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The Ultimate Lindos, Rhodes Travel Guide

Welcome to our ultimate Lindos travel guide! Regarded as one of the prettiest places to stay and visit in Rhodes, Lindos is a small town on the east coast of the island. Quaint white buildings hug a hillside that overlooks a beautiful sandy beach and picturesque horizon, and the town is overshadowed by a mighty Acropolis monument that stands on the hill above!

First impressions of the scenery in Lindos are always impressed and your love for the village will only grow as you venture into the narrow streets to explore. Lindos is one of the most popular day-trips in Rhodes, but it’s also a great place to base yourself. Stay deep within the town, by the beach, or in one of the many surrounding holiday resorts.

Read on for our complete Lindos travel guide, covering everything from accommodation to the top attractions, eating out and much more!

Best for: Families and couples of all ages

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Best time to visit and weather

July and August have the hottest temperatures and lowest rainfall in Lindos, however they’re also the busiest and most expensive months to visit.

We recommend visiting in June or September, or if you must visit in July, try to arrive early in the month before the kid’s holidays begin. These months will give you some amazing weather to relax under the hot Greek sun and less crowds on the beach, attractions and restaurants. Slighter warmer months but still excellent and often with cheaper prices, May and October are also ideal. Travel outside of this period and hot weather isn’t guaranteed.

See the weather chart below for a guideline on the average monthly temperatures in Lindos.

Show Lindos monthly average temperatures - best time to visit Rhodes
Lindos monthly temperature averages – courtesy of

Getting to and from Lindos

Getting to Lindos from the airport - Shows Lindos beach and Acropolis - Lindos travel guide

Lindos is just under an hour’s drive from Rhodes Anamnesia’ International Airport, and it’s a scenic one! The airport is located to the north-west, whilst Lindos sits in a cove to the south-east of the island.

Jumping in a taxi right outside the terminal can cost up to 80 euros for the one-way trip! There are much better ways to get to Lindos, as explained below ?

Book an airport transfer in advance – Pre-booking a private or shared transfer from the airport is significantly cheaper, no matter your group size. A shared mini-bus that drops off a few groups of other passengers on the way, will cost you around £10 per person. A private taxi will be around £54 for the car when booked in advance and this may suit groups of 4. We recommend using Skyscanner’s airport transfers comparison tool to get the best prices around!

Compare airport transfers on Skyscanner

Private car hire – Another great option and the preferred solution if you plan on doing some exploring during your trip is to rent a car at the airport terminal. It’s surprisingly cheap to rent if booking in advance and you’ll have plenty of freedom during your stay. A standard 7-day car rental can cost around £80 for a week in June, however prices all depend on the company you choose and dates of travel. Again, we recommend using Skyscanner’s comparison service here. Be sure to check reviews before booking!

Compare car rental options on Skyscanner

Catch the local bus – The third option, and one that we wouldn’t recommend, is jumping aboard the local island bus at the airport and travelling around 2 hours 30 minutes to Lindos. Although the buses are quite nice and reliable, the cost is around £6-9 per person and for this price you might as well book a shared shuttle transfer – it’s much quicker! The bus only runs and specific times too.

Getting around when you’re there

Shows two donkeys in Lindos village - Lindos travel guide

Rhodes is a beautiful place that you’ll want to explore whilst away! Whether it’s an epic day-trip to Rhodes Old Town, venturing to a remote beach or simply catching a cab down the road after a few cocktails on an evening, you’ll want to be prepared with transport options!

Taxis – Contrary to the somewhat expensive airport taxi ride, taxi’s in Lindos and the surrounding area are reasonably priced. You can travel from Pefkos to Lindos for around 10 euros, however a longer journey can cost much more. We recommend taxi’s for short distances and using the local bus or a car rental for longer trips.

You’ll find a taxi rank with a line of waiting taxi’s in the main square of Lindos Town and at the top of the hill next to the bus station. Simply queue up and tell the driver your destination.

If you’re at your hotel, ask reception to call you a taxi ?

Pro-tip: ask the cab driver for the latest taxi rank phone number. It can change, so you’ll get the latest contact and can call any time using your EU roaming allowance.

Car rental – As mentioned in our ‘arrival info’ above, renting a car is a cheap and easy way to get around Rhodes if you’re confident driving. We recommend renting a car for those that want to do lots of exploring and day-trips or if you’re travelling in a group. Otherwise, for limited day-trips and seeing the local area, taxi’s and buses work just fine and everything in Lindos town is within walking distance.

Catch the local bus The RODO bus runs the coastal route around the island. It’ll take you between all the main resorts on the way to Rhodes Town, and onwards to the airport. It’ll cost you just a couple of euros for a short journey (e.g. Lardos to Lindos), and up to ~7 euros for the one-way journey to Rhodes Town. Buses are fairly frequent and a great way to get around the relatively empty roads! Check out the latest timetable posted in this Tripadvisor thread.

Top things to do in and around Lindos

1. Climb to the top of the mighty Acropolis

The number one thing to do in Lindos is exploring the ancient Acropolis monument on the hill that overlooks the town. Whilst you can catch a donkey ride to the top of the hill, we recommend walking. You’ll get some excellent views of Lindos from the staircase! Once you arrive at the top of the hill, pay the entrance fee of 12 euros per person (totally worth it) and walk into the remains of an ancient Greek citadel. Amongst the many stone pillars, steps and ruins, you have some stunning views of Lindos and the surrounding bay of St Paul’s Bay. Spend a couple of hours exploring and taking your best holiday pictures!

Shows Lindos Acropolis ruins - Things to do in Lindos

2. Wander the old town streets

A close second-best to the Acropolis is simply wandering the enchanting town of Lindos to your heart’s desire. You can easily get lost in within the narrow streets, browsing shops, ordering ice cream in a mini-corner café and finding excellent photo opportunities. We recommend starting in the main town square and taking a leisurely walk to St Pauls Bay. You’ll get to see many winding streets, shops and cafes along the way.

3. Relax on the beach

Visitors to Lindos sometimes miss the beach as it’s a short walk down the hill from Lindos town. Whether you’re visiting or staying here, a trip to the beach is highly recommended. It’s clean, sandy and has plenty of sun loungers and beach cafes to enjoy after a busy morning of sightseeing. Walk to the far end of the beach in the north for less crowds.

Secluded beaches for couples Rhodes

4. Enjoy a sunset cocktail in a rooftop bar

As the sun sets behind the towering Acropolis of Lindos, the town becomes a different place. The small white buildings are lit up and the streets empty as everyone ascends to the rooftop bars and restaurants. Enjoying a sunset drink on a Lindos rooftop promises great views and a relaxing start to your evening! Be sure to arrive in time for happy hour. We personally recommend Dreams Cocktail bar.

5. Go for a swim by St Paul’s Bay

St Paul’s Bay is just around the corner from Lindos town and you can reach it on foot within 15 minutes, with a scenic walk along the narrow streets on the way. On arrival you’ll find a cosy but narrow beach, marina and the quaint St Paul’s Chapel. As the sun shines, the ocean appears turquoise and it’s a nice place to relax. Find a space on the sometimes-crowded beach or on the rocks for more space and then go for a leisurely swim!

Things to do in Lindos - Shows St Pauls marina and bay - Lindos travel guide

6. Tour the island on a boat trip

As with any island escape, sometimes the best way to see it is from the edge of the ocean! A boat trip will take you around the island to see the key ports such as Rhodes Town, or to secluded spots where you can snorkel in clear waters and check out the local marine life. Tour boats range from sailing boats and small tourist ferries to scuba diving tours and glass bottom boats where you can see the fishes swim and you tour the coastline.

Glass Bottom Boats Lindos is an affordable and short length but excellent boat tour for an afternoon or morning exploring the shoreline.

8. Climb to the top of the hill for the best views

If you’re catching a taxi into the centre of Lindos or you’re staying here, you’ll miss the amazing views from the hilltop! We recommend climbing to the top of the hill and venturing north of the beach, going for long walks and exploring the impressive views of the Acropolis and white buildings of Lindos from afar.

Show Lindos village from a hill viewpoint - Where to go in Lindos

7. Get active with some water sports

The many beaches along the Lindos coastline have water sports providers at every turn. Tired of lying on the beach and baking under the sun? Head to the sea’s for jet skiing, paragliding, a banana boat and other fun water sports activities. It’s an exhilarating thing to do solo or with your partner! Be sure to check the reviews for the water sports company you choose before signing up.

9. Go boutique gift shopping

Wandering through the old town streets of Lindos you’ll find small white-washed shops selling gifts, traditional Greek costumes, clothing, jewellery, ornaments and other things you’d expect to find in a bazaar style market. The narrow streets and pretty buildings make it a great place to shop and the prices are very reasonable. Get lost browsing the shops, searching for a special gift for someone back at home.

Shows Lindos town streets - shopping in Lindos

10. Have a romantic dinner with a view

Not many places in Rhodes can compare with the spectacular dinner backdrops on offer in Lindos. Many restaurants have rooftop areas where you can dine under the moonlight and dimly lit Acropolis that looms above the town. It can be both a romantic experience for couples but also appeals to families, groups of friends and anyone that likes good Greek food in a picturesque setting! See here for our top Lindos restaurant recommendations.

Further afield day-trips

The above list features some great things to do in and near Lindos, however the rest of Rhodes is well worth exploring! Rent your own car and adventure to your hearts’ desire or pick a couple of day-trips during your stay. See below for the key day-trips and places worth checking out.

Rhodes Town – A visit to the mighty port of Rhodes Town is recommended for anyone, from families to couples of all ages and groups of friends! The town is centred around a medieval castle, with an amazing old town and plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Take a stroll along the harbour, approach the fortress viewpoint or relax on the local beach. Visit for a full-day trip excursion or stay overnight to see more of this historic cruise port. Drive time from Lindos: 55 minutes

Shows Rhodes Town castle walls - Lindos day-trips

Pefkos – Just down the road from Lindos, Pefkos is a holiday resort hotspot with some nice restaurants and an active nightlife. It also has a secluded beach to enjoy! Visit for an afternoon or evening out and you’ll only be a short cab ride from Lindos. You may also be staying here! Pefkos is one of the main Lindos resort areas with plenty of affordable and luxury hotels.
Drive time from Lindos: 10 minutes

Rhodes West Coast – A great place to escape from it all and explore the rural countryside, the west coast is best seen by car. Stumble upon remote beaches and bays and wander the ancient Kritinia Castle.
Drive time from Lindos: ~55 minutes

Rhodes South Coast – Some of the quietest and secluded beaches on the island. Great for a self-drive road trip with a picnic!
Drive time from Lindos: 35 minutes

Anthony Quinn Bay – For a quiet morning or afternoon of relaxation alongside turquoise waters and a nice beach, Anthony Quinn Bay is idyllic. Situated next door to Faliraki, you can visit both and make a day of it. The bay is one of the prettiest on the island.
Drive time from Lindos: 40 minutes

Shows the rocks and bay of Anthony Quinn Bay - Lindos day-trips

Faliraki Water Park – If you’re travelling with kids or want a fun way to cool down one afternoon, Faliraki’s water park is excellent. The entrance fee is around £20 per person for adults.
Drive time from Lindos: 35 minutes

Night out in Faliraki – If you really want a big night out, the infamous party resort of Faliraki is calling your name. Once a haven for 18-30’s looking to dance the night away, Faliraki now has some sophisticated cocktail lounges alongside the usual wild bar strip. Catch a cab over and party as late as you like!
Drive time from Lindos: 35 minutes

Tsambika Monastery – Slightly inland from the coast, Tsambika Monastery is perched on top of a large hill surrounded by a national park of wilderness. For adventurers out there that want a leisurely hike to capture some of the best views on the island, this is the perfect attraction! Once at the top of the hill you’ll find a beautiful little monastery and the best views on the island. Visit at sunset or sunrise for particularly spectacular scenery.
Drive time from Lindos: 30 minutes

The best Lindos hotels – Where to stay

As Lindos is a small town, it only has a handful of hotels in the centre, alongside many more private apartment rentals. The majority of hotels are located just outside the town, along the coastlines to the north and south. If you’re looking for a typical beach holiday with a big pool, we recommend staying in one of the surrounding hotels. If Lindos town life excites you, stay in one of the central but sometimes more expensive hotels, or rent a private apartment with a view! See below for our top hotel recommendations for every budget!

Luxury hotels

Melenos Lindos Hotel

View on | 5 stars | 5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

If you want to stay in the heart of Lindos town and luxury is the only way to go, there really isn’t a better choice than the Melenos Hotel. It combines Greek tradition with modern amenities, the rooms are spacious and it’s right by the beach. Balconies present beautiful views of the bay and the on-site restaurant is idyllic for a romantic evening meal.

Melenos Lindos Hotel
This photo of Melenos Lindos Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Mitsis Lindos Memories Resort & Spa

View on | 5 stars | 4.5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

The Mitsis Lindos Memories Resort is a 6-minute drive south of Lindos in a secluded location overlooking the sea. As one of the top-rated 5-star hotels in the area you can expect high quality décor, lots of facilities and spacious rooms, but the best thing about the Mitsis is definitely the pool! The large outdoor pool overlooks the ocean and you’ll definitely want to make the most of it.

Lindos Travel Guide - Shows Mitsis Lindos Memories Resort and Spa
This photo of Mitsis Lindos Memories Resort & Spa is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas

View on | 5 stars | 4.5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

In the neighbouring town of Kalathos to the north, you can stay in a top-rated 5-star hotel for a fraction of the price of its competitors. The Atrium Palace Thalasso is luxury through and through but with much more affordable prices. Simply catch a short taxi ride or the local bus to Lindos. You’re also right next to the beach!

Display Atrium Prestige Spa and Resort
This photo of Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort and Villas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Mid-range hotels

Lindos Sun Hotel

View on | 4 stars | 4.5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

Located a 4-minute drive from the town centre, Lindos Sun Hotel is a palace of white Greek tradition. Everything from the stone walls to the room décor has a comforting and stylish white finish that shouts ‘holiday’ relaxation. Being a four-star hotel, you can enjoy a nice meal in their top-rated restaurant, have a massage in the spa or relax by the large pool, among other activities.

Displays Lindos Sun Hotel
This photo of Lindos Sun Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lindos Harmony Suites

View on | Private suites | 5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

If you like spacious accommodation on your holiday and the ability to cook some of your own meals, the luxurious Harmony Suites are an excellent option. They’re ideally located in Lindos town on the side of the mountain, meaning you have great views to wake up to on a morning and you’re only a few minutes’ walk from the shops and restaurants of the old town square.

Displays Lindos Harmony Suites
This photo of Lindos Harmony Suites is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lindos Princess Beach Hotel & Spa

View on | 4 stars | 4.5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

Whilst the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel is a 15-minute drive away in the village of Lardos, we felt the need to include is for just how excellent it is, and it’s still classed as being in the Lindos region. The number-one choice for all-inclusive and family holidays, this huge resort has every facility you could think of, multiple pools, a spa and a private beach. Check out our complete Lindos travel guide to the Lindos Princess Beach hotel here.

Displays Lindos Princess Beach Hotel - Lindos travel guide
This photo of Lindos Princess Beach Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Budget friendly hotels

Chrysa Studios

View on | Studios | 4.5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

Providing a central location for budget prices, you can walk to all of the top Lindos attractions within a few minutes when staying in the Chrysa Studios. Rooms are no frills, however very clean, and you have a large balcony where you can watch the sunset or enjoy breakfast. The reviews are also excellent!

Shows Chrysa Studios
This photo of Chrysa Studios is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lindos White Hotel and Suites

View on | 4 stars | 4/5 TripAdvisor Rating

If value for money is important to you but so is a nice hotel with a pool, and you don’t mind staying a little further outside of Lindos, the Lindos White Hotel ticks all the boxes and its excellent value for money for the quality of the hotel. It’s based in the quiet beach town of Vlycha and only an 8-minute drive from Lindos town centre. It’s one of the best 4-star hotels you’ll find for the price!

Shows Vlycha White hotel
This photo of Lindos White Hotel and Suites is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Ville di Lindos

View on | 3 stars | 5/5 TripAdvisor Rating

Currently one of the top-rated hotels on Tripadvisor for the Lindos area, Ville di Lindos is a small and secluded resort just outside of Lindos town. The hotel grounds are beautifully maintained and rooms feel light and spacious. It’s the perfect place to relax just outside of the old-town action and suits both families and couples.

Lindos travel guide - Shows Ville di Lindos hotel
This photo of Ville di Lindos is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lindos Supermarkets

Stopping by a supermarket is a great way to save money on snacks and drinks and you get to try the local brands! Being a small town, Lindos has a few mini-marts where you can get the usual supplies. They’re fully stocked with plenty of essentials. If you’re staying in one of the nearby resort areas such as Pefkos or Lardos, you’ll also find small mini-marts along the main coastline road.

ABC supermarket – Lindou 1, Rodos 851 07, Greece – View on map

Supermarket Flora – Epar.Od. Lardou-Lindou, Lindos 851 07, Greece – View on map

About a mile outside of Lindos and easily accessible in a taxi or car rental, the following ’larger’ supermarket is an excellent option.

Flevaris supermarket – Lindos 851 02, Greece – View on map

Even further away and only recommended if you’re on your way from the airport or a day-trip to Rhodes Town, stop off at the large and great value LIDL supermarket to stock up on everything you need!

LIDL – Emmanouil Triantafyllidi 1, Sgourou 851 00, Greece – View on map

Shopping in Lindos

Like any small Greek town that attracts tourists, Lindos has a number of quaint white-walled shops hidden deep within the narrow streets. At every corner you’ll come across a local jewellery crafter, ornament maker or a nice old Greek lady trying to sell you a toga. Whilst you won’t find any high street retail stores or recognisable brands, you will find Greek specialities such as soaps, olive oils, foods, drinks and plenty of gift and apparel stores.

The old town is the main place to shop in the area and it’s a nice activity for an afternoon where you want a break from the sun or if the weather isn’t looking too fantastic. One of our favourite shops is a little place called Kori. It’s full of handmade craft items and souvenir ideas.

For grocery store essentials, toiletries and other essentials, check out our supermarket recommendations above.

The best Lindos restaurants

Lindos has some of the best restaurants on the island on Rhodes if you want to dine with a view. The old town Greek taverna’s have balconies and rooftops where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the lit-up Acropolis towering overhead, nice beach-view restaurants for sunset, and dining options on the hillside for panoramic views.

Sample fresh seafood, local Greek dishes and Mediterranean classics, all for reasonable prices. A main meal and a drink in most places will cost 15-20 euros per person.

For a complete Lindos travel guide to the best restaurants on offer, check out our Lindos eating out recommendations here.

Shows Melenos rooftop restaurant view
This photo of Melenos Roof Top Dining is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The best Lindos bars and nightlife

Nightlife in Lindos starts at sunset, as tourists flock to the beach cafes and rooftop bars for pre-dinner drinks, and the entire town is lit up with intricate illuminations to show-off the architecture. It’s a unique place for an evening out and whilst it can be on the more relaxed side compared to other resorts (i.e. Faliraki or Rhodes Town), it can get quite busy in the summer months and some weekends. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail with a view, dance with the locals in a Greek Taverna or go on a mini bar-crawl in the old town – the choice is yours! Read on for the best bars to check out.

Best Lindos bars:

  • Dreams Cocktail Bar – One of the top-rated Lindos bars on TripAdvisor and renowned for its great views of the Acropolis and a fun night out, Dreams is a must-see bar for all visitors looking to let their hair down and enjoy a nice cocktail (or three!) with good company and even better views.
Lindos travel guide - Shows Lindos by Night bar rooftop
This photo of Lindos By Night is courtesy of TripAdvisor
  • Lindos Ice Bar – Sometimes ice bars are an overpriced gimmick, but the Lindos Ice Bar does it surprisingly well! Put on a big thermal jacket and kick back in this frosty environment with friends or your partner. It’s a cool ‘alternative’ thing to do one evening.
  • Crazy Moon Cocktail Bar – On the corner of a narrow street in the centre of the old town, Crazy Moon Cocktail Bar is one of the livelier bars on an evening. Step off the street into a trendy cocktail-bar and sample the local drinks menu or ask the bartender to whip up a concoction of their own!
Lindos travel guide - Shows Dreams Cocktail bar in Lindos
This photo of Dreams Cocktail Bar Lindos is courtesy of TripAdvisor
  • Lindian Apollo – Unlike the other bars on our list, Lindian Apollo is a super-small, family-run bar/restaurant that serves up excellent value drinks. It’s friendly, has a local feel and some top-notch views if you ask for a balcony table. The vibe is more relaxed.
  • Lindos by Night – Nightlife on holiday is all about enjoying a drink outdoors and taking in the warm sea breeze. Lindos by Night is exactly that. Sit outside in a funky, lit-up courtyard with an impressive backdrop and tantalising menu of cocktails.

For an alternative nightlife and sometimes livelier atmosphere, catch a cab 15 minutes away to the holiday resort town of Pefkos. Here you’ll find a variety of welcoming live music and dance bars for adults of all ages. The taxi cost is around ~10 euros one-way.

If you really want to party hard on holiday, the infamous 18-30’s party resort of Faliraki is also an option. The ride will take around 35 minutes and cost ~35 euros.

Check out our Rhodes nightlife guide here for our recommendations on the best bars and clubs in each area.

Top tips for visiting Lindos

Lindos travel guide tips - shows the sunset by Lindos bay
  • Visit the Acropolis monument complex on a morning. It can be a challenging climb under the hot Greek sun so arriving before midday is recommended
  • The surrounding area of Lindos has spectacular views and hidden spots of beauty. Take a good pair of walking trainers and get out from the town to explore the hills and nearby St Pauls Bay
  • If you’re only visiting Lindos for the day, be sure to stay the full day or visit on an evening another time. The town is just as pretty under the stars as it is under midday sunlight
  • Many bars and restaurants have special offers during the day and early evening. Arrive early for a cheap happy hour drink before dinner
  • Take advantage of the local bus service where you can. It’s super-cheap and easy to get around. Buses also have air-con
  • Some shops, bars and restaurants in the old town may not accept credit/debit card. Bring some extra cash along with you
  • The beach is a walk down from the main town but well worth visiting. Sightsee in the town in the morning whilst it’s cool and then descend to the beach for quiet relaxation and a swim ?

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the wonderful village of Lindos and are all set to enjoy your holiday! Use our Lindos travel guide to help plan before you go or as reference on arrival for checking out the top restaurants, bars and attractions. It’s our favourite place in Rhodes for a beach holiday and a must-see day-trip for anyone staying on other areas of the island. Do you have any questions or need help planning your trip to Rhodes? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help!


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