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Cheap places to go on holiday in August

shows a beach in Bali, Indonesia

August is the most popular month of the year to go on holiday! Being the busiest month also means it’s the most expensive time to travel and you can sometimes pay double for the same holiday if you were to book outside of August. It’s not all bad news though; there are still some excellent destinations to visit both close to home and further afield. You’ll still pay a little more than you would outside of August but these destinations can provide excellent value for money compared to other options. Read on for the best cheap places to go on holiday in August!

Cheap holiday destinations in August – Short Haul

Explore cheap holiday destinations a short flight from the UK. Our European picks below are great for a cheap August beach holiday or road trip adventure.

Portimão, Portugal

Cheap August beach holidays - Shows Portimao beach

The Portuguese Algarve remains one of the classic cheap places to go on holiday in August for low-cost summer sun ,due to the frequency of flights from most UK airports and the wide range of affordable accommodation on offer. Out of all the Algarve resorts, Portimão is probably the least touristy. It’s the place of choice for expats and locals and is large enough to find plenty of accommodation options. Expect to pay less than the likes of Vilamoura, Albufeira and Lagos, but experience the same great beaches and sightseeing opportunities.

Portimão is a pretty marina town with a historic old town and is within close proximity to some excellent beaches. There’s plenty of restaurants, bars and hotels and the central coastal location gives you the freedom to explore the amazing caves of Lagos to the west or quaint villages of Albufeira to the east. Visit Portimão for guaranteed August sun, more affordable prices and some local-style living. We recommend renting a private apartment to save money and cook some of your own meals.

Best for: Families, couples, beach lovers

High temperature: 26 degrees

Pula, Croatia

Cheap August destinations - Shows Plitvice lakes Croatia

We’ve all heard of summer holidays in the likes of Dubrovnik, Split and the Croatian islands, but Pula is often overlooked. This quieter but equally beautiful coastal town is located to the far north of Croatia, just across the sea from Venice. Having served as a strategical location since Roman times to World War II, the area has been rebuilt many times and still has glimpses of its historic past. Stay in the old town centre to be in the heart of everything or opt for a more secluded coastal resort just outside.

Top things to do here include sightseeing old fortresses, the Croatian Colosseum and ancient streets of the centre, but it’s also a short drive from the beautiful Plitvice lakes and you can catch a ferry over to Venice in only a few hours. We recommend an August trip to Pula as a cheaper alternative to the classic Croatian destinations. It may be quieter but the variety of sightseeing opportunities and pretty beaches is just as good.

Best for: Couples, families, adventurers

High temperature: 29 degrees

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Shows Sunny Beach Bulgaria - Where to go on holiday in August

Sunny Beach is the notorious holiday resort area of Bulgaria that retains its position every year in being one of the most affordable beach destinations in Europe. Whilst it has a reputation for some shady operational practices and being somewhat run-down in previous years, the new Sunny Beach feels a lot nicer and its target market is no longer just teenagers looking to party. Many families and older couples now venture to the resort for affordable summer holidays in nice hotels with a beach close-by.

An August holiday in Sunny Beach suits those that like to spend their time by the pool or on the beach for most of the holiday, with the option to head out for the occasional day-trip. Just a short drive away you’ll find the historic city of Varna, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nessebar and pretty seaside town, Pomorie. Sure, Sunny Beach still has a booming nightlife scene and is quite touristy, but for the excellent value for money and guaranteed August sun, you really can’t go wrong!

Best for: Nightlife seekers, families, couples

High temperature: 28 degrees

Malaga, Spain

Cheap August holiday ideas - Shows Malaga marina

Our list wouldn’t feel right without including Malaga. This classic Spanish holiday town on the south coast has been popular for decades, and whilst prices aren’t as cheap as they used to be, frequent daily flights from most airports and the sheer variety of resorts and accommodation means there’s something for all budgets. Although you’ll fly into Malaga, the town is surrounded by nice coastal beaches and resorts, each offering something different.

You’ll want to avoid the luxurious Puerto Banus marina, but great budget options include Benalmadena, Estepona and Marbella. Renting a private apartment or villa if you’re travelling with a group is also a great way to save money. Spend your time on the Costa del Sol relaxing by the pool, sampling fine Spanish food and exploring quaint Spanish towns by day; before enjoying the lively nightlife scene or going out to dinner on an evening.

Best for: Families, couples, beach lovers

High temperature: 31 degrees

Marmaris, Turkey

Cheap holiday destinations in August - shows Marmaris Beach, Turkey

Everyone that we’ve spoken to recently that’s returned from a holiday in Turkey said they struggled spending money as it was so cheap! Is that even possible!? The tourist industry of the country struggled in recent years but now it’s back in full swing and better than ever. Turkish Riviera jewel Marmaris is one of the most popular holiday resorts and the ideal place for families and couples wanting a relaxing break by the pool or beach, which is what it caters to best.

It suits those that want 5-star luxury for 3-star prices, delicious Turkish food and an atmosphere that clashes tourism with the local culture. It may be a resort that feels a little touristic with the sheer amount of water parks, hotels, bars and attractions, but you still have the more cultural experiences such as ancient sites, grand market bazaars and an impressive 17th century castle. It also has some of the hottest temperatures on our list at a scorching 35 degrees!

Best for: Families, couples, beach lovers

High temperature: 35 degrees

Off the beaten track Greek islands

Shows Hydros Island, Greece - Affordable beach holidays in August

It’s no secret that the prices soar during August for the most popular Greek islands. Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and even Rhodes and Kos have more inflated costs than previous months. Take this opportunity to venture to one of the lesser known but in many ways more beautiful Greek islands to find less tourists and more authentic Greek culture. Flying into Athens, you can catch the ferry from Piraeus port to a number of small island getaways. Kythnos and Hydra are some of our favourites!

They offer a chilled atmosphere of beach relaxation during the day, visiting small Greek towns and boat trips, and then going out for a delicious but affordable meal in a Greek taverna on an evening. Each island has something completely different to offer and the perfect choice will all depend on what you’re looking for during your Greek adventure. Check out The Culture Trip’s ‘affordable Greek island’ guide here to compare great islands you may not have heard of!

Best for: Solo travellers, couples, families

High temperature: 32 degrees (Hydra)

Cheap holiday destinations in August – Long Haul

Escape Europe all together and check out some of the top cheap places to go on holiday in August around the world, from Asia to the Caribbean. Flights may be more expensive, but each place has a cheap cost of living and you can stay in a luxury hotel for a fraction of the price in the Mediterranean.

Bali, Indonesia

Cheap long-haul destinations August - Shows Bali beach

August is regarded as one of the best months of the year to jet off to the Indonesian paradise of Bali. It’s a destination that all beach and culture lovers should visit at least once in their life and although it now has a reputation for being a blogger and Instagrammer haven, the country itself remains a beautiful place and there are plenty of off-the-beaten track places to visit. Once you’ve paid for the flights, eating, drinking and activity costs are cheap and you can rent a private villa with a pool for less than £60 per night.

We recommend planning a multi-destination adventure on the island, seeing the chilled beach of Canguu, island paradise of Nusa Penida and then venturing north to the mountains via Ubud. You’ll see some impressive Balinese temples and have jungle expeditions on the mainland, whilst the coastline is the perfect place to go surfing, snorkelling and kicking back with a cocktail at sunset.

For ideas on the top things to do in Bali and where to stay, check out our Indonesia travel guides here.

Best for: Adventurers, couples, groups

High temperature: 31 degrees


Shows Cuba government building - Where to go on holiday in August

Tourism is still on the rise in Cuba, meaning there’s plenty of affordable places to stay and explore on the island. The resort strip of Varadero and capital Havana are the most expensive locations, so we recommend making your visit swift and then opting for more affordable places such as Santa Clara city, or driving north to the remote but amazing beaches of Cayo Coco and Cayo Romano.

Cuba is one of the best cheap places to go on holiday in August that for excellent weather, in a destination that has so much to offer in addition to the beaches. Having been a communist state for decades under the rule of Fidel Castro, the country has a façade that’s seemingly lost in time. See the iconic buildings of the old cities, sample cheap but tasty Cuban food and sip all the rum you want. Travelling around here is easy and remarkably safe these days so you shouldn’t have any issues. Renting a car is recommended. You won’t find the variety of 4 and 5-star hotels of other Caribbean islands, but what you will find has so much more character.

Best for: Adventurers, couples, friends

High temperature: 32 degrees

Sri Lanka

August holiday ideas - shows beach in Sri Lanka

Most of Asia is going through monsoon season in August, particularly the likes of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. For an action packed and affordable holiday on the continent, Sri Lanka is the place to go. Some of Sri Lanka still experiences monsoon weather and rough seas, but the north and east side of the island promises 12 hours days of sunshine and only the occasional shower. It’s also a very cheap time to visit!

The direct flight takes around 12 hours from the UK and once you’ve paid for that, you’ll find everything else, from 5-star hotels to eating out, to be super-cheap. Relax at a golden sand beach or by the hotel pool or go on an adventure around the island. It has vast jungle terrain, colourful and cultural cities, ancient temples and elephant sanctuaries. What’s not to love?

Best for: Beach lovers, couples, families

High temperature: 30 degrees

Cheap August city break destinations

Take advantage of city break destinations across Europe that are cheap places to go on holiday in August for the bank holiday weekend. Flight prices are higher than normal but accommodation and living costs are affordable and your money will go further than European countries.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

August city break ideas - Shows river in Ljubljana

You may not have heard of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia; but it’s quickly becoming a Central European hotspot for those looking for a super-cheap but wonderful city break. Having won an award for the greenest city in the EU, it’s no surprise that ‘lovely’ Ljubljana is a nice place to visit in the summer. Stroll the riverbank walkways amongst colourful buildings, visit a gallery, or relax in a park with a view. The food and nightlife scene in the city are also excellent, and you won’t spend much for it either!

For a capital city, Ljubljana has a very relaxed and trendy vibe and you’ll come back from your holiday feeling enlightened and refreshed! If you like the sound of it so much that you want to turn your city break into a week-long getaway, why not combine your city visit with a trip to the enchanting Lake Bled? It’s only an hour drive to the north and promises stunning summer scenery with a fairy-tale-like castle!

Best for: Friends, solo travellers, couples, culture and sightseeing

High temperature: 27 degrees

Budapest, Hungary

Shows river view in Budapest - Cheap August city break ideas

If you’ve read some of our other inspiration posts you’ll know that Budapest is one of our favourite European cities and it’s an affordable but excellent place to visit year-round. August guarantees high-20’s temperatures that’ll rival the hottest beaches in Europe and there are plenty of parks, outdoor sightseeing walks and a relaxing bath-house that make the heat more bearable. The nightlife is also very good!

Spend your weekend in Prague seeing the main sights and supplementing them with parks, cafes, bars and other places to relax in the sun. When a pint of beer here costs less than £1 and the hearty local cuisine is less than £6 a meal, you’ll spend very little but will have a great time! Although flights can be priced similarly to other places to go on holiday in August, accommodation and living costs are super-cheap so the total will even out much lower than your other city break options.

Best for: Friends, solo travellers, couples, nightlife seekers

High temperature: 28 degrees

Bucharest, Romania

Cheap August city break holidays - Shows Bucharest river and buildings

Another city break that provides a good dose of sunshine with your sightseeing, is Romania’s capital of Bucharest. It’s an urban metropolis that will encourage you to stay outdoors and the best way to get around is by bike. Cycle around the parks and picturesque streets, which have a mixture of communist style architecture of the past and modern marvels. They even have their own version of Paris’ Arc de Triomphe! Romania is a cheap country to visit in general and you’ll get to enjoy the vibrant capital without worrying about your wallet.

If Bucharest excites you as an alternative option of cheap places to go on holiday in August, why not extend your trip and explore the beautiful Romanian countryside? The infamous Transylvania, home of Dracula’s castle, sits to the mountains north of Bucharest, and you have Romania’s answer to seaside resorts to the south-east. Visit Bucharest and the surrounding area for a taste of all of the above and more! It may be cheap in cost, but it’s rich in culture, nightlife and beauty.

Best for: Friends, solo travellers, couples, nightlife seekers

High temperature: 30 degrees

Wroclaw, Poland

August city break ideas - Shows Wroclaw river and boats, Poland

Poland is widely known for being a very cold destination in the winter months, but what you might not know is that the summer temperatures rival any beach retreat, averaging in the high-20’s and often reaching 30 degrees plus! Saying that, Wroclaw is an idyllic place to spend a weekend in August. This quaint old city in western Poland is centred around a river and bustling market square, and there are lots of islands and parks to explore in the warm summer sun.

It’s also a major commercial hub in Poland and is packed full of impressive buildings, theatres, an Opera house and a vibrant nightlife scene. You’ll enjoy your days here sightseeing or chilling in the sun before venturing out on an evening to sample cheap Polish beers and a hearty meal. With budget flights available from many UK airports and the cheap but excellent accommodation on offer, Wroclaw provides a unique August city break getaway and is a good alternative to Krakow.

Best for: Friends, solo travellers, couples

High temperature: 25 degrees

Top tips for finding a cheap August holiday

August holiday booking tips - Shows tropical beach with palm trees
  • Book as far in advance as possible or leave it until the last minute and book a deal within a month of travelling.
  • Consider flying from a different nearby airport. Flight prices can vary wildly depending on the airport and day of the week.
  • Check out websites such as Holiday Pirates and HotUKDeals. They’re amazing for finding cheap holiday deals, even during the most popular month of the year!
  • Compare different dates and days of the week. Skyscanner’s calendar feature is a good way of finding the cheapest days to fly. Flying earlier in the week is usually cheapest.
  • Consider flying long-haul. Flights may be expensive, but you’ll save a lot on accommodation and living costs at your destination if you visit somewhere super-cheap.
  • Stay in an apartment rental rather than a hotel. You’ll have more space, can cook your own meals to save money and they’re often cheaper than hotels. We recommend AirBnB or’s apartment listings.
  • Be flexible. If you’re open to new destinations, multiple dates and are open-minded with hotels, you can find a great last-minute deal!

Now we’ve inspired you with cheap places to go on holiday in August, all that’s left to do now is book! Use our holiday booking tips above and have fun searching for your perfect summer escape. Try somewhere new and different to your usual beach paradise and you might be pleasantly surprised! Here are some helpful guides to help you find and book the best prices possible for your August trip.


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