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A Complete Guide to Help Beach Club Fethiye

Help Beach Club sun loungers and ocean

Welcome to our guide on Help Beach Club, Fethiye, featuring everything you need to know about this popular beach club venue. If you’re visiting Fethiye or the nearby area, you’re most certainly want to schedule in plenty of relaxation.

The challenge with the local beaches in and around Fethiye, and every Turkish beach destination in the summer months, is that they get really busy. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach day where you’re guaranteed a sun lounger with your own private space, with plenty of room to move around, we recommend checking out one of Fethiye’s exclusive beach clubs.

When we visited Fethiye this summer, we spent the day at Help Beach Club, which is rated as the number one beach club in the area. In this guide, we’ll talk about Help Beach club in more detail, from its facilities, to the restaurants and bars, and of course, the beach! Continue reading and let us know if you have any questions.😊

What are Turkish beach clubs?

Beach clubs are privately own beach venue where guests pay a small entry fee to gain access to an exclusive beach for the entire day. Often, there isn’t a fee to enter per se, but you have to reserve a sun lounger. Beach clubs are a great for those who aren’t keen on the overly packed ‘free’ beaches. They provide a more comfortable beach day, with plenty of amenities on your doorstep.

Unlike beach clubs in other destinations, many beach clubs in Turkey are family-friendly, with less of a wild party atmosphere compared to the likes of Ibiza.

Help Beach Club Fethiye - Shows colourful sun loungers

Help Beach Club overview

Help Beach Club is a small beach club that’s hidden away in a quiet cove, located a 10-minute drive from Fethiye marina. Its secluded beach location has been transformed into a beach club haven, with plenty of loungers, Bohemian-style décor, a quirky restaurant and plenty of beach facilities.

The beach club also hosts a variety of events and DJ’s, playing different types of music each day of the week.

Entrance sign to the beach club

What’s the vibe at Help Beach Club?

We visited during the day and found the vibe to be very laid back and relaxing. It’s a family-friendly atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. As the sunsets and the evening arrives, the atmosphere picks up and there’s more of an upbeat vibe, especially if visiting on weekends or for a special event.

How to get to Help Beach

The best way to get to Help Beach is either by hiring a car or jumping into a taxi. It’s around a 13-minute drive from Fethiye Old Town making it really accessible for anyone staying in town. It’s also well located for anyone staying in Oludeniz, Calis, or one of the other nearby beach resorts.

The beach club is located at the bottom of a hill on a winding road. It also has a free parking right outside if you’re bringing your own car.

Help Beach map location – View on Google Maps

How much is the entry fee?

When we visited, we paid 200 Turkish Lira per person for a sunbed and parasol for the entire day. This also included access to all the facilities and use of the private beach. The sunbeds were extremely comfortable and we think the price was very affordable considering the quality of the beach club.

Susie walking along the beach - Help Beach Club Fethiye

What are the facilities at Help Beach Club Fethiye?

You’ll find all of the following facilities on offer as part of your entry/sunbed fee.


There is one open-air restaurant that’s located opposite the bar. There’s plenty of seating for you to choose from, so you won’t be hanging around waiting for a table. The restaurant has a bohemian-style theming throughout, along with chairs that feature the name of famous actors on the back. We thought this was a great added touch!

The menu at the restaurant is quite extensive, catering to all dietary needs, from pizzas and pastas, to sandwiches, wraps, burgers and classic Turkish dishes. We thought the prices were reasonable, considering the stunning view of the beach you get. It’s a little more expensive for a meal compared to Fethiye Old Town, but not overly so. Portion sizes were also very good. We opted for the chicken pesto pasta and was delicious!

View from the restaurant at Help Beach
Sample pasta dish


The best part of the beach club for many is the beach bar! The bar is a huge area where you can enjoy a drink or two with a view. It features quirky seating arrangements, sofas, swings and the same bohemian décor of the restaurant. You can choose from delicious cocktails, which average around £10 each, beers, spirits, and a range of soft drinks and freshly made juices. Again, prices are quite reasonable. We visited a few other beach in Turkey and they were very expensive! Help Beach was cheap in comparison.

Top tip: if you fancy a drink, but don’t want to get up to order at the bar, you can make use of the at-lounger service. Press the button at the top of your rented parasol and a member of staff will come and take your order. Equally, when you want to pay, you can press the ‘bill’ button and the staff will take payment. We found the system extremely handy!

Bar and restaurant area at Help Beach Club Fethiye

Relax on a sun lounger

The sun loungers are incredibly comfortable, unlike the standard hard beds that you often find at public beaches. These sun loungers are well padded and have a small pillow that you can rest your head on. If you’re looking for a relaxing day listening to music, reading a book, and simply taking in the wonderful scenery, then you’re in luck!

Sun loungers in the shade

Go for a swim

One of the beauties and attractions of beach clubs is the fact that you have private access to your very own beach. It’s never busy as access to the beach club is limited. There’s always space for you to take a dip or a swim. The water is quite chilly when you first get in, but it does the job in cooling you down from the baking Turkish sun, especially during the months of June – August.

Turquoise ocean of Help Beach

Beach swings

Another great touch at Help Beach are the wooden swings located next to the shore. It’s a great place to sit down and watch the world go by, or take an ‘Instagramable’ picture.

Susie sitting on a beach swing

Water sports

Beach clubs aren’t always just about relaxing, they’re also a good place to take part in some fun water activities! The beach club offers water sports such as parasailing, jet ski rental speed boat rides. They also have a floating platform where you can chill and sunbathe on. Visit the dock area on the beach to enquire about water sports bookings. We didn’t try this ourselves, but spoke to plenty of people who did.

Changing facilities

You won’t need to head back home sandy, covered in sea water, as there are shower facilities at the beach club. You can even bring your shower gel and shampoo if you wish. There are also changing facilities and toilets within the same area.


If you’re looking for a more party atmosphere and fancy a night out on the beach with friends, then be sure to check out Help Beach’s events calendar on their website. They regularly host summer DJ events with music ranging from Hip Hop and Latino dance, to trance and EDM.

What are the prices like?

The prices are fairy reasonable compared to some other beach clubs we visited in Turkey. A meal will cost you 100 – 250 Lira. Drinks are equally as reasonably priced. We found the prices similar compared to Fethiye restaurant costs, with cocktails being the most expensive. Local beer and wine are pretty affordable.

You can view a sample food and drink menu for Help Beach Club here.

Watersports options - Help Beach Club Fethiye prices

How long should I spend at Help Beach Club?

Help Beach Club is a great place to relax, either in the morning when the weather is more pleasant and slightly cooler, or the afternoon until sunset when it’s too hot to sightsee. You can even choose to make a day of it! It’s completely up to you. The 200 Lira sun lounger/entrance fee allows you entry for the entire day, so you can stay for however long you wish. We personally spent a few hours at Help in the afternoon and enjoyed a spot of lunch.

Our top tips for visiting Help Beach Club

  • Be sure to arrive early morning if you want to grab the best sun loungers by the shore. This is especially the case in the busier months of the year (July and August).
  • Bring a pair of water shoes if you’re looking to spend time in the water. It’s a pebbled beach and has some sharp rocks and stones, so you’ll want to protect your feet.
  • If you’re looking for a more up-beat experience at Help Beach, we suggest arriving just before sunset and on a weekend. Mornings have a more laid-back, family atmosphere.
  • Take advantage of the at-lounger service button and have your drinks and food brought to you.
  • If you’re a larger group, you can reserve a cabana for the day.
  • If you like a drink, leave your car at home, as the cocktails are amazing! Taxis to and from Fethiye area quick, easy and affordable.
  • Renting a boat? Ask your skipper to help you dock and make a great entrance to the club!
Susie sipping on an iced coffee


  • Help Beach Club is rated the top beach club in the Fethiye area.
  • Prices to rent sunbeds, a parasol and a table are affordable compared to other beach clubs. Equally, food a drink costs are very reasonable compared to other beach clubs. Others we visited were very expensive!
  • The staff are really attentive and are always wandering up and down ready to take your order.
  • The quality of the food and drinks are really good, and affordable too!
  • There are pebbled areas of the beach, which can be quite uncomfortable to walk on.
  • The road is a bit tricky to drive down, as it’s located at the bottom of a hillside. We don’t recommend walking as it will take quite some time. Either drive or jump in a taxi.
  • The vibe of a beach club isn’t for everyone. You could visit one day and find it to be busy, loud and party-fuelled. Other days are a lot more laid-back.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Help Beach Club Fethiye review and guide. If you have any questions, be sure to post a comment below.

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