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The best Fethiye Restaurants

shows turkish food on a wooden board - best restaurants in Fethiye

We were blown away by the quality, taste and value food whilst visiting Fethiye. Turkey has a reputation for its cuisine, but nothing will prepare you for how good it actually is… After exploring this cultural seaside town, we’ve assembled a list of the very best restaurants in Fethiye. In this guide, we share our tried and tested places to eat, all of which have excellent Tripadvisor reviews.

Soak in the cultural sights in the heart of Fethiye old town, or enjoy a romantic sea-view as you dine on the promenade or marina area. The area has some amazing settings to dine in! We’ve taken into account different budgets, ambience, service and overall value when compiling our list. There’s really something for everyone.

Read on for our recommendations on the best restaurants in Fethiye.

Mozaik Bahçe Restaurant

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Starting with the very best Fethiye restaurant (in our opinion), Mozaik Bahçe is exactly what you imagine when you think of a Turkish restaurant. Set partially outdoors in a green garden area, Mozaik is nestled away from the old town centre. Colourful Turkish lanterns light up each table, with a traditional style that really gives it character.

It’s a winner in the setting and ambience area, but how is the food? Honestly, Mozaik served up two of the best meals we had in Turkey! Large Shish meat skewer dishes, wholesome stews and traditional clay pot dishes are all finely presented on silver platters. The flavours are rich and the food is filling. The meze dishes are great too, but don’t order too many, as you’ll certainly be full after your main course.

Price-wise, Mozaik Bahçe is fairly in line with many of the other restaurants in the area. It isn’t cheap, but it isn’t expensive either.

Our food recommendation: Any of the shish BBQ skewer options

Cost: $$

Address Restaurant and Café Bar

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Address Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Fethiye for great value and a varied menu. It also stood out as having the best service we’ve seen in any Turkish restaurant. You’ll be greeted by a warm welcome as you walk through the restaurant arches, where you can then choose a seat indoors or outdoors. Address Restaurant sites directly on Fethiye’s promenade, so you have a nice view of the boats from its outdoor garden area.

The restaurant serves up a plentiful selection of Turkish cuisine, plus a good variety of steaks, seafood and pizza and pasta dishes. We personally loved the Moussaka and lamb chops dishes! We found Address to provide excellent value when compared with other Fethiye restaurants and its ambient outdoor setting is perfect for those warm summer evenings.

Our food recommendation: Moussaka

Cost: $$

Mori Restaurant

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Located within the Yacht Classic Hotel grounds, Mori is an elegant place to dine on an evening, particularly at sunset. It’s in a secluded area of the marina, overlooking the many yachts. Ambient lighting illuminates the seating areas too, creating a particularly romantic setting for your evening meal. It’s a nice place for celebrating a special occasion, or just enjoying a lavish evening out on your holiday.

The food is a multi-national collection of popular dishes, including steaks, seafood, lamb shank, pastas and full blown seafood pastas. It lacks Turkish options, but there’s more than enough choice for any avid foodie. We recommend Mori for an evening where you want to celebrate. It could even be a toast to your first or last evening in Fethiye!

It’s a sophisticated restaurant with higher prices than most in the area. However, it’s still fairly affordable in comparison to other European destinations.

Our food recommendation: Fresh fish

Cost: $$$

Yengeç Restaurant

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Yengeç is a charming sea-side restaurant, situated in a quiet area of Fethiye marina. It’s a short walk from the old town centre area. Therefore, it lacks the hustle and bustle of other busier restaurant areas. With outdoor seating right next to the marina and a bright and airy theming, it’s a great place to eat no matter the time of the day. Go for a decadent lunch in the sun, sampling fresh prawns and fish, or stop by on an evening for a more intimate setting. There’s something relaxing about enjoying your meal, watching the boats float in the harbour.

Being right next to the sea, Yengeç is big on its seafood, so expect to see plenty of shellfish and fresh fish on the menu. Prices are reasonable, but a little on the higher end due to the seafood options on the menu. They do have cheaper, non-seafood options for those that aren’t a fan of fish. We recommend Yengeç Restaurant for lunch or dinner, for both couples and groups of friends.

Our food recommendation: Fresh fish, shrimp and sides

Fethiye Paşa Kebap

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Nestled beside Fethiye Old Town, on a quiet street corner, Fethiye Paşa Kebap is a rising start in Fethiye’s restaurant scene. With outdoor and indoor seating, it provides an authentic Turkish restaurant feel, without the tourist prices you’d get elsewhere in town. The restaurant is fairly basic actually. It’s all about the food here! Fethiye Paşa Kebap arguably provides the best value for money out of all the restaurants we visited. Large portions, excellent food quality and reasonable-to-low prices make this a firm favourite for many visitors.

What the restaurant lacks in sea-views, garden settings and creative décor of other restaurants, it makes up for in food quality and value for money. We personally think it’s a great place to visit for a filling lunch, or when you want to grab a bite to eat whilst exploring the market area. Menu-wise, Paşa Kebap has a focus on traditional BBQ meat dishes. It also has a number of soups, appetizers and classic Turkish clay pots/stews.

Our food recommendation: Shish kebab skewers – lamb, kofta or chicken

Cost: $$

Hotel Unique Restaurant

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Hotel Unique Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Fethiye for a cool, or ‘unique’ 😊 setting. Located on the rooftop of the quirky ‘Unique’ boutique hotel, it has some amazing views of the marina, Fethiye bay and the old town area. The restaurant is located in a hotel, but anyone can visit, even if you’re not staying there. Simply make a reservation in advance.

The rooftop restaurant setting overlooks an infinity pool, with indoor and outdoor seating and lots of space between tables. The patio area has a particularly romantic garden setting with dim lighting. There’s also lots of greenery and an elegant French design. Its sophisticated setting and creative menu makes it higher priced that other Fethiye restaurants, so it’s a nice place to visit for a special occasion. Service feels relaxed but intimate and friendly. The menu is varied, with some good international dishes, alongside authentic Turkish dishes. Order a classic Ribeye steak, or choose the same dish with a Turkish twist.

 Our food recommendation: Steak or seafood

Cost: $$$

Cumba Cafe

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

If you want a quick, light and affordable lunch restaurant in Fethiye, Cumba Café has to be top of your list! Somewhat of a pop-up restaurant in the centre of the old town, Cumba is managed by a passionate husband-wife duo from a converted food truck. The truck has been parked up in a plot of land and seating has been built around it to form a quirky outdoor restaurant. It’s a no-frills dining option that serves up quick and cheap toasties, burgers, sandwiches and other fast food snacks.

These aren’t just any sandwiches though… Cumba delivers some of the biggest and flavoursome sandwiches you’ve ever seen! In the classic Turkish style, the sandwiches here are filled, folded and toasted. At only a couple of dollars/euros/pounds per meal, you really can’t go wrong! It’s nothing fancy or outstanding, but it serves its purpose for a cheap and tasty lunch-break.

Our food recommendation: Any classic ‘Turkish-toastie’ sandwich

Cost: $

Kings Garden Restaurant

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Kings Garden Restaurant sits on top of the mountainside, right next to the historic Amyntas Rock Tomb attraction. It overlooks the rows of terracotta-rooved houses of the town below, with the bay area and marina in the distance. You really have one of the best views of Fethiye you could possibly find! As it’s in a secluded location, the restaurant ambience is quiet and it provides a romantic setting to enjoy lunch, dinner, or even a drink. We personally stopped by after visiting Amyntas Rock Tomb.

The menu at Kings Garden Restaurant has plenty of options, with Turkish meat dishes, meze options, steaks and classic Mediterranean dishes. Amusingly, it even does a traditional English roast dinner! Kings Garden is also reasonably priced compared to other restaurants in the area, providing great value for its unrivalled views. We recommend visiting one hour before sunset to capture the orange glow of the sun on the buildings below.

Our food recommendation: The dessert options are excellent. We recommend the freshly made baklava or pancakes.

Cost: $$

Meeting Point Restaurant

View map location | Tripadvisor rating 4.5/5

Meeting Point in one of the best restaurants in the Calis Beach area of Fethiye. Whilst the restaurants in Calis Beach are typically more touristy and aren’t as authentic as those in Fethiye Old Town, Meeting Point is certainly an exception. Serving up steaks, salads, grilled meats, fish and seafood feasts, there’s a good number of options to choose from.

Meeting Point is a ‘no-frills’ restaurant with a basic design. However, the food, service, atmosphere and value are what makes it special. You’ll be entertained by the waiters and enjoy a hearty meal at the same time. The restaurants drink and dessert selection is also very good. Have fun ordering a giant ice cream with sparklers!

Our food recommendation: Steak

Cost: $$

Our top tips for eating out in Fethiye

shows a lamp kebab on a plate - the best Fethiye restaurants
  • Too full for dessert? Go for a stroll on Fethiye’s long promenade after your meal and let it settle. You then have a wide variety of ice cream, pastry, waffle, crepe and other tasty dessert stalls to choose from. We often enjoyed a post-dinner walk with an ice cream.
  • Being a touristic area, Fethiye also has some poor restaurants. Stick to one of the restaurants featured on our list or look at reviews for the restaurant before eating there.
  • Reservations aren’t usually needed, even in the summer months. We recommend keeping a couple of back-up restaurants in mind, just in case you can’t get a reservation at your chosen restaurant. You can always book a table for peace of mind.
  • As tempting as it may be to eat inside your hotel or book an all-inclusive resort, we highly encourage you to eat out whilst in Turkey. Its cuisine is outstanding!
  • Tipping isn’t expected in Turkey, but it is common amongst tourists to leave a small tip. We recommend tipping around 10% if you had good service and enjoyed your meal.
  • Turkey’s old town, promenade and marina areas all provide different dining experiences. Choose a restaurant in each location for a unique meal each evening.
  • If you’re unsure what to order, the Shish meat skewers (chicken or lamb) are always a good option. They’re affordable, filling and most restaurants do them very well. They’re a Turkish food staple!
  • In recent times, alcoholic drinks have become more expensive in Turkey. Keep this in mind whilst ordering. Often, your main meal could cost a similar amount to a single cocktail. Food is cheap. Alcohol; not so much.

We hope we inspired you with our list on the best restaurants in Fethiye and you now have some great places to check out. As long as you check the reviews before eating out and are aware of prices, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time exploring all of the foodie delights that the town has to offer. Being a working and residential town with a lot more locals than tourists, we found the restaurant options in Fethiye to be particular excellent compared to other tourist towns on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

If you have any questions about any of the Fethiye restaurants we’ve mentioned, or have your own suggestions, post a comment below. 😊

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