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The Top Things to Do Paleokastritsa Corfu – Our Complete Guide

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Are you visiting the beautiful beach town of Paleokastritsa on Corfu’s west coast? In this guide, we share some of the best things to do in Paleokastritsa, as well as tried and tested restaurant recommendations, hotels, bars and everything else you need to know about visiting this charming town. Our trip to Paleokastritsa was one of our favourite days in Corfu, and this in guide, you’ll find out exactly why.

Why visit Paleokastritsa?

Paleokastritsa is currently the number one attraction in Corfu on Tripadvisor. On an island full of amazing beaches, historic sites and towns, that should give you an indication of how much of a must-see Paleokastritsa is. It’s widely regarded as one of the most beautiful coastal areas on the island, known for its crescent-shaped sandy beach, vibrant turquoise waters and dramatic cliffside scenery.

Paleokastritsa is well worth a visit for a full day or half a day. It should also be a consideration for a great place to stay in Corfu. It’s surrounded by excellent beaches, and you can get to Corfu Town in around 35-minutes.


Paleokastritsa is on Corfu’s west coast on the northern section of the island. It’s right next to the iconic Angelokastro cliffside castle, plus several top-rated sandy beaches. It’s well-located for exploring both the north and west of the island, and if you hire a car, you can easily drive to the east of Corfu to see other popular attractions.

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How to get there from other areas of Corfu

If you’re staying in the northern towns of Agios Stefanos, Agios Georgios or Sidari, you can get to Paleokastritsa in around a 40-minute drive. It’s a 20–30-minute drive from the popular resort towns of Ipsos, Kontokali and Corfu Town in the east. It’s a 35-minute drive from Corfu Airport.

The easiest way to get to Paleokastritsa from whenever you’re staying is to hire a car. Car rental is affordable in Corfu if you book in advance and the roads are fairly easy to navigate. Alternatively, you can book a group tour to Paleokastritsa from your hotel. Many tour agencies organise set-time trips to Paleokastritsa from resorts all over the island.

If you’re staying in a major tourist hub such as Corfu Town, you can get to Paleokastritsa using the local bus. Find out more information on this route and other bus routes to the town on the Green Buses website.

The top things to do in Paleokastritsa

Relax on Paleokastritsa Beach

Paleokastritsa Beach is one of the best things to do in Paleokastritsa and a major reason tourists flock to the town. A crescent-shaped cove with vibrant turquoise water, soft golden sand and beautiful coastal scenery, it’s a great place for a beach day. Paleokastritsa has two beaches. One is the long bay we’ve just described; the other is a smaller, rocky bay with plenty of sun loungers to rent. It’s also a popular place to swim.

To preserve its natural beauty, there aren’t many sun loungers on the main beach, so you’ll need to bring a towel if you want to sunbathe. Paleokastritsa Beach is unbelievably beautiful. The only downside is the crowds. In popular times of the year, the beach is full of people, and it can be difficult to find a space on the sand.

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Visit Paleokastritsa Monastery

Another top thing to do in Paleokastritsa is to pay its cliffside monastery a visit. Paleokastritsa Monastery is one of the oldest religious buildings in Corfu, dating back to 1225. It features whitewashed walls and stunning views of the coastline from its hilltop location. The outside is nice to look at, but inside is what makes it worth a visit.

Neatly manicured gardens, flower archways, stone carvings and other impressive interior features make the monastery one of the most beautiful in Corfu. It’s completely free to enter and you can spend time wandering around at your leisure. Be sure to visit the small chapel and take some photos from the viewpoints.

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Walk the cliffside hiking trail

Right next to Paleokastritsa Monastery, there’s a cliffside trail that stretches out to the other side of the town, providing stunning viewpoints along the way. We highly recommend walking the short trail from the monastery and back. Unique rock formations, steep cliff edges and bright turquoise water form together to create a postcard-perfect view. This area is widely regarded to be one of the best coastal areas in Corfu.

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Visit Corfu Aquarium

Corfu Aquarium is located right in the centre of Paleokastritsa. It’s the island’s main aquarium and is a great place to learn about the local sea life. It also has several reptile exhibits. With a very affordable entry price and excellent reviews, it’s one of the top things to do in Paleokastritsa for families. Take a break from the beach and browse the interesting aquarium exhibits.

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Hire a peddle boat

One of the most fun things to do in Paleokastritsa is to rent one of the swan peddle boats from a vendor on the main beach. These radiant white swan boats are a fun activity for when you want a break from the sun. As the bay is sheltered and the water is clam, it’s a relaxing activity no matter the time of year! If you head out far enough, you can peddle by a sea cave called Nausika’s Cave.

Go swimming or snorkelling

We’ve already mentioned how stunning the beach is in Paleokastritsa, and it’s not just pretty to look at. The Paleokastritsa Beach area is ideal for some swimming and snorkelling! The clear, turquoise waters are a great way to cool down on a hot day. Head around the bay and jump off the rocks or bathe in the shallow waters by the beach. When we visited, we found a shoal of fish in the shallows, so be sure to bring a snorkel. There’s also a small cave to explore on the right of Paleokastritsa Bay.

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Alipa Marina

Alipa Marina is a must-see attraction in Paleokastritsa. It’s located a short walk from the main beach area. At the port, you can go for a stroll along the small promenade, enjoy a drink with a view in one of the marina bars or simply admire the grand yachts and boats. It’s a popular place to charter your own boat or embark on a group boat tour.

Browse the gift shops in town

As Paleokastritsa is a popular tourist town, you’ll find all the shops and amenities you’d expect from one of the island’s top beach destinations. There are several gift shops, fashion stores and other apparel outlets in the town. Some are generic tourist shops, but others sell handmade goods of a decent quality. Take a break from the sun and browse the shops at your leisure.

Hire a boat

One of our favourite things to do in Paleokastritsa is to hire a boat and explore the gorgeous turquoise coastline. Corfu’s west coast is home to some of the best beaches, caves and rock formations. There’s no better way to discover them than by boat! You can rent a small motorboat even if you don’t have a licence. One you get the hang of it, they’re easy to navigate.

You can hire a boat from one of the many vendors at the marina, or the hire company on Ampelaki Beach. We personally recommend these guys – Corfu Rent a Boat – Paleokastritsa Boat Rentals. Once you’ve hired a boat, you can proceed to cruise the coastline, stopping off for a swim or exploring the many sea caves.

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Go on a boat excursion

If you don’t fancy hiring your own boat but want to head out onto open water, book a group boat tour. Affordable sightseeing cruises leave the dock by Paleokastritsa Beach throughout the day. Different companies have varying itineraries, but they all give you a a good view of the coastline, rock formations and sea life. The Corfu Sea Discovery Cruise has a glass bottom where you can see fish swimming alongside the boat as you move.

Enjoy a drink or meal with a view

Many of Paleokastritsa’s bars and restaurants have excellent views as you dine or enjoy a drink. With such spectacular scenery everywhere, it’s pretty easy for a bar to have a location with a nice view. Grab lunch with a view of the marina or order a drink in one of the beach-side bars. Or if you want a more affordable option, buy drinks from the supermarket and grab a seat on the beach promenade.

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‘Donkey Path’ Trail to Lakones

Are you an avid hiker? If so, you’re going to want to check out the famous Corfu Island Donkey Trail. This iconic mountain path is a historic walking route that takes you through woodland terrain, with excellent views of Paleokastritsa below. The trail takes around 3 hours to complete in full and can be quite an uphill challenge. The ‘Donkey Path’ Trail to Lakones is one of the most adventurous things to do in Paleokastritsa.

Ampelaki Beach

Our last recommendation for great things to do in Paleokastritsa is Ampelaki Beach. This small beach cove is completely unknown to a lot of tourists as it’s hidden away from the main beach area. If you fancy a more secluded beach day with less people, head on over to Ampelaki. The beach can be accessed from a side road in town, which leads up to the west facing Ampelaki Bay. It’s a good place to hire a boat.

The best Paleokastritsa restaurants and bars

Looking for a great place to eat or drink during your visit? Here are our recommendations on the best Paleokastritsa restaurants. There aren’t many standalone bars in Paleokastritsa, but all of the restaurants we’ve featured serve as excellent places to grab a drink.

Corner Snack Beach Bar

View on Google Maps | Google Reviews Rating 4.5/5

Corner Snack Beach Bar is our go-to Paleokastritsa restaurant for a delicious and affordable lunch. Located at the very end of the main beach, this unassuming beach bar serves up excellent homecooked food with great service and care. It also has a nice view of the beach from the raised balcony. Menu options range from sandwiches and homemade burgers to fresh fish, pasta and Greek dishes.

The neighbouring restaurants on the main beach are known to be overpriced and they have bad reviews. Corner Snack Beach Bar is the star of the show in this busy beach area. We highly recommend it!

Limani Restaurant

View on Google Maps | Google Reviews Rating 4/5

Limani Restaurant is situated just along from the beach in the Alipa marina area. It’s one of the best Paleokastritsa restaurants for those that want a fancier lunch or evening meal with a nice view of the port. Fresh seafood is Limani’s speciality, but you’ll also find pizza, pasta, steaks, and an excellent dessert menu. Prices are very reasonable for the setting and quality of food on offer.

Dolphin Restaurant

View on Google Maps | Google Reviews Rating 4/5

If you’re looking for some delicious Greek food with a view, check out Dolphin Restaurant. It’s just out of the main Paleokastritsa area, a short walk or drive from the marina. The restaurant serves up traditional Greek dishes such as Moussaka, Gyros, mixed grills and Greek salads, plus a selection of pasta and seafood dishes. The quiet coastal location overlooks a small beach, creating a romantic setting to enjoy your meal.

Belvedere Restaurant Café Bar

View on Google Maps | Google Reviews Rating 4/5

Belvedere Restaurant is a traditional Greek restaurant that sits on a raised cliffside area, featuring panoramic views of Paleokastritsa’s coastline. It has all the Greek specialities you’d expect, along with fresh fish and meat-lover’s favourites. We recommend Belvedere as a place to dine at sunset. The outdoor terrace area has a nice ambience.

Where to stay in Paleokastritsa

Still deciding on a place to stay in Corfu? Consider Paleokastritsa. As the island’s number one tourist attraction, the town and attractions here are excellent. It’s a small town, but there are plenty of affordable accommodations options to choose from, plus a few higher end hotels. It’s also a good base for exploring the rest of Corfu’s west coast.

Here’s a list of the best Paleokastritsa hotels and apartments for a variety of budgets.

Luxury: Akrotiri Beach Resort Hotel

View on | Tripadvisor Rating 4/5

Akrotiri Beach Resort Hotel is the most exclusive hotel in Paleokastritsa. It sits on a cliffside just outside of town, boasting some impressive views of the bay from its swimming pool. As with any large 4-star hotel, expect plenty of dining, spa and relaxation facilities. Akrotiri Beach Resort Hotel has a traditional, classic style over modern, but it’s very well maintained and well-run. There isn’t a better option for those that want a luxurious hotel in Paleokastritsa.

Moderately priced: Odysseus Hotel

View on | Tripadvisor Rating 4/5

Odysseus Hotel is a villa-style boutique hotel with terraces that overlook Paleokastritsa Bay. Rooms are modern and well appointed, many with views of the sea from their balconies. There’s also a decent-sized swimming pool and plenty of terraced areas to relax in the sun or enjoy a drink. Odysseus Hotel suits those that want a reasonably priced hotel in a good location, with modern hotel facilities. The small, boutique appeal of this hotel is very welcoming.

Budget friendly: Angel’s Pool Bar Apartments

View on | Tripadvisor Rating 4/5

Angel’s Poor Bar Apartments are an excellent place to stay in Paleokastritsa for those that want a central accommodation option within walking distance of the top attractions. It’s just up the hill from the main beach area. Angel’s offers self-catering apartments for those that want an affordable Corfu holiday in an excellent beach town. The onsite bar and pool area are a great place to enjoy a drink before heading down to the beach.


Our top tips for visiting Paleokastritsa

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  • Arrive early (before 10am) to beat the crowds. Paleokastritsa’s attractions are best enjoyed when there aren’t so many people around. You’ll also guarantee yourself a sun lounger or a spot on the sand.
  • Visit Paleokastritsa Monastery and the cliffside trail on a morning whilst it’s still cool. The hike up the hill and along the cliffside is tougher under the hot midday sun.
  • Bring a towel and other beach supplies with you. Paleokastritsa’s main beach doesn’t have many sun loungers.
  • Visit Paleokastritsa on a weekday over a weekend. The locals like to visit the beaches on Saturday and Sunday. Monday – Wednesday are the quietest days to visit.
  • If you’re driving to Paleokastritsa, we recommend parking your car in this car park. It only costs 3 euros for the full day and has plenty of spaces. You can walk to all attractions from this central spot.
  • Combine your visit to Paleokastritsa with Angelokastro Castle or La Grotta Cave Bar, both featured in our ‘best places to visit in Corfu’ guide. These nearby attractions are well worth visiting and are only a short drive away.
  • Buy drinks and snacks at one of the local mini markets. You’ll find them scattered throughout the beach area. They offer much more affordable refreshments than the bars and restaurants.
  • Be sure to visit the east of Paleokastritsa, including Alipa Marina. Many tourists miss this secluded area of the town. It’s a scenic place to go for a walk and admire the boats. There are also some nice bars and restaurants where you can grab a drink.
  • Paleokastritsa is centred around a main town and beach area. However, the wider Paleokastritsa coastline has many beaches, viewpoints, hotels, bars and restaurants. Go for a walk or drive away from the main tourist area to discover something new.

Thanks for reading our complete guide on Paleokastritsa, Corfu. We hope we inspired you with some excellent things to do in Paleokastritsa and you’re now set for a fun day out. Remember, if visiting Paleokastritsa for the day, be sure to arrive as early as possible. It can get very crowded!

If you have any questions about any of the items we’ve talked about, be sure to post a comment below.



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