The Best Stag Do destinations in Europe

If you’re looking for the best stag do destinations in Europe, not too far from home, you’ve came to the right place! Give your best friend a send-off in style before he plunges into the depths of married life (and have a wild time yourself!). We’ve created the ultimate list of European stag party destinations to inspire you to book somewhere epic.

Not only have we included the classics such as Budapest, Amsterdam and Prague, we’ve also introduced some up and coming destinations to try somewhere new. Check them all out below!

The Classics

Dublin / Galway, Ireland

Shows Temple Bar in Dublin city centre - The best stag do destinations in Europe

A rising star of stag do destinations in Europe is Dublin and neighbouring Galway – this is for two reasons. One, Ireland is very easy and cheap to get to, with budget flights from the UK leaving every day from almost all major and regional airports. Two, the people of Ireland are some of the most welcoming in the world and sure know how to celebrate! Jet off to the shores of Dublin for lively atmosphere in the city’s traditional Irish bars and then drive over to the western-most town of Galway for a different experience.

Both cities have a good mix of pub-style nightlife that will have you singing until 3am, however there’s also a number of top stag activities to indulge in. Countryside clay pigeon shooting, go karting, pub crawls, brewery tours and bubble football are all on the agenda, however you also have the ‘Pure Skill’ sports complex in Galway. Here you can challenge your mates to a variety of competitive sports challenges and crown a champion at the end of the day. It’s a load of fun!

Price for a pint of beer – ~£4
Recommended place to stay – Beckett Locke Apartments

Prague, Czech Republic

Shows the streets of Prague at night

Anyone planning a stag party in Europe has probably considered Prague at some point, and for a good reason! The city is famous for its nightlife, there’s a huge market for stag activities and it caters to groups perfectly. Fly your group into the city for a long weekend of sampling strong pints of Pilsner, letting loose in huge nightclubs and taking part in activities such as shooting ranges, go karting, escape rooms, bar crawls and more. You won’t be short of things to do!

Prague also offers more unique stag experiences such as ‘stag gets arrested by the police’ pranks, river booze cruises, beer bikes and even beer baths! As a base for all the shenanigans, you can book your friends a group of huge apartments in the city centre for low cost. There are also more cultural activities for the daytime and when you can’t handle any more beer. We personally loved taking the squad out for an electric bike tour through the surrounding parks and having dinner at a nice steakhouse.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£1.30
Recommended place to stay – Angel City Aparthotel

Budapest, Hungary

Shows a quirky ruin bar in Budapest

Hands down Budapest is one of our favourite places to go for a stag party. Whilst it’s becoming even more popular, it’s still extremely cheap and has retained its place as a nightlife capital of Europe, no matter what type of evening you’re looking for. Most streets of the city centre are filled with underground ‘ruin’ bars, converted from houses and other commercial buildings to form dimly lit pubs with great atmosphere.

Top activities unique to Budapest include a trip to the famous Széchenyi Thermal Baths, where you can relax with the guys during the day, sitting in the thermal pools and taking turns for bar rounds. Return to Széchenyi on a Saturday night for a huge pool party disco! You also have the usual stag activities such as go karting, beer bikes, pub crawls and more. Budapest is a visually stunning stag city where you can take as much nightlife as you can handle, with some occasional sightseeing and city walks to ease off the hangover. We recommend arriving a day or two before the stag party starts for a chance to see this stunning city.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£1
Recommended place to stay – Sweet Dreams in the Heart of the City

San Antonio/Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza

Shows a beautiful beach in Ibiza - Europe stag party destination ideas

Ibiza is no stranger to parties and is one of the best nightlife destinations on the planet! It’s home to a plethora of super clubs playing all-night-long techno, dance and house classics and has a line-up of top DJ’s in the summer. It’s also a naturally pretty island with a hot Mediterranean climate and stunning sunsets.

If you think the stag party group is up for the challenge and can handle the mighty Ibiza, we recommend renting your own villa with a pool. Relax with the boys during the day and prepare for your nightly expedition to the bars of San Antonio or Playa d’en Bossa. Rather than the typical pub culture of many of the destinations on our list, Ibiza has much more of a clubbing and dance music vibe. It’s not cheap, but it will leave everyone with memories of a lifetime!

Price for a pint of beer – ~£2 – 3
Recommended place to stay – Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel – Adults Only

Berlin, Germany

Shows Berlin light show on the river

Berlin is one of the nightlife capitals of Europe and it has a big focus on late night dance clubs. They’re some of the biggest in the world! German beer is also very good and will blow any common international brand out of the water when it comes taste and these two factors alone are enough to grab your attention when planning an action-packed stag party in Europe. As one of the surprisingly affordable stag do destinations in Europe, Berlin is packed with activities, the nightlife includes both pubs and clubs and you won’t be stuck for accommodation. Just be sure to stay somewhere central as the city is very large and it can be difficult to get around.

Plan a weekend of fun with the guys in a series of Oktoberfest-style pubs that have a roaring atmosphere of singing and dancing on tables. You also have all of the usual stag activities, alongside some special bonus adventures, such as army tank driving, beer baths, laser tag and sumo fighting. If you’re travelling during football season, you might also want to grab tickets for a football match! Just be sure to book everything in advance before arrival.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£3.20
Recommended place to stay – Old Town Apartments

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Shows the canals of Amsterdam at night

Another classic place to send your friend off to marriage in style is the notoriously liberal Amsterdam. Any night out here will always be one to remember and a whole weekend in the city is sure to create some stories to laugh about later. Nightlife aside, Amsterdam is a gloriously beautiful city, with quaint canals, colourful buildings and vast parks. Simply enjoying a pint on the corner of the main square or walking from A to B is an experience in itself here and the setting for your Stag do couldn’t be better.

Top stag activities include an interesting but booze inspired trip to the Heineken brewery, nightly bar crawls amongst the narrow streets of Dam Square centre, a canal booze and dinner cruise, plenty of adrenaline fuelled excursions and hilarious X-rated options if you fancy embarrassing your stag. Nightlife is a mix of corner pubs with pints for the early evening and then venturing to a late-night dance club.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£4.50
Recommended place to stay – Stayokay Hostel Amsterdam Vondelpark


Shows a pub with Krakow castle in the distance - European stag do ideas

Krakow was once a rare place to go for stag parties, however it has now emerged as one of the best stag do destinations in Europe, not only due to its cheap flights, but also because of its non-stop nightlife scene. Bars are open until the early morning, pints of beer cost less than £1.50 and it’s a compact and affordable city to explore. We recommend booking a group of nice apartments by Krakow’s main city square and using it as a base to explore.

To start off your stag party, we actually recommend a trip to Auschwitz concentration camp. It’s an unusual and sad way to start a celebration, however it’s a very important and historic place to visit and a trip to Krakow would be wasted without it. After that, it’s time to indulge in some fun stag activities, and Krakow has plenty of them! Book the usual shooting ranges, karting paintball and more adrenaline inducers or go the more relaxing route. Organised booze cruises, pub crawls and X-rated embarrassing activities for your stag are also readily available. You’ll be spoilt for choice at things to do so plan your itinerary carefully.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£1.50
Recommended place to stay – Luxe Living Krakow

Stag-do destinations you might not have thought of

Lisbon, Portugal

Alternative stag do destinations in Europe - Shows Lisbon city at night

Lisbon is one of the best stag do destinations in Europe for those that want great nightlife, but it’s not all about partying and drinking for the full weekend. As one of our favourite cities in Europe, Lisbon is a colourful collection of architecture, with intricate mosaic pavements and a plethora of things to do during the day. Spend your nights partying until the early hours at the nightlife hub of Cais do Sobre, where you can strut your stuff in an open-air club on those warm summer nights.

For a more relaxed nightlife, which is great for a night off clubbing or as a gradual start to a big night, drink 1.50-euro pints in the quaint alleys of the Bairro Alto neighbourhood and chat to the locals. The atmosphere is buzzing! When you’ve rolled home to your bed, wake up to sample the delicious local food, which is great for a hangover, and a take a group stroll around the main sites. You can even visit the beach if you don’t fancy walking around all day and prefer a nap in the sun!

Price for a pint of beer – ~£1.50 – 2
Recommended place to stay – Almaria – Da Corte Apartments Chiado

Rekyjavik, Iceland

Shows a group of friends standing beside a geyser in Iceland

A truly unusual Stag party holiday destination is the isolated island of Iceland. People flock here during all months of the year to capture the stunning scenery and for a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights, but people don’t realise that the people of Reykjavik are big on their nightlife. Reykjavik is Iceland’s capital city and main place to stay whilst visiting. Its city centre is packed with cool bars and restaurants and weekends are always lively as the whole town packs into one place.

Spend your days driving around, exploring the Iceland scenery with the guys. You’ll stop off at giant waterfalls, black sand beaches, glaciers and vast hillsides. The landscapes here are unbelievable! Being a stag party, you’ll probably also want to try some adrenaline inducing adventure activities too. Volcano rappelling, helicopter rides, glacier hikes, cave diving, snowmobile rides and white-water rafting are sure to create epic memories! You’ll be exhausted after your long days out so be sure to return to Reykjavik for a nap before venturing to the bars on an evening.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£5 – 6
Recommended place to stay – Downtown Reykjavík Apartments

Riga, Latvia

Shows Riga city centre from above - Stag party city breaks

Latvia’s cultural capital of Riga is a good combination of city sightseeing and a bold city nightlife with an Eastern European edge. You’ll find plenty of clubs and bars to excite your whole group and an endless number of things to do. Book events direct yourself or through a stag organisation party to take advantage of unique excursions such as team bobsleighing, a snow mobile safari or medieval banquet dinner. Of course, you still have all of the nightlife, naughty and energetic activities too!

During your downtime from stag participation, go for a long walk through the compact city centre or take the group on a cruise down the river Daugava, which flows all the way to Russia! Food is hearty and meat based and you’ll enjoy sampling dishes that you can’t even pronounce. General living costs are also very cheap, with apartments for four costing less than £80 per night and drinks at the bars won’t leave you with an empty bank balance for the flight home. Riga is fun, different and affordable.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£2
Recommended place to stay – Dandelion Apartments Matīsa

Bratislava, Slovakia

The best stag do destinations in Europe - Shows Bratislava castle

A rising favourite amongst stag do organisers is the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. This tightly-knit and cultural city is surrounded by mountains, lakes and vineyards, all setting the backdrop for a scenic stag experience. The city itself is full of quaint architecture that houses a lively atmosphere of bars and cafes, any day of the week. As well as the vibrant nightlife and pretty surroundings of the city, one of the main reasons Bratislava is the low costs compared to other destinations. Everything from eating out and drinking to accommodation and flights can be super cheap!

Carefully plan a full weekend of bonding activities with your mates with plenty of bars thrown in between. Car demolition, football darts, bridge swinging and the infamous double-decker beer bus are all activities that stand out as epic and the toughest decision you’ll make all weekend is ‘what do we do next’. Bratislava is an action-packed, visually appealing and lively place to plan a stag for those that are tired of visiting the same stag cities.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£1.50 – 1.80
Recommended place to stay – City Castle Apartments

Split, Croatia

Stag do ideas in Europe - Shows the colourful town of Split

If you’re embarking on your stag party in the summer, you might prefer some sun, beaches and relaxation over the typical city-break style stag. Croatia’s beautiful seaside town of Split is one of the nightlife capitals in the country and is calling your name. Arrive in this historic ‘Game of Thrones’ filming location for nightly bar crawls by the beach, cool cave bar experiences and the option to get the ferry to the island of Hvar for more nightlife options. It’s a summer stag destination with a lot of class and character!

During the day you can rent a boat with the guys and sail the Adriatic Sea, stopping by remote beaches or pulling up to a resort and ordering cocktails before sailing off again. Other cool activities include an excursion to the impressive Krka National Park, where you can sit by the waterfall with a beer or go for a swim. You may also wish to stay in Split city centre for some sightseeing and parties on the beach, there’s plenty of options for every interest! Split offers both excellent nightlife and plenty of holiday activities, making it a great destination for a longer summer stag party. 5 – 7 days is ideal.

Price for a pint of beer – ~£2.50
Recommended place to stay – Split Oasis Studio Apartments

That brings our list of the best stag do destinations in Europe to an end! We hope we helped inspire you with activity and destination ideas for your upcoming stag shenanigans and you’re ready to start planning. It’s almost always cheaper to book your stag itinerary yourself, however it can also be hard work, especially with large groups! Chillisauce and Last Night of Freedom are our recommended stag organisers if you could do with some help. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have too. ? Let the Stag games begin!

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