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Travelling with your partner – Our top tips for awesome couple’s trips

Travelling with your partner is exhilarating, exciting and you’ll share once in lifetime experiences together. You get to relax in each other’s company with little distractions from the outside world. However, adventuring with your partner can also pose challenges and spending every minute together is something you probably haven’t prepared for. Browse our couples travel tips below for tips and tricks to a healthy and happy relationship when travelling or on holiday together.

1. Choose your destination carefully

Travelling as a couple tips - Nusa Penida beach hut

It may seem obvious, but choosing a couple-friendly destination that you both like will go a long way in ensuring you have a great time together. If one of you loves adventure activities but the other would prefer to relax by the swimming pool or on the beach, choose a destination that suits both of your interests. It’s all about compromise! Do you like your home comforts and nice hotels? An adventure camping destination may not suit you. Fully research your destination together to decide on a place you both like the sound of.

2. Do things separately once in a while

This tip is aimed at longer trips together but there’s no harm having some space on a shorter holiday. As you’ll likely be doing everything together and will be with each other 24/7 when travelling with your partner, make sure you plan in some alone time too. Leaving your other half for an hour for go for a run, a relaxing separate spa visit or other ‘me-time’ activities can help give you the space you need. It also depends on you as a person and whether you like your own time. Every couple is different!

3. Plan full days of relaxation into your schedule

Romantic view from a rooftop swimming pool

Days out and adventures are great, but if you’re constantly on the go, it’ll increase your tiredness and will cause strain on your relationship. Take plenty of rest days throughout your trip to just wind down and enjoy each other’s company. We like to have a pool day or beach afternoon to just chill-out in the sun. It’ll recharge your batteries and you’ll feel fresh and ready for another adventure the day after. Listen to both of your bodies and rest accordingly. Even if you’re not tired personally, your partner might be and it’s important for both of you to feel rested. Catching up on sleep and having your 8 hours per night is also important.

4. Keep your own routines

When travelling long term as a couple, it’s important to establish your own routines, just like you would at home. Working out, cooking your own meals occasionally, fitness classes and other home-life activities helps to normalise your travel life and ensures you stay fit and healthy. Having a planned daily schedule is very effective at keeping your morale high as a couple on the road.

5. Join groups tours, stay in hostels and meet other travellers

Shows a group of friends overlooking the ocean - Couples travel tips

Travelling with your partner is awesome, but so is meeting other travellers and making friends, just as you would if you were on a solo trip. There are opportunities for both! Get chatting to another couple at the bar, stay in a private room in a hostel and join the common room’s social activities, or get talking on guided excursions and nightlife events. Some couples will want more alone time than others and it’s completely up to you how social you want to be! It’s all about balance, but we highly recommend striking up a conversion.

6. Keep in touch with friends and family

Going on an adventure as a couple is exhilarating, fun and eye-opening. You’ll feel like you’re in your own ‘couple bubble’, exploring the outside world. That’s great and all, but make sure you stay in contact with friends and family back at home too! They miss you! Having regular contact with your friends around you will help normalise travel with everyday life and it’s healthy to have contact with those other than your partner.

7. Stay fit and healthy

Group yoga on the beach with foggy weather

In a one-week holiday, no-one wants to spend valuable time working out, but if you travel a lot and are travelling with your partner for a long time, exercise and staying fit is vital for your sanity. It can be a lot of fun too! Make use of the hotel gym together or get more creative. Sunset yoga classes on the beach, epic hikes in the mountains and kayaking down river rapids are all good exercise when travelling. It can even be as simple as a mini workout in the room on a morning. We recommend downloading the Peloton ‘workout at home’ app.

8. Budget fairly so both of you are happy

Couple travel budgets is sometimes a topic that can be awkward to discuss, but it’s essential to ensure you have a fair spending pattern on your trip. You don’t want one of you to feel like you can’t afford something or are paying for things unfairly. We recommend setting a couple’s travel budget equal to the lower earner between you. Alternatively, why not split the cost of the trip based on a percentage of the difference you each earn?

Even if one of you doesn’t mind paying for the trip in its entirety, it’s important to have the budget discussion to make sure you’re both comfortable with it. Do it before booking the holiday and it should be smooth sailing.

9. Have a daily budget

Travel budget planning with your partner - Budget planner and pen

On a similar note, plan a rough daily budget and track costs so you know how much you’re spending. Most people have a budget, some big, some small. Living within your means helps you make the most out of your trip together and aren’t missing out on anything. Do you want to do an epic skydive that costs a fortune? Budget lower on your accommodation costs and eating out that day and you might be able to afford it. Use the Tripcoin app to help record costs. You don’t even have to record everything – just be mindful of what you’re spending and your overall budget.

10. Take time out for ‘date night’

Even though you’re on holiday or travelling together, you can sometimes lose sight of a traditional date night. Action-packed activities, meeting other travellers and constantly being on the go can soon mean that you’re travelling together, but aren’t spending the quality time having one-to-one conversations and relaxing in each other’s company as you would at home.

Take time out a couple of times per week (or as much as you like) to have a nice secluded dinner, watch a movie, fall asleep under the stars or another intimate date night that you fancy. Plan it in advance and stick to the schedule so you don’t miss it.

11. Search for romantic experiences in your destination

Couples travel tips - Shows two glasses of wine on a balcony

Every destination you’ll visit has a secret (and sometimes well known) romantic activity that couples can enjoy together. From romantic photo-shoots in Paris to secluded hilltop retreats with views of the mountains, travel will open your minds to new experiences and you’ll share them together. Search Google for ‘romantic things to do in **insert destination**’ before you arrive for some inspiration. Get creative and plan your own romantic activities to surprise your partner. Even a small gesture such as a surprise picnic in a beautiful park can mean a lot.

12. Learn to de-escalate tense situations

It’s inevitable that an argument will start at some point when travelling with your partner, especially if you’re spending every second together and travelling for a longer period. Learn how to ease tension and de-escalate situations. This may be as simple as taking deep breaths and leaving the room to cool down or having an alert word that you have to follow if tensions arise. We recommend speaking to your partner before your trip and having a plan of action for what to do if things get heated. It’s a tactic that can apply to all relationships, wherever you may be.

Relate has some great tips on de-escalating arguments here.

13. Mix up your accommodation choices

Shows a view of a lake from a camping tent

We recommend staying in different types of accommodation and making the most of romantic places to stay. Save money by staying in a basic Airbnb for a few nights and then go all out with a night in a luxury resort with your own private villa. Being a couple, you’ll probably want to make the most of your hotel time and there are some stunning couple’s hotels around the globe.

Picture beautiful infinity pools, your own above-water bungalow and open-air tree-houses. On the other end of the scale, don’t be put off staying in hostels! A private room in a nice hostel is just like staying in a hotel, however you have the great social aspect of meeting other travellers and the affordable tours on offer.

14. Turn your partner pet peeves into laughter

Everyone has things that annoy them about their partner. Whether it’s taking too long to get ready or their strange eating habits, it’s inevitable you’ll find something that grinds your gears. Instead of letting it annoy you, make a joke of their habit and try to lighten the mood. Sure, some things shouldn’t be tolerated, but not letting these small things bother you will make life easier for both of you. You probably have your own habit that they don’t like!

15. Make the most of the amazing experiences that you’ll share together

Couples travel tips - Shows a couple on a moped

Travel provides bucket list adventures and things that you’ll probably only experience once in your life. The fact that you’re sharing these things together is something special and to be remembered. Make every moment together count and always have the broader picture in mind. These are experiences that you’ll probably never witness again! Take pictures together, try new things and generally embrace the moment.

16. Take advantage of two incomes and save money on accommodation

One of the best things about travelling with your partner is the ability to save money. Share accommodation costs, meals and other travel expenses that would cost you more if travelling alone and you’ll learn to work as a team. Planning and budgeting together can be surprisingly fun and it’s a skill you’ll learn for later in your life together. By having two people staying in a room instead of one, you’ve instantly halved your accommodation costs!

17. Plan activities that both of you like and have plenty of compromise

Travelling as a couple tips - Shows a couple paragliding

It’s not just the destination that’s important for couples to decide on. Activities matter a great deal too! You want to do things that that both of you enjoy! Say your partner wants to go on an awesome hike that they’ve always wanted to do, try to compromise and go along with it, even if you’re not a fan of that particular activity. You can then do something that you prefer another day. Compromise is key when travelling with your partner and you should plan your days around things that you both like to do.

18. Consider travelling without any plan at all

Sometimes the best trips are when you have no plan at all! Arrive at your destination with your partner and go with the flow, waking up each day to see where it takes you. Choose activities based on instinct and be spontaneous. It’s fun, creative and will give you your best holiday memories if you embrace freestyle travel to the fullest! Sure, you may miss a few attractions by not planning, but it’s the experience that counts and enjoying your holiday is the most important take-away. We encourage all couples to have a trip like this once in a while.

19. Take as many pictures as possible!

Photographer taking a picture of his partner

Travelling with your partner is like having your own photographer to capture each moment. Take plenty of inspiring photos of each other in candid and cool destinations or set up a tripod and camera timer to create stunning shots as a couple. The more unique the better! Having two people taking pictures gives you a lot more opportunities for better pictures and it’s a great way to remember your trip together! If you’re unfamiliar with photography, we recommend following a few tutorials before you jet off. This video is excellent for both beginners and those already skilled with a camera.

20. Re-discover what first attracted you to your partner and fall in love all over again

Being in each other’s company 24/7 allows you to learn things about your partner that you didn’t know before. Make the most of your quality time together away from the distractions of work, routine and other things that keep you pre-occupied back home. Take time to have deep conversions, answer the ’36 questions that lead to love’ and other connection building activities to take your relationship to the next level. Having the freedom away from home with only each other will help you concentrate solely on your relationship. Take this opportunity to make more of an effort and surprise them with romantic gestures.

21. Start with a small trip and get bigger every time

Couples travel tips - Shows a couple on a rock face looking into the distance

If you’re new couple that’s planning your first holiday together, it can be a good idea to plan a short trip together and then increase the amount of days you’re away each time. Start with a weekend getaway in your home country, scale up to a city break in a foreign country and then spend as much time as you want together. Long-term couples travel is completely different to one- or two-week holidays away. You’ll learn what each other likes in a travel sense and can plan future trip to suit both of you.

Now you’ve read our top tips for travelling with your partner, all that’s left to do is book your holiday together! No matter if your trip together is 2 nights or a full 2 months, this tried and tested advice will help you maximise your time together, reduce arguments and any strain on the relationship. There’ll always be some issues that arise but it’s how you tackle them as a couple that matters. You’ll share the most amazing travel experiences with the one you love and it’s something to treasure…

Do you have any of your own couple’s travel tips? Let us know in the comments below or email us. We’d love to hear about your experience!


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