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26 Great Things to Pack for Orlando Florida that you haven’t thought of

Planning a trip or Orlando Florida to explore the theme parks, beaches and other amazing attractions, but wondering if there’s anything missing from your suitcase? The following list of things to pack for Orlando features time and money saving tips to get you prepared for you trip!

Read on to find out what to pack for an Orlando holiday and have fun planning your holiday with us! We’ve been to Disneyworld and the surrounding area over 10 times and we’ve picked up some useful tips and advice along the way that we’d like to share with you.

1. Car Sat Nav Device

If you’re renting a car in Orlando, a Sat Nav is essential for getting around and ensuring you don’t get lost. Renting a Sat Nav from a car hire company can cost upwards of $100 dollars per week. Avoid the expensive cost and make your money back in one trip by buying your own to use again and again. An alternative to buying a Sat Nav in advance is to use your smartphone’s Google Maps App. It works just like a standalone Sat Nav, however you’ll need mobile data to use it. We recommend buying a US Sim card in the airport on arrival or taking use of free worldwide roaming if your contract plan permits.

P.S make sure the Sat Nav you buy has the latest US maps installed. We personally use the SAT NAVS GPS Navigation System from Amazon – it works both in the UK and around the globe!

2. Waterproof phone case

Shows a waterproof phone case - Things to pack for Orlando

Ever been in a water park or on the beach and you want to take photos but you’re scared you’ll damage your phone? Use it safely in a transparent Autkors Waterproof Phone Case and you’ll have no trouble taking it into the pool. You can also capture some cool underwater shots!

3. Sturdy walking shoes or trainers

Shows a pair of walking trainers - Things to pack for Orlando

It may be a no-brainer but a good pair of trainers (with thick soles) or walking shoes are life saviours when it comes to exploring Orlando. As tempting as it may be to pack your sandals and flips flops for the hot sunny weather, pack them for the pool and accompany them with decent walking footwear. Our Fitbit sometimes records 20,000 steps a day when walking around the theme parks! We personally use Sketcher’s Go Walk but any trainers or shoes with a thick, supportive base is fine.

4. Travel board games

Shows a fun board game to take to Disneyworld - Things to pack for Florida holiday

Get in the spirit of the holiday and have everyone excited for arrival by playing some entertaining board games on the flight. They’re also great for quiet periods after dinner, a drink at the bar or relaxing in your hotel room on an evening. Games and activities are things to pack for Orlando that all ages can enjoy!

Here are some of our favourite board games for a trip to Orlando:

5. Toddler tracking device

Shows a toddler tracking device - Things to pack for Disneyworld

It’s highly unlikely you’ll lose your little one but it’s always good to be prepared for anything. A genius Bhdlovely Kids Phone Smart Watch toddler tracking device has a built in GPS that connects to an app on your phone to determine where your child is on a map. It can be a swift and handy device to have on you for those big theme park crowds and will give you peace of mind.

6. Lifestraw reusable water bottle

Things to pack for disneyworld - shows a Lifestraw water bottle

The theme parks in Orlando are now charging an eye watering $5 dollars for a bottle of water, which seems crazy to us! In addition to buying water and other drinks of juice in Walmart and packing them into your backpack for a day out, consider a Lifestraw BPA-free reusable water bottle with a built-in filter for the whole family. Most of the theme parks and attractions have water fountains scattered throughout and it’ll save carrying around lots of drinks in your backpack.

7. Intsun Mini Handheld USB Misting Fan

Shows an Intsun handheld USB fan

If you’ve been to Orlando before, you’ll notice the life saving invention of a fan that also sprays water. These Disney themed gadgets are amazing for cooling down in the hot Floridian weather but they’re very expensive to buy in the parks. Purchase a good-quality Intsun Mini Handheld USB Misting Fan in advance of arrival to save money and be prepared for your first day. This version on Amazon is slightly higher tech and compact than what you’ll find in the parks. However, it doesn’t have the fun Disney branding.

8. Theme park merchandise

Things to take to Disney world - Shows a Disney themed T-shirt

All of the theme park apparel and souvenirs can really boost the total cost of your holiday. Whilst we fully recommend buying souvenirs in the parks and shopping til’ you drop on your holiday, it’s a good idea to bring some themed t-shirts, hats and other apparel along with you. It’s much cheaper to buy them in the UK before arrival from shops such as Primark, and it’s all completely licenced! Amazon also have an excellent range of Disney t-shirts. This is one of those things to pack for Orlando that Disney fans won’t want to miss!

9. Quick-charge portable USB charger

Shows a portable USB charger

From checking theme park ride waiting times on an app to browsing for restaurants and using Google Maps for navigation, a smartphone is a great tool for your trip! Not to mention all the photos you’ll want to take! Make sure it’s fully charged and ready to go with a high-capacity Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux portable charger. You may already have a portable USB charger, but is it as compact as this one? The Anker PowerCore is small, lightweight and has a fast charge function, whilst older models will take a lot longer to power your device.

10. Fold-up rain jacket

Shows a fold-up rain jacket

Florida’s tropical climate means that you could be enjoying the hot Orlando sun at one minute and be drenched in rain with only a moment’s notice. If you’ve been before you’ll know exactly what we mean! Avoid the expensive price of the theme park rain poncho’s by taking your own foldable water-proof rain jacket. They’ll roll up into a tiny package that can fit perfectly in your pocket or bag. Take one for the whole family and be prepared for the tropical storms! We recommend the Tresspass Pack-Away.

11. Miniature backpack

Shows a small Quechua backpack for travel

Having a small backpack full of essentials is vital for a day out in Orlando, whether you’re visiting the theme parks, going shopping or relaxing on the beach. Head out with a compact backpack such as this Quechua Arpenaz 10L Backpack. It’s lightweight and super-easy to carry. We take ours on all trips and fill it with sun cream, water, snacks, rain jackets, emergency first aid and other essentials. Whether you’re travelling with your family, friends or partner, a small day-pack is an essential Orlando packing list item.

12. Sand-free beach mat

Sand free beach mat for Orlando holidays

If you’re thinking of an adventure away from Orlando during your holiday, to the beautiful beaches of Cocoa Beach or Clearwater Bay, a handy Ouspt sand-free beach mat is great for staying comfortable and sand-less. It helps prevent sand getting into your belongings and minimises making a mess of the car. A cool beach gadget that can be used again and again!

13. Travel money belt / Bum-bag

Shows a compact travel money belt

Whilst ‘bum bags’ are great at storing your phone, cash and other accessories safely on holiday, there’s no denying that they can look completely unfashionable! Escape the fashion police with a flat-pack Travel Money Belt. It fits flat against your body under your shirt and keeps all of your belongings safe.

14. Buggy organiser

Shows a buggy / pushchair organiser - Things to pack for Disney world

If you’re travelling with babies or toddlers, you have a whole host of things to think of and additional items to pack! Most theme parks and shopping centres have pushchairs that you can rent, or you may choose to bring your own. Accompany your pushchair with a handy ‘buggy organiser’, designed to contain all of the essentials that you’ll need for a day out. Simply pack it before you leave and attach it to the buggy on arrival. We recommend this Buggy Bag Organiser with Waterproof Raincover from Amazon.

15. Kidzoom children’s digital camera

Is your little one a budding photographer that wants to capture Mickey proposing to Minnie or some selfies in the water park? Get them their own ‘kid-friendly’ camera and teach them how to take the coolest pictures to show their friends. It’s a fun bonding activity for the family and it’s a hobby they’ll learn to love. The Kidizoom Duo 5.0 is a good quality and easy to use kid’s starter camera.

16. GoPro Hero 5 action camera

Shows a GoPro action camera

Want to capture the best moments of your holiday but don’t fancy constantly using your smartphone or carrying around a big camera? The super-compact GoPro Hero 5 Session is cheap and very easy to use. Hold it on an extending stick or strap it to your body to get some great ‘point of view’ footage of the theme park rides. It’s also good for underwater shots at Discovery Cove or a trip to the beach. And don’t forget your memory card!

17. Body Glide anti-chafing stick

Things to pack for Orlando - Shows an anti-chafing stick

One unusual item to take to Orlando that you almost definitely haven’t considered is a Body Glide anti-chafing stick. Walking around theme parks all day in the heat can cause friction between your legs and lots of discomfort. Roll the stick on chafing prone areas before heading out on a morning to ensure a more pleasurable walk around.

18. Quick dry towel

Shows a quick-dry sports towel

On a holiday with beautiful beaches, a wide array of water parks and theme park rides that’ll get you soaked, a small towel will always come in handy. This Microfibre towel is lightweight, compact and dries within a few minutes, meaning you can use it and pack it away without soaking the rest of your belongings. You’ll use it time and time again on all your trips and it’s the perfect beach companion.

19. Nintendo Switch console

Shows a Nintendo Switch portable games console

This one is quite a big purchase but you can’t underestimate the countless hours of fun for the whole family! It can be used again and again and dad will even be taking it to work. Whether you’re a young couple or a family with children, a Nintendo Switch is the ultimate portable gaming device for multiplayer fun on the road. Challenge each other on the plane, whilst waiting at the airport or keep the kids entertained in long ride queues.

20. Travel wallet

Shows a handy travel document wallet

As Orlando is a destination with so much to do, you likely have booking confirmations, receipts and itineraries, left, right and centre! Keep them all safe in one place with a compact travel wallet. We personally use the Homchen Travel Wallet. It has a RFID blocker to protect your credit cards from getting swiped and can securely store passports, cards and documents. This is one of the things to pack for Orlando that you’ll use again and again for all your holidays! Use your travel wallet to hold all of the following:

  • Theme park passes
  • Boarding passes
  • Passports
  • Travel and credit/debit cards
  • Travel currency
  • Attraction tickets

21. Trunki suitcase

Shows a Trunki brand suitcase for kids

Get your little ones involved with their share of the luggage carrying with no problems whatsoever by getting them a super-stylish and kid-friendly Trunki suitcase. You’ve almost definitely seen kids zooming around the airport sitting on these genius suitcases and we love them! Pack all of their essentials into the Trunki and pull them along with the lead when their legs get tired during travelling.

22. An extra fold-away suitcase

A compact fold-away suitcase for Orlando holidays

If you’re like us and plan on bringing plenty of souvenirs and cheap outlet fashion bargains back home, consider adding an extra suitcase to your luggage allowance when booking your flights. You’ll have less worries about being overweight and can shop til’ you drop in Orlando. An alternative to buying a full-size suitcase is to pack fold-able luggage bags such as the Gonex 100L Foldable Travel Duffel Bag. You can pack it inside your main luggage on the outbound flight and then you only need to pay for an extra suitcase on your return flight. They’re super-light and compact. Check your luggage allowance with your airline to see how many bags you’re allowed.

23. Travel luggage scales

Things to pack for Orlando - A set of digital travel scales

Orlando is a dream for shopaholics. Cheap outlet fashion, plenty of souvenirs and delicious American food that you don’t have back home can cause havoc on your luggage allowance. Pack a small set of Freetoo Portable Luggage Scales to weigh your case for the return flight and ensure you’re not overweight. Remember to remove all outer packaging to reduce weight further!

24. Fitness tracker bands

Shows a Fitbit Versa tracker band

Feeling guilty about the vast amounts of snacks and meals you’ve ate on your holiday? Lessen the guilt trip by seeing how many calories you’ve burned off walking around all of the theme parks! We wear our Fitbit every day to record steps and challenge our friends and family. It’s a fun way to see who’s walked the most steps, and you’ll walk a lot! Our favourite Fitbit, the Versa, also allows you to check the weather, phone notifications and make contactless payments, whilst a Yamay Fitness Tracker is a cheap and easy solution to step and heart-rate tracking.

25. Packing cubes

Shows a collection of packing cubes for suitcases

Before we bought packing cubes of our own, we wondered why everyone raved about them, and now we can see why! They really allow you to pack more into your luggage, which is great when you’re on holiday in Orlando and get tempted by the vast amounts of gifts and cheap outlet fashion. They also make it easier to unpack and divide your luggage items. Any packing cubes will be sufficient but we personally like the quality and value of the Amazon Basics brand and use medium sized cubes.

26. Mini First aid kit

Shows a mini first aid kit

If you have kids or you’re a little bit clumsy like us, you never fail to return from holiday without mosquito bites or an awkward fall. Being out and about on adventures most days, a mini first aid kit in your bag can be very handy if you stumble into some trouble. This Mini First Aid Kit has all of the essentials you need. It’s so small you won’t even know it’s there!

Now we’ve inspired you with things to pack for Orlando and you know what to take on your trip, it’s time to perfect your itinerary and book any attraction tickets if you haven’t already. Save our Orlando packing list on our phone and have fun getting ready for your trip! Check out our other Orlando guides here for more holiday advice for trips to Florida. If you have your own insights on what to pack for Orlando, let us know in the comments section below.


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