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Planning a Honeymoon on a budget – Destinations and money saving tips

Are you looking to plan a honeymoon on a budget, featuring the same luxurious hotels and amazing places of a more expensive honeymoon? We’ve assembled some of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations that also happen to be cheap! Follow our honeymoon on a budget guide below for planning tips, destination ideas and everything you need to know to keep the costs down on your post-wedding getaway.

Top things to consider for a cheap but excellent honeymoon

1.Travel outside of the peak season

Travelling outside of peak school, summer and Easter holidays is almost always cheaper. If you’re staying in Europe, consider the months of April to May and September to October. Long haul destination seasonality will vary.

2. Consider an all-inclusive option or all-in-one guided tour

Paying for everything upfront including activities and meals can ensure that your spending money isn’t too excessive at your destination. You’ll know all your costs up front and can budget for it.

Shows a couple in a resort swimming pool - Honeymoon on a budget

3. Book everything separately yourself

Specialised honeymoon travel agents and organised honeymoon packages can cost thousands of pounds! They’re designed around luxury and take the hassle out of booking your holiday; however, you’ll pay a premium for the service. Check out our holiday booking guide here to find out how you can get the best prices booking yourself. It’ll take a lot more time, however, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and travel research is very rewarding!

4. Book as far in advance as possible

Wedding venue booked? Consider planning your honeymoon at the same time. Flights booked at least 6 months in advance are almost always cheaper! The same goes for early booking hotel rates, car hire and other add-ons.

5. Avoid expensive honeymoon suites

It may sound awesome to stay in the best room that the hotel has to offer, however the prices can be insane! Consider a deluxe or premium room instead. They’re much more affordable and the difference is only usually the size. You’ll probably only be sleeping in the room anyway!

6. Consider a big honeymoon at a later date

Did the wedding take up the majority of your cash? Consider having a mini city break honeymoon right after the wedding and plan a once in a lifetime trip for later in the year. It’ll give you longer to save for that dream trip and more time for planning now that the wedding is over.

Honeymoon money saving tips - Shows a couple hiking a hill

7. Fly from a different UK airport to your usual choice

Smaller, regional airports don’t often fly to long haul destinations that are popular for honeymoons and you’ll need to connect at one of the UK’s major airports to your onwards destination. Consider driving or catching the train to a larger airport for cheaper flights. We recommend comparing prices and flight options at all of your nearby airports.

8. The best budget honeymoon money saving tip of all is to choose your destination carefully

It goes without saying that some honeymoon destinations are way more expensive than others. Swap Vegas and the Maldives for South-East Asia and your budget will stretch at least 4 times further! Check out our recommendations for budget honeymoon destinations below.

9. Use a buy now pay later 0% fee credit card

Not strictly for saving money but excellent for budgeting and getting the best deal, 0% interest credit cards are exactly what they sound like. Purchase your honeymoon on the credit card and then pay it 1, 2 and sometimes 3 years later without having to pay a penny in interest. This can allow you to take advantage of cheaper advance rates and then paying off the holiday once you’ve saved up the cash.

10. Consider staying in an Airbnb over a hotel

Airbnb’s can often be more luxurious and spacious than hotels and at a lower cost. Luxury Airbnb include private hot tubs, pools and an abundance of facilities. You can also cook some of your own meals. Browse Airbnb options before booking your hotel to see if you can find something special whilst saving money at the same time.

Honeymoon money saving tips - Shows a private villa with hot tub

11. Be wary of spending in your destination

Just because you’re on your honeymoon it doesn’t mean that you have to waste money! Implement all of the following tips to help prevent you blowing the big bucks whilst you’re away:

  • Use public transport instead of taxis/Uber. It has a more authentic feel and is way cheaper.
  • Carefully research activities, tour guides and excursion companies. Expensive isn’t always the best and many companies offer the same tours at wildly different prices. TripAdvisor is your best friend here ?
  • Ditch tours all together and explore your destination with only your partner. It’s fun, romantic and unleashes the adventurer inside. You can get all the information you need on Google Maps and TripAdvisor.
  • Sample the local street food and cheap eats of the area. Sometimes it’s tastier than restaurant food!
  • Bring along your own alcohol from duty free and make use of the supermarkets. Balcony cocktail party anyone?
  • Include plenty of relaxation days during your honeymoon. They’re days where you’ll spend very little compared to activity days and can enjoy each other’s company in a nice hotel or by the beach.

12. Our favourite tip of all – tell everyone that you’re on your honeymoon!

Once booked (be careful not to mention it beforehand as you might actually be charged more), email or call the hotel, excursion operator, car hire company; practically everyone you’ve booked with! Letting the booking company know that you’re on your honeymoon usually incurs some complementary upgrades and plenty of treats. It’s a big occasion and hospitality companies will go out of the way to make it special. Finally, be sure to ask nicely for a flight upgrade at the check-in desk ?

The best budget honeymoon destinations

We’ve hand selected the below budget honeymoon destinations based on our own travel experiences. Each option caters excellently to newlyweds looking for an adventurous, relaxed or luxurious honeymoon on a budget. Once you’ve grabbed a good deal on the flights, the destinations themselves will cost you little to explore and luxury hotels are very affordable.


Shows a couple on their honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur

Our first impression of Malaysia was that it was the perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic adventure. It has the same exotic South-East-Asian cultures and foods as nearby countries, however it’s a lot more developed, making it easier to get around. It also has a wide array of luxury hotels that cost a fraction of the price in the west! Stay in big-name brand hotels such as the Shangri-La and Mandarin Oriental for only £80 per night!

A honeymoon on a budget in Malaysia will probably start with the fine dining, lavish rooftop bars and luxury hotels of Kuala Lumpur and will take you onwards to the beautiful island of Penang. Here you can relax on the beach all day or go on an excursion to see temples and markets. It’s a peaceful country where you can experience some amazing things and live a life of luxury for very little. If you fancy something a little more adventurous than beaches, shopping and sightseeing, why not head to the majestic rice fields of the Cameron Highlands or pay the Orang Utans a visit in the jungle?


Shows a luxury cruise boat in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Often overlooked as a honeymoon destination, Vietnam is the ultimate place for newlywed couples that seek adventure! It appeals to both beach lovers with its stunning island of Phu Quoc, but also explorers that want to learn something and see some great sights during their trip. You have the majestic limestone cliffs of Ha Long Bay, rich local culture and country-life of central Vietnam and historic remnants of the country’s troubled past in the south.

Vietnam is a country that you’ll fall in love with, simply due to how welcoming and friendly it is and the beautiful sights you’ll see along the way. It’s significantly cheaper than Thailand and is far less touristic. Whilst it can be done on a budget with ease, we recommend splashing out on some excellent honeymoon hotels in the cities, which are surprisingly cheap. A luxury Ha Long Bay cruise is all a must-do romantic escape. Check out Ha Long Bay, Phu Quoc Island and Hoi An for a multi-destination honeymoon on a budget that you’ll never forget!

Sri Lanka

Cheap honeymoon destinations - Shows a luxury villa in Sri Lanka

Just a short flight from the top honeymoon hotspot of the Maldives, Sri Lanka is a much larger island that not only has the beautiful white-sand beaches that you’ll find in the Maldives, but plenty of cultural activities too! Go on a trek with your partner into the mountains, feed elephants at an animal sanctuary or explore the beautiful green scenery and sunset viewpoints.

Sri Lanka is a big island nation with plenty of activities, but you’ll also discover some of the most affordable and picturesque beaches in the world. Stay in a secluded luxury resort for less than £80 per night and gaze out at the ocean from the comfort of an infinity pool. It has cuisine, activities and accommodations to suit all budgets and you’ll sample a little bit of honeymoon luxury for less than the Maldives. What we love most about Sri Lanka is the relaxed nature and welcoming, friendly locals. You’ll really feel at home on your long-haul honeymoon retreat…


Shows a turquoise beach in the Philippines - Budget honeymoon destinations

If you’re a couple that’s familiar with travelling and it’s one of your most shared interests, you probably want to visit somewhere extra special and avoid the usual beach resorts of Mexico, Thailand and the Maldives. Look no further than the Philippines…As one of our favourite places on earth, this exotic island nation still feels off the beaten track and it has scenery that will blow your mind.

Islands such as Palawan were voted as having some of the best beaches on earth, whilst Boracay island offers that much needed relaxation and upbeat nightlife that you want to experience on your honeymoon. Unlike many other cheap honeymoon destinations on our list, Philippines can be a little trickier to get around and it’s less luxurious, however its raw natural edge and lack of tourists are a sign that you’ll be experiencing something unique. We recommend checking out Boracay and/or Port Barton in Palawan for the most romantic experiences.


Shows a couple in Bali looking out at the jungle

Bali might not have first struck you as the place for a honeymoon on a budget due to the popularity of this Indonesian paradise and the exquisite hotels and experiences it has on offer. In reality, Bali is a place that appeals to holiday seekers of all kinds, from budget backpackers to high-rollers. It’s really as expensive as you want to make it. Sure, you can stay in world-class hotels for £400 per night, but there’s also some excellent 4- and 5-star hotels with infinity pools for less than £100! Eating out, attractions, drinks and getting around costs are also very cheap.

For an unforgettable honeymoon in Bali, we recommend avoiding the tourist traps of Kuta and Seminyak and instead creating an itinerary of 3 destinations. Relax on the laid-back beaches of Canggu and enjoy the sunset nightlife scene, retreat inland to the enchanting temples, rice fields and forests of Ubud and then head onwards to the Nusa Islands. Here you can explore hidden beaches by boat, go snorkelling, and hike scenic viewpoints. Bali has become one of the most romantic places in the world for couples and you’ll find out exactly why!

The Greek Islands

Cheap honeymoon destinations - Shows a swimming pool in Greece

Greek Islands Santorini and Mykonos have become iconic destinations for couples looking for romantic experiences, amazing hotels and spending their honeymoon in a Mediterranean paradise. There’s no denying these places are great for couples, however the prices can be insanely expensive. Why not escape the crowds of these touristic islands in search of a Greek honeymoon destination that’s more cultural, authentic and quiet? A Greek island-hopping honeymoon around lesser visited but just as pretty islands is exactly what we recommend!

Paros, Naxos, Crete and Ios are all worthy contenders for a fun and sun filled honeymoon that feels more like traditional Greece. You’ll avoid the overpriced restaurants for home-cooked taverna meals that sport just as good views, that infinity pool suite you saw on Instagram will be significantly cheaper and you’ll get an experience of the local towns and way of life. Each of the Greek islands have stunning coastal and mainland scenery that’s waiting to be explored; the only trouble is deciding on an island to visit! We recommend choosing a couple of nearby islands and touring them via the local ferry or a yacht charter.

Portugal road trip

Shows a couple with a car looking out at the sunset

If you’re looking for a beautiful but cheap honeymoon destination close to home in Europe, Portugal is calling your name. Forget about the tourist packed resorts on the Algarve; a honeymoon should be special and take you on a journey to see the best sights that the country has to offer. We recommend renting a car and exploring Portugal by road, starting in the north or south and then touring the best cities, beaches and remote towns, hand in hand with your partner.

Whilst being one of the most affordable places to go on holiday in Western Europe, it’s home to some jaw-dropping coastal scenery, guaranteed high temperatures in the summer months and plenty of rich heritage and culture. The cities of Aveiro (the Portuguese Venice) in the north, Porto and Coimbra are the places to go for a quiet romantic retreat, whilst the beach towns around Lisbon offer a more relaxing experience. Best of all? You can see at least 5-6 places in a two-week trip! Check out our Portugal north and south road trip itineraries here and roam the roads in a convertible for a honeymoon you won’t forget.


cheap honeymoon destinations - Shows a remote beach in Cuba

Do the white sands of the Caribbean or Mexico, staying in a deluxe resort sound like your idea of a honeymoon? Cuba is a newly rising star of the show that’s currently a lot more affordable than the likes of the Bahamas, Cancun and Aruba. After years of unrest in the country, it’s only in the past decade that Cuba has evolved into a sunny Latin hotspot that welcomes tourists to its untouched beaches and unique flair of art and design in its capital, Havana.

Jet off to Cuba for a budget honeymoon that consists of drinking Cuban Libra cocktails on the beach and day trips around the island. Havana has a colourful old-town centre that feels like it’s stuck in the past, the coastline is full of turquoise water lagoons and the sunsets are breath-taking. What’s not to love? As hotels are being built up fast around the island for the emerging tourist industry, expect to get a good deal if you shop around. Check out the areas of Varadero or Cayo Coco for a traditional honeymoon beach holiday. A day-trip to Havana is also a must-do!

Northern Thailand

Planning a honeymoon on a budget - Shows luxury villas in northern Thailand

Thailand may have become a popular destination for exotic honeymoons; however, the vast majority of newlyweds choose the tourist centres of Koh Samui and Phuket. For an alternative, less crowded, more cultural and cheaper honeymoon, we recommend exploring the north of Thailand instead. The areas of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai in the north are exactly what Thailand is really about. The local people are charming, the natural jungles, mountains and rivers are beautiful and you can find some amazing places to stay. Expect 4- and 5-star luxury for less than £100 per night.

A honeymoon in the north of Thailand has plenty of adventure activities coupled with some city sightseeing and hotel relaxation, however you may also want to wind down on a remote beach with your partner. In that case, combine your adventure in Chiang Mai with a week on Ko Lanta or Ko Chang islands, which you can fly to directly from the north. These islands are far less touristic than other Thai islands and your budget will stretch further.

Caribbean Cruise

Planning a honeymoon on a budget - Shows a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in port

A Caribbean cruise sounds like an expensive cruising destination at first due to its distance from Europe and exotic allure, however they’re actually far cheaper than cruises in the Mediterranean. Cheaper port fees, cruise supplies and less crowds mean that you can pay up to 3 times less for a luxury Caribbean cruise. Whilst Med cruises offer cities rich in history and culture, the Caribbean is a lot more about the beaches and relaxed island life of destinations such as the Bahamas, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Once you’ve paid for the long-haul flight, which can be as little as £300 from London to Miami, and covered the initial cruise cost, you’ll spend very little whilst you’re away. All food and drink (optional drinks packages) are included and tours at your destination are optional. You’ll be living the high life on the ocean, eating at a different restaurant every night, waking up in a new place every day and enjoying each other’s company as newlyweds. We recommend Royal Caribbean cruises for their range of facilities, great value and appeal to couples.

Now we’ve given you a sample of the best honeymoon on a budget destinations and some helpful honeymoon money saving tips, we wish you the best of luck booking your dream holiday! Give us a shout if you have any questions or need help planning! A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that you’ll want to remember for years to come, however it doesn’t need to get you into debt. Many of the destinations we’ve picked are also a bit unusual, so you’ll have good stories to tell your friends too.


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