforms or grab a snack (pizza, Gyro’s, cake) at the snack bar adjoining the main bar.

At lunchtime every day, the buffet section of the restaurant opens and you can enjoy a range of dishes, salads and desserts. Although the choice isn’t as wide as the alternative Spondi restaurant lunch, you’re still spoiled for choice.

On an evening, the restaurant section of Aelolos closes and it’s all about the bar. Listen to a daily schedule of live music and performances whilst you enjoy a relaxing drink in the bar area. This is a good alternative evening entertainment option for those that aren’t keen on the amphitheatre show.

Main pool restaurant - Lindos Princess Hotel

Dionysis main bar

The main bar is located directly above the Spondi buffet restaurant and just along from the hotel lobby. It features both an indoor area with wooden chairs, tables, three pool tables (2 euros per game) and an outdoor balcony area that overlooks the hotel grounds.

The atmosphere at Dinoysis is very relaxed and classy in nature, with low-key background music and smartly dressed bartenders and hosts that provide table drink service. Enjoy an after dinner drink under the night sky or play some pool and enjoy time with the family.

The bar is open from 6pm until 1am and serves wines, cocktails, mocktails, spirits and beers from the all-inclusive menu. It also sells premium imported spirits that cost extra.

Swimming pools

The range of swimming pools on offer at the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel is impressive. The centre of the hotel grounds is occupied by three large pools, each with different layouts and activities.

Pool 1: Main pool

The main pool is the closest to the restaurant and main lobby building. It has its own pool bar, plenty of sun loungers and a bridge that divides different areas of the pool. Throughout the day, lively music will play and you’re invited to join a host of pool activities and party games. From water aerobics and fitness classes to water polo and a host of silly poolside games, the hotel’s Animation Team are on hand to make sure everyone has fun. It’s not just for kid’s either. The atmosphere around this pool is great for all ages.

Main pool bar - Lindos Princess Beach Hotel

Pool 2: Water slide pool near the beach

If you’re looking for something a little more quite, the pool closest to the beach is ideal. This slightly smaller pool has its own water slide and plenty of sun loungers overlooking the main pool bar and beach area. In our experience, it attracts many adults but kids are welcome too! Use this pool to escape the music and games of the other pools. And of course, to have fun on the water slide!

Pool with slide - Lindos Princess Beach Hotel

Pool 3: The kid’s pool

This pool is in the centre of the resort, situated between the kid’s outdoor play area and the pool bar. It’s quite large in size and has a very shallow area with an in-water play area for the kids. Expect miniature slides, rides and other water park fun in this small but fun play area.

It’s great for families with children of all ages and the main pool bar is also a short walk away so you have easy access to drinks and snacks, a big bonus! Being a pool catering to kids, expect more noise in this area.

Shows the kids pool area with slides

The private beach

That’s right. The Lindos Princess Beach Hotel has a private beach! To set expectations, it isn’t the best beach you’ll see in Greece (dark, gritty sand and a short tide), but it’s a nice place to relax away from the busy pool areas. On either side of the beach you’ll see towering mountains, setting a beautiful backdrop for an evening walk on the shoreline.

The water is clean and cool, ideal for taking a break from the hot Greek sun. There are plenty of sun loungers available and the main pool and snack bar is only a short walk away!

If you want to try out some water-sports, the on-site beach shack have activities ranging from jet-skiing to parasailing and all the usual water-sports you’d expect to find. It’ll cost you around 37 euros for a 15 minute jet-ski ride and 80 euros for 2 people to para-sail.

Shows the private beach area with blue umbrellas

The facilities

The hotel has a number of amenities and features to make you feel at home. These include:

Luxury spa and indoor pool

The hotel’s spa is top notch. The surroundings are everything you’d expect from a four star hotel spa and it’s a great place to relax for the adults whilst the kids are playing games. Facilities and treatments include:

  • Heated indoor swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Hamam
  • Whirpool bath
  • Massage
  • Body and face treatments

The swimming pool, baths and saunas are free to use for hotel guests, but you must reserve a space in advance earlier in the day. Treatments and massages are good, but a little expensive and the hotel has a captive audience.

All adults staying at the Lindos Princes get a voucher on arrival that can be used for a free 15-minute treatment at the spa or discount on a full-price service. If you’re interested in using the spa, you’ll need to turn up earlier in the day (ideally the day before) to browse the menu and book your appointment.

Shows Lindos Princess Hotel Spa


Get your hair done before an evening out or have some shade from the sun and enjoy a manicure and nail polish. The on-site salon is a nice addition for those that like some pampering on their holiday. Make sure you book an appointment if you want a treatment.

Fitness centre

Right opposite the spa is a small fitness centre where you can work off those extra calories that you demolished at breakfast. It’s old, but well equipped for a small gym and has the following equipment:

  • Treadmills and cross trainers
  • 6-10 strength building machines, including a lat pull down, bench press machine, ab crunch apparatus and more
  • A couple of benches with plenty of free-weight dumbbells (going up to 30kg)
Lindos Princess Hotel gym interior


Fussball, basketball games, air hockey and many more games are available to play in the arcade room, located right next to the main building. The room is small but great fun for an hour or so. It has around 10-15 different games and they cost between 1 – 2 euros each.

Just outside of the arcade are 3 table tennis tables where you can play at your leisure or join a daily tournament.

Shows the gaming room - arcade area

On-site supermarket

Very handy if you’ve forgotten to bring something, the on-site supermarket is loaded with snacks, toiletries, beach accessories and everything else you’d expect to find in a Greek supermarket. The supply of items is very extensive; however it’s fairly expensive so expect to pay more than you would at home for international brands.

Shows the on-site supermarket - Jason

On-site shops

If you fancy a spot of shopping on your holiday and don’t want to leave the comfort of your hotel, browse the on-site jewellery store in the lobby or pop outside to the bus drop-off area for a series of gift shops that adjoin the main hotel building.

Fun adventure activities at the hotel

The Lindos Princess has no shortage of outdoor activities to try and there’s no way you’ll get to do everything during a one week stay. Pick your favourites and have fun! There are activities for both adults and kids.

  • Mini golf
  • Tennis & table tennis
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Beach volleyball
  • Billiards
  • Darts
  • Archery
  • Pool fitness classes
  • Water polo
  • Bicycle rental
  • Water sports

Some activities such as archery and volleyball have set times throughout the day, whereas the likes of mini golf and basketball can be played at any time.

Mini golf at Lindos Princess Hotel
Shows a boat on the sand

Enigma Escapin Escape Room:

In addition to the outdoor activities at the hotel complex, there’s an Escape Room game adjoining the hotel lobby. This paid-for activity gives you the choice of two escape games and it’s a fun thing to do on an evening with family, friends or your partner. Check out the reviews and gallery here.

A note on the Wifi:

The hotel has two wifi options, the ‘free’ basic option and a faster speed service that costs 37 euros for your stay. If Wifi is important for you, we highly recommend paying the charge as the free Wifi is awful! Personally, we thought this was a big negative of the hotel and are of the opinion that Wifi should be free and of good quality in all hotels, especially an all-inclusive.

Evening entertainment

In addition to the daytime swimming pool and activity entertainment and all of the kid’s club timetables, the hotel runs an evening show hosted by the Animation team. These quirky performances cover a range of different themes, from cabarets to traditional Greek dances, game shows with audience participation and live theatre.

The shows run on a 2-week rotating timetable with a lot of variety, so you’ll see something completely different each night. It takes place at 9:30pm in the on-site amphitheatre.

As the shows are so varied and try to cater to different audiences, there’s undoubtedly some you’ll like and other’s you won’t find as appealing. We’d recommend checking the show timetable for your week of stay and only visiting shows that you like the sound of.

An alternative to the amphitheatre show is to visit Aelolos Beach Bar for nightly live music ranging from jazz and blues to traditional Greek dancing.

Lindos Princess Beach Hotel pool bar at night

Kid’s activities/ kid’s club

The Lindos Princess’ target market is families and this is evident throughout. There’s an abundance of sports and adventure activities for the kids, 3 large swimming pools and they even have their own food table at the buffet restaurant.

There are 3 different kid’s club options:

  • Lindo and Linda’s Mini and Maxi Club
    • Groups for 4-7 year olds and 8-12 year olds
    • A playground area with swings, climbing apparatus, slides and more.
    • Activity centre with painting, crafts, stories, dancing and other fun activities for the age ranges.
  • Junior Club
    • A club specifically for teenagers
    • Make friends from around the world and share similar interests
    • Daily schedules of adventure activities, ranging from archery and table tennis to beach volleyball and basketball. There are different things to do every day.

All of the kid’s clubs are managed by the Animation team specialists, so adults can spend some time doing the things they want, like drinking cocktails by the pool bar or relaxing in the spa.

The schedules for the kid’s club and operational hours can be found on the notice board in the hotel.

(No activities on Saturdays)

Kids Club

Exploring the nearby area – Lindos, Pefkos and Lardos

Contrary to its name, the Lindos Princess Hotel is located in the village or Lardos, a 12-minute drive from the town of Lindos. Its quiet, beach-side location is a welcome place to relax and enjoy an all-inclusive experience and the hotel’s facilities will keep you occupied for days at a time.

However, you should definitely go out and explore the nearby area and island of Rhodes at least a few times during your stay. Here are the main ways of getting around:

Car rental

Car rental is a popular choice for those that want to explore the island at their leisure. Book in advance for the best value and pick your car up at the airport on arrival. Alternatively, rent one from the on-site Rodos car rental stand in the hotel lobby, which is a little more expensive, but a convenient option if you arrived via an airport shuttle and have had a change in mind about renting a car. The on-site Rodos car rental company charges around 75 euros for 3 day rental of a standard, small-engine car).

Free guest parking is available at the hotel in a large, open-air car park.


The bus is an excellent option for those that want quick and easy access to the surrounding area at a budget price. They run a multiple times per hour to nearby Pefkos, Lindos and onwards to Faliraki and Rhodes Town. Some buses are comfortable and have large leather seats whilst others are a little more cramped and warm so it all depends on the route you choose and time of day you travel.

Buses are ideal for when you want to go out on an evening and have a drink or only want to visit a few places during your stay and don’t see the need for a car. The bus stop is located right next to the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel.

(But do not count on buses if you need to go somewhere, they’re can be very delayed sometimes)

For the latest Rodos buses timetable, view their website here.


The more expensive but highly convenient option is to take a taxi on an evening or if you plan on visiting Lindos town during the day. Ask the reception to call you a taxi from the hotel and they’ll usually pick you up within 15 minutes at the doorstep.

Taxi’s to nearby Pefkos cost around 10 euros, whilst Lindos town costs ~14. Taxis to Rhodes Town or the airport are much more expensive (60 euros+) so we’d recommend catching the bus or a private transfer for longer journeys.

Catching a cab to return to the hotel is usually very easy. Lindos town and Pefkos town both have taxi ranks and a line of cars waiting to pick you up.

Must-see places nearby

Places to visit in Lindos - Shows Lindos town

1. Lindos Town

Lindos Town is located a 10-minute drive away from the hotel. You can get there via bus, a taxi or your own car rental and parking is available at the top of the hill once you arrive. Lindos is an amazing place to visit and a must-see for anyone visiting Rhodes.

Its narrow village streets are lined with quaint white houses, shops and rooftop restaurants and it boasts an ancient Acropolis monument on top of the hill that overlooks the city, which you have to visit! (12 euros per person entrance fee). It also has its own golden sand beach and a marina. We loved Lindos so much; we visited four times within a week.

2. St Paul’s Bay

Right next to Lindos Town and a short walk away is St Paul’s Bay, a small, rocky cove with shallow water, turquoise water and a small beach area to enjoy. The towering cliffs alongside the bay make it a great place to take pictures. Lay back and relax with this stunning scenery or wade out to the sea and go snorkelling.

3. Rhodes Town

Although Rhodes Town is quite a distance from the Lindos Princes Hotel, you must make an effort to visit during your trip! It’s the number one place on the island for rich Greek culture and sightseeing. Catch the bus for 1 hour 30 minutes or drive there yourself in an hour. On arrival into this popular cruise port town, you’ll find staggering castle walls, narrow streets full of bars, restaurants, gift shops and plenty of historic monuments and fortresses to browse.

Rhodes Town is an adventurous full day trip so we’d recommend setting off early.

Top tips for visiting Lindos Princess Beach Hotel

  • The hotel is the busiest in the peak summer months and school holidays. Travel outside of these areas for a quieter experience.
  • Take advantage of the many facilities on offer! There’s plenty of sports, adventure and relaxation activities on at the hotel, ideal for any age. Try something new during your stay.
  • Go to dinner early to beat the crowds and enjoy a more relaxing meal.
  • Ask for a room with a pool view close to the main pool. This is an ideal location for the main building, restaurant and many of the facilities!
  • If you’re visiting for a special occasion such as a birthday, honeymoon, anniversary or graduation, let the hotel know before arrival. They’ll make an effort to accommodate you and could leave a gift in the room (in our experience).
  • As the hotel is so large and full of things to do, you could stay for days without leaving and some people do. We’d recommend heading out of the resort to see the beautiful island of Rhodes and allowing a good deal of hotel relaxation and sightseeing. Plan your week around this.
  • The food and drinks on offer at the hotel is really good! Give your taste buds something new to try or explore the cocktail menu to its fullest. Be experimental – after all, everything is included!

Our Lindos Princess Beach Hotel review

Overall, we really liked the Lindos Princess Hotel. It clearly earns its four-star rating and the range of activities on offer is unlike anything we’ve seen. It attracts people from all over Europe (mainly Italians when we were there) so it has a nice multicultural vibe and you’ll get to meet other families and couples whatever you’re doing.

The team members at the hotel are very friendly. Everyone from the maintenance staff to the reception and bartenders are there to ensure you have a good time. The Animation (entertainment) work all day long to provide a good hotel atmosphere and they’re great with the kids.

If you’re a family or a couple that likes the all-inclusive hotel experience (or just want to save some money!), the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel is an excellent choice. Although there’s a few things that the hotel could improve on, which we mention below, the overall experience and vastness of the hotel makes it one of the best places to stay in Lindos, Rhodes.

Our highlights:

  • Wide range of activities and ‘family holiday’ feel
  • Quality and diversity of the food and drinks available on the all-inclusive menu
  • Friendliness and helpfulness of the hotel staff
  • Beautiful garden environment, modern rooms and overall visuals.

Where it could improve:

  • The free Wifi is very poor. High speed internet should be free of charge for everyone.
  • The staff in the Spondi buffet restaurant are very concerned about cleaning away dishes well before the end of breakfast/lunch/dinner, including whilst you’re trying to put food on your plate!
  • Dining in one restaurant every day can be a little repetitive. Open up the other restaurants to guests so they can visit both of the a la carte restaurants more than once during their stay.
  • On a similar note, alcohol should be free in the ‘a la carte’ restaurants as part of the all-inclusive plan.

View the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel Tripadvisor reviews to hear what everyone else has to say. 

Booking the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel

There are multiple ways to book this hotel and there will be different options depending on where you’re based. As we’re based in the UK, we’ve provided options on that basis, although they’ll also appeal for other countries.

  • Book direct on the hotel website
  • Book with TUI/First Direct as part of a package holiday
  • Alternative package deal operators include Jet2 Holidays, On the Beach, Thomas Cook, Sunshine and Love Holidays
  • Use Trivago to compare the hotel prices when booking accommodation separately. This search engine gives you the best prices from sites such as Expedia,,, etc.

We’d recommend comparing all of the above options to see what has the cheapest price for your selected dates. Compare the package holiday option versus booking your flights and accommodation separately and finding the best deal for you.

For advice on booking your holiday, check out our booking guide here.

Thanks for reading our Lindos Princess Beach Hotel review and guide. We hoped we helped you decide on choosing your Lindos hotel or got you excited for your stay here! If you have any questions about this hotel or anything to do with holidays in Greece, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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