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The best places to stay in Prague – areas & hotel Recommendations

Are you visiting the quaint, medieval city of Prague and wondering where to stay? In this guide, we’ll share a list of the best places to stay in Prague for every budget. From the Old Town centre, right in the heart of the action, to the quaint and luxurious Lesser Town, and even the outskirts of the city, we’ll compare each key area help you decide what’s best for you.

We’ll also share some excellent Prague hotel options for every budget, from budget friendly to luxury. We’ve personally stayed in all areas on our list during our many visits to Prague and have only included hotels with a Tripadvisor rating of 4+. Browse our guide to find inspiration on the best place to stay in Prague for your upcoming trip!

If you have any questions about any of the neighbourhoods or hotels we’ve featured, be sure to post a comment.

The best areas to stay in Prague

Prague Old Town

Prague Old Town is the medieval heart of the city. It’s where you’ll find most Prague attractions, including the Old Town Square and its mesmerising Astronomical Clock. It’s packed with museums, bars, restaurants, shops, and some excellent architecture. Staying in the Old Town is no doubt the most central area to stay in Prague. However, as with all city centres, hotel costs can be higher than elsewhere.

We recommend a stay in Prague Old Town for first time visitors to the city or those that want to be within walking distance of everything. You’ll pay a bit more for your accommodation compared to other areas, but the convenience can be worth the added cost. This area is especially good if you want to experience Prague’s nightlife scene. You can easily walk back to your hotel in the early hours after visiting the bars.

shows the cathdral in Prague old town

Top reasons to stay in Prague Old Town

  • Many of Prague’s top attractions are within a short walk. The Old Town is compact and convenient.
  • Nothing beats the old, medieval charm of the Old Town. Dramatic, Baroque-style buildings, grand churches and narrow, cobbled streets are what we think of when we envisage Prague.
  • There’s an excellent selection of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops, all in one area.

Reasons you may not want to stay here

  • The Old Town is one of the most expensive places to stay in Prague and hotel options are limited.
  • It’s the busiest and noisiest area to stay in Prague. If you prefer a quieter, laid-back atmosphere, you may be better off staying just outside the centre.
shows a close up of the streets in Prague old town - The best Prague hotels

The best Prague Old Town hotels

BoHo Hotel Prague (Luxury)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

BoHo Hotel Prague is the perfect place to stay for those that want a modern hotel furnished to a high standard. Rooms are nicely designed and spacious, the morning breakfast is excellent, and the hotel has its own spa.

Design Hotel Jewel Prague (Moderately priced)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

Design Hotel Jewel Prague is one of the highest rated hotels in Prague on Tripadvisor. Its location is unbeatable, it provides good value for money, and it has room options for all budgets and group sizes.

Cathedral Prague Apartments (Budget friendly)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Cathedral Prague Apartments are a great option for those that want budget-friendly self-catering accommodation in the Old Town area. Apartments have traditional Czech décor and all the amenities you need for an extended stay.

The Lesser Town

The Lesser Town is one of the most charming places to stay in Prague. Located on the quieter, west side of the River Vltava, the Lesser Town is a quaint hillside area with cobbled streets, parks and a scenic riverside. As the main district for foreign embassies in the Czech Republic, it feels higher-end and more exclusive than other areas. The Lesser Town is where you’ll find attractions such as Petrin Hill, Petrin Tower, the John Lennon Graffiti Wall and several museums.

We recommend a stay in the Lesser Town for those that want a more luxurious place to stay in Prague, with a quieter, small town atmosphere. It has a handful of high-end hotels, including the Mandarin Oriental. It also has a fair share of cheaper boutique hotels and aparthotel options. The area is highly rated for its walking trails, café culture and green areas, but it lacks the atmosphere and nightlife of the Old Town centre. Prague Old Town is easily accessible by walking across Charles Bridge.

Colourful buildings of the Lesser Town area

Top reasons to stay in Prague Lesser Town

  • The quaint, small town feel of the Lesser Town is perfect for those that want a more relaxing place to stay. You’re still only a short walk from all the action of the Old Town.
  • This area has a great selection of 4 and 5-star hotels, apartments and restaurants. It suits luxury travellers.
  • The café and restaurant culture in the Lesser Town is excellent. Eateries feel less touristic and busy compared to Prague city centre.

Reasons you may not want to stay here

  • The Lesser Town has a much quieter atmosphere than the centre of Prague. It lacks a nightlife scene, and you’ll have to walk 15+ minutes to the attractions of the Old Town.
  • Accommodation in the Lesser Town can be more expensive than other areas of Prague.
shows a river bank in the Lesser Town

The best Lesser Town hotels

Mandarin Oriental, Prague (Luxury)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

The Mandarin Oriental is one of Prague’s most luxurious hotels. Designed beautifully inside and out, appearing much like the rest of the quaint Lesser Quarter, the hotel is a great choice for special occasions. It has several outdoor relaxation areas and some excellent on-site restaurants.

Hotel Pod Veží (Moderately priced)

View on |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

Hotel Pod Veží is a 4* boutique hotel with a grand Czech design throughout. It has larger than average rooms, a scenic rooftop terrace, and is highly regarded for its dining options.

Charles Bridge Hostel & Apartments (Budget friendly)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

This is the perfect accommodation option for those that want to enjoy the peace, quiet and beauty of the Lesser Town, but on a budget. Choose from affordable dorm rooms in the hostel or spacious self-catering apartments.

New Town

The New Town is increasingly becoming one of the more popular places to stay in Prague. Located just south of the historic Old Town, the New Town offers more affordable hotels and lots more accommodation options. It’s still within walking distance of most sites, it has some excellent restaurants, and the area provides good value for money. It lacks the charm and liveliness of the Old Town, but it’s only a stone throw away from the action.

Don’t be fooled by its ‘New Town’ name. The area is one of Prague’s oldest districts. It features old, baroque and gothic buildings and churches throughout, but also has its fair share of modern buildings. The New Town mixes old and new and is a great place to stay for those that want a more laid-back atmosphere. It’s great for those on a budget, too! Book a hotel near Wenceslas Square for easy access to Prague’s main shopping district. Alternatively, find a hotel near the riverside for nice views of the Vltava River from your window.

shows the dancing house building in prague - best places to stay in Prague

The New Town is a large area, and we recommend staying to the north of the district, if possible, near Prague Old Town.

Top reasons to stay in Prague New Town

  • The New Town is one of the best value areas to stay in Prague. It has a good selection of hotels and nightly rates are slightly cheaper than other districts.
  • Stay at the north of the New Town and you’ll only be a short walk from the many attractions of Prague Riverside and the Old Town.
  • There’s a good selection of restaurants. Eating out in the New Town feels less touristic and better value compared to the Old Town centre.

Reasons you may not want to stay here

  • The New Town is a large area. Some hotels will be within walking distance of attractions. For others, you’ll need to use public transport. It’s less central than the Old Town.
  • There isn’t a lot going on in the New Town. Most attractions, bars and entertainment centres are in nearby areas.
shows a statue of Franz Kafka in the new town

The best Prague New Town hotels

THE MANES Boutique Hotel Prague (Luxury)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

Dark, elegant and modern. Three words to describe one of Prague’s trendiest boutique hotels. Rooms are finely furnished and spacious, with several large suite options. It’s located on the edge of the New and Old Town, so you get the best of both worlds.

The Icon Hotel & Lounge (Moderately priced)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

The Icon Hotel & Lounge is a stylish hotel with an excellent bar and breakfast area. Rooms are clean, modern and spacious, and whilst basic, they provide good value for money.

Myo Hotel Wenceslas (Budget friendly)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Myo Hotel Wenceslas is an affordable Prague hotel for those that want to be in the heart of the bustling shopping and nightlife district. Rooms and small and basic but are highly rated for being clean and comfortable.

North Prague Riverside

Prague’s north riverside area is just outside of the Old Town. It’s becomingly an increasingly popular area to stay in Prague for those that want a good value for money hotel that isn’t too far away. Walking to the Old Town Square is possible in 30-40 minutes depending on where you’re staying. Alternatively, hop aboard the tram or metro. Hotels such as the Hilton Praha and Pentahotel Prague are great options here.

You may also wish to stay on the north-side of the River Vltava, just across the bridge from Prague’s central district. Home to Letna Park, this quaint, hillside region provides a relaxing base for your time in the city. You have some excellent cafes and walks on your doorstep and are only a few stops on the tram from Prague Old Town. In our latest visit to Prague, we stayed in the north riverside area and highly recommend it, as long as you don’t mind using public transport.

shows Ricky looking out at Prague riverside - best places to stay in Prague

Top reasons to stay near Prague’s north riverside

  • Hotels can be good value for money here. You’ll be able to afford a nicer place to stay for the same budget compared to the Old Town.
  • The atmosphere is less hectic than the Old Town. We also found some excellent facilities. Restaurants are quieter and cheaper, with a local feel, and you’ll find supermarkets such as Lidl.
  • Easy access to Prague Old Town via public transport in less than 10 minutes. You can also walk to the centre, but it’ll take 30+ minutes.

Reasons you may not want to stay here

  • You’ll need to use public transport to reach the main attractions of the city centre.
  • There isn’t a lot going on in this area of the city. You’ll need to travel into the centre for lively bars and entertainment.
shows Prague town in the distance from Letna Park

The best Prague hotels in the north riverside area

Hotel Residence Agnes (Luxury)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 5/5

A small, 4* boutique hotel in the upmarket Jewish Quarter area. Rooms have a classic design and high-end furnishings. It’s also known for having an excellent breakfast.

Pentahotel Prague (Moderately priced)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Pentahotel is a quirky, modern hotel with some great facilities. The large open bar area serves as both a reception and entertainment area, boasting pool tables, games consoles and plenty of chill-out areas. Rooms are basic but well designed.

Mama Shelter Prague (Moderately priced)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

This is a great hotel for those that want to spend plenty of time relaxing after a day of sightseeing. It’s in a quiet area with some excellent parks and cafes. It also features a rooftop terrace, coworking space and regular music events.

Charles Central Hotel (Budget friendly)

View on  |  Tripadvisor rating 4/5

A basic but well-equipped hotel with bright and comfortable rooms. It’s located near several restaurants, cafes and a Lidl supermarket and suits those that want an affordable but high-rated place to stay.

City Centre suburbs

The last area on our list is not one specific place, but many. We’ve covered the main areas to stay around Prague city centre, which is known as ‘Praha 1’. However, the city is split up into 20+ other districts, all built around zone 1. These areas are a lot more residential, with almost zero tourism. We only recommend staying outside zone 1 or 2 if you’re staying in Prague for multiple weeks or months and want a longer-term apartment rental.

As it’s quite affordable to stay in the city centre area, you should focus your hotel search around the areas we listed above, and there isn’t really any need to stay any further out.

Staying within the city centre Praha 1 zone will give you the best experience of Prague and you won’t need to spend a lot of time on public transport.

Nevertheless, if you fancy seeing Prague as a local or have a longer stay planned, have a look at apartments and hotels in the wider Prague area. You’ll often find some great deals! Book a place to stay near a train or tram station and you can reach the city centre with ease.

Our top tips for choosing a place to stay in Prague

Shows Prague Castle at night
  • Choose a central hotel to be within walking distance of the main attractions. Prague is a very compact and walkable city. Staying somewhere central means you won’t really have to use public transport.
  • Prague is quite an affordable city to visit compared to other European cities and your budget can go further here. Take advantage of this by booking a 3-4-star hotel with breakfast over the basic apartment option.
  • Book a hotel near a tram line. The city’s tram network is fast and affordable. It’s a great way to get around if staying slightly outside the city centre.
  • Book a hotel rate that allows you to cancel for free ahead of arrival. That way, if the price drops between booking and arriving, you can cancel and re-book the cheaper rate. We do this all the time and make great savings!
  • Choose a room rate with breakfast included. You’ll save money by only eating out for 2 of your meals instead of 3.
  • Have you visited Prague before? Consider staying in a different area to your first visit. Prague’s districts each have their own unique charm.
  • Use websites such as Secret Escapes to find great deals on your Prague accommodation. We personally saved 30% when booking our hotel on this site.
  • Sign up to hotel website rewards programmes to save money on your hotel rate.’s Genius loyalty programme is a good option.

Thanks for reading our guide on the best places to visit in Prague. We hope we inspired you with plenty of Prague area and hotel options and you can now choose the perfect base for your visit. For first timers, we recommend trying to stay as central as possible. This is especially important if you’re only visiting for 3 days or less. Being able to walk everywhere from your hotel is a great bonus!

Alternatively, book a hotel near a tram station. Prague’s public tram system is a fast and affordable way to get into the city centre if you stay just outside. If you have any questions about any of the places we’ve featured, be sure to post a comment below.



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