The best restaurants in Barcelona – Our local favourites

Barcelona is world renowned for its food, whether it be Michelin star restaurants or family run tapas eateries on a street corner. If you love food, you’ve came to the right place! We’ve assembled the best restaurants in Barcelona based on our own experience and reviews.

As well as local favourites, such as Paella and Tapas, you can find everything from Japanese and Asian fusion to spicy Mexican food and top South American steakhouses. As with any city filled with bars and restaurants, it’s always best to do your research on where to eat to ensure you get a taste of the best flavours Barcelona has to offer and avoid poor dining experiences.

Before we jump in and tell you our favourites, check out our top tips for dining in Barcelona below.

  • Avoid eating in the main tourist areas. Restaurants are generally overpriced and don’t give a good representation. However, there are exceptions. La Boqueria food market for instance is right in the middle of Las Ramblas but is excellent
  • Do your research before you go and note down a list of the best restaurants in Barcelona and the areas they’re located. That way, you can base your dining around your sightseeing and have a restaurant on hand wherever you visit. It’ll save you a lot of time
  • Everyone eats dinner late. Aim to have dinner for around 9-10pm for the best atmosphere and you’ll be living like a local in no time

Our top 5 best restaurants in Barcelona

Restaurant: Arume

Carrer d’En Botella, 11-13, 08001 Barcelona – View on map

Restaurant Arume  Paella - The best restaurants in Barcelona

Cuisine: Spanish

Best for: Paella

Although this traditional and very busy restaurant severs a host of Spanish favourites, guests rush to try their seafood paella. Rich flavours and plenty of shellfish, this was one of our favourite meals in the city and prices are very reasonable. Combine your Paella with a house red and enjoy your meal to the ambience of this welcoming eatery. The menu is quite small but from our point of view that’s always a good thing. Reservations are recommended no matter the day of the week you visit.

Restaurant: Bodega Biarritz 1881

Calle Vidre, 8, 08002 Barcelona – View on map

Bodega Biarritz 1181 - the best restaurants in Barcelona

Cuisine: Spanish

Best for: Spanish Tapas

Located in Bari Gothic and slightly set back from the main square of tourist restaurants, this small hole in the wall has a relentless queue of eager foodies outside every night of the week. Bodega Biarritz offer a no frills, authentic tapas experience, all cooked in front of you as you wait. Simply select from a set menu and order as much as you want. The menu is very extensive so we’d recommend starting with whatever catches your eye and ordering a few extra tasters. Portions are small but cheap and the cooking time is fast. Check out the reviews to see for yourself how highly recommended this small restaurant is. Note: reservations are not accepted so arrive early for a shorter waiting time.

Restaurant: Ziryab Fusion Tapas Bar

Carrer dels Ases, 16, 08003 Barcelona – View on map

Ziryab Fusion Tapas bar and restaurant tapas

Cuisine: Middle Eastern/Spanish Fusion

Best for: BBQ meat and middle eastern tapas

We decided to add something unique to our list and Ziryab fulfils that criteria to the letter. An eclectic selection of middle eastern inspired tapas and BBQ meat skewers, combined with fragrant tea’s and delicious Bawlawa, Ziryab will truly open up your taste buds to a new world. Although the food is excellent, the laid back and Arabian themed interior of the restaurant makes it extra special. Low-wooden beams and a mezzanine balcony are the back drop as you enjoy dinner on small wooden tables and large floor cushions. Try some post-dinner Shisha and relax to the sombre music before you leave.

Restaurant: Buenos Aires Grill

Carrer de València, 189, 08011 Barcelona, Spain – View on map

Buenos Aires Grill Barcelona - Shows steaks on a grill

Cuisine: Argentinian

Best for: Steak

Definitely a restaurant for special occasions and meat lovers, Buenos Aires Grill is one of the best Steakhouses in the city according to Tripadvisor reviews and we loved it so much we went twice. It features a sleek black interior, top service and you even get to choose your own cut of steak. As well as the usual ribeyes, fillets, and sirloins you see in a steakhouse, Buenos Aires offers authentic Argentinian cuts such as Asada, Entrana and Vacio. We’d recommend ordering an Argentian special cut and smothering it in Chimichurri sauce for the best steak experience. The restaurant also offers a selection of fish, Mexican dishes and other meats for those in your party who aren’t a fan of steaks.

Restaurant: La Cholita

Carrer d’Escòcia, 139, 08016 Barcelona – View on map

La Cholita restaurant - Shows a fine dining dish

Cuisine: Argentinian

Best for: Tapas (Spanish and International)

Completing our list of the best restaurants in Barcelona is another small local favourite. It’s regularly very busy but offers an intimate low light dining experience amongst the locals. Ignoring the nice restaurant environment for a second, the number one reason to come here is the great food. Offering the traditional Spanish tapas variety and dishes with South American and Japanese influence, there’s lots for your taste buds to try and its cheap enough to order a selection, even if you’re not sure you’ll like something.  It is slightly further out than other central restaurants but can be easily accessed via the city’s subway system and is a good choice for both lunch and dinner.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the best restaurants in Barcelona for Barcelona and plan on visiting at least one of them during your visit. You won’t be disappointed!

Always remember to do your research and note down a selection of restaurants that entice you so you get the best taste of Barcelona cuisine.


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