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The best things to do in Kas Turkey

The best Kas attractions - Shows Susie on a colourful street in Kas

If you’re visiting the quaint coastal town of Kas in Turkey and are looking for some of the best things to do in Kas, you’ve came to the right place. After exploring this beautiful Turkish town and the surrounding areas, we’ve assembled a complete travel guide so you can do the same. Many people miss Kas off their Turkey Turquoise Coast itinerary as it’s not as well known as the likes of Fethiye or Oludeniz. You soon see that it’s certainly worth a visit!

We spent a full week exploring this traditional Turkish town and fell in love with its colours, architecture, sunsets and laid-back yacht-town atmosphere. A sleepy town throughout the quiet season, it really comes alive in the summer months as local and international tourists come to see a trendy coastal village that’s slightly off-the-beaten-path.

Read on for inspiration on the best things to do in Kas Turkey.

Explore Kas old town

Wandering through Kas old town - Things to do in Kas

One of the best things to do in Kas is simply exploring the old town centre. Cobbled streets, colourful, flower-covered buildings, and a scenic promenade set the scene for this quaint Turkish town. It attracts a lot of tourists in the summer months but has still managed to retain its traditional charm.

Take time to wander around Kas on foot, meandering through the narrow alleyways, browsing the shops, grabbing a drink in a corner café or soaking in the atmosphere of the main square and seafront. Another thing worth checking out in Kas is Kral Mezarı (Lion’s Tomb), which is a great example of ancient concrete construction from the 14th century.

Relive history at Kas Hellenistic Theatre

Kas Hellenistic Theatre - Kas attractions

‘Antiphellus’ is a Greek-style theatre that was built in the 1st century BC and was then restored three centuries later. It boasts the grand design as featured within many ancient Greek theatres, and was able to host up to 4000 cheering spectators back in its day. It’s a must-see historic attraction in the Kas-town area and is only a 10-minute walk from the main square.

We personally recommend visiting in the morning whilst the temperatures are cooler and less people are around. You may be lucky enough to have the entire arena to yourself, posing for some excellent photos. The backdrop of the ruins against the ocean is a cool sight to see!

Pro-tip: Stop by trendy café ‘Bun Bun’ on the way to or from Kas Hellenistic Theatre. We loved it so much we visited twice!

Hike to the top of Sleeping Giant Mountain for the best views of Kas

The best things to do in Kas - Shows a scenic viewpoint

The winding mountain roads of Kas make for some epic road trips. They also tend to shock you, as you make a turn and are faced with breath-taking coastal scenery. To get a unique perspective of town and surrounding area, drive to Kaş Panorama (Seyirlik) viewpoint. This birds-eye vantage point will be the backdrop for some of the best photos on your trip.

If you really fancy a challenge, you can take it a step further and hike 1-hour up Sleeping Giant Mountain. The uphill hike is well worth the reward; you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you peer down to the small town below.

Visit the Sunken City of Kekova

Shows submerged ruins at Kekova

One of the most popular things to do in Kas is to join a boat tour and explore the Sunken Ruins of Kekova. The site is an ancient Lycian city that is partially submerged beneath the water, alongside ruins and shipwrecks that date back to the Archaic and Byzantine periods. In the same area, there’s also a grand hilltop castle called Simena and a gorgeous turquoise bay.

Most people visit the Sunken City of Kekova as part of a multi-stop boat trip. Hop aboard for a day of swimming in refreshing blue bays, seeing the nearby ruins and getting up-close to the Sunken City. Another way to see Kekova is by kayak. You can rent a kayak from a nearby town or join a group/private tour. This is one of the must-see day trips for any visit to Kas!

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Enjoy a sunset dinner in a hotel on the Kas peninsula

La Kumsal Hotel restaurant at sunset

One of our favourite things to do in Kas was enjoying dinner or a drink at sunset. The sunset views on the Kas peninsula (the long strip of land that breaks away from the mainland town) were stunning! This area of Kas has some of the region’s best hotels, but even if you aren’t staying in a hotel here, you can still make a dinner reservation in one of their restaurants.

Arrive one hour before sunset and gaze out as the sun descends below the distant mountains, leaving a warm orange glow. It’s a romantic setting for any couple… We personally recommend checking out the restaurant at La Kumsal Hotel, or Hotel Cachet. Each restaurant provides a different view of the coastline and both serve up some excellent dishes.

Join a boat tour and explore the nearby islands

Boats departing from Kas marina - Kas attractions

Like many of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast towns, boat trips are a very popular excursion opportunity in Kas. The marina area is full of tourist boats that depart for the nearby islands every day. They follow similar itineraries that will have you out exploring the nearby coves and beaches all-day-long. Private boat tours with a skipper are a great option for those that want an intimate sailing experience and don’t mind the higher cost.

Most tourists opt for a small group boat tour. Hop onboard and they’ll take you to a number of nearby islands and inlets around the Kas area, including Pigeon Island and Ufakdere Bay. The trip involves a lot of swimming in the refreshing waters, taking in the coastal scenery and a spot of snorkelling for a chance to see the local sea turtles. We recommend booking a tour with the top-rated Dennis Boat Tours.

Relax on the stunning Kaputas Beach

Overhead view of the beautiful Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach was one of the most beautiful beaches we encountered whilst exploring Turkey. This small bay is famous for its dramatic turquoise sea, clashing with the white sands to form a picture-perfect beach shot. It’s nestled between two adjoining cliff faces, around a 25-minute drive away from Kas town.

Kaputas Beach is very small and starts to get crowded from 10am, so you’ll need to arrive early to grab a spot on the sand. Take time to see the beach from the viewpoints above, then descend to the sand and kick back on a sun lounger for the day. You’ll love dipping in and out of the refreshing turquoise sea.

Go shopping amongst the narrow streets

The best things to do in Kas - Shows a colourful clothing shop

If you want some well-made Turkish clothing, homeware, art, or a couple of souvenirs, Kas is an excellent place to shop. It’s no secret that Turkish garments are well made and of good quality, and Kas has a variety of independent shops and stalls. We found women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories to be some of the best things to buy.

Spend time popping in and out of the old town shops, buying anything that catches your eye. The streets are small and narrow, so be sure to explore them fully so you don’t miss a hidden gem. Some shops are more expensive than others and many have a ‘Bohemian’ style.

Catch the ferry to the Greek island of Kastellorizo for the day

The Greek island of Kastellorizo

The Greek island of Kastellorizo sits a mere 1-mile of the coast of Kas. If you fancy an adventurous day-trip to a completely different country, you can catch the ferry to and from the island within a single day. Is Kastellorizo worth visiting? Definitely! Like many of the smaller Greek islands, it has a picture-perfect town of white-washed building, cobbled streets and quaint cafes. It’s like a smaller version of many of the more well-known Greek islands.

A day trip to Kastellorizo involves boarding the Kas ferry around 10am on a morning. You’ll then travel 20-minutes to the Kastellorizo port of Meis, with a quick stop at immigration before entering. There’s plenty of things to do to keep you entertained for the day, and some visitors choose to stay overnight, travelling back the next morning.

Go for a swim in the bay, explore Kastellorizo ‘Blue Cave’ complex or sample Greek cuisine in a traditional taverna. The ferry departs back to Kas at around 4pm each day. Therefore, you’ll get almost 5 and a half hours on the island.

Take a stroll around Kas marina

Scenic view of Kas harbour area

Strolling around Kas marina is one of the most picturesque things to do in Kas. Rows upon rows of tourist boats and yachts are lined up, ready to depart to the seas. There’s also a long promenade of bars, restaurants and cafes, which you can enjoy at any time of the day. Enjoy a light breakfast bite with a view, sample some fine Turkish seafood at dinner-time or go for a sunset cocktail.

We personally loved walking along the promenade to the marina on an evening. At the far end of the marina, there’s a small beach and cove where you can go for a mid-afternoon swim.

Sample the lively bars and restaurants

A quaint restaurant in Kas town - Kas attractions

During the day, Kas is a sleepy town that’s lit up by the hot Turkish sun. Most tourists are out exploring on a boat or relaxing on the beach. Evenings are where it really comes alive! Venture into Kas as the sun goes down and you’ll find bustling squares of tourists and locals enjoying dinner outdoors. The promenade has some excellent sea-view restaurants. Inside town, you then have an array of courtyard and back-alley dining spots.

When it comes to nightlife, Kas doesn’t have the energetic bar scene of neighbouring town’s Fethiye, Antalya and Oludeniz. However, it does have some excellent cocktail and live music bars. We personally recommend grabbing a post dinner drink in dark and moody Hideaway Bar.

Buy some handmade souvenirs and homeware at Tugra Art Gallery

If you’d like to buy some fine Turkish pottery, decorations for your home, towels or any other traditional-print souvenir, Tugra Art Gallery is the place to go. Unlike some shops that sell generic, mass production goods, every piece in this art gallery is unique and you won’t find it anywhere else. We found the designs to be excellent and the prices are very affordable.

Explore some of Kas’ pebble beaches

The best things to do in Kas Turkey - Shows Small Pebble Beach

Some of the most well-known beaches to check out in the Kas area include Kaputas (as featured above) and Seyrek Çakıl, both of which will require a short drive to get there. For less crowded beaches closer to Kas town, venture to Big Pebble or Small Pebble Beach. These beaches are located near many hotels and are the go-to relaxation spots for many locals.

For a blissful day of beach relaxation in a less crowded area, check out Hidayet Cove Beach. This small cove inlet is more of a beach club than a sandy beach, with raised decking areas of sun loungers overlooking the sea. It’s a nice place to chill out in the sun with waited food and drink service, umbrella hire, and easy access to the sea to cool down.

See Kas from above on a paragliding adventure

Shows people paragliding in Turkey

The Turquoise Coast region of Turkey is famous for paragliding. Amateurs and pro’s from across the globe flock to the region to sample the spectacular coastal scenery from the air! The high-altitude mountain runway makes it a particular good place for plenty of air-time before descending to the coastline below.

To see the entire Kas coastline from the air on a paragliding adventure, we recommend booking an excursion with Fly Lycia Tours. They have excellent reviews and their paragliding trips are great for all ages. This is one of the best things to do in Kas for thrill-seekers, or those that just want to see the beautiful town from above.

Visit the Ancient City of Patara / Patara Beach and Sand Dunes

Patara ancient city theatre
Patara Sand Dunes from above - Best things to do in Kas

The Ancient City of Patara is highly regarded as an ancient civilisation. Its history dates back the days of Alexander the Great, with a huge Roman and Byzantine influence. Whilst many of the ruins in the ancient city are yet to be uncovered, you can still explore a good portion of the city on foot. A  Roman Triumphal Arch, ancient necropolis, a selection of temples, the Patara City Gate, a lighthouse, amphitheatre, churches and bath houses have all been uncovered.

Aside from the ancient ruins, another key reason to visit Patara is for its beach. It boasts the longest beach in Turkey, with bright-white sands and large swathes of beach that are completely unoccupied by tourists due. As such it’s a popular turtle nesting area. Right next to the beach, you have rolling hills of sand dunes, providing some unique ‘Mars-like’ views of the entire Patara area.

We recommend checking out Patara Sand Dunes and beach after exploring the Ancient City.

Discover the ruins of Xanthos and Letoon

Impressive ancient ruins near Kas Turkey

For more ancient ruins of Turkey’s historic past, the sites of Xanthos and Letoon are must-sees in the Kas area. A 1-hour drive from Kas, Xanthos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a past that dates back to occupation by the Persians, Greeks and Romans. It features a grand theatre, traditional Lycian standing tomb, and many other ancient remnants.

Letoon is just a 10-minute drive down the road from Xanthos. This equally as impressive collection of ruins was an important sanctuary for the Lycian people, dedicated to the three national deities of Lycia, Leto and her children Artemis and Apollo. It has a number of remaining building structures that were dedicated to the family, plus an impressive amphitheatre.

We recommend exploring Patara (Ancient City, sand dunes and beach), Xanthos and Letoon in a day-trip from Kas.

Relax in a beach club for the day

Shows Zest Beach Club in Kalkan

Beach clubs are extremely popular in this area of Turkey. Unlike the party-central day-club that you might expect with its title, most of the beach clubs on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast are relaxing private beaches and seaside areas where you can hire a sun lounger and relax all-day-long. The Kas area has a number of different beach club options. Visit Hidayet Koyu to stay within close proximity to town. Or alternatively, drive 40-minutes to the town of Kalkan and check out Zest Beach Club. It’s more expensive than others in the area but the beachside scenery and food and drink selection is excellent.

Once you arrive at the beach club, you’ll be assigned a reserved sun lounger and food/drink tab. You can then enjoy your day however you like! Go for a swim in the refreshing sea, enjoy sunbathing with a view, or take a dip in the infinity pool.

We hope you enjoyed reading our travel guide on the best things to do in Kas Turkey. We were amazed that this place doesn’t have more recognition amongst travellers. It’s one of the best places we’ve visited in Turkey! We recommend staying overnight in Kas for at least 5 nights. That gives you a good amount of time to see everything that’s on offer. Add more days into your itinerary if you want to relax and enjoy plenty of beach time.

If you have any questions about any of the attractions we featured in our guide, be sure to post a comment below. 😊



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Great sum up of the places!! Do they speak english?? We are planning to visit in December.

Hi Ana, I’m glad you liked the recommendations! In our experience, most locals spoke English, especially in the tourist areas.

Hi! Just wondering if you know if there is a bus from Kas to Antalya? Thanks

Hi there, thanks for your question. I believe there is a bus you can catch from Kas to Antalya – we found this company: but it seems like there’s a fault on their website, as you’re unable to select ‘kas’ from the dropdown menu. Your best bet is to head to the bus/ coach station in Kas and ask in person there for more information. It’ll take around 6 hours via Fethiye. Hope this helps!

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