The best group holiday destinations around the world

When it comes to group holiday destinations, certain countries, cities and experiences stand out above others as being great for groups. Planning a trip with a group of girl or guy friends, or maybe even a large family can sometimes be tough. You usually have to cater the budget so that everyone can afford it and make sure it has activities you’ll all enjoy. We’ve assembled some of the best group holiday destinations on the globe!

Each location has been hand selected by us for affordability, good group accommodation options and lots to see and do. Plan the ultimate group holiday and take charge of organisation. 😊 We’ve also included some top tips for planning your group holiday. Check them all out below.

Bali, Indonesia

Best group holiday destinations - Depicts a private villa with a pool in Bali

Bali is a destination for everyone. Couples of all ages, travellers on a budget, families that want luxury and adventurers will all have a great time here. It’s particularly excellent for groups as it has so much to offer and the accommodation is perfectly suited. Stay in a large private villa with your own swimming pool for very affordable prices. You’ll live a life of luxury at prices that everyone can afford and you have a large variety of attractions nearby. Head out on an adventure to the temples, rice fields and hikes, or choose to relax on the beach. Being a fairly compact island, it’s easy to get around too. You’ll find accessible flights from most major airports around the world and can tick this popular destination off your bucket list. It’s a group holiday idea that suits all ages and interests. We recommend choosing two or three areas of Ubud and planning a multi-destination group holiday.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Assemble your entire squad for some energetic white-water rafting in Ubud.
  • Go on a guided bike tour through the rice fields of inland Ubud and the north-east.
  • Learn to surf. Classes are available to suit all levels of surfing skill and those that don’t fancy it can chill-out on the beach.

Ski Resorts

Chalets on a snowy mountain in a ski resort

Ski resorts are a contender for the best group holiday destinations for anyone! They suit large families, groups of couples and friends that want something exciting to do. Stay your own chalet and cook meals together every day. Head out to the slopes whilst it’s light and then descend to the bottom of the mountains for cosy chill-time by the fire. If you choose a large resort such as Val d’Isere in France or St Anton in Austria, the nightlife is very good too! Head out to experience Après at the bars or go for a nice group meal. Most ski resorts have slopes and activities for all levels of skiing and snowboarding experience so everyone can have fun without feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re travelling with grandparents or friends that don’t fancy skiing, relaxing in the chalet by the fire or checking out the resort activities will keep them entertained whilst everyone else is on the slopes. Ski resorts can be a little expensive, especially if you opt for Switzerland. If you’re a group on a budget, check out Jasná Nízke Tatry in Slovakia.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • A private group skiing lesson will have you in stitches of laughter as you watch each other struggle to stay upright.
  • Cook a big group dinner in your chalet on an evening and talk about your day on the slopes.
  • Choose a fancy dress theme and get everyone in the group dressed up for a night in the bars. If you choose a busy resort, the ‘Après’ atmosphere is electric!

Lisbon, Portugal

Group holiday destinations - Shows a tram on the streets of Lisbon

Out of all the cities we could have chosen for the best group holiday destinations, we included Lisbon on our list as it has a wide appeal to all interests. If you fancy breaking off from the group to do your own thing one day, there’s plenty of activities you will all enjoy. It’s a city that affordable, easy to get around and has a laid-back atmosphere. You won’t feel as rushed as you would in other European metropolises such as Paris and Barcelona. Get social in the trendy neighbourhood of Bairro Alto, where everyone drinks outdoors and makes new friends. You can also board a tram for a unique tour of the city or take a day-trip on the train to some spectacular beaches and cities. The fairy-tale-esque town of Sintra is a must-see!

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Take a cruise down the river Tagus for a picturesque view of either sides of the river.
  • Rent electric bikes for the group and explore the city centre sights. Lisbon is very safe for cyclists and you’ll find bike paths everywhere.
  • Book a private walking tour just for your group. A guide is essential for uncovering the beauty and history of the city centre districts and it’s best explored on foot.
  • Sunset cocktails in a rooftop bar

Ibiza, Spain

Beautiful beach in Ibiza

Ibiza may strike you as one of the party capitals of the world, however it’s so much more than that! The White Isle is famous for its nightlife, but some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean can also be found here. It has charming Spanish towns and markets spread across the island, breath-taking sunsets, and a holiday-vibe that’s hard to beat. We recommend renting a large villa for the group. Use it as a base to explore or simply chill alongside your own swimming pool and cook up some delicious Spanish cuisine. Ibiza is lively, picturesque and you’ll find bars and restaurants to socialise very easily. You could spend a week here relaxing and sightseeing without any nightlife, but if you do want a lively evening, you couldn’t be in a better place! It’s a group holiday idea that everyone will love.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Book a music event that you’ll all enjoy. International artists from all genres play on the island and it’s not just on an evening. A day-time beach or pool party is just as fun!
  • Go on a group horse riding tour through the Ibiza countryside. We recommend Ibiza Horse Valley.
  • Hire a small boat and explore the coastline with a picnic, stopping off at beaches and snorkelling spots. You don’t need a licence to hire small vessels.


Colourful houses in Morocco

One of the trendiest group holiday destinations for friends or couples that want great culture and food, is Morocco. Its colourful cities and landscapes are a melting pot of culture and its unlike many other destinations. It has guaranteed hot weather year-round for those that want to relax by the swimming pool and plenty of eye-opening activities on your doorstep. Stay overnight in a Bedouin tent in the dessert, roam the busy medina of Marrakech or travel to Essaouira or Agadir for beautiful coastal scenery. Morocco is a very cheap place to visit, it has a unique atmosphere compared to the usual summer-sun destinations and the food is to die for!

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Join a cooking class deep in the medina of a Moroccan city and get some tips for your kitchen back home. You’ll definitely want to bring back some spices!
  • Venture out into the dessert for an evening camped out under the stars in a Bedouin tent.
  • Stay in a Riad with a pool or a luxury hotel. Accommodation is very affordable and you’ll want some chill time away from the sometimes-chaotic towns and cities.

Palawan, Philippines

Shows a beach in Palawan - Philippines

Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia have long been South-East Asia must-see destinations, but now it’s the Philippines’ time to shine. The main reason to visit this beautiful country is the spectacular island scenery. Tropical waterfalls, turquoise lagoons, sleepy beach towns and stunning cliffsides make up the islands of Palawan and it’s far less crowded than other areas of Asia. Assemble the squad for a beach holiday they won’t forget! It’s an affordable group holiday destination that has retained its local culture and the scenery blows everything else out of the water. As there’s a lot of places to see in the Philippines, we recommend starting with Palawan. It has an off-the-beaten-track allure but still has a rapidly growing tourist industry. It’s also unbelievably beautiful…

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Join an island-hopping tour and uncover the beauty of Port Barton. This less-touristic corner of the island has idyllic white-sand beaches, giant sea turtles and tropical forests.
  • Go snorkelling in your own private boat on the island of Coron. It’s very cheap for groups and the lagoons you’ll see are mesmerising.
  • Visit Nacpan Beach in El Nido for one of the best beaches you’ve ever seen. It has some excellent bars, restaurants and places to stay too!


Dubrovnik Croatia - Best group holiday destinations

If you’ve read some of our other posts, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Croatia. This beautiful country is packed full of beautiful nature parks and water falls. On the Croatian seaside you have picture perfect cities such as Split or Dubrvonik and you can hop on a boat for only 40-minutes to some gorgeous islands from either location. A group holiday in Croatia is all about soaking in the sun, renting a small boat and touring the islands or getting lost in the archaic alleyways of a Croatian town. Nightlife is excellent, activities are varied and the summer vibes are exactly what you’d want for a holiday with friends and family. We recommend visiting between May and July and planning a multi-destination adventure.

To take your Croatia group holiday to the next level, why not join Yacht Week? Rent your own yacht with a skipper and take to the seas for an island-hopping adventure. Find out more here.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Rent a small boat (you don’t need a licence) and tour the coastline. Boat hire is available in most coastal towns and resorts.
  • Visit a historic city such as Dubrovnik, Split or Mostar (day-trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina) and organise a private walking tour of the sights.
  • Go wine tasting in the Croatian countryside. Croatian wines are award winning and the experience is great for groups!

Mykonos, Greece

Best group holiday destinations - Beach and white buildings of Mykonos

Escape with a group or girl or guys friends to the Greek islands for a holiday in the sun! For groups, we recommend Mykonos. This sophisticated island paradise is often known as a luxury destination, with white-washed bungalows that have their own infinity pools and top-class Greek restaurants. It may be a little expensive than other islands but rest assured that there are plenty of affordable accommodation options and you can rent a large apartment or villa for your group. Mykonos life is all about relaxing on the nice beaches or a little bit of sightseeing during the day. It then comes alive on an evening with an unrivalled Greek nightlife. It has a much classier vibe than the drunken bars strips of Faliraki, Malia and similar resorts on other islands.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Sign everyone up to a scuba diving or snorkelling course. The sea life around the island is amazing!
  • Rent a car and explore all four corners of Mykonos, stopping at secluded beaches and viewpoints along the way.
  • Plan a big group night out, starting with sunset cocktails and dinner in a nice restaurant with a view.

Lagos, Portugal

Best group holiday destinations - Rock formations of Lagos

The Algarve on the Portugal’s south coast is home to numerous holiday resorts, golf courses and attractions, however it can be pretty touristic! Escape the popular holiday spots and venture south-west to Lagos. This beautiful cove has some of the best beaches in Portugal, cool rock formations and a trendy surf scene. Substitute loud karaoke bars for classic cocktails and spend your days exploring natural landscapes. The lighthouse of Sagres, Sudoeste Alentejano and Costa Vicentina National Park and some excellent boat trips make Lagos one of the best group holiday destinations in the Algarve. It’s also very cheap, making it a budget friendly destination for groups. We recommend renting a car to doing a little adventuring when you’re not chilling on the beach.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Take a boat trip around the coastline to see the hidden coves, intricate rock formations and friendly dolpins.
  • Rent a car and tour the west coast, from Sagres Lighthouse to Sudoeste Alentejano and Costa Vicentina National Park. This adventurous day out will be your trip highlight.
  • Challenge each other with some surfing. Lagos beach life is all about catching the waves.


An Icelandic church amongst snowy landscape in Iceland

Iceland remains one of our favourite countries. A visit during winter is unlike anything you’ll ever experience, with its vast snowy landscapes, ice dipped waterfalls and glistening hot springs. For a group of friends or a family that loves a good adventure and some adrenaline-inducing activities, you’d struggle to find a better group holiday destination. If snow-mobile tours, volcano rappelling, glacier climbing, ice caves and scuba diving between continents doesn’t entice you, nothing will! If you want some nightlife to accompany your day-time excursions, stay in Reykjavik and tour the close-knit and cosy bars on an evening. We recommend renting a car and exploring as a group for the best experience!

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Take the whole group whale watching on a day-trip from Reykjavik. It’s fun for any ages and interests!
  • Rent snowmobiles and jet across the snowy plains with a tour guide. Its adrenaline inducing and you get to see the beautiful landscapes of Iceland.
  • Rent a car and plan out a road trip of the south coast. Waterfalls, caves and black-sand beaches make it one of the best Iceland itineraries.

Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt – Germany

Shows a marching band at Oktoberfest in Germany

If you’re a fan of beer, Germany has some of the best in the world, seriously! Its traditional beer taverns are packed out during Oktoberfest, but are great places to visit year-round. Take a group of friends on a city break to Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt or another big city and you’ll be spoilt for choice at things to do. There’s something about German cities that makes them excellent group holiday destinations. Aside from the obvious drinking scene and nightlife, it has a rich history, plenty of sightseeing opportunities and unique experiences. Have a bath in a tub of beer, visit a classic car museum or try the hearty German cuisine. Bundesliga football matches, music festivals and sports activities are also high in demand for groups that want something a little different.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Organise a private group tour of the main city sights. It’s the best way to uncover the culture and key attractions in a short amount of time.
  • Research quirky group activities for the city you’re visiting. Sure, you have go karting and bar crawls, but beer bikes, doughnut boats and action-roleplay activities all create a unique experience.
  • Visit Germany for a festival and take to the streets in traditional Lederhosen outfits.

Budapest, Hungary

Best places for a group holiday - Shows Budapest castle

For a low-cost European city break with friends, not many destinations are as well suited as Budapest. Its grunge-style façade is combined with ancient castles, bridges and other architecture to bring you a city that’s both great to look at, but also has some cool attractions. Take your squad on an E-bike tour around the city to see the sights and then descend to the famous ‘Ruin’ bars on an evening. With beer costing less than a Euro, you’ll soon get lost in the labyrinth of bars and clubs. With great nightlife, cheap prices and some must-see attractions, you’ll have an action-packed weekend away!

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Take the group to Szechenyi Thermal Baths for a soak in the relaxing pools and saunas. They’re great year-round and even host a pool party on Saturday evenings.
  • Take a group e-bike tour around Budapest, crossing bridges and riding up to the castle.
  • Indulge in one of the classic group adventure activities. Go karting, beer bikes, shooting ranges and Zorb football are all popular.

South Florida

Shows South Beach in Miami - Best group holiday destinations

If you’re a group of friends that want a group holiday idea with sun, adventure, relaxation and nightlife, South Florida is the way to go. It may not be the first destination you think of, but we’re here to convince you why it’s perfect! You have the vibrant city of Miami for some cool beach vibes, great Latin-inspired food and some of the best nightlife in the world. Travelling west, you then have the Everglades National Park, where you can kayak, ride a hovercraft for some alligator spotting and plenty more adventure activities.

Further west again you’ll arrive at Key West. This small collection of connected islands gives you a taste of some of the best beaches in Florida, excellent water sports, and lively bars and clubs on an evening. We recommend renting a car and planning a South Florida road trip! If you’re on a group holiday with family, Central Florida and the theme parks of Orlando may be better suited.

Top group activities we recommend:

  • Soak in classic Miami vibes at South Beach. Cuban cocktails, sun kissed beaches and a lively mix of cultures all add to its edgy charm.
  • Rent a big mini-van or multiple cars for the group and tour the South Florida roads in style. Camaro anyone?
  • Take part in a group adventure activity in the Everglades National Park.

Our top tips for booking a group holiday

  • Keep everyone in the loop at every stage of booking. You want to confirm that everyone’s happy with costs, accommodation, destinations and dates. There’s a lot to think about.
  • Have one of the group take charge in organising everything. That person can suggest options for everyone and you can decide together.
  • Consider booking a large apartment, villa or house on AirBnb or These sites have some excellent accommodation options for groups and it’s almost always more cost effective than booking multiple hotel rooms.
  • Plan and book group activities and excursions in advance of arrival. Having a few key attractions or day-trips planned means that you can spend the rest of your holiday relaxing and not worrying about organisation.
  • Ask for money upfront from your friends and family before booking anything and confirm all costs in advance. It’s much fairer and reduces chance of disputes.
  • Consider using a group holiday booking service such as They make paying for the trip easy and even act as an in-destination concierge.
  • Although it’s a group holiday, it’s perfectly fine for you to do your own thing from time to time and we encourage it. Everyone has different interests and an idea of how a holiday should be!

Now we’ve inspired you with ideas for the best group holiday destinations and tips on booking, all that’s left to do now is plan. Your own trip. Group holidays take a little more organisation than the usual trip but spending time with your family and friends abroad is what makes the best memories!


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