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Rhodes nightlife guide – The best bars and clubs in Rhodes

shows Rhodes town and beach

The Greek islands have long attracted tourists with their gorgeous coastlines and rich history, but what happens when the sun goes down? In Rhodes, that could be a number of things depending on what you wish for. Nightlife in Rhodes can be sophisticated and relaxing with a nice dinner and cocktails with a view, or an endless evening of partying until the early hours in an upbeat Greek party resort. Our Rhodes nightlife guide covers the top areas to visit on an evening, the best bars to check out and our top tips for making each night a memorable one.

Rhodes Town nightlife

Rhodes Town is the beating, historical heart of the island. A trip to Rhodes isn’t complete without a visit here and there is some great things to see for everyone. Being a tourist hotspot and popular cruise port, there are plenty of bars and restaurants and the nightlife can be as lively as you wish for. Dine outdoors and enjoy a few drinks in a local tavern by the marina or dance the night away in a lively bar or club.

If you’d prefer something more relaxing and traditional, listen to a live Greek band playing the ‘bouzouki’ (like a mandolin) and get up for some Greek dancing with your partner!

Best areas for nightlife in Rhodes Town:

Ordanidou Co – a long ‘bar street’ with the liveliest pubs and clubs in the town. This is where you want to be later in the evening if you want to party until the early hours. There are also some nice cocktail bars and pubs for a more tamed vibe.

Rhodes Town harbour area – A sophisticated collection of nice Greek Taverna’s, cocktail bars and tourist hotspots. It’s a great place for early evening, to enjoy a drink and watch the boats come back in whilst the sun sets.

Rhodes nightlife in the capital: The Best Rhodes Town bars

The Union Bar – View on map

If you’re looking for a city-style trendy cocktail bar with raw brick walls, this is the place to go. Great burgers and even better cocktails, Union Bar is a top place to chill before hitting livelier venues.

Boomerang Sports Pub – View on map

For when an afternoon or evening out kicks off with a football match or the rugby, Boomerang is one of the best places in Rhodes to watch the game. Expect a lively tourist atmosphere with plenty of beer flowing.

Amalfi Social Lounge Bar – View on map

Amalfi Social is a sophisticated cocktail lounge with a rooftop terrace. Sit outside in the breeze and have a laugh with friends whilst sampling the extensive menu. The adjoining restaurant is also very good.

Paradiso Beach Club – View on map

Located a short taxi ride south-east of Rhodes Town, Paradiso is arguably the best nightclub on the island. Venture here late into the evening if you want an upbeat dance club with top DJ’s. They regularly host club nights with internationally renowned DJ’s.

Soho Bar Rhodes View on map

Soho Bar Rhodes is a classy cocktail bar for a pre-dinner drink in a welcoming atmosphere. It’s quirky and creative!

Ialyssos nightlife

Best for: If you’re staying just outside of Rhodes Town in the quieter town of Ialyssos, you have a much tamer nightlife than the neighbouring capital, however there’s still plenty of nice bars to check out and some beautiful beach restaurants. Nightlife in Ialyssos is all about going for a nice meal on an evening, watching sports over Happy Hour and having cocktails in an increasingly lively atmosphere as you enter the evening. You won’t find the vibrant clubs of Rhodes Town, but they’re a short taxi ride away if needed!

Best areas for nightlife in Ialyssos:

Ialysos Beach – The resort town is spread along the north coast of Rhodes, but all the main restaurants are concentrated alongside one section of Ialyysos Beach. Enjoy a nice meal looking at the ocean and retreat to a lively bar or pub in the centre for after dinner drinks.

Ferenikis Street – The centre of town is a short walk from the beach and its where you’ll find the highest concentration of bars. Pick a bar from our list below and embark on a mini pub-crawl!

Best Ialyssos Bars

Cavo Tango Cocktail Bar – View on map

Cavo Tango is somewhat of an open-air palace rather than a bar! Its white-washed walls and hip lighting effects will make you feel like Greek royalty. Enjoy a glass of chilled wine in style and enjoy the relaxing but fun side of Ialyssos nightlife.

Patty’s Lounge Bar – View on map

Simply the best option for a pre-dinner aperitif, Patty’s Lounge is located on Ialyssos Beach, making it the ideal place for sunset cocktails. You may also wish to have dinner here as the food is just as good as the drinks!

Double Deuce Live Stage – View on map

For when quiet drinks post-dinner just isn’t enough, and you want some good old live rock music, Double Deuce is the place to go. You’ll probably end up here every night if you’re a live music fan. Acts play daily.

Glory Days Sports Bar – View on map

Slightly outside of Ialyssos town centre but well worth the mention, Glory Days is the ultimate sports bar in the area. Watch your team play with a good atmosphere, plenty of screens and reasonably priced beers.

Faliraki nightlife

Best for: 18-30’s looking for a night long party atmosphere

You’ve probably heard of Faliraki from its infamous party reputation. It’s a go-to Rhodes nightlife resort for 18-30’s looking to have fun and go wild, sampling Greek cocktails with a sparkler and venturing down the strip on a bar crawl. The mix of bars includes everything from all-night-long karaoke, to colourful lights and dance music nightclubs. The cheap nightlife and guaranteed sun of Faliraki, with plenty to do during the day, makes it a party hot-spot year after year. The crowd here is young, loud and active, which is great if you like to party, but probably a little too crazy if you prefer a classier scene and casual cocktails in a beach bar. That being said, Faliraki has improved in recent years and now has plenty of sophisticated bars if you prefer a tamer night out. Being a small resort, everything is central and within walking distance and you won’t be far from the action!

Best areas for nightlife in Faliraki:

Bar Street & Club Street – Most of the bars are centred around two streets, Bar Street and Club Street, which is the beating heart of Faliraki nightlife. The majority of bars exuberate bright flashing lights and the atmosphere spills out onto the street. It’s a unique party atmosphere and everything you’d expect for a Greek party resort.

Faliraki Beach – The long stretch of beach on the Faliraki coastline is mostly restaurants, however there are some nice cocktail bars where you can warm up at happy hour, watching the sunset and getting ready for your night out! It’s a good place to start your night.

Best Faliraki Bars

Bondi Bar – View on map

Located right on the famous bar strip, Bondi is one of the best bars in the area for the music and atmosphere. It’s loud and colourful, and the drinks menu is excellent.

Climax Bar – View on map

The best reason to visit Climax is the great vibes and welcoming staff. They’ll help you party the night away in a bar environment over a club. Think family-run Greek night out!

Chaplin’s Beach Bar – View on map

Chaplin’s is at the very bottom of the bar strip, running off the main street and onto the beach. This is where you should spend your early evening, watching the sunset and having a drink before embarking on your bar crawl.

Liquid Nightclub – View on map

You’ll see plenty of leaflets and drinks offers being handed out for Liquid around the strip. It’s one of the go-to clubs for the early hours and the atmosphere screams party. Drinks are a little expensive but it guarantees good music and a large crowd.

DC Club – View on map

DC Club is actually one of the best nightclubs on the island. Expect a typical club-style environment with smoke, flashing lights and a House DJ to take you into the early hours.

There’s also Bedrock club, which has a quirky ‘Flintstones’ style design. It’s good for cocktails but for a dance club with good music to end the night, we recommend one of the above clubs as an alternative.

Lindos nightlife

Lindos is in our opinion, the most beautiful part of the island. Nightlife here consists of picturesque rooftop bars with an amazing view of the towering Acropolis monument on the hill above. You also have some cool cave-style taverna bars and plenty of options for cocktails by the beach. Lindos on an evening is much tamer than Faliraki and Rhodes Town so you won’t find lively clubs, however the atmosphere is fun, classy and a spark of Greek culture. We recommend an evening in Lindos for couples of all ages and friends that want cocktails under the moonlight with a great view.

Best areas for nightlife in Lindos:

The old town centre – A maze of small shops, houses and taverna’s bearing the traditional white-stone appearance of Lindos. Many of the bars and restaurants have an open roof where you can sip on your drink and take in amazing views of the Acropolis.

Lindos Beach – The beach is where you should head for a pre-dinner drink. Enjoy sunset cocktails overlooking the white sands and vibrant sky.

Best bars in Lindos

Dreams Cocktail Bar – View on map

Dreams has one of the highest balconies in Lindos, meaning you can look out at the towering Acropolis in the moonlight with a cocktail in hand. The drinks are reasonably priced and the backdrop couldn’t be better!

Lindian Apollo Bar – View on map

The Lindian Apollo is a small, family run bar with balcony seating. Staff are friendly, the environment is chilled and the drinks are excellent value for money. Visit for a relaxed pre-dinner aperitif.

Captain’s House Bar – View on map

The Captain’s House is a place you should visit both during the day and early evening. Tucked back in a quiet corner of the old town, this hidden gem is a traditional home that has been turned into a quirky bar. The atmosphere is cosy and unique to Lindos old town.

Courtyard Bar – View on map

As its name suggests, the Courtyard Bar is an open-air bar with panoramic views of the entirety of the old town. It’s centrally located and 3-stories high, so you have some of the best views of Lindos. Sample the drinks menu on the rooftop and head downstairs for traditional Greek dancing.

Pefkos nightlife

Pefkos is a resort just south of Lindos, where many of the area’s top hotels and rental apartments are located. Although you can reach Lindos in only 10 minutes by taxi, many people prefer the more active Pefkos nightlife. Being a tourist hotspot, many of the bars and restaurants are packed with couples and groups looking to wind down after a long day in the sun. Nightlife here is livelier than Lindos and most bars are within walking distance. It also has a slightly older crowd than the nightlife of Faliraki and Rhodes Town. Think traditional holiday resort bars with like-minded adults, live sports and nights on the dancefloor.

Best areas for nightlife in Pefkos:

Pefkos centre – Pefkos is a small town so you’ll instantly notice where to go from the lively music and collection of bars just off the main road that runs through.

Pefkos Beach – For a low-key nightlife and drinks in a nice bar/restaurant, head down the hill to the beach and check out Philosophia Beach Taverna (more on that below).

Best Pefkos bars

Cavo Bar – View on map

Cavo Bar is the go-to place for tourists and locals for a drink after an evening meal. More relaxed than other bars but with live music and a good atmosphere, you can order the cocktail special and grab a chair in the open-air.

The Rock Bar – View on map

The Rock Bar is one of the most instantly recognisable bars in Pefkos. Located on the main street leading to Lardos, this colourful bar sits on the corner welcoming everyone that passes. The layout inside is cool and it’s a nice place to visit late at night for a dance after dinner. It’s lively and loud!

Eclipse Bar – View on map

This is the perfect cocktail bar to start your night or to watch sports. It has an open outdoor courtyard where you can sip a beer under the moonlight in a scenic garden environment.

Pefkos by Night Bar – View on map

For when the clock has reached 11pm and you feel like dancing in a lively bar, take a short walk to Pefkos by Night. It’s the number one place to go to end your night out in Pefkos! They also have a good live music line-up earlier on in the evening.

Philosophia Beach Restaurant – View on map

Technically more of a restaurant than a bar but you can always just order wine and a snack, Philosophia is a sophisticated restaurant with an amazing panoramic view of the beach. It’s beautifully romantic and a nice place to start your evening out with your partner.

We’ve covered the top resorts and towns in Rhodes where nightlife is well worth checking out, however you’ll find cool bars and places to pass your evening throughout the island, hidden in coves and beaches, or just outside of town centres. Mark down the bars above to guarantee you a good time, but be sure to explore other bars nearby and let us know if you spot a hidden gem.

Now get ready to party, Greek island-style! Don’t forget to check out our top Rhodes nightlife tips below.

Top tips for a night out in Rhodes:

  • Many of the restaurants turn into bars on an evening. Use every opportunity you have to pick out a cool restaurant for the early evening and secure a table for later on. It’s always a good start to a big night out!
  • Rhodes nightlife isn’t all about the wild parties and loud dance music. Split up your holiday into traditional Greek dancing, live music or show nights, casual beach cocktails and wild bar crawls.
  • Many bars are family friendly, however it’s almost all adults after 11pm.
  • The local spirit of choice is Ouzo. Be sure to try a shot or Ouzo cocktail!
  • On a similar note, many of the local alcoholic drinks are very good. Save money by going local beer and spirits over international brands.
  • Each of the towns we’ve mentioned in our list have central taxi stations in town. Make a note of where this is for the end of the evening. They’re fairly inexpensive for short distances and make it easy to get around.
  • If an active nightlife is important to you, stay near the north-east of the island. Faliraki and Rhodes Town have bars that are guaranteed to be busy year-round.


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