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Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort, Corfu – Our Complete Guide

shows an image of the main pool at Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo resort in Corfu Greece

Are you looking for a relaxing escape that offers a remote and secluded location, a stunning beach area, and food to die for? We spent 10 nights at the luxury, adult-only Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort and Spa in Corfu and were blown away by this remarkable hotel. It’s the perfect place to stay for couples, and for those looking to completely switch off and unwind in the hot Greek sun.

It can be challenging to find the right hotel, so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you decide if the Grand Mediterraneo is right for you. In this guide we cover information on the different room types, the restaurants, beach area and other amenities that the hotel has to offer. We hope you find it useful. Be sure to read on until the end to find out our overall star rating!


Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu - Shows a Google Map location

The Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort and Spa is located around a 30-minute drive away from Corfu Airport, in the peaceful town of Ermones. It’s a small town that’s mostly inhabited by locals and is surrounded by farmland and greenery. Whilst there isn’t much in the area, you’ll have all you need within the hotel grounds.

One slight downside for some is that you’ll need to rely on organised tours or a hire car to get to places. However, if you don’t want to venture far and you’re looking to spend most of your time at the hotel, it’s an excellent choice.

Upon arrival

As soon as you arrive at the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort you’ll be greeted by the doormen who’ll take your cases whilst you check in. One aspect of check-in we loved was the complimentary glass of champagne we were given as we went through the formal stuff with reception. We were provided with information about the hotel, its amenities, half board/all-inclusive option and other important details.

We were then escorted to our room in a golf cart. Note that the hotel is built on the side of a cliff and rooms are located on different levels, cascading down the cliffside. It’s a steep walk from some rooms to the main facilities and beach area. Theefore, the hotel offers regular buggy service to get to different areas of the hotel. We’ll talk more about this later on in our guide.

shows an image of the lobby area in the hotel


Rooms at the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort range from standard but well appointed rooms to large suites with private plunge pools. You can really splash out at this hotel, and if you have the means to do so, or you’re going for a special occasion, go for it! We stayed in a standard double room with a partial sea view and found it perfect for what we were after.

The hotel offers 7 different room varieties, all of which you can explore and find out more on their website:

  • Deluxe Double Suite Sea View Private Pool
  • Deluxe Double Room Sea View with Private Pool
  • Double Room Inland View
  • Superior Double Room Inland View
  • Double Room Limited Sea View
  • Double Room Sea View
  • Deluxe Villa Sea View Private Pool
shows an image of a double room at Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo resort in Corfu

Top tips for booking a room

  • If you have the budget, opt for a room with private pool. They are incredibly spacious, secluded and have some nice sea views.
  • If you have mobility issues or older, we suggest opting for rooms that are closer to the main hotel building. Request a room in the 100s-300’s. Be sure to email the hotel ahead of time/booking to find out the best room option for you.
  • If you would like to be closer to the beach, or don’t mind being further away from the main hotel building, ask for a room in the 400’s or 500s. We stayed in room 419 and it was in a good location for the beach.
  • Compare different websites to find the best price. We found a TUI package deal to be the best deal for us, but also have good deals.

Swimming pools

The main pool

The hotel has one large swimming pool in the main area of the hotel, next to the main buffet restaurant and pool bar. We loved the design of the pool and the connecting bridge in the centre made it extra special and unique. The pool was just the right temperature, whilst being refreshing enough to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

What we really loved and can praise the hotel staff for is the number of sunbeds available for guests. We never struggled to get a lounger as there were plenty scattered around on both the pool deck and lower sun lunger decks. Take a dip or swim a few lengths whilst admiring the stunning sea views of Ermones!

shows an image of the hotels main swimming pool at night - Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Corfu

Spa pool

The other pool is located within the spa area of the hotel, next door to the tennis courts. It’s an indoor, heated pool that’s ideal for those who want to escape the sun and swim a few lengths. The pool was almost always empty when we visited, and we personally would have liked to have seen more TLC from the hotel in this pool. It’s a little worn down and could do with some renovation.

shows an image of an indoor spa pool with sun loungers
shows an image of a tennis court

Spa and Fitness Centre

The spa area of the hotel is a haven of relaxation, ideal for those looking to splash out on holiday and treat themselves to a massage, or two! As with many luxury, 5* hotels, spa treatments come with a high price point, but if you don’t mind spending 100+ euros for an hour’s massage, the spa team are always available to provide you with more information.

Next door to the spa, there’s a small but well-equipped gym. The gym has a few treadmills, benches, machines, and free weights. There’s also a section just opposite where you can stretch, practice yoga or workout in a secluded area.

shows an image of the hotels fitness center - Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu

The Beach

The best part of the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort (aside from the food) is the hotel’s beach area. It’s a small but perfectly sized beach cove that’s accessible by buggy, funicular, or by walking down the stairs and slopes. The beach is nestled within a bay overlooking the Ionian sea. With ample sunbeds, a shower, changing room, and the beach bar and restaurant, it’s a great place to spend a morning or afternoon.

If you’re looking for a spot of adventure, you can even rent a kayak or boat for a few hours. Speak directly to the guys at the booth on the beach front and organise a time that suits you. There are some great hidden beach coves nearby that are only accessible by boat.

We visited the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort in September and found the sea temperature at the beach to be warmer than the swimming pool. A major bonus!

shows an image of the Ionian sea in Corfu Greece

Bars and restaurants

The Bar (pool bar)

How can you say ‘no’ to a refreshing cocktail, or a pint of local beer? The Bar is located next to the main pool. It’s the place to go for freshly made alcoholic drinks, softs drinks, coffee and even slushies! The Bar also serve snack bites such as wraps, burgers and souvlaki. On an evening, the outdoor patio area next to the bar is where you can listen to the evening entertainment. Dim lighting sets the mood for a relaxing place to enjoy a drink.

shows an image of a pool bar

Beach Bar

If you’re spending the afternoon lazing about on the beach, head up to the Beach Bar for a spot of lunch on the terrace. The Beach Bar has a similar menu to The Bar, but as they have a dedicated kitchen and aren’t as busy, we found the food to be fresher and of a higher quality.  We had a prosciutto panini and the ham and cheese toastie and loved it!

Vertigo Bar

Even if you aren’t dining at the Vertigo Italian Restaurant, you can still have a cheeky drink or two at the Vertigo Bar. It’s the perfect spot for a pre or post dinner drink during sunset.

The Restaurant (buffet restaurant)

The main restaurant, also known as the buffet restaurant, is where you’ll be dining most days. The Restaurant is spacious and offers indoor, and outdoor seating that overlooks the main pool. With themed nights every day of the week, you’ll always find something delicious to eat. Crispy chicken thighs, tender sea bass fillets, slow cooked beef, and of course, moussaka almost every night. Head to the dessert station and go overboard. We recommend the white chocolate panna cotta and the shortcake tarts – they’re to die for!

We ate at the buffet restaurant every night and highly recommend it. The food quality was very good compared to other all-inclusive and half board hotels we’ve stayed in and the variety is unbeatable.

shows an image of the main restaurant - Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu
shows a plate a mini desserts

Culinarium Beach Restaurant

Treat a loved one to a night of pure luxury and dine at the hotels beach restaurant, Culinarium Beach Restaurant. The restaurant is tucked away right on the beach, offering some of the most stunning views whilst you dine the night away. Opt for some fresh fish or meat with a glass of wine with a view! Note: if you opt for an All-Inclusive package, a night at the Culinarium Beach Restaurant is included if staying at the hotel 5 days or more.

Vertigo Italian Restaurant

Another A-la-Carte option at Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu is the Vertigo Italian Restaurant. Situated next to the main pool, this romantic restaurant offers the perfect setting for date night. Like the Culinarium Beach Restaurant, you’ll need to pay to dine here, but it’s worth it for that special occasion. You’ll get a small discount if you’re on a half board or all-inclusive package. The restaurant serves freshly made pastas, pizzas and fish, and meat dishes too. One great dining option at this restaurant is the secluded terrace. It can be booked in advance for romantic occasions, giving you stunning sea views as you eat.

The lobby

One of our favourite areas of the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu is the main lobby. It’s welcoming, spacious and offers comfy seating for some post-dinner relaxation. It’s a great place to relax away from the sun during the day, but also a place many guests like to escape to in the evening. Unfortunately, you won’t get served drinks here, but you can order a drink from the bar and take it to the lobby.

shows an image of the hotel lobby area with seating

Other helpful information:


Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu offers various free parking spots throughout the hotel. The main lobby building area is where most guests and staff park. There is also on-street parking outside room blocks down the hill. This is handy for those that like to head straight out on a morning. There’s plenty of parking available, and you’ll never struggle to find a spot.

Concierge service

The reception team are available 24/7 for any queries or concerns you may have. You can dial ‘0’ at any time and they’ll be able to help. We found the team to be so helpful and kind, and nothing was ever too much for them.

shows an image of the outside of the hotel

Internet access

There is internet access wherever you are in the hotel. The connection is really good, and we were able to stay connected throughout our entire stay here. We even managed to do some work. Compared to other hotels we’ve stayed in throughout Europe, Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort’s internet access is excellent.

Ping pong

There’s a ping pong table just outside the lobby area on the way to the main pool. It’s free of charge and is great fun. Unleash your competitive size and burn off the chocolate pudding!

shows an image of a ping pong table

Water dispensers

There are water dispensers around the main pool area so you can refill your bottles whenever you like. It’s such a great touch for guests – especially if you’re half board and don’t want to keep buying bottles of water!

Gift shop

There’s a small gift shop located at the back of the hotel lobby. It’s equipped with snacks, wines, drinks, toiletries and gifts you can take home such as olive oils, soaps and honey. Prices are fairly reasonable, and being in the hotel makes it extremely accessible for guests.

shows an image of confectionary and clothes in a gift shop - Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu

Car rental services and tours

Next door to the gift shop, you can enquire about a car rental or find out more about tour offerings with the hotel. It’s a great service, and the best part is that they’ll do all the organising for you!


The hotel has a funicular transport that runs from the top of the hotel and takes you right to the beach. It’s a great alternative to using the buggy but is very slow moving.

shows an image of a funicular - Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Corfu

Our top tips for visiting the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort, Corfu

  • If you’re looking to spend most of your time at the hotel, we suggest upgrading to an all-inclusive package. There aren’t many restaurants in the area, so unless you’re renting a car, you won’t have many options to choose from. You can upgrade your board package at reception and will likely get offered discounted upgrades when you check-in.
  • Choose your room wisely. Contact the hotel before you arrive and discuss with them different room options, depending on your age and mobility. There are rooms closer to the hotel and in the main hotel building, and rooms further down, closer to the beach.
  • Be sure to pack a pair of trainers. If you plan on hiking up and down the hill several times a day, you won’t want to do it in high heels or uncomfortable shoes.
  • If you plan on spending the day at the pool or beach, we recommend packing everything you need to in a bag. This will save you going up and down back to your room and waiting around for a buggy.
  • Dinner at The Restaurant needs to be booked via the hotel’s app. If you already know which times you want to eat, we suggest booking ahead of time for each night, either on the app or reception. We almost forgot to book one night!
  • Book dinner at least one dinner before to get the best choice of meal times and indoor/outdoor seating.
shows an image of a band playing outside the pool bar

Our overall thoughts on the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu

There are very few hotels out there that can tick many, if not all your boxes, and Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo really outdid themselves! We’ve put together a few of our thoughts on this wonderful hotel.

shows an image of the sunset - Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort Corfu


  • All the staff are friendly and are always willing to help.
  • The food served at the hotel is fantastic. Food is fresh, high quality and simply delicious. Each evening is themed and there are a variety of different meat and fish dishes. There’s also a decent-sized section for vegetarians and vegans, which is a great touch!
  • The hotel is extremely organised and even though we visited during peak season when the hotel was full, it never felt chaotic or overly busy.
  • Mid-evening, every evening the hotel offers some form of evening entertainment, from traditional Greek dancing, to live bands and opera. Be sure to get a seat outside early, as seats for the entertainment fill up quickly during busy times of the year.
  • When usually opting for half board at a hotel in Europe, you’ll usually need to pay for a bottle of water at mealtimes. However, at the Grand Mediterraneo, they provide you with a complimentary bottle of distilled water.


  • The main area of the hotel is modern and has been renovated, but some areas, such as the spa pool, fitness centre, rooms and bathrooms could do with a modern touch. They feel out-dated and don’t have the same overall feel as the rest of the hotel.
  • Dinner at the buffet restaurant is booked via the hotels app. The app wasn’t straight forward for us to understand, and we had to ask reception how to navigate it to book mealtimes. If you struggle, book via reception to make it easier.
  • It can be difficult to get an outdoor table at dinner times. You’ll need to plan and book in advance on the app to ensure you get an outdoor table.
  • As the hotel is located at the top of the hill, it can sometimes be annoying to walk everywhere or wait for the golf carts/buggy. The staff do their best to pick up and drop off guests as frequently as possible on the golf carts, but we sometimes had to wait a while during the day for a lift.
  • Beach towels were provided on a daily basis but were only exchanged at the spa. The spa isn’t near the pool, which made it difficult to keep going back and forth to change towels. Picking up towels at the pool would be much more convenient and efficient.

Our overall score: 4.5/5


We had a fantastic holiday at the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort and would definitely recommend it for those looking for a relaxing getaway for a week-long break. The hotel offers everything you need, without having to leave the hotel, especially if you’re visiting for a short amount of time. With a few improvements and the updating of rooms and bathrooms, this hotel would be close to perfect!

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide and review on the Atlantica Grand Mediterraneo Resort in Corfu. Be sure to check out our other Corfu travel guides here.

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