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The best Greek islands for older couples

shows Elafonisi beach in Crete Greece

If you’re looking for some of the best Greek islands for older couples, you’ve come to the right place! With over 200 different islands to choose from, each offering something unique, it can be quite overwhelming trying to find the perfect destination for your trip to Greece. Some islands are known for their vibrant nightlife, others are big on their history and sightseeing opportunities. As an older couple, you’ll probably want a taste of traditional Greece, with plenty of culture, historic sites and beautiful scenery. Of course, relaxation and accessibility is important too!

We’ve hand selected Greek islands that take into account all of the above and have a specific appeal to older couples. Everyone’s tastes and interests are different, but we’re confident you’ll find an island that’s perfect for you.


The best Greek islands for older couples - Shows a row of colourful boats

As the largest Greek island, Crete really has something for all interests. It boasts some of the richest history in all of Greece, features a stunning coastline of beaches, and has no shortage of unique attractions and tourist resorts. Being such a diverse island, it manages to cater to all types of tourists. From a young crowd that want a lively nightlife, to families, and couples of any age, Crete is very unlikely to disappoint.

For older couples, we recommend staying in the eastern towns of Elounda or Agios Nikolaus. The laid-back atmosphere of this coastal region is a welcome escape from the busy feel of towns on Crete’s more populated north coast. Most, if not all hotels have a spectacular view of Mirabello Bay.

The areas themselves have picturesque marinas with some excellent boat excursions, small towns where you can eat, drink and shop. They also long promenades for an early evening walk and are well located for visiting the historic island of Spinalonga. Furthermore, you’re not far away from other key Crete attractions. In less than a 1-hour drive you can visit the beautiful countryside of the Lasithi Plateau, the ancient city of Knossos, or the colourful seaside town of Sissi.

The best areas to stay for older couples: Elounda or Agios Nikolaus

Hotel recommendations:
LUXURY: Elounda Mare Relais & Châteaux Hotel
MODERATE: Candia Park Village


A view of the beach and acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes - best Greek islands for older couples

Rhodes is famous for its medieval port, Rhodes Town, which is a key stop-off point on many Greece cruise itineraries. It has a good mix of Greek history mixed with traditional Greek culture, plus plenty of relaxation opportunities. In our opinion, this makes it one of the best Greek islands for older couples!

A stay in the picturesque town of Lindos, to the south east of Rhodes, is the ideal place to base for older couples that want to experience the most beautiful area of the island. Quaint Greek taverna’s, white-washed narrow alleyways and a stunning beach make it a postcard-perfect representation of what you imagine Greece to be. It’s only a 1-hour bus ride to Rhodes Town for a culture rich excursion. There’s also plenty to see and do in the Lindos area itself.

Choose to stay in Lindos town for a more upbeat atmosphere and opportunity for scenic walks. Alternatively, choose a resort just outside of town for a more relaxing experience. This area of Rhodes is ideal for older couples that want plenty to see and do, without the busy and noisy atmosphere of other resort areas.

The best area to stay for older couples: Lindos

Hotel recommendations:
LUXURY: Lindos Mare Hotel
MODERATE: Chrysanthi Studios


The best Greek islands for older couples - Row of white houses in Corfu

Corfu is an Ionian island that’s known for its rugged mountains and star-studded coastline of beaches. It’s the best Greek island for older couples that want a traditional relaxing beach holiday, with plenty of long walks by the beach and scenic seaside views. The north of the island has a wide array of fishing villages, turquoise bays and seaside towns. Meanwhile, the south of Corfu is a lot quieter, with remote beaches and sleepy taverna-filled towns.

For older couples, we recommend a stay in Roda or Agios Gordios. Roda sits to the north of the island, in a great location for exploring the top beaches, towns and mountain scenery. It’s situated away from the busier tourist resort of Sidari, offering a much quieter experience of this popular area of Corfu.

Agios Gordios has a more remote location, perched on a hilltop on Corfu’s west coast, with beautiful views of the ocean from many of its hotels. Life here is quieter and an example of a more traditional Greek beach holiday. It’s less well located for sightseeing, suiting those that want a peaceful holiday with great food, wine and Greek culture.

The best areas to stay for older couples: Agios Gordios, Roda

Hotel recommendations:
MODERATE: Sea Breeze Hotel & Apartments, Agios Gordios
MODERATE: Coral hotel, Roda


A scenic cove in Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia is quite possibly the best Greek island for older couples, in our opinion. It has long been a go-to island for Greek holidays, but it has still managed to retain its tradition of the past, seeing little change over the past decade. It lacks the popularity of islands such as Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, but we struggle to see why!

Kefalonia has some of the best beaches in all of Greece; Myrtos, Antisamos and Petani. They attract far less crowds than other Greek island sun spots, creating a much more enjoyable atmosphere for relaxation. Kefalonia is also home to a stunning national park, old monasteries, quiet fishing villages, caves and ancient ruins. There’s plenty to keep you entertained in a one-or-two-week trip.

We recommend staying in the southern village of Katelios. As a key fishing vihub on the island, it boasts some of the best seafood and Greek tavernas on offer. It has remained a peaceful village amidst the tourism boom and is well located for sightseeing.

The best area to stay for older couples: Katelios

Hotel recommendations:
LUXURY: Magnolia Resort
MODERATELY PRICES: Pacifae Golden Village Hotel


The best Greek islands for older couples - A small Lesbos town at sunset

Lesbos, also known as Lesvos, is Greece’s third largest island. It’s an island with vast greenery, olive trees and lush mountain terrain to the east, with contrasting dessert-like plains to the west. It has a beautiful array of local towns, some of which are thriving working villages and home to Lesbos’ farmers. Others, such as Molyvos, are sleepy little beach towns with a welcoming atmosphere and beautiful façade.

As a key agricultural island, one of the top things to do here is sample the locally produced olive oil and wines. Learn how these popular products are made and enjoy a thrilling tour outside in nature. Other places to see include ancient ruins, the scenic beaches of the north-coast and plenty of traditional Greek towns. Lesbos has some of the prettiest towns in the whole of Greece!

There isn’t a huge amount to see and do in Lesbos, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s a great island getaway for a week or so, fully embracing island life. Spend your time enjoying the rich culture, exploring a local town or discovering the beauty of the nature-paradise of east Lesbos.

The best areas to stay for older couples: Molyvos or Petra

Hotel recommendations:
MODERATE: Aphrodite Hotel, Molyvos
MODERATE: Alma Hotel, Petra


The best Greek holidays for older couples - Overhead view of the green Thasos coastline

For those that fancy an off-the-beaten-track Greek island experience, Thasos is calling your name. This slightly secluded island is in northern Greece, far away from many of the popular islands and just off the mainland. It’s one of the greenest of all of the Greek islands, feeling much like an extension of northern Greece rather than an island. Nevertheless, it still has some beautiful beaches.

Life in Thasos is quiet and inexpensive, providing a very local Greece holiday experience for those that want to be out in nature. Lush mountain scenery is coupled with soft sandy beaches to create a destination where you won’t want to be indoors! Top things to see include archaeological sites, traditional markets, monasteries and lagoons. Then there’s ‘Paradise Beach’, an idyllic beach location with very few tourists in site.

Thasos is one of the best Greek islands for older couples that want something a little different to the usual hotspots. It’s harder to get there compared to other islands but the journey is well worth it! Stay in Patmos Town for a good selection of cafes, restaurants, shops and hotels. You’re in a prime location for exploring the entire island.

The best area to stay for older couples: Thassos Town

Hotel recommendations:
LUXURY: A for Art design hotel
MODERATE: Hotel Pegasus


Ancient city with terracotta houses in Patmos

The perfect Greek island for older couples that want a taste of old Greece; which hasn’t really seen the tourist boom, Patmos is a great option to consider. Part of the Dodecanese archipelago, this eastern Mediterranean island is closer to Turkey than many of the other Greek islands. It’s a quiet paradise that feels less built up, less commercialised and has fewer tourists than other tourist islands.

It boasts a rich history and has seen occupation that includes everyone from the Romans, to crusading medieval knights and the Ottoman Empire. You’ll see remnants of many of these empires throughout the island. Top things to see include the monastery of St John, the pretty town of Skala, a handful of ancient monuments, and like all Greek islands, you have a good share of beaches to choose from. Patmos’ mix of history and relaxation appeal makes it a great destination for older couples.

We highly recommend staying in the central town of Skala. It has white-washed buildings to rival Santorini and is a breath-takingly beautiful place to wander around on a morning. It’s also well located for exploring the north and south of Patmos.

The best area to stay for older couples: Skala

Hotel recommendations:
LUXURY: Petra Hotel & Suites
MODERATE: Skala Hotel


The best Greek islands for older couples - Shows a famous bay in Milos

Milos is a small but well connected Cyclade Island in the Aegean Sea. As a rising star for tourists searching for less crowded islands than Santorini and Mykonos. It boast the great coastal scenery of the latter, but without the sky-high prices! As a volcanic island, it’s surrounded by unique coastline and rock formations, including a huge caldera, which has formed from a collapsed volcano.

Milos’ allure is all about its coastal beauty, beaches and cliffsides, but it has some gorgeous white-washed towns too. Colourful cafes on promenades, cobbled streets and plenty of excellent Greek taverna’s all set the scene for its sleepy beach towns. Milos feels touristic, but in a good way. Visit outside of the summer months, and you won’t see many tourists at all!

This is one of the best Greek islands for older couples that want to sample a visually stunning Greek island and don’t fancy doing much, other than exploring the coastline, relaxing on a beach, or going on a boat tour. Boat trips are certainly the best way to see Milos!

Adamas is the most popular place to stay in Milos and has something to suit all tastes. It’s well located for sightseeing or onward island transport, and has plenty of hotel options.

The best area to stay for older couples: Adamas

Hotel recommendations:
LUXURY: Santa Maria Village Resort & Spa
MODERATE: Hotel Rigas

That concludes our list of the best Greek islands for older couples. We hope you were inspired by one of the destinations on our list and got a taste of the thrilling things to do on each island. Do you like the sound of a specific destination? We encourage you to research the island fully, planning out how to get there, the best things to do and where to stay. You can fly directly to some islands depending on your location. Other islands might require a flight and then an onward ferry ride.

If you have any questions about any of the destinations we’ve featured, be sure to post a comment below. 😊



Author bio:

An adventurer at heart that loves anything outdoors. Beaches, mountains and amazing scenery is everything I love about travel! I also enjoy home comforts and need a nice place to relax and re-charge after every trip.

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My wife and I are trying to find the right island to fit us. We like the museums of history and old historic towns we want some nightlife and great places to eat. We want to snorkel find a place to possibly help us tank dive. we want to be able to rent a motorcycle or Vespa scooter to get around. please give us your island recommendation thank you for your time Rick & Leah

Hi Rick. Crete sounds like it has everything you desire on a Greek island. It has the richest history and museums of all islands, with some excellent snorkeling and diving spots of the northern coast. It also has some amazing towns and restaurants to explore. The only downside is the islands large size. To see as much as possible, we recommend renting a motorbike or scooter and driving around Crete, staying 4-5 nights in each place. Chania is an excellent place to stay in the west, whilst the Heraklion area or Rethymno are ideal for exploring the centre of the island and its many historic attractions.

Hello, thank you for writing such an amazing description of the recommended islands for active 50 year olds. We’ve booked our flights in and out of Athena for a two week stay. Do you have a recommendation on who I should contract for transportation help going from island to island. We are hoping to see 4-5 islands On our 15 day adventure. Absolutely considering a couple you mentioned above.
Thank you for your help.

Would you have recommendations for Greek island for 80 year olds reasonably mobile for mid September

Hi Len, thanks for your comment. Greece is an incredible country to visit, and having been to a few islands ourselves, we can certainly help with a few recommendations. It entirely depends on the type of holiday you’re looking for: are you looking to relax and stay in a nice hotel? Do a few tours/ day trips? We absolutely loved the island of Crete. It’s such a vast island, offering something for everyone. Chania more specifically is a great place to stay, and the harbour area is a great place to wander during the day and evening. It has lots of restaurants and cafés with a fantastic ambiance. Try to visit during off peak times, avoiding the peak summer months of July and August as it’s extremely busy. Hope this helps, and let me know if I can help with anything else 🙂 Susie

I’m in a wheelchair and my husband a d myself have been going to Greece for years Kos Crete Rhodes we love nice food and are looking for somewhere different in Greece this a year a nice island that is easy to get round if possible 😀

Hey Pat, thanks for your message! We love Greece and can definitely see why you keep going back. Crete is a great place, as it’s the most developed and in general pretty flat. It’s a pretty big island, so you might want to explore other areas you haven’t visited? If not, coastal areas such as Milos, Anti Paxos and Paxos are good options too. You can check out our Greece articles to find out more information here:

Give us a shout if you need anything else 🙂

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