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The Best Places to Visit in Prague – See the city in 3 – 4 days

Are you visiting the charming medieval city of Prague? From castles and scenic parks, to museums, towers, bridges and some beautiful riverside areas, you’re going to want to experience the best of what the city has to offer.

In this guide, we’ll share a list of the best places to visit in Prague, including the absolute must-sees, plus a few of our own favourites. We’ve been to Prague many times and always manage to find something new. It’s a place you can visit year-round and still have plenty to do!

All of the Prague attractions in our guide can be seen within 3 – 4 days when sightseeing at a moderate pace. If you have any questions about any of the places we’ve featured, be sure to post a comment below, or send us an email.

Prague Old Town Square

We’re starting off our list of the best places to visit in Prague with the city’s historic old town centre. As the main gathering point for the annual Christmas market, and a hub for nightlife, eating out and sightseeing, the Old Town Square is the number one place to visit in Prague. The Old City Hall, Jan Hus Monument, Church of Our Lady before Týn and National Gallery are some of the top attractions to see here.

You can also visit the Old Town Square to simply soak in the bustling atmosphere or grab a drink with a view. It’s the perfect place to start your Prague sightseeing. Visit the square in December and you’ll be treated to one of Europe’s best Christmas markets!

shows a birdseye view of the old town square in Prague - best places to visit in Prague in 3 - 4 days

Prague Old Town

The wider Old Town area (known as Stare Mesto) is where you’ll spend a lot of your time during your visit to Prague. Cobbled streets, a plethora of old medieval buildings and countless attractions make the Old Town the city’s busiest area. Walk around and admire the architecture, grab a unique snack from a street stall or go shopping in one of the many gift shops.

Alternatively, choose from one of Prague’s many cafes, bars and restaurants and experience the local food and drink scene. Whilst a touristic area, the Old Town is full of excellent dining options and beer gardens. We recommend allocating at least a day and a half to explore the many sites of Prague’s historic centre.

shows a busy street in Prague old town centre

Astronomical Clock and Prague Old Town Hall

Prague Old Town Hall’s Astronomical Clock is an attraction you can find in the Old Town Square. Known worldwide for its unique appearance, the clock sits on the side of the city hall tower. Featuring a series of golden dials, faces and gothic sculptures, the clock dates back to 1410. On the hour mark, tourists line up to hear the clock chime and watch the figures moving in sync. It’s something you can’t miss!

It’s not just the outside of the city hall building and its Astronomical Clock that’s worth checking out. You can also explore the city hall itself. Pay the entrance fee to wander the grand hallways and medieval-style rooms of the hall. You can also walk up the stairs (or use the elevator) to reach the top of the city hall tower. The tower has panoramic views of the entire Old Town area, and in our opinion, it provides one of the best views in all of Prague. It’s well worth the extra fee!

shows the Prague old town hall

Prague Riverside

Prague Riverside is one of the best places to visit in Prague to relax and unwind away from the busy city centre. Beautifully scenic, the Vltava River has several bridges and islands, and long river promenades on either side. It’s the ideal place to go for a morning walk. Alternatively, hop aboard one of the river cruises to see the beauty of the river up-close.

shows Prague riverside

Charles Bridge

If you cross any bridge during your visit to Prague, make it Charles Bridge. It’s a medieval stone bridge that was finished in the early 15th century, and for a long time, it was the only way to cross the Vltava River. Featuring a tower on either side and intricate stone statue along the length of the crossing, it perfectly showcases baroque-style architecture of the era.

Charles Bridge is the best bridge to cross to reach the Lesser Town ‘west side’ of Prague. As such, and being such a top attraction, it’s packed with tourists from morning until late in the evening. To beat the crowds, we recommend visiting early on a morning.

shows Charles Bridge in Prague - The best places to visit in Prague

Lesser Town

The Lesser Town, or the ‘Little Quarter’, is situated at the foothills of Prague Castle. Being on the west side of the river, it’s a quieter area to visit, with narrow, cobbled streets, scenic parks and lots of quaint cafes. Its architecture and atmosphere are very different to other areas of the city.

Visit the Lesser Town on foot or on a bike and explore the narrow streets at your own pace. The riverside parks, bridges, cafes and buildings will make this area one of your favourite places in Prague.

Shows the quaint Lesser Town area - The top Prague attractions and places to visit

Lennon Wall

Whilst in the Lesser Town, pay the famous Lennon Wall a visit. Originally created in the 1980’s, the wall, which is named after The Beatles’ John Lennon, is a series of colourful wall murals. It has been developed over time to feature graffiti art dedicated to peace, global causes and lyrics of Beatles’ songs. It’s a cool site to see in the Lesser Town and is quite an inspirational and thought-provoking piece of art. Keep an eye out for new designs dedicated to current global causes.

shows the John Lennon wall mural in Prague - best places to visit in Prague

St Nicholas Church

We’re not leaving the Lesser Town just yet! Another must-see attraction in this area is St Nicholas Church. It’s one of the best places to visit in Prague for those that appreciate Baroque architecture. Beautifully designed both inside and out, the 17th century church is known for its towering central dome and geometrical series of connected cylinders.

Inside, it features a grand organ with over 4,000 pipes and ornate paintings on its ceiling. There’s a small entrance fee to visit the interior of the church.

shows the church of St Nicholas in Prague - best places to visit in Prague in 3 - 4 days

Havel Market

We all love a good city market! Prague has a handful of market options, but the easiest, most central market to check out is Havelské tržiště, or Havel’s Market. Located in Old Town area, the market is a small collection of stalls on a street steeped in impressive architecture. Open every day of the week, it’s one of the best places to visit in Prague to try a local snack, stock up on fruits and vegetables, or to buy a handmade souvenir. They also have an excellent mulled wine stall!

shows a stall at Havel Market - best places to visit in Prague in 3 - 4 days

Prague Beer Museum

Prague is widely regarded as having some of the best beer on the planet. Rich in flavour and very affordable compared to other European cities, beer lovers can’t visit the city without trying one (or many) of its brews. You can find Czech beer almost everywhere. However, to experience some of the best drinks, and to sample many beers at once, visit the official Prague Beer Museum (view on Google Maps).

Enjoy the upbeat atmosphere of the museum whilst ordering samples of beers that catch your eye. They offer standard beers and Czech brands you’ve probably heard of. However, you can also try some unique, fruity flavours, chocolate-infused ales and richer blends.

shows the outside of the Prague beer museum

Petrin Park

Petrin Park is our go-to place in Prague to get some exercise. It’s also a top spot for seeing some nice views of the city due to its hilltop location. Situated on the west side of the river, a short walk from Prague Castle, Petrin Park has a series of walking trails, relaxation areas and several attractions. It’s also host of the sobering Memorial to the Victims of Communism statues, which we highly recommend visiting.

Visit Petrin Park for morning or afternoon walk. If you’re travelling with kids, you could check out the magical maze attraction in the park or visit one of the many gardens and playgrounds. A fun way to reach the summit of Petrin Hill is to take the park funicular, which travels up and down the hill from the Lesser Town in only a few minutes.

shows Ricky walking through Petrin Park in Prague

Petrin Tower

At the summit of Petrin Hill, you’ll find one of Prague’s best vantage points, Petrin Tower. 58.70 metres high and at the same altitude as the Eiffel Tower, Petrin Tower resembles its Parisian twin and is made completely from steel. It was once a communications tower, but these days, it’s a major tourist attraction.

Petrin Tower is one of the best places to visit in Prague to capture stunning views of the city from above. Climb its 299 stairs and you’ll be able to see all areas of the city from above, from Prague Castle in the north, to Charles Bridge, the towers of the Old Town and Vyšehrad to the south.

shows the Petrin Tower
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Vyšehrad Castle

Prague Castle is the most famous castle in the city. However, if you look to the south of the river, you’ll see another grand, medieval castle compound known as Vyšehrad. A much quieter and charming place to visit than Prague Castle, Vyšehrad Castle offers scenic views of the south of the river. It boasts a neo-Gothic church, old cemetery, a series of raised fortifications and a peaceful garden area. It also has an underground labyrinth of Baroque artefacts and statues.

Take the tram to Vyšehrad for a relaxed morning of sightseeing. You’ll get to learn about the history of the castle and can gaze out at the river from the many viewpoints.

shows vysehrad castle

Střelecký Island

Střelecký Island, known in English as Archer’s Island, is the large island in the centre of the Vltava River. Shaded areas, walkways and park benches overlooking the river make it a relaxing place to be at any time of the day. It’s one of the best places to visit in Prague to take a break from sightseeing. To our surprise, the island is inhabited by otters, and you’ll likely find them hanging out around the riverbanks.

Take a seat on a park bench to admire the river view or walk leisurely around the park. The island is easily accessible from either side of the river using the connecting bridge.

Shows Archer's Island

Prague Castle

The next Prague attraction on our list is one you can’t miss. Prague Castle is the official residence and workplace of the president of the Czech Republic. It has a fascinating history dating back to the 9th century and has housed kings, emperors and presidents ever since. It’s arguably the most important building in the whole country! For a small fee, you can explore several buildings and areas of the castle grounds.

Top things to see and do at Prague Castle include the changing of the guard procession, a picture gallery, the wall fortifications, and an area called ‘Golden Lane’, which houses artefacts of the castle’s past and several exhibits. You’ll also find the next attractions on our list…

Prague Castle at night
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St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral is the main church on the Prague Castle grounds. It’s one of the most beautiful churches in the city, with a grand façade inside and out. What started as a small Romanesque rotunda in the year 925, has now transformed into a towering gothic cathedral. The church has hosted royal processions and coronations of kings throughout the ages. It’s also the burial site of several patron saints, bishops and other people of importance.

Visit St Vitus Cathedral to marvel at its stained-glass windows, intricate stone carvings and grand hallways. It’s open to the public outside of mass and special event hours.

shows St Vitus Cathedral - best places to visit in Prague in 3 - 4 days

Old Royal Palace

Another building worth checking out when visiting Prague Castle is the Old Royal Palace. The late-Gothic-period palace features a royal hall for events, a series of renaissance-style paintings and ornately designed rooms. It’s an open museum for tourists to explore, showcasing everything from the crown jewels and sceptre, to coats of armour and relics of past kings. The queue to enter the palace can be long, but it’s well worth waiting.

shows people outside the old royal palace in Prague

St. George’s Basilica

The last key place to visit in the Prague Castle grounds is St. George’s Basilica. It’s the second church that was constructed in the castle and palace area, and it has undergone renovations throughout the ages. The present appearance of the basilica is Romanesque in design. It features a small chapel, a domed roof and a series of ornate paintings and stone columns.

St George's Basilica in the castle grounds - Prague attractions

Prague New Town

We’ve mentioned Prague Old Town as the top place to explore during your visit. However, the city’s ‘New Town’ is also full of interesting sites, restaurants, streets and buildings. Despite its name, the New Town is one of Prague’s oldest districts. It doesn’t have the same level of archaic architecture and the allure of the Old Town. However, it’s still worth visiting for its selection of gothic and baroque buildings. It also has its fair share of modern points of interest, and some excellent, non-touristic restaurants.

Top places to check out in Prague New Town include the rotating head of Franz Kafka, a unique art exhibit. You’ll also find parks, concert halls, an opera house and several ‘futuristic looking’ buildings scattered amongst the old architecture.

The best places to visit in Prague - Shows a modern Franz Kafka exhibit

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square, which is also located in Prague’s New Town district, is the city’s main shopping area. Named after the statue of King Wenceslas at its centre, the street is a hub for retail shopping, fast food restaurants and quirky cafes. You’ll find everything from international brands such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Primark and Under Armour, to rooftop bars, department stores and the National Museum.

Even if you don’t plan on doing any shopping, Wenceslas Square is worth visiting for its historic statue and bustling atmosphere, particularly in the evening.

Wenceslas Square in Prague New Town

Dancing House

Another must-see attraction in Prague New Town is the intriguing Dancing House. Designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić, it’s one of the most unusual and eccentric buildings in the city. The modern, glass façade of the Dancing House has off-set sections and windows that seem to ‘pop out’. It’s so chaotic and erratic in structure, it gives the impression it’s dancing alongside the River Vltava.

You can admire the building from across the street when visiting the New Town. Alternatively, head inside to see its art gallery, ascend to the top floor for a panoramic view from its bar and restaurant, or book a night in the on-site hotel.

shows the dancing house building in Prague

Jewish Quarter

Prague Jewish Quarter is one of the best places to visit in Prague to gain an insight into the neighbourhood’s interesting, and often sad history. The Jewish Quarter is located to the north of the city centre and is easily reachable by foot. With early beginnings as a Jewish Ghetto in the 13th century, it grew into one of the largest Jewish neighbourhoods in Europe, as many Jews were forced out of their homes in other areas.

Today, the Jewish Quarter has been preserved and transformed into an open-air museum, with multiple buildings and areas to explore. Top things to see include several old synagogues, with the Spanish Synagogue being the most remarkable of all. There’s also a ceremonial hall, a famous statue of Franz Kafka, and the Old Jewish Cemetery. We recommend allocating at least a couple of hours to tour the entire Jewish Quarter area and its museum exhibits.

shows a statue of Franz Kafka - The best places to visit in Prague

Thanks for reading our guide on the best places to visit in Prague. We’ve been to the Czech capital many times and always find something new. It has an excellent food scene, full of local and international restaurants. It’s also a surprisingly affordable place to visit. Take a trip to Prague at any time of the year and you’re sure to have a great time!

Do you have any questions about any of the Prague attractions in our guide? Be sure to post a comment below.



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