The best restaurants in St Julian’s, Malta – Our eating out guide

The suave seaside resort town of St Julian’s is one of the most popular places to stay in Malta. As well as being the nightlife capital of the island, it’s home to a glamorous selection of luxury boutique hotels, Casino’s, a vast shopping centre and beautiful marina.

Being a perfect holiday resort area, there’s no shortage of restaurants and you’ll find cuisine from all corners of the globe, in addition to local favourites. It has some of the finest gourmet restaurants in Malta but also has some excellent reasonably priced options. Dine in St Julian’s for a variety of cuisines, pretty marina views and a classy evening out.

After spending some time in St Julian’s and exploring the foodie scene, we’ve assembled our personal favourites and some of the best restaurants in St Julians Malta based on reviews.

The 7 best restaurants in St Julians Malta – for every budget and taste

Restaurant name: Wigi’s Kitchen

View map location | Website | Menu | TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5

Wigi’s Kitchen is all about sizzling and scrumptious steaks and some very tasty desserts. For a restaurant with a somewhat unassuming interior and exterior by the beach, your taste buds won’t be prepared for what will hit them. The basic menu is centred around meats and fish and they do that very well. Food is cooked to perfection and the wine selection is just as good.

If you like top-notch food in a relaxed environment and don’t fancy the more pretentious restaurants in St Julians Malta, you’ll be at home at Wigi’s kitchen. It’s a favourite for both locals and tourists and an ideal place to spend your first evening. Go for cocktails by the beach after your meal – it’s a great way to wind down after challenging the mighty chateaubriand steak. It’s a small and busy venue so we highly recommend booking in advance.

Shows the interior of Wigi's Kitchen restaurant in St Julians
This photo of Wigi’s Kitchen is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Shows a juicy cut of steak on a plate
This photo of Wigi’s Kitchen is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Restaurant name: Caviar and Bull

View map location | Website | Menu | TripAdvisor Rating = 4.5/5

Caviar and Bull is one of the finest and exclusive restaurants in Julians and the go-to place for special occasions. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, special birthday or just like dining in style, the gourmet style dishes here are destined to impress. The food and drink selection are everything you’d expect in a fine dining restaurant. They have a wide selection of gins, wines and champagne at the ready, and a small but exciting menu of mains.

The restaurant is located inside the Corinthia Hotel by St George’s Bay, with nice views of the pool area below and ocean in the background. Although the prices here are on the expensive side, it’s a great place for celebrating and both the service and environment of the restaurant remind you that you’re in a 5-star hotel. Ask for a window seat and let the staff know if you’re celebrating a special occasion.

Shows a view of the sea from Caviar and Bull restaurant
This photo of Caviar & Bull is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Shows a small gourmet dish from Caviar and Bull restaurant
This photo of Caviar & Bull is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Restaurant name: Blue Elephant

View map location | Website | Menu | TripAdvisor Rating = 4/5

If sweet and spicy Asian cuisine is your style, the Blue Elephant inside the St Julian’s Hilton hotel is perfect. Unlike the simple but delicious street food you’ll find in many parts of Asia, Blue Elephant prides itself of beautifully presented and well-thought out dishes with all the flavours you’d associate with Thailand. Choose from spring rolls, spicy curries and Dim Sun as you dine with nice views of the marina.

Although the food is very good, our favourite thing about Blue Elephant is the authentic setting and theme of the restaurant. The backdrop has an exotic collection of plants and trees amongst bare stone walls, and bamboo furnishings throughout. Each table is also neatly decorated with gold cutlery and traditional ornaments and flowers. You’ll really feel like you’re dining in the jungle of Chiang Mai, but with a royal twist. Our personal favourite is the spicy prawn curry.

Shows the tropical surroundings of Blue Elephant restaurant
This photo of Blue Elephant is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Shows a variety of colourful Thai food dishes
This photo of Blue Elephant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Restaurant name: Bianco’s

View map location | Website | Menu | TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5

Being so close to Sicily, Malta has traditional Italian restaurants on all corners of the island. Bianco’s is the Italian of choice in St Julian’s. It’s just over the road from the marina, welcoming you with a cosy, traditional décor, and hearty, good portion food. Being a family-run business, it has the authentic feel you’d expect from an Italian restaurant and some delicious recipes across the menu. Choose from stone baked pizza, fresh seafood or simple but flavoursome pastas.

What really makes Bianco’s such an enjoyable dining experience is the warm, friendly welcome of the staff, intimate environment and reasonably priced food. You’ll end your evening feeling full and satisfied. Our go-to dish here is the sourdough pizza.

The best restaurants in St Julians Malta - Shows the exterior of Bianco's restaurant
This photo of Bianco’s is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Shows a selection of pizzas from Bianco's restaurant
This photo of Bianco’s is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Restaurant name: 1927

View map location | Website | Menu | TripAdvisor Rating 4.5/5

1927 is a favourite for both lunch and dinner. It’s right next to the marina so you can pop in for a light pasta or salad or return on an evening for an exquisite meal of fresh meat or fish with wine. The restaurant is a small, family-run establishment with excellent reviews and a wide variety of choice; ideal if you’re not sure what cuisine you fancy.

Setting wise, it’s small, dimly lit and cosy with no frills – it’s all about the tasty homecooked food. 1927 is also one of the best value restaurants on our list. Drinks and mains are relatively cheap compared to other eateries in the area, however the quality is just as good! Dress-down or dress up, it’s your choice – the atmosphere here is relaxed and friendly.

Shows the stunning view of St Julians marina from a restaurant
This photo of 1927 is courtesy of TripAdvisor
The best restaurants in St Julians Malta - Shows a succulent chicken dish on a plate with greens
This photo of 1927 is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Restaurant name: Cuba

View map location | Website | Menu | TripAdvisor Rating 3.5/5

We loved Cuba so much we had to visit twice! This Latino-esque restaurant is perched on a rock-face overlooking the marina. It’s wide open so you have a panoramic view of the marina throughout the day and the dimly lit lamps provide an ambient environment for an evening. On entering the restaurant, you’ll notice the energetic bar staff pouring Margarita’s and catchy Latino songs playing in the background. Order from a wide selection of Mexican food or usual favourites such as pastas, steaks and burgers – the menu is quite varied. The cocktail selection is also very good and low-cost. Sticking to the theme of the restaurant, we’d recommend ordering some taco or quesadilla starters and a scrumptious main of your choice.
This place is ideal to visit with friends or your partner; it’s vibrant and lively – more suited to adults in our opinion. Be sure to ask for a table near the marina balcony!

Shows the vibrant atmosphere of Cuba restaurant
This photo of Cafe Cuba is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Shows a tasty dish from Cuba restaurant
This photo of Cafe Cuba is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Restaurant name: Im Pasta

View map location | Website | Menu | Tripadvisor Rating 4.5/5

Im Pasta is a revolutionary restaurant of its kind, perfect for a quick lunch or low-key dinner before touring the bars of Paceville. It’s a small, casual restaurant where you order your pasta at the counter and served with fresh ingredients in no time at all. The food quality is excellent for a restaurant of its kind and we consider it restaurant quality for fast food prices.

Although it’s not the most romantic and picturesque place to eat in the glamorous town of St Julian’s, it’s central, cheap and has excellent tasting pastas for a lunch on a budget. Check this place out at least once during your stay and you’ll see what we mean once you’ve tasted the food. They also do a good selection of drinks and desserts.

Shows Im Pasta Restaurant in St Julians Malta
This photo of ImPasta is courtesy of TripAdvisor
Shows the food of Im Pasta restaurant in St Julians
This photo of ImPasta is courtesy of TripAdvisor

If you like Im Pasta and are looking for a similar style of restaurant, Eeeetwell is another good option. It provides counter service but delicious Asian dishes and health bowls and smoothies at low prices in a quirky café setting.

Top foods to try in Malta:

Food in Malta is a variety of Mediterranean dishes and international favourites. In addition to the fresh fish, meats, pasta’s and pizza’s you’d expect to find in other areas of the region, there are some island specialities that you must try. Here are some of our favourites:

Rabbit (Fenek) – Top of our recommendations list is Malta’s national dish, Stuffat Tal-Fenek, or Fenek. In this rich, tomato-based stew, you’ll find vegetables, spices and rabbit, often served with spaghetti.

Local pastries (pastizzis) – Like many Mediterranean countries, Malta does pastries very well. You’ll find them in towns and villages across the country, served up in markets for breakfast or as a lunch snack in a café. Although pastizzis come with different various fillings, the traditional variations are filled with ricotta cheese or mushy curried peas.

Timpana (Baked macaroni pasta) – This one is probably our favourite Maltese dish and it’s a monster of a meal! Timpana is a crusted pie filled with layers upon layers of macaroni pasta, minced meat, tomato, bacon, basil and anything else you’d find in a pasta. It’ll fill you for the week!

Maltese sausages (Zalzett Tal-Malti) – They may look like good old English sausages, but this Maltese twist on the sausage also has Portuguese influence and they’re packed with flavour. Often found on BBQ’s or as part of a breakfast/mixed grill, the sausages are filled with peppercorn, coriander, herbs, seeds and spices, giving them a distinct but delicious taste.

Best foods to try in Malta

Tips for eating out in St Julian’s:

• There’s a lot of restaurants to choose from but some are much better than others. Don’t be allured into a place if it looks nice from the outside – always check the reviews first.
• As quite an upmarket and luxurious area, the restaurants in St Julians Malta can have prices to match this, although you will still find lots of reasonably priced options. Browse the menu online before picking a restaurant to eat within your budget.
• The marina area of Spinola is our favourite place to eat. There’s lots of nice restaurants and the views are excellent both during the day and on an evening. Have at least one of your evening meals here.
• Being a touristic centre of Malta, St Julian’s is well up-to-date with the latest technology and what’s expected from a restaurant. Most restaurants have websites where you can browse prices, menu options and locations to see what you like the best. Have fun researching your evening meal and pick the perfect place for a special occasion!
• The area can get quite busy, particularly in the summer months. Make a reservation for your chosen restaurant using their website or telephone number to avoid disappointment. Many of the places we’ve featured on our list are very popular.

We hope we inspired you with some of the best restaurants in St Julians Malta.

Just as the hotel, shopping and nightlife selection has developed along with the active tourist industry in St Julian’s, the dining scene has followed suit and its one of the best places to eat in Malta (Valletta being just as good!). Whether you’re staying in the town or have a place nearby, be sure to pay St Julian’s a visit at least one evening for a night of sophisticated dining and drinks overlooking the marina.

If you’d like to make a suggestion or have a question about any of the restaurants we’ve featured, get in touch!


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