Cheap hotels in Venice with great reviews

As beautiful and romantic as Venice is, it can be an expensive place to visit, especially in regards to accommodation. Being a small area, hotel places are limited but there are still plenty of options. We’ve put together a list of top rated cheap hotels in Venice that are a lot more affordable than what you’d expect. Looking for an even cheaper stay? We’ve included best hostels too. Explore one of the more romantic cities in the world for less.

Cheap Hotels IN VENICE

All of the selected hotels are less than £140 per night (on average – some may be slightly higher during busy periods), which may still seem on the pricier side, but is a lot cheaper than the going rate of most hotels in the city, particularly in the summer. Check out the below hotels and see the reviews for yourself.

Hotel Casa Petrarca

Out of all the cheap hotels in Venice on our list, Hotel Casa Petrarca is in the best location, just a short walk away from the main Piazza’s and plenty of shops and restaurants. It’s great for those who want to be in the heart of Venice and take in everything the city has to offer, from small high-rise alleys to quaint bridge crossings, all just outside your door. The hotel is surprisingly good value for its location, being a lot cheaper than hotels with a similar quality appearance and rating. Location aside, the hotel itself is has bright, clean rooms, a charming little breakfast room and follows suit with a contemporary Venetian theme.

Cheap Venice Hotels - Casa Petraca

Locanda Sant’Agostin

Located directly in the centre of the San Polo island, Locanda Sant-Agostin hotel has an antique theme with modern, newly renovated bathrooms. It’s nice and clean and has complimentary breakfast in with the room rate. If you like classical hotels over modern and at a low price, Locanda Sant’Agostin is a good choice. Nearby you’ll find a good selection of restaurants, shopping streets and some of Venice’s most beautiful churches. The highlights of the hotel according to customer reviews are the friendly and helpful staff and a delicious breakfast.

Cheap Venice Hotels - Locanda Sant'Agostin
Cheap Venice Hotels - Locanda Sant'Agostin outside view

Nuovo Teson

Nuovo Teson is located very slightly out of the main tourist area, a short walk from Piazza di San Marco. It’s also near a water taxi stop for exploration further afield. As with a lot of our recommendations for cheap hotels in Venice, location is key for the choice but you’ll also find this contemporary hotel, an ideal place to relax after a busy day of sightseeing. At the time of writing, the cheapest place to book Nuovo Teson hotel is on the hotel’s official website here, but we’d recommend checking a comparison engine to be sure. It’s also the cheapest hotel in our recommendations list at under £100 per night for many dates. Breakfast is included and it has the usual amenities such as aircon, free Wifi and a helpful reception.

Cheap Venice Hotels - Nuovo Teson

Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro

Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro is slightly off the beaten track but is easily accessible to the main centre via the handy water taxi service. Being slightly out of the action means you get more for your money, enjoying spacious rooms, a colourful garden and Venetian palace-like structure of the hotel. What makes this hotel for us is the beautiful hotel building architecture and attentiveness of the staff. See the reviews for yourself. Another bonus is that it’s easily accessible to and from the airport.

Cheap Venice Hotels - Palazzo Contarini
Cheap Venice Hotels - Palazzo Contarini courtyard

cheap Hostels in VENICE

Hostels are the cheapest accommodation options in Venice, with a lot of them offering private rooms. Save your cash for the delicious food on offer and stay at a cheap but top-rated hostel. Prices range from £40 per person for a dorm, up to private rooms from £70. You can find cheaper in the city, but they’re not likely to be as good.


On the cheapest side of the price spectrum, L’Imbarcadero hostel offers cheap dorm rooms (both mixed and female only). This hostel is ideal for solo travellers or friends looking to meet others to explore the city. It has bright, open, communal areas, which include a kitchen and living room, and is conveniently located near the river, within walking distance of the central Venice attractions. L’Imbarcadero gives a typical hostel vibe, is well maintained and has a number of raving reviews from travellers visiting the city on the cheap. You’ll find yourself out exploring most of the time anyway!

Cheap Venice Hostels - L'imbarcadero


Vivavenezia Hostel is located right beside the river in the centre of Venice, an ideal location to explore the sites on foot or catch a river boat to other areas of the river bank – it’s a fast and easy way to get around. The rooms are bright and spacious and have a contemporary theme in line with a lot of Venetian buildings. Both double and triple rooms are available on the sub £100 mark and breakfast is included in the price. The location, cleanliness and helpful staff are the main draws for this one.

Cheap Venice Hostels - Viva Venezia

Al Piccolo

Al Piccolo is a hostel/hotel with a range of private room options, including double, twin, triple and quadruple, ideal if you’re travelling in a group and want to economise. The hostel is located in the Marghera area, just outside of central Venice, but is easily commutable via the fast bus service. With free on-site parking (parking can cost 18-24 euros per day in central Venice), Al Piccolo suits those touring Italy with a car who want to visit the city during the day but are happy staying slightly out of the action to save money. It also has a beautiful garden where you can enjoy your breakfast before heading out.

Cheap Venice Hostels - Al Piccolo
Cheap Venice Hostels - Al Piccolo outdoor view

Venice can be one of the most romantic cities on earth and is truly a step back in time. As long as your accommodation is clean, well located and has good reviews, we’re sure you’ll have a great time. Book one of the cheap hotels in Venice above and you’ll not be disappointed! To make sure you find the best price for our recommended hotels during your stay, use our handy hotel booking guide here – remembering to use price comparison and discounts.


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