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Cheap countries to go on holiday around the world

The world is home to 195 countries, big and small. Many of them in fact are very affordable places to travel but they aren’t necessarily the most popular destinations or tourist-friendly destinations. We’ve hand selected cheap countries to go on holiday around the world, all of which are excellent for a holiday of adventure and relaxation. They’re generally safe, have plenty of facilities and are well worth visiting!

Read on for the cheapest places to go on holiday in the world!

Cheap countries to go on holiday in Europe


Shows a boat sailing on Lake Bled during the summer

Slovenia’s Lake Bled is quickly popping onto the radar of travellers seeking amazing countryside views along an enchanting lakeside. With a frosty blue glow in the winter and bright blue skies in the summer, Lake Bled is a year-round destination that’s simply breath-taking to look at. You can relax by the lake with a view of the castle or go on an adventure into the mountains, which features some excellent hiking and cycling routes. Aside from Lake Bled, Slovenia has a beautiful countryside and vibrant capital that offers authentic Eastern European sightseeing and nightlife. It’s also a very cheap place to visit!


Shows a golden sand beach in Bulgaria - Cheapest countries to go on holiday in the world

For cheap European beach holidays, nowhere comes close to Bulgaria for relaxing by the beach or swimming pool of a nice resort. The country’s Sunny Beach destination is the place to go! Once known to be a bit ‘rough around the edges’, it has been developed into thriving resort with a nice beach and plenty of accommodation options. You can stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel here for a fraction of the price elsewhere! It still attracts groups of young party seekers in the summer months; however Sunny Beach now has an appeal to anyone looking for an affordable and enjoyable beach holiday.


The cheapest countries to go on holiday - Shows the castles and buildings of Tallinn, Estonia

Another Eastern European gem is the small and sparsely populated country of Estonia, known for its beautiful countryside and historic towns. Once a Soviet country that has now been transformed into a thriving European holiday destination for nightlife and romantic city breaks, Estonia has a unique sense of heritage that distinguishes itself from other countries in the region. It’s capital of Tallinn is the central attraction and you’ll find plenty of museums, parks and impressive buildings to check out. You can also use the capital as a base to explore the waterfalls of the countryside or hop onboard a boat excursion to Finland. We recommend Estonia for a cheap, long weekend city break with friends or your partner. You’ll get to see some beautiful sights, spending less than you would in a weekend back at home!


The cheapest places to go on holiday in the world - Shows a hot air balloon show in Turkey

After a decline in tourism for Turkey in recent years, prices to visit the cities and coastal resorts dropped to a decade low! After tensions have somewhat subsided, once again tourists are flocking back to Turkey for traditional holidays in resorts such as Bodrum, exploring the cultural capital of Istanbul and experiencing the unique backdrop of the annual hot air balloon festival at Cappadocia. Whether you’re looking for a low-key beach holiday or active sightseeing into Turkey’s historic past, now is the best time to visit before prices rise again! Accommodation, flights and spending costs can be very affordable and the flight time from the UK is only 3hrs 45mins.


Cheapest countries to go on holiday in Europe - Shows a city-scape view of Budapest

Hungary’s capital of Budapest is one of our favourite cities. It has a vibrant nightlife scene, with many ‘grunge-style’ ruin bars lining the residential streets and a grand façade of old monuments and buildings. It’s the ideal location to jet off to for a weekend break and it suits all types of travellers, from romance seeking couples to young solo travellers that want a cheap ‘hostel’ holiday. Budapest has sights to keep you entertained for a full week, with a quirky array of bars and restaurants. There’s also the ‘Szechenyi Baths’ thermal spa, which isn’t to be missed! Pints of beer are readily available for less than £1.50 a pint and you can stay in a large, central apartment for less than £50 per night. For longer breaks in Hungary, check out the beautiful lakes and national parks alongside short city stays.

Cheap countries to go on holiday in Africa


Shows a group trekking across the Sahara desert

Morocco isn’t a new destination and its culture rich city of Marrakech has been a popular holiday spot for some time now. One thing has remained the same, and that’s how cheap it is to explore and how exciting and colourful the whole country is. Once you’ve paid for flights, quirky ‘Riad’ accommodation options, food and activities are all very affordable and you can sample a taste of North African luxury for less. Fly over from Europe for a long weekend in Fez, Tangiers or Marrakech, or plan an adventure amongst the major cities and camp out in the dessert for a night. It’s an Arabian adventure that’s easy to get and a top choice every time when it comes to budget holidays.


Cheapest countries to visit in Africa - Shows a herd of elephants on the plains

There are three things that make Tanzania worth visiting no matter the cost. These include the stunning wildlife and safari’s on offer, idyllic paradise beaches and treks to Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation! Whilst many people head to South Africa for a safari holiday, it can be very expensive and sometimes overcrowded. The vast plains of Tanzania provide a just as beautiful but cheaper safari experience. As well as the wild African elephants, rhinos and giraffes, you have to combine your adventure trip with a stop on the beaches of Zanzibar! Curl up in a sleepy beach village with a coconut and live the beach life for less than £30 per day.


Shows a beach lagoon in Egypt - Cheap countries to go on holiday around the world

With many of the further afield African destinations, living and eating out expenses can be super cheap; however, the upfront cost of the flight is usually a dealbreaker and it often includes one or two layovers on the way. Luckily, flight time, availability and cost of flights to Egypt are excellent and you can fly to the country from most UK airports. Instead of the usual all-inclusive resort packages that many tourists seek, we actually recommend a cultural adventure starting in Cairo and onwards to the pyramids and Luxor. You can always stop off at a cheap beach resort such as Hurghada at the end of your holiday to wind down. Accommodation, eating, drinking and travel can be cheap, however guided tours are usually the largest expense. We recommend shopping around and planning your trip carefully. Egypt has so much to offer!

The cheapest countries to go on holiday in Asia


Cheap countries to visit in the middle east - Shows a secluded natural pool in Oman

Oman is a rising star in the middle east. Whilst the Emirati cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are now year-round hotspots for luxurious holidays with guaranteed warm weather, there’s no denying that they’re super expensive. Oman offers a more authentic Arabian experience of the middle-east, without the same ‘high-roller’ prices. Stay in luxury hotels for a fraction of the price of the UAE and enjoy lots of beach, adventure and culture activities. Oman is a unique destination that we recommended visiting during the months of the year where Europe is cold.


Cheapest countries to visit in South East Asia - Shows a group kayaking at Halong Bay

After travelling throughout South-East Asia many times, which is one of the cheapest places to travel in the world, Vietnam struck us as being one of the cheapest countries in the whole region. It’s distinctly less touristic than the likes of Thailand and has retained its rich cultural heritage alongside a growing tourism industry. Spend a good 2- or 3-weeks exploring Vietnam from north to south and you’ll uncover stunning scenery, bustling (and sometimes wild!) cities and plenty of cultural temples and activities. Everything from food to hotels is unbelievably low-cost in Vietnam and the locals are warm and welcoming. Check out our Vietnam 2-week itinerary here for a sample of what our own adventure entailed! **insert link**


Shows a Buddhist template in Cambodia

Cambodia is still a developing nation that suffered a tragic past; however, it’s rebuilding and more tourists than ever are arriving in its cities and beaches for a low-cost but highly adventurous holiday. It’s a key destination for backpackers, but many honeymooners and sightseeing couples are now choosing it as their South-East Asia area of choice, due to how cheap it is and the variety of places to visit. Get lost in the Ankor Wat temple complex, which is one of the ‘Historic Wonders of the World’, experience local cultures and traditions in sprawling cities such as Phenom Penh or take a boat to the Cambodian islands for a taste of untouched paradise.

Cheap countries to go on holiday in North America

Arguably, there aren’t really any places in North America that would be considered cheap countries to go on holiday, especially by the standards of other countries on this list. However, there are some excellent cities and areas that you can explore that won’t cost you the eye-watering prices of the likes of New York City, LA and Toronto. Here are the top cheap places to visit in North America:

Banf and Jasper National Parks, Canada

Shows Banff National Park lake in Canada

The great thing about exploring Canada’s national parks is that they’re completely free or very affordable to enter with a visitor’s pass. You can also rent a camper-van or stay in a tent overnight, looking up at the clear skies and snow-covered peaks! We recommend hiring a car or sleeper-van and exploring Banf and Jasper National Parks by car, where you can cook your own meals and camp to save cash. It can be a surprisingly affordable holiday and you’ll be at one with nature!

Dallas, Texas

Cheap cities to visit in the USA - Shows the skyscrapers of Downtown Dallas

Dallas and the other key cities in Texas are some of the cheapest cities to visit in the US, and there’s plenty to do! The whole Dallas-metropolitan area is a sprawling city-scape with a homely Texan atmosphere. Sample fine smokehouse BBQ, attend a sports game or simply stroll the urban jungle. There are plenty of cheap farmers markets, parks, galleries and cafes that don’t cost much at all! San Antonio, Austin and Houston are also great places to visit and you can combine two or three cities in one trip. Alternatively, venture into the countryside for some authentic ‘wild west’ towns and attractions.

The Southern states of the US

Shows a quaint corner building in New Orleans - Cheapest places to visit in the US

The ‘deep south’ as it’s known, is one of the cheapest and cultural places to live (and visit) in the US. Each of the southern states will give you a warm welcome and the best way to explore them is via a road trip. Search for cheap flights and arrive in Atlanta, New Orleans or another southern city and plan an itinerary of stops across state lines. You’ll taste some amazing southern food in small towns that you didn’t know existed, get lost in the music scene of New Orleans and sample country music from the place it all began. The Blonde Abroad has an excellent deep-south road trip itinerary! Check it out here for inspiration.

Cheap countries to go on holiday in Central America


Cheap countries to go on holiday in Central America - Shows a beach in Nicaragua surrounded by trees

Nicaragua is home to a collection of colourful colonial cities, vast volcanic islands and tropical jungle scenery that rivals Costa Rica, just on a cheaper expense scale. Once you’ve paid for your flight; accommodation, travel and activity costs will be very affordable and you can comfortably travel around with ease. It’s a destination that’s best explored with a 2-3-week holiday, stopping off at key cities and islands on a thoroughly planned out itinerary. We personally recommended checking out the Corn Islands, Ometepe Island, Miraflores National Park and Granada. A holiday in Nicaragua isn’t about the luxurious hotels, fine foods and one-of-a-kind experiences. It has a much simper appeal. You’ll get to experience raw nature, learn how the locals live and see some very cool sights. It’ll feel a lot less touristic than other destinations; which we like…


The cheapest places to visit in central america - Shows palm trees on a beach

The sleepy Caribbean coastline country of Belize sits just south of Mexico’s Tulum, Cancun and Playa Del Carman resorts, offering less crowded and more affordable paradise beaches. Whilst a little harder to get to from Europe than Mexico, the extra flight time or layover is worth every minute. You’ll arrive in Belize to find a friendly beach culture with quirky shacks, low-cost luxury hotels and plenty of sea-exploration activities. To us it feels like a less touristic Playa del Carmen where you can relax without the worry of losing control of spending. It suits those that want a quiet week or two away in the sun, relaxing on the beach and sampling a cool new destination. We recommend visiting Caye Caulker for a low-cost holiday. Placencia is also great, however it’s a little more luxurious and hotels are more expensive.


Shows a church in Puebla, Mexico

Mexico is an interesting choice on our list, simply because it has some very affordable destinations (mainland Mexico), but also increasingly expensive areas (Tulum, Cancun). One thing remains the same though – you’ll find authentic and delicious Mexican food throughout the country and it’ll cost you very little. For paradise beaches on a budget, we recommend the less-visited Baja California coastline, whilst a trip to Mexico City and the surrounding Puebla and Oaxaca is the more cultural option. Mexico is a vibrant and cultural place to explore, and as long as you avoid the very touristic resorts and high-crime areas, you can travel around, eat and sight-see whilst spending very little.

Cheap countries to go on holiday in South America


Shows the colourful buildings of Medellin in Colombia - Cheap places to go on holiday in South America

For South American adventure holidays that’ll lead you on an epic multi-destination trip, Colombia is a great choice. Find a good deal on the flights and you have the highest cost out of the way! Colombia offers everything from remote Caribbean beaches to deep jungle treks and a sample of history and culture in its major cities. Stop by the colourful urban hotspots of Medellin or Cali for the best cuisine and salsa or check out the capital of Bogota for a bustling few days of sightseeing. The country is now safer than ever to visit as long as you stick to the main tourist areas and you can explore all locations for low-cost. Head to Colombia before the crowds of tourists start arriving!


The cheapest countries to visit in south america - Shows the salt flats of Bolivia

Another adventure destination not to be missed is the stunningly scenic country of Bolivia. Aside from its bustling towns and cities, the main reason to visit Bolivia is for the vast mountains, lakes and salt flats. The landscapes here are simply breath-taking! Find a reasonably priced flight to one of the main cities and use it as a base to adventure north and south. Most activities, food, sightseeing opportunities and accommodation is very cheap; however, you’ll need to keep your cash for the adventure excursions. A 4×4 land rover trip over the Bolivian salt flats, plane ride over the mountains and motorcycle tour down ‘Death Road’ are well worth doing, however they cost a little more than everything else. Plan your Bolivia adventure holiday carefully to secure the best prices and routes for this unique destination.

That brings us to an end of our epic list of cheap countries to go on holiday around the world. With a sprinkle of the best holiday destinations from most continents, you have a good flavour of inspiration to plan your next adventure! Each destination has something unique to offer and the best choice will all depend on what you want from your trip. Research each country fully before booking and be sure to contact us with any questions!


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