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The best holidays for young couples

The best holiday destinations for young couples - Shows a couple relaxing on the beach

If you’re looking for inspiration on the best holidays for young couples, we’re here to inspire… Younger couples usually want a different type of holiday compared to older generations, often favouring more adventure, affordability, a vibrant nightlife and cool things to do. Those are the things we had in mind whilst assembling this ultimate list of the best holiday destinations for young couples.

Use our list as inspiration and travel the world together!

The Greek Islands

The best holidays for young couples - White buildings overlooking the ocean in Mykonos

Greece has over 6000 islands and there are at least 5 that we think make the perfect holiday destination for young couples. It’s no secret that Greece can be a party destination, with nightlife hotspots such as Mykonos, Faliraki in Rhodes and Malia in Crete, but it also offers so much more! The spectacular scenery, guaranteed hot weather between May and October and low-cost prices make it an excellent holiday for young couples. It combines romance with lively activities, gorgeous sunsets and lots to do in the evening.

In our opinion, the best Greek island holidays for young couples are Rhodes, Crete, Kos and Mykonos. Santorini is also excellent but expect to pay higher prices than other islands. Stay in a busy tourist town on any of these islands and you’ll have a wide array of activities within walking distance and romantic restaurants and cocktail bars. Research each destination to see what suits you best!

Cool things to do on the Greek Islands:

  • Rent your own mini motorboat for the day and explore the coastlines at your leisure.
  • Embrace the Greek nightlife! This can range from traditional Greek dancing and casual cocktails to a full-blown bar crawl.
  • Try an adrenaline inducing activity such as an ATV tour of the island, or a variety of water sports.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

Split and the Croatian Islands

Split town at sunset

Every summer, thousands of young friends, couples and singles set off for the Croatian islands as part of Yacht Week. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to visit this gorgeous country and it has always had an appeal for younger generations. An exciting nightlife, care-free atmosphere, sunny skies and affordable prices are just a small number of the things that make Split and the island of Hvar so popular.

As a couple, you can experience the upbeat vibe of Yacht Week at your own pace. Stay in a nice apartment with a view, rent your own boat for a romantic adventure and catch a glimpse of the amazing scenery in Croatia. Waterfalls, historic towns, adventure activities…it has it all! When you’re not relaxing or exploring, swing by one of the country’s iconic music festivals or plan a night out to your tastes. There’s something going on every night of the week in the summer! Split is a top choice holiday for young couples that are into their music and nightlife.

Have a browse at our top travel tips for visiting Split before you jet off.

Cool things to do in Split and Hvar:

  • Take a day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site waterfalls of Krka or Plitvice for breath taking scenery and a swim under the falls.
  • Rent your own mini motorboat for a day out at sea in each other’s company.
  • Plan your trip around a Croatian music festival or book a beach party for the day. The country attracts world-famous DJ’s.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

Paphos, Cyprus

The best holidays for young couples - Susie overlooking a shipwreck in Paphos

When you think of great holidays for young people, Ayia Napa is usually the resort of choice in Cyprus. We much prefer Paphos! Paphos is a more sophisticated version of the bustling Ayia Napa and has a much cooler nightlife (in our opinion). Stay in a luxury hotel for low prices and go out and explore by day.

Top activities include boat trips, ancient ruins, scenic countryside towns and waterfalls. Of course, you also have an amazing waterpark, zoo and sandy beaches to relax on. Life in Cyprus is bliss and you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained if you stay in Paphos town or near the beach. Check out our Paphos travel guide for more information. Paphos is a great holiday for young couples that want a good combination of relaxation and adventure.

Cool things to do in Paphos:

  • Board a luxury yacht for the day and explore the coast. An open bar and Blue Lagoon swim is part of the experience.
  • Rent an ATV and head off-road to the tranquil Aphrodite Baths waterfall. They’re cheap to rent and fun to drive!
  • Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Paphos’ many cocktail bars, restaurants and beachside entertainment venues.

We personally recommend the Leonardo Cypria Maris Hotel for young couples that want a lively but sophisticated atmosphere.

Ölüdeniz, Turkey

The best holidays for young couples - Relaxing beach in Oludeniz, Turkey

Turkey is one of the most affordable holidays for young couples. Your money will stretch further here, and you can enjoy some amazing hotels and Airbnb’s at a fraction of the cost of those elsewhere in Europe. It’s also super cheap to eat and drink – perfect for couples that like to indulge on holiday!

Drop the all-inclusive resorts of resorts such as Bodrum and Antalya in favour of a more adventurous Turkey trip. We highly recommend the coastal region of Ölüdeniz and Fethiye. Fly into Dalaman and then travel 40-minutes down the coast to this beautiful region of the country. It’s known as the most picturesque beach location in Turkey and we completely agree! Spend your days relaxing with a view, enjoying the young and trendy bar and restaurant scene or heading out to sea for a boat trip. Sail boats are the best way to see Ölüdeniz and the surrounding area.

Cool things to do in Ölüdeniz:

  • Go paragliding over the cliffs and coastline for the best view of the bay. It’s an ‘out of this world’ experience! People come from all over the world for this activity alone.
  • Go on as many boat tours as you can! From party boats to luxury cruises – there’s something for all tastes.
  • Soak in the local nightlife scene, which is a young crowd of locals and tourists. Drinks are cheap and bars have a quirky beach vibe.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

Ibiza, Spain

Busy nightclub in Ibiza

Ibiza is the king of nightlife worldwide and not many places can rival the beach clubs, super clubs and cocktail lounges on offer. What many people don’t know, is how beautiful Ibiza is away from the nightlife scene. It has some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean, local towns full of culture and beautiful scenery on every corner.

The island attracts a young crowd of party-seeking singles but is also an excellent holiday destination for young couples. Stay in a nice hotel or villa and rent a car to explore the island. You then have plenty of options for going out on an evening, from sunset restaurants with a view and cocktail lounges to wild nights out. It particularly suits couples that love their music, with plenty of chances to catch your favourite DJ or pop star. Equally, it suits those that prefer to explore during the day and have a casual night in.

See our 10 top things to do in Ibiza when you’re not partying for more inspiration.

Cool things to do in Ibiza:

  • Go Horse Riding with your partner for a romantic day out. You’ll cross beaches, wilderness paths and trek through the greener areas of the island.
  • Check out the nightlife of the White Isle and see world renowned DJ’s perform all summer long.
  • Team up with other couples and book your very own private villa with swimming pool. It can be surprisingly affordable yet luxurious for groups.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

Lisbon, Portugal

The best holiday destinations for young couples - Tram in Lisbon

Out of all the city break options in Europe, Lisbon has an allure that makes it slightly trendier and more alive than other capitals. Although it’s a large city, it feels a lot more relaxed than the likes of Madrid, Rome and Paris, with most attractions reachable on foot. It has a year-long events calendar of fun festivals and has plenty to see and do. Its nightlife, cool restaurants and cafes alone make it great for young couples!

Go on a food tour to sample some Portuguese delights, catch the train to the nearby beaches or build an itinerary of sightseeing. evening, you’ll find locals and tourists drinking and having fun on the streets of Bairro Alto. Rooftop cocktail bars, live local music and a buzzing atmosphere make it the perfect summer holiday destination. Another bonus? It’s cheaper than many other European city breaks. View our 3-day Lisbon itinerary here.

Cool things to do in Lisbon:

  • Discover the city using the outdoor tram system. It’s old but efficient and you’ll experience Lisbon like a local.
  • Venture outside of town on a day-trip. Surfing in the town of Nazare, castle hunting in Sintra and relaxing on the beaches of Cascais are all great options.
  • Stay in the trendy neighbourhood of Bairro Alto for an upbeat art, nightlife and restaurant scene.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

Palawan, The Philippines

Palawan Island limestone cliffs

Looking for holidays for young couples that like an adventure? Let us introduce the island of Palawan in The Philippines. After visiting Palawan in 2020, we were truly mesmerised by the beauty of the island. Other parts of South East Asia can be just as beautiful, but they’re far more touristic. Palawan offers captivating island scenery that feels less explored and more natural.

Jet off to Manila and onward to Palawan for a multi-stop trip of relaxation, boat trip adventures, trekking and sleeping on your own dessert island. Combine that with reggae beats on the beach and a trendy island nightlife scene. It’s the perfect mix for couples that like adventure and relaxation in one trip! We recommend visiting the small town of Port Barton for a romantic and relaxing getaway. You should then travel onward to El Nido for vibrant nightlife and some amazing boat tours amongst the limestone cliffs.

Check out our Palawan travel guide here for the lo-down on the best places to stay.

Cool things to do in Palawan:

  • Zipline between islands on the El Nido adventure zipline.
  • Camp overnight on a secluded dessert island. It’s incredibly romantic and options are available for all budgets.
  • Settle into beach life in the town of El Nido to experience cool bars and restaurants, and lots of beach hopping boat tours.

Check out our Palawan travel guides here for more inspiration and information.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

Bali, Indonesia

The best holidays for young couples - View of Nusa Penida island

The Instagrammer’s paradise of Bali makes our list of holidays for young couples for several reasons. First and foremost, the island and nearby area is an exotic miracle of nature. There’s a reason why so many people flock here every year! Scenic views of temples surrounded by rich jungle and stunning beaches are on every corner. Sure, it’s busy; but visit attractions early and travel out of season and you’ll notice far fewer crowds.

What makes it excellent for couples is the number of romantic activities on offer. Have a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach or a rice terrace, stay is some amazing ‘honeymoon-style’ accommodation for low prices and get lost in the jungle on a moped road trip. You’ll find waterfalls, caves and some amazing wildlife. Don’t be put off by the popularity of Bali – it’s a holiday hotspot for young couples for good reason!

Cool things to do in Bali:

  • Our favourite spot is Nusa Penida island, which is just off the coast from the Bali mainland. Book a hilltop bungalow and snuggle up to amazing views.
  • Join an adventure day trip that includes waterfall climbing, cliff jumping, white water rafting and trekking.
  • Head to the beaches of Canguu for chilled surfer vibes and sunset cocktail happy hour.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Shows a diver in a Mexican Cenote

For young couples that love exotic holiday destinations with plenty to do, not many places come close to Mexico’s Riviera Maya coastline. Made up of well-known resorts such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, the location is a paradise for beach lovers and adventure seekers. Stay in a 4 or 5-star all-inclusive hotel with much more affordable prices compared to Europe and North America. Alternatively, book your own apartment for an even bigger saving!

From scuba diving to Cenote swimming, sea-life spotting to ancient Mayan ruins, you won’t be short for things to do. We personally recommend Cancun for young couples that want a lively party atmosphere, Playa Del Carmen for a more relaxed vibe and Tulum for something in between. You may even wish to stay in two or three destinations! Research Riviera Maya for yourself to see how action packed your holiday will be…

Cool things to do in Riviera Maya:

  • Have a high-energy day out at Xicaret adventure park. It features ziplines, ATV rides, snorkelling and many more adventure activities.
  • Attend a day beach-club and let your hair down until the sun goes down. You’ll find beach clubs for all vibes, from lively to chilled.
  • Take a day trip to the island of Isla Mujeres for beautiful scenery and local culture.

Our recommended resorts and hotels:

The US west coast

The best holidays for young couples - Shows colourful homes in San Francisco

When it comes to amazing holidays for young couples, this option is probably already in your mind. The US west coast is no stranger to good times and has an insane number cool places to visit! We recommend flying out to California and renting a car for a multi-stop road trip. Discover the surf paradise beaches of Cali, head to LA for a tour of Hollywood and then drive into the wilderness.

You can combine your trip to the Los Angeles area with the scenic beaches and hip culture of San Francisco, the natural beauty of Washington State to the north or the party capital of Las Vegas. A US west-coast road trip can be a little pricier than other options on our list but it’ll leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Plan your entire route carefully to ensure you see everything you want to!

Cool things to do on the US West Coast:

  • Venture out of the cities for romantic experiences in nature. Sunset picnics on the beach are a must!
  • Visit Disneyland Anaheim to relight your love for everything Disney. There are plenty of activities for adults and couples.
  • Book an awesome hotel in Las Vegas for a few nights and get a taste of the high-roller life.

That concludes our list of the best holiday destinations for young couples. All of these destinations have an excellent nightlife scene, buzzing atmosphere of young travellers and some amazing activities to enjoy with your other partner. They’re also quite affordable for the most part and accommodation is available for all budgets. Go all-out on a nice hotel or stay somewhere small but cosy and save your money for activities.

Looking for more couple’s travel inspiration? Check out our top tips for travelling with your partner here.

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