50 Awesome travel gift ideas for the travel-lover in your life

If you’re looking for travel gift ideas for a friend, colleague or family member that loves travelling and exploring the world, you’ve came to the right place. We’ve assembled a giant list of travel related items, from fun and quirky to super-practical, to help inspire you to choose the perfect travel gift! Travel gifts can be used for any occasion, from birthdays and Christmas to a special ‘bon voyage’ present for a student going travelling on their GAP year. We cover all budgets too!

Read on for the best travel gifts to buy a loved one or friend at any time of the year.

1. World map metal wall art and photo frames

Help your friend capture their best travel memories with this epic metal wall art in the shape of a world map. They can add accompanying photo frames to cover their entire wall in travel photos from each destination they’ve been to!

2. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist: The 500 Best Places on the Planet…Ranked – book

Shows the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist book

We were actually gifted this book ourselves and it’s brilliant! The large pages are full of colour photos, providing inspiration on the must-see places on earth. Anyone that likes visiting new places will be ecstatic with this as a present.

3. Flight skincare – Super Facialist Vitamin C Brighten Mini Skincare Collection

Shows an in-flight skincare set

Travel can be awful for your skin! Dry air, change in pressure and lack of sleep isn’t a good combination. Help the traveller in your life maintain glowing skin on the go with this handy four-pack of miniature skincare essentials.

4. Tile Pro Luggage Tracker

Image of the Tile Pro luggage tracker gadget

Make sure that luggage is never lost again with a handy Tile Pro GPS trackable tag. Not only can it be used in luggage but practically anywhere! It can be attached to camera’s, backpacks, passport wallets and other valuable items so you can track it if it goes missing.

5. Zamkol Bluetooth Beach speaker

Shows Zamkol Bluetooth Speaker

Is your traveller friend a beach lover? Get them a high quality water-proof portable speaker that they can connect to their phone. The Zamkol is great for music on the beach, relaxing back at the hotel or sunbathing by the pool. Check out the top reviews for yourself.

6. A high-quality backpack – Osprey Momentum 26L

Shows an Osprey Momentum backpack

All backpacks aren’t made equal. When it comes to travelling, you need a highly durable and super comfortable pack to wear whilst out on a trek, sightseeing or simply boarding a plane and getting from A to B. It also needs plenty of pockets to store your items. The Osprey Momentum 26L is the pinnacle of travel backpacks and whoever you gift it to will treasure it for years to come – it lasts ages and we swear by ours!

7. Noise cancelling headphones

Going to sleep on a long bus journey or long-haul flight can be tough, but not with a decent pair of noise-cancelling headphones! These things are a life saviour for getting some shut-eye and will ensure you arrive at your destination feeling rested. The Sony WH-1000XM3 are some of the best noise-cancelling headphones available, whilst the Soundcore Life 2 pair is a more affordable option that also does a good job and zoning out those background sounds.

8. Eono Travel Toiletry Bag

Everyone has a toiletry bag, but do they have a super compact and Eono toiletries’ bag designed for travel? It’s completely transparent to help with a speedy pass through airport customs.

9. Benefit Let’s Take a Mini Trip Set – Travel make-up

For a girl that’s a traveller but also an aspiring make-up artist and likes to look good, make-up essentials under 100ml from her favourite brands will be much appreciated. The Benefit ‘Let’s take a trip’ set is a particularly excellent travel make-up kit that will fit neatly into her hand luggage without needing to be checked in. This is one of the travel gift ideas that she’ll adore!

10. Trtl Travel Pillow

Have you ever started to nod off on a flight and suddenly jump awake as your head starts to fall? It’s insanely annoying when you’re just about to dose off. The innovative Trtl travel pillow has a flexible support for your head and cosy neck wrap to keep warm. It’s unlike any other travel pillow!

11. Super Sparrow Stainless Steel Water Bottle

travel gifts - Super Sparrow metal water bottle

More and more people are opting for reusable water bottles instead of the environment destroying single-use plastic bottles (us included!). Get your friend to ditch their worn plastic bottle for a new and shiny Super Sparrow stainless steel water bottle. It keeps drinks cold for or hot for hours and is highly durable. The reviews speak for themselves…

12. ‘Backpacker’ Travel Card Game

travel gifts ideas - Backpacker card game

This fun card game is an entertaining travel challenge to play with friends, family or random travellers you meet along the way. It makes a great stocking filler for a family member going on their GAP year or a surprise for the kids ahead of the family beach holiday.

13. Anker PowerCore 10000 Redux Ultra-Portable Power Bank

You’ve probably seen a thousand portable chargers and have many yourself, but don’t skip this section just yet! The Anker PowerCore 10000 is something special. As well as being a very high capacity with a relatively small form-factor, it also fast charges devices – something which older packs can’t do. A must-have for long journeys!

14. Homchen RFID Bloacking Document Wallet

Ensure that your traveller friend keeps all of their documents, print-outs and money safe in one place with an RFID blocking travel wallet. We personally use the Homchen wallet. It looks smart, is compact, affordable and available in a variety of colours.

15. Travel Sized Perfume / Aftershave

One of our favourite out-of-the-box travel gift ideas with a luxurious appeal, is to get your travel lover a nice perfume or aftershave. Stick to a 50ml fragrance so it can be packed into their hand luggage and try to avoid bottles that are too chunky and take up a lot of space! Travel miniature perfumes are ideal. We personally recommend the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess for women and Versace Eros for men.

16. A collection of vintage travel posters

Shows a collection of vintage travel posters

For home decoration that adds some colour and proudly displays your friend’s favourite hobby, get them a cool collection of vintage travel posters. All they need to do is frame them up and hang them strategically in the hallway. We might have to get some of these for ourselves!

17. JOBY Gorillapod Travel Tripod

Displays a JOBY Gorillapod travel tripod

A decent tripod is essential for any traveller that likes to take photographs on their travels, and that applies whether they’re using a professional SLR camera, GoPro or even their smartphone. It helps stabilise footage and captures the perfect timed shot. Gorillapod tripods have flexible legs that can bend around walls and trees or be positioned on the ground.

18. BaByliss Travel 2000w Hair Dryer

The BaByliss Travel Hairdryer is the best in the business for looking beautiful on the go. It’s dual voltage so works worldwide without losing power and folds up for compact storage. It’s also one of the more affordable travel gift ideas.

19. Microfibre fast drying towel

Shows a microfibre fast dry towel - Travel gift ideas

Beach towels and bathroom towels take up a great deal of valuable packing space, plus they’re not usually needed as the hotel has them! Gift a handy micro-fibre fast drying towel to the traveller in your life and they can take it to the beach, use it on the plane and pretty much wherever they go. It’s convenient and compact.

20. Ultimate Journeys for Two – travel book

For travellers that like to go on holiday and adventure with their partner, this book has some excellent ideas on epic couple-friendly destinations. They’ll both appreciate the inspiration!

21. Beginner’s Guide to Travel Writing and Travel Blogging book

Has your friend or family member considered documenting their trips and making it big online? It’s a great way for those back home to follow their adventures and stories. This Beginner’s Guide to Travel Writing and Travel Blogging book is an excellent read for any up and coming travel bloggers. It teaches all the in’s and outs of writing and maintaining a successful website.

22. Flavours from around the world spices / sauces

Cooking and food are a theme that goes hand in hand with travel, exploring new cultures and sampling local cuisines. Get your friend or family member experimenting with recipes from their favourite foodie destination with these sauces and ingredients from around the globe.

23. Masterchef Street Food of the World Recipe Book

Masterchef’s Street Food of the World is a favourite recipe book of ours. It takes inspiration from quick and easy but tasty street food classics, from Bangkok to Jaipur. A variety of creative recipes for any foodie traveller to try.

24. Luxury miniature toiletries

Travellers are often on a budget and make use of any toiletries they can whilst on the road. Treat them to a luxurious brand of toiletries such as Molten Brown or Joe Malone and they’ll treasure them. Miniature hand washes, face creams and moisturisers are the way to go.

25. Compass Travel Token with ‘Stay Safe on Your Travels’ Message

This small token keepsake is one of the nicest travel gift ideas for those looking for a momentum for a friend that’s going travelling. It’s a low cost and thoughtful gift that they’ll take with them everywhere as a good luck charm.

26. Yosh Waterproof Phone Case/Lanyard

Don’t you hate it when you jump into the pool and forget you had your phone in your pocket? Or when you’re snorkelling and can’t capture the amazing shawl of tropical fish that you just swam past? A transparent Yosh waterproof phone case with neck lanyard is brilliant for capturing pictures on the beach or keeping your phone safe whilst by the pool. Be sure to select the correct size for the phone of the person you’re buying the gift for.

27. Minipresso Portable Nespresso coffee machine

Coffee is essential for those early morning starts to the day, that much needed boost on the mountain climb or just tasting your favourite home-blends that you can’t seem to find abroad. Treat the coffee connoisseur in your life to this handy Minipresso portable coffee maker. It uses Nespresso or Nespresso-compatible pods.

28. Trespass Travel Blanket

Excellent for cold night flights, a long bus journey or sitting out on the balcony under the moonlight, this Trespass travel blanket is nice and warm, but is also light and compact. One of the more endearing travel gift ideas that lets your travel friend know you care.

29. VGUARD Worldwide Travel Adaptor

Sometimes the practical gifts are the most appreciated and used and we personally love them! This handy worldwide travel adapter can be used to plug devices into foreign sockets across the globe and comes with multiple USB sockets to charge a few devices at once.

30. Globe drinks glasses

These novelty drinks glasses have an intricate world map etched onto them and make a great gift for a traveller that likes the occasional whisky sour or brandy on an evening.

31. A vintage globe bar

Vintage globe bar - Cool travel gifts

How about a whole bar related to travel!? This vintage-style bar table features a large globe that opens to reveal your favourite alcohol tipples and cocktail making accessories. It has a cool 1600’s ship-bar style and is very affordable for a personal counter. You can place it anywhere in the room.

32. WonderList Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

WonderList scratch off bucket list poster - Best travel gift ideas

This must have poster has a list of 100 inspiring bucket list items, many including travel. Encourage your friend or relative to swim with sharks, visit every continent, learn another language and much more! It’s a great challenge that anyone can try.

33. GoPro Hero 7

Travel gift ideas - Shows GoPro Hero 7 action camera

If you’re looking for a gift with a wow-factor and on the more expensive side, the GoPro Hero7 is the ultimate action camera for the adventurous traveller. It’s super compact, water-proof and captures stunning 4K HD footage in the heat of the moment. A great action-cam that any traveller will love and one of the best value models in the GoPro collection.

34. Portable hard drive

A gift for keen photographers, bloggers and travel video enthusiasts that want to document their trips, a high capacity but compact portable hard drive is always appreciated – you can never have enough! Western Digital, Seagate and Samsung are some of the most reliable brands and we recommend going for a storage capacity of 1 terabyte and above.

35. BAGSMART Travel Cable & Accessories Organizer

Bagsmart travel cable kit - Travel gifts

Another quirky gadget for tech loving travellers is this flat-pack travel cable organiser. It securely stores charger wires, camera batteries, a power bank, memory cards and other electronics accessories that usually get lost at the bottom of the bag.

36. Colourful beach sarong

Beach sarong - Travel gift ideas

If you’re buying travel gifts for a girl that is also passionate about fashion and looking good on the road, some cool beach accessories or a delightful sarong is the way to go. We personally love the unique designs of the DiaryLook sarong brand.

37. Camelbak Hydration Backpack

Camelbak Hydration Backpack - Travel gift ideas

Great for hikers, a light hydration backpack will keep you fuelled on a long trek. They’re easy to carry and fit a surprisingly large amount of water. An essential for anyone heading into the grand outdoors.

38. Leather travel journal

leather travel journal - travel gift ideas

Writing a journal or diary of their travels is something that more and more jetsetters are doing these days, particularly if they’re visiting a lot of places and are travelling for months on end. It’s a nice way to remember small details along the way that they may have forgotten. A themed, high-quality travel diary will be something they’ll take with them everywhere they go.

39. Luckies of London Scratch-off World Travel Map

scratch off map travel gifts

As an affordable stocking filler for those that enjoy visiting a new country every time they travel, this scratch-off world map poster allows them to etch away the foil on the map every time they return. It looks brilliant on their wall back home and gives a glimpse into the places they’ve explored.

40. Kikkerland Travel Laundry Bag

Gift ideas for travellers - Shows a Kikkerland laundry bag

Do you always get confused as to which clothes you’ve worn and which ones are clean when you’re re-packing and un-packing a suitcase? A beautifully themed laundry bag will keep all of the dirty socks separate and ready for a trip to the laundromat.

41. Men’s travel toiletries – ManCave Survival Set

Shows a men's toiletries set

We’ve suggested a few travel toiletry travel gift ideas for the ladies on our list, now it’s time for some of the best face-care essentials for the guys. This handy pack has everything a man could need to keep his skin in clean and smooth condition whilst travelling and the reviews are excellent.

42. Travel charm bracelet – keepsake

A cool piece of jewellery, whether it’s a necklace, charm bracelet or bangle, is a fun way to showcase a person’s love for exploring the world, and it also makes a thoughtful gift. We’re a fan of these colourful elephant bracelets for both men and women.

43. XHtang ‘Hidden Pocket’ Security Leather Belt

For when a traveller gets into a bit of trouble and loses their wallet or as a safety measure for visiting areas with high crime, this genius belt has hidden compartments for money, tickets and other necessities that you don’t’ want to lose. Available in various colours.

44. Famavala RFID Blocking Passport Cover

Passport covers look good and they’re practical, keeping your passport from getting scratched or torn with heavy usage. We like the design of this Famavala RFID Blocking Passport Cover. It’s perfect for both men and women!

45. On the go fitness kit

It can be tough to dedicate time for exercise whilst on holiday. This simple Geez Fitness Band Set has portable pieces of fitness equipment and exercise plans that you can complete from anywhere in the world without needing a gym. A nice gift for someone that’s big on fitness or is looking to get into shape.

46. Travel inspired cushions

Trave cushions - Travel gifts

For when a traveller is back home and wants to fill their house with memoirs of what they love, these stylish travel map cushions are both comfortable and decorative.

47. Burning Secret Travel Jewellery Box

Burning Secret Travel Jewellery Box - Travel gift ideas

Prevent necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled and have a place to store all of your jewellery essentials safely. A travel jewellery box such as the Burning Secret small travel jewellery box is an overlooked accessory that will make a traveller’s life so much easier when getting ready for an evening out.

48. DJ Mavic Pro Aerial Photography Drone

DJ Mavic Pro Drone - Travel gift ideas

If you want to get your traveller friend or family member something they’ll really go ‘wow’ at and can afford an expensive gift, the DJI Mavic Pro aerial photography drone is simply the best of the best when it comes to taking video and photography footage from the sky. It’s the drone that professionals use and will kickstart their video production career. Recommended for 18+ adults.

49. Sass & Belle Vintage Map Money Box

travel gift ideas - Sass and Belle Vintage Map

The hardest part about being a world explorer is making the money to afford such an expensive hobby. Gift a cool travel themed moneybox to help them save all those extra pennies and pounds. They soon add up! Be sure to add a few coins of your own to get them started.

50. The latest Amazon Kindle

travel gift ideas

Last but not least, we can’t forget the legendary Amazon Kindle. Whilst it’s been around for some years now, it continues to be a great travel gadget for those that love to read. You can store hundreds of books on there, it’s light, compact and makes reading easy!

That concludes our epic list of travel gift ideas for adventurers of all ages! Sometimes the most practical gift can be a lifesaver to a person that likes to travel and you’ll really help them out. Before buying your travel gift, try to check what items they already have and what they might need by asking subtle questions. If you have any queries about the items we’ve mentioned in this article or want more tips on travel gift buying, get in touch! We’re happy to help.


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