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7 of the best Greek party islands and resorts

shows a drone view of a beach in Zante, Greece

If you like a good nightlife on holiday, not many places rival the Greek islands for the vast choice available. Each of the main islands have at least one main party resort where you can relax on the beach during the day and party the night away. Greek island nightlife is quite cheap, runs long into the night and attracts young party lovers from across the globe. We look at the best Greek party islands and resorts, comparing atmosphere, location and bars to help you plan your summer of fun. All of the Greek party islands below start getting busy in June, see the most visitors in July and August and start to quieten down towards the end of September.

1. Kavos, Corfu

shows Kavos beach at sunset

Kavos is one of the most popular party areas for UK tourists, particular teenagers and those in their 20’s. It’s a small area but has a nightlife that packs a punch. Kavos may be famous for its bars, but most people don’t know that it hosts some of the best beaches in Corfu, all within a short drive. Arkoudilas beach to the south of Kavos is a notable highlight for its glorious white sand beaches and stunning scenery. Kavos appeals to young holidaymakers who want an inexpensive, no frills party holiday, however if you’re not a fan of a resort with lots of drunk teenagers and basis facilities, this one may not be for you.

Drinks are cheap, music is loud and the crowd is mainly British throughout the summer. You’ll find the main music/DJ scene to be house and dance music but chart music and 80’s/90’s/00’s also make an appearance. Brush off your hangover with an adrenaline inducing jet-ski or speedboat tour. There are plenty of water sports available on the main beach.

Best Kavos bars:

  • Maria’s Famous Karaoke Bar Who doesn’t love a spot of holiday Karaoke? This top rated bar is ideal for some pre-night out fun
  • Beetle Bar you’ll find yourself in Beetle Bar numerous times during your holiday. This small but welcoming bar does a great selection of drinks for cocktail lovers

Best party hotels in Kavos

  • Mediterranean Blue Resort – a top-rated resort within a 5-10 minute walk to the main strip. A party holiday doesn’t mean your hotel can’t be great! TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5. View on
  • Morfeas Hotel – One of the best hotels in the area at very reasonable prices, you won’t find a better place to stay. A good mix of party atmosphere with relaxation. TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5. View on

2. Laganas, Zakynthos (Zante)

Best Greece nightlife and party resorts - Zante

Laganas is the epicentre of partying on the island. It’s located at the southern centre of Zante and has a strip of lively bars, restaurants and boat tours/water sports excursions. Zante is arguably one of the most beautiful Greek islands for hidden coves and beaches. It attracts tourist of all interests for the natural beauty of the island and the vibrant nightlife means you get the best of both worlds if you love to party the night away but enjoy tours and beautiful beaches during the day.

Laganas attracts an 18-30’s crowd eager to party, but you’ll find the wider island attracts tourists of all ages looking for a more relaxing break. The boat parties in Zante are particularly wild and boozy and there are plenty to choose from. The Tidal Zante boat party is one of the most popular choices. Zante is excellent for the avid party goer who appreciates a good adventure during the day, but it’s non-stop party 24/7 atmosphere may not suit all.

The best Zante bars:

  • If you like cocktails, Cheeky Tikis Bar is the place to go. This Polynesian themed Tiki bar is cheap and stocks all of the cocktail favourites
  • Pure Beach Club is on the wilder side of Zante nightlife. This bouncing outdoor bar the latest house music mixes and attracts a lively crowd day and night

Best Laganas, Zante party hotels:

  • Club Zante Plaza – In the heart of the nightlife area and a top hotel with friendly staff, you couldn’t find a more welcoming place for a Zante party holiday. TripAdvisor rating: 5/5. View on
  • Dados Hotel – Dados has a nice big pool, it has plenty of bars nearby and rooms are spacious and comfy. Ideal for groups. TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5. View on

3. Malia, Crete

Best Greece nightlife and party resorts - Malia

Malia is another resort with a big personality. It has a main strip of bars with bright lights, lively music and plenty of party atmosphere. The strip a ghost town during the day as holiday seekers enjoy the beach, but it comes alive at night until the late hours of the morning. Similar to Kavos and Faliraki, Malia attracts a young crowd of 18-30’s and big groups of guys and girls. Set aside from the bars, Malia has a selection of 6 golden sand beaches taking up 5km of coastline.

It’s also within a short drive of the ancient Greek city of Heraklion, where you’ll find a fortress and narrow Venetian streets to wander. You can also catch a ferry to some of the other Greek islands for the day. Visit Malia primarily for the partying but make sure you fit in a couple of day trips. Visit Malia for partying on a large scale with plenty of people but choose another resort if you’d prefer a resort without large groups and teenagers.

The best Malia bars:

  • Help Bar is the perfect place to start your night, listening to lively music (everything from 80’s classics to the latest hits) and meeting other groups before hitting the main strip. Enjoy cheap fishbowl cocktails at get in the swing of Malia nightlife –
  • Reflex Malia is a bright light bar of the wilder variety. Take advantage of the daily drink specials and dance on the bar in this loud and lively venue, located in the very centre of the main bar strip

Best Malia party hotels

  • Aegean Sky Hotel & Suites – Simply the best hotel in Malia. Great for groups and the staff are friendly and welcoming. A chilled vibe during the day that livens up on an evening. TripAdvisor rating: 5/5. View on
  • Hotel Eltina – A small but immersive hotel with an open pool and outdoor bar area perfect for pre-night-out drinks. Lots of daytime games and activities. TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5. View on

4. Kardemena, Kos

shows a beach in Kos - best Greek party islands

Although a good nightlife can be found in Kos Town and other nearby resorts, Kardemena is the place to be if you want your holiday to revolve around visiting bars and listening to the latest dance music. We’d recommend Kos Town for couples and older groups and Kardemena for young groups of friends. The main nightlife area is a bar street full of clubs large and small. Kardemena isn’t as established as other Greek party resorts but it’s definitely becoming increasingly popular with the younger crowd and those looking for a party resort that is a little cleaner and developed.

Top attractions when you’re not partying include Asklepion Greek ruins, a day trip to Kos Town and plenty of golden sand beaches. Kardemena also has its own water park called Aquatica. Although Kardemena is the party central of Kos, it isn’t as vast and crazy as some of the other islands. It suits those who want to party hard, but not everyday.

The best Kos bars:

  • Starting with a relaxing bar for pre-drinks, The Stone Roses Bar plays a great selection of music, including live bands on some evenings. Sample a selection from their extensive drinks menu and watch the world go by in this laid back build up bar
  • Although Kardemena has a few big clubs, Downtown Club is the top rated on Tripadvisor, mainly for top notch DJ sets and welcoming but party hard vibe

Best Kos party hotels

5. Mykonos Town, Mykonos

shows Mykonos town in Greece - best Greek party islands

Unlike the resorts we’ve mentioned so far, Mykonos is slightly different in the way it attracts a slighter older mid-20’s, 30’s and 40’s crowd looking for a slightly classier but just as crazy nightlife. Mykonos Town has an assortment of sassy cocktail lounges and busy nightclubs. It’s a slighter more expensive island for hotels and partying compared to other comparisons in this article but is very much worth visiting.

The island also has a good gay scene and appeals to a large audience of those who like a good nightlife but also appreciate the natural beauty of the island and enjoy exploring beaches and old town Mediterranean culture during the day. Mykonos Town is the best place to stay to be at the heart of the party atmosphere. As the Mykonos party scene is a little bit older than other islands, teenagers would be better suited to Malia, Zante and Kavos. Mykonos can also be quite expensive in comparison.

Many people question whether they should visit Mykonos or Zante. Both islands are equally as pretty, however it all comes down to budget. Zante is significantly cheaper but the nightlife can be a little rowdy, whereas Mykonos is expensive but has a slightly upmarket nightlife scene.

The best Mykonos Town bars

  • Enjoy breath-taking sunset views whilst sipping on a cocktail in 180 Degrees Sunset Bar. Make sure you arrive early enough and check the sunset times for the day you’re visiting
  • For small romantic bars or a chilled out atmosphere before you head to the lively bars and clubs, check out the Little Venice area of town

Best Mykonos party hotels

  • Vencia Hotel – A 4-star hotel with amazing views of Mykonos Town and only a 5-minute walk from the main bar area. Luxury party vibe and a great place to relax with a cocktail. TripAdvisor rating: 5/5. View on
  • Paradise Beach Resort – This hotel has mixed reviews but there’s no doubt it’s the main party hotel for young people. Located on the beach, this non-stop resort has a young crowd and plenty of fun activities in the middle of the nightlife action. TripAdvisor rating: 3/5. View on

6. Faliraki, Rhodes

shows Faliraki in Rhodes

Faliraki is the busiest resort on the large island of Rhodes. This popular area of the island has a developed beach full of amenities, bars and restaurants and hotels to suit all budgets. Faliraki has been a Greek party resort for many years and although it has quite a multicultural crowd of all ages, you’ll find many 18-30’s in the summer months, visiting to party hard during the night and enjoy the sun, beaches and many attractions during the day.

Similar to Kavos, Faliraki suits those who like a party 24/7 holiday with cheap booze, plenty of bars and guaranteed sunshine. July and August are the busiest months but the nightlife is also lively in June and beginning of September. Faliraki has a 90’s feel to partying, which is great if you like reliving your younger days, but may not appeal to those wanting a more modern party scene.

The best Faliraki bars:

  • Enjoy pre-night out Shisha and cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere in Bliss Cocktail Shisha Bar. The creative cocktails with sparklers will have you reminiscing about traditional summer holidays in the 90’s
  • On the other side of the spectrum, Liquid Night Club is a place where you can party into the early hours. We’d say this was the best club in the resort. It’s dimly lit, lively (but loud) and has the latest dance/house music playlists

Best Faliraki party hotels

  • Stamos Hotel – Unlike the usual party-vibe hotels, Stamos is super-clean and well maintained, however it also has a great party atmosphere with a DJ, football pitches and party games. TripAdvisor rating: 4/5. View on
  • Rodos Sun – A top-rated hotel near the main bar strip, with a nice big pool and a mixed atmosphere of party and relaxation. It attracts a mixed crowd. TripAdvisor rating: 5/5. View on AlphaRooms

7. Chora, Ios

shows a beach in Ios Greece - best Greek party islands

Ios is one of the lesser-known Greek party resorts to tourists, but it’s a big hit with Greeks. It’s in the middle-ground between the crazy non-stop partying of Kavos and Faliraki but also has a classy side to it, similar to Mykonos or Santorini. You’ll find sunset cocktail bars, beach bars, bar crawls and all the usual dance tunes, mixed drinks and bright coloured lights you’d expect to see in a party resort.

The best place to stay is Chora, the centre of the islands nightlife. When you’re not hitting the local bars, explore nearby beaches Manganari, Mylopotas or Papa Beach. They’re more secluded and quieter than the main Chora beach and the perfect place to relax in the sun after an action-packed evening. The main downside to partying on Ios is that it can be a little bit more difficult to get to from the UK compared to other islands.

The best Ios bars

  • Pash Night Club is the best rated nightclub on the island. It plays the top house and dance music and is open until the late hours of the morning. See for yourself what the patrons have to say
  • Cocktails at sunset helps set the scene for a brilliant night out. Pop down to Ios Club Cocktail Bar and sample a selection of cocktail favourites whilst sitting back and watching the sun go down over the Aegean Sea

Best Ios party hotels

  • Ios Resort Hotel – The top-rated hotel in Ios where there’s always something to do. You’re a short walk from the central bars and restaurants and the hotel is super-trendy. TripAdvisor rating: 5/5. View on
  • Hermes Hotel – A lively hotel a short walk from the main bars and clubs. The staff host daily BBQ’s and pool games to get everyone in the mood for the night ahead. TripAdvisor rating: 4.5/5. View on

That brings us to the end of our our list of the best Greek party islands. We hope we’ve helped you decide to a resort to party the night away Greek style. Nightlife in Greece is generally cheap, fun and there’s plenty to do during the day when you’re not partying. The islands are simply beautiful… Party on and let us know if you have any questions about the resorts featured.



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